making and eating my first ever deep dish pizza

  • Published on May 17, 2019
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Comments • 5 546

  • 메리암
    메리암 15 hours ago


  • Ayzalo
    Ayzalo 2 days ago

    POV: You are the ratchet and rude costumer that makes him apologize just because you are breathing.

  • Maddy Cunningham
    Maddy Cunningham 3 days ago

    you and jenna should make a recipe together !! or make a cooking segment together.. would be awesome pls do it

  • Trissy Love
    Trissy Love 5 days ago

    just got all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed and I'm on soft foods for about 5 days. binge watching all your cooking vids 💙💙

  • Beauty16PHS
    Beauty16PHS 6 days ago

    I think if u used a lil olive oil to stretch the bread it would have been fine :/

  • elderly methhead
    elderly methhead 7 days ago

    Can I say something...Chicago deep dish pizza is barely pizza (I'm not saying its bad) I'm from New York so everyone expects me to spit on Chicago pizza but they are almost completely different things,not even comparable
    Can we all agree on that

  • Lawren Haggerty
    Lawren Haggerty 7 days ago

    BUT is the yeast vegan because is it not alive?

  • emzibobthestrangest
    emzibobthestrangest 8 days ago

    Thank me l8r.

  • J Jones
    J Jones 8 days ago

    Lol it looks like a week old pizza. Id love to see what you could do with real food

  • Mariagracia B.
    Mariagracia B. 8 days ago +1

    you should let the dough rise on a warm place, because yeast is a fungi that respirares and with the co2 the dough rises

  • Vlk Etto
    Vlk Etto 8 days ago

    People vacation regularly? What.... who does that? Who can afford that?

  • Faith Haining
    Faith Haining 8 days ago

    Someday when I die I hope I get to see julien and Jenna In the afterlife, cause it’d never get boring

  • SBH
    SBH 8 days ago

    me, every single time i eat pizza, no matter what time of day:


  • Nadine Schuursma
    Nadine Schuursma 9 days ago

    The reason wtf hou put your dat in last is because if the salt touches the yeast the yeast doesn't work anymore

  • zedisded
    zedisded 9 days ago

    Julien is just the best type of people.

  • Cheese OnToast
    Cheese OnToast 9 days ago

    Y E E s T

  • Desirae Silvers
    Desirae Silvers 9 days ago +1

    Me getting mad anxious when that mixer was on laying on the counter.

  • Blueyes0787
    Blueyes0787 9 days ago

    The reason you whisk before the salt is because salt kills yeast and sugar is its bestie. Another option is to put them in opposite sides of a bowl in a stand mixer

  • Giovanna Afuha'amango
    Giovanna Afuha'amango 10 days ago +9

    Julien is literally the substitute teacher that talks about themselves the whole time

  • Makaela Mahoney
    Makaela Mahoney 10 days ago

    Also from Chicago, you're welcome

  • Makaela Mahoney
    Makaela Mahoney 10 days ago

    Iced oat milk pumpkin white chocolate capaccino.

  • Jacob Zeno
    Jacob Zeno 10 days ago

    Why aren't you drinking ninjamelk

  • Maci
    Maci 10 days ago +1

    Julien: what’s your favorite coffee to have in the morning? Mine’s cold brew
    Me: Mine is this special kind called tea

  • Annabelle Harman
    Annabelle Harman 10 days ago

    thats exactly what a deep dish crust should look like, nice and flaky. as a person from Chicago, i'd give this an A. (also im really glad you put the cheese on the bottom like you're supposed to, Californians have seemed to just write that off as optional when it definitely is not optional)

  • Chris Daly
    Chris Daly 13 days ago

    you never going get that sticky chewy pizza dough without gluten son

  • Kate Quarcoopome
    Kate Quarcoopome 14 days ago

    No cheese pull 😔

  • Carrot Horns
    Carrot Horns 15 days ago

    made me hungry

  • Imatallelf
    Imatallelf 16 days ago

    thats just tomato soup on cheese bread

  • Sydney Cooper
    Sydney Cooper 16 days ago

    If you’re gonna mic up... please stop smacking your food...

  • Camila Iglesias
    Camila Iglesias 17 days ago

    hell yeah.

  • Savannah Clayton
    Savannah Clayton 18 days ago

    deep dish with extra sauce with moz, pep, and bacon is where it’s at, ive worked at many pizza places i’m telling you i know what i’m talking about

  • Arepa Con Queso
    Arepa Con Queso 18 days ago

    Thank you for being pure Julien

  • Faith Mittelbrun
    Faith Mittelbrun 19 days ago

    Oh no no no. Cold deep dish pizza is still bomb!

  • Maria Alcaraz
    Maria Alcaraz 19 days ago

    Ever since I started watching aries kitchen I've actually become more intuned with my Aries self lmfao 😂 also I don't cook and I'll never make these because I don't have any of these dietary restrictions or preferences but I live for your videos and I might attempt making food now 😂 also love how surprised Jenna is Everytime she tries something of yours as if she doesn't live with you and already knows your clearly a good cook 😂 I love y'all 💕

  • Ancka Fedorenko
    Ancka Fedorenko 20 days ago

    Julien is so cute😩

  • Allymackenzie1
    Allymackenzie1 20 days ago


  • olivia marchant
    olivia marchant 20 days ago

    I’m watching this while I’m hungry, not a good idea.

  • Katie Cofer
    Katie Cofer 21 day ago

    You don’t add the salt directly to the yeast because it will kill it :)

  • EzziehEtc
    EzziehEtc 21 day ago


  • EzziehEtc
    EzziehEtc 21 day ago

    @12:56 "This just isn't the hold it in your hand shove it in your mouth kind"
    Oh honey I'm from Chicago and I eat deep dish with a fork OR with my hands lol

  • Eliza Webb
    Eliza Webb 21 day ago

    I thought it was pie

  • Alana Casper
    Alana Casper 22 days ago

    He attacc
    He don't slacc
    But more importantly
    He make vegan pizza as a hella good snacc
    (Like himself😉😉👌)

  • honeyedwood
    honeyedwood 22 days ago

    i have celiac disease too!!!

  • Alana Casper
    Alana Casper 22 days ago

    Oh HELL YEAH Julien, you eat that pizza boi

  • Kelsey Wallas
    Kelsey Wallas 22 days ago

    No caloRies

  • MysteryDipp
    MysteryDipp 23 days ago

    I dont have any dietary restrictions and would normally never eat or cook the way you do but you make everything look so good that i want to try it for myself

  • Beverly Salisbury
    Beverly Salisbury 23 days ago

    You should try to make a vegan pizza pot pie!!

  • Medusa Petrichor
    Medusa Petrichor 23 days ago

    DEEP DISH PIZZA IS NOT PIZZA IT IS PIE THANK YOU and I'm not even Italian lol

  • nicole s
    nicole s 24 days ago

    Hey try a vegan gluten free st. Louis style pizza

  • emily klimok
    emily klimok 24 days ago

    I love when Jenna comes in and comments on juliens food

  • emily klimok
    emily klimok 24 days ago

    He turns on the blender when it’s laying on the table omg I can’t

  • Lillie
    Lillie 24 days ago

    Cheese before sauce how could you Julian

  • Eden Rae
    Eden Rae 25 days ago

    I feel like a bunch of members of the dinkfam, if we see Julien at an event, should come towards him, full crab stance yelling "BEPBEPBEPBEPBEPBEP"

  • Asha Omega
    Asha Omega 26 days ago

    You do NOT eat deep dish with a fork!!! 🤣 - a true Chicagoan

  • Olivia Bolivia
    Olivia Bolivia 27 days ago

    Hearing Julien smack is killing part of my soul

  • Madison Finnegan
    Madison Finnegan 27 days ago

    Wait task rabbit is a real thing??? I thought it was just a Kimmy Schmitt thing😂

  • Jampa Mason
    Jampa Mason 27 days ago

    At 13:19 it sounds like SoMeOnE, Julen, shat their pants.

  • Mikayla Habina
    Mikayla Habina 27 days ago

    Thumbnail is so wholesome. Video so chaotic. Love this mixture

  • Okamisamaa
    Okamisamaa 28 days ago

    I like iced/cold brew coffee in the warm months, and I love the coffee of my town - Taylors of Harrogate ground coffee in cold months. My favourite blend by them is Hot Java Lava, or Fika which is relatively new

  • Killjoy
    Killjoy 29 days ago

    Finally RUclip recommends me something I actually want to watch. Add me to the subscriber list