Filling a car with 5 tons of concrete - will it drive

  • Published on May 30, 2018
  • Filling a car with 5 tons of concrete - will it drive
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  • pw10a2sal
    pw10a2sal 19 hours ago

    It was a really beautiful Lada. before the concrete stunt.

  • Vedran Vidović
    Vedran Vidović 9 days ago

    lada is the best car

  • skizzo19761
    skizzo19761 13 days ago


  • Brendan Witham
    Brendan Witham 14 days ago


  • Bruce Liggett
    Bruce Liggett 16 days ago

    So awesome comrade! You're a real cool cat =^.^=

  • Pagamenti Ctp
    Pagamenti Ctp 22 days ago

    It would be intersting to make a crash test with that car ! Front , Rear and side crash test.

  • mikalves
    mikalves 23 days ago +1

    Put some camber on wheels and that will be a truly ricer kkk

  • Aleric Johansen
    Aleric Johansen 24 days ago

    Now I wonder, what kind of gas mileage does that get now?

  • Rover Waters
    Rover Waters 26 days ago

    is this filmed in India?

    MR GHOSTER 29 days ago

    Probably feels a little like pulling a large caravan!

  • Kitarya Kysubae
    Kitarya Kysubae 29 days ago

    The lead sled lada

  • mnmm nmnm
    mnmm nmnm Month ago

    ti dlya layke delayesh eto video....nekateriy ludi ne mojet etat mashinu kupit

  • waynester71
    waynester71 Month ago

    I was looking to lower my RS a little.. maybe filling the boot with concrete would be a way to go? 🤔

  • Ralf Häggström
    Ralf Häggström Month ago

    Perkeleen hauskoja ideoita. Tilasin juuri näitä videoita, harasoo ...............

  • 6977warrior1
    6977warrior1 Month ago +1

    Park it in a Tow-a-way zone and watch the tow truck driver struggle with it, LOL.

  • Edgars Lacis-S
    Edgars Lacis-S Month ago

    how to slav your ride!

  • Luisito Luisito
    Luisito Luisito Month ago

    No ford can do that!

  • Solidus Petras
    Solidus Petras Month ago

    11:58 say mah nigga

  • conner the offroad master

    You should try filling tires with concrete

  • Steve Vermeulen Klaar voor de start

    Dit is echt heel leuk wat hij allemaal doet super !!

  • trippledee351
    trippledee351 Month ago

    Communist lowering block with the added bonus of room for a decadent western spy to be entombed inside it.

  • cocoadog1998
    cocoadog1998 Month ago

    When there's more concrete in your Lada than on your country's roads😂

  • the commenter
    the commenter Month ago

    That's nothing, my car can drive with my girlfriend's mom in it

  • Just a random dude
    Just a random dude Month ago

    This car cannot be stolen lmaoo😂😂😂 also, you should have floored it in first gear while pressing the clutch, and then release the clutch suddenly. The engine would have exploded😂😂

  • Jean mary Francois
    Jean mary Francois Month ago

    Men so heavy

  • WitherSpawn
    WitherSpawn Month ago

    Now cover the concrete with scrap metal... And it will be work like 200 kopeks in scrap.

  • Susi Baric
    Susi Baric Month ago

    Vielleicht überlebst du es!! Wenn nicht, ist der Versuch fehlgeschlagen!!!

  • Susi Baric
    Susi Baric Month ago

    Mal sehen, wie weit du fliegst!!!

  • Susi Baric
    Susi Baric Month ago

    Setz dich rein und spreng dich damit in die Luft!!!

  • I dont wanna use my name

    Fill it with cereal you never gotta worry about rushing to work

  • Ash Carter
    Ash Carter 2 months ago

    I thought all concrete was delivered by Lada

  • Chaos Zombie999
    Chaos Zombie999 2 months ago

    Wait... your neighbor owns a damn G wagon.. and lives in that shady ass area (sorry if that’s where you live Vlad 😬)

  • Sh ne
    Sh ne 2 months ago

    Was that a g wagon?

  • Logikal Reazon
    Logikal Reazon 2 months ago

    Russian downforce

  • Tomas
    Tomas 2 months ago

    my god, that clutch.. :(

  • Ministerio Latino por Cristo

    So Insane, hilarious..!!! hahaha

  • greenspiraldragon
    greenspiraldragon 2 months ago

    Cut a car in half and make it driveable.

  • greenspiraldragon
    greenspiraldragon 2 months ago

    Make a backwards car. Put the engine in the trunk and the steering wheel and controls facing the other way. So that it looks backwards.

  • greenspiraldragon
    greenspiraldragon 2 months ago

    Fill a car with bikini girls. See how many girls you can get in a car.

  • greenspiraldragon
    greenspiraldragon 2 months ago

    You forgot to write your name in the cement.

  • greenspiraldragon
    greenspiraldragon 2 months ago

    Make a tank car. Weld steel plates all around with a slit to see through to drive. Put solid rubber tires on it. Bullet proof glass over the slit. Then drive it around town.

  • Mehran Freeman
    Mehran Freeman 2 months ago

    that is what should expect from the legend , LADA 👍😊

  • LuBu79
    LuBu79 2 months ago

    Hey look, it's benjamin netanyahu's Russian cousin!!

  • Brent Haymon
    Brent Haymon 2 months ago

    Love this crazy Russian channel. Greetings from the USA.🇺🇸😁

  • Flynnster6767
    Flynnster6767 2 months ago

    _"give me some more Sergei"_

  • Jam McCockin
    Jam McCockin 2 months ago

    lmao.. Did you Skreet that shit!?! LMAO a true Craftsman till the end!

  • Jam McCockin
    Jam McCockin 2 months ago

    LMAO! Rain Birds got stickers on a Foreign Car! I order sprinklers for work from those guys! ha

  • Rashad Hussain
    Rashad Hussain 2 months ago +2

    I'm guessing it produces 2 bhp per ton considering it only has 10bhp to start off with

  • youxkio
    youxkio 2 months ago

    7:23 Dark side of a king's life. That car belonged to mafia.

  • Arjan Wilbie
    Arjan Wilbie 2 months ago

    Lift the rear end by crane, replace spring by pipe (cut and weld) then try again, with new clutch and release bearing.

  • john boyld
    john boyld 2 months ago

    Fill your wheels with silicone mastic

  • Dmetri Borotov
    Dmetri Borotov 2 months ago

    Was I the only one who noticed that the car had a *rain bird* sticker on its fender along with all the racing sponsor ones 😂😂😂 talk about 'lost in translation'

  • molluscturtle
    molluscturtle 2 months ago

    Your videos are fantastic! My favourite RUclip channel

  • Flat Surfer
    Flat Surfer 2 months ago

    Now this Lada is fit for racing lmao

  • Fr0stySkull
    Fr0stySkull 2 months ago

    *gopnik intensifies*

  • Jamie
    Jamie 2 months ago

    Leave it parked illegally and have fun watching all the tow trucks trying to take it 😂

  • EasyLife
    EasyLife 2 months ago


  • Lukasz Halapup
    Lukasz Halapup 2 months ago

    Car deffinetly needs some vodka for extra power those dam Russian sports cars

  • Tarman The Champion
    Tarman The Champion 2 months ago

    Your car is ready to drive for uber!!

  • PC Guy
    PC Guy 2 months ago

    Slavs are crazy!

  • Gorgar
    Gorgar 2 months ago

    Ja tak mam gdy wiozę teściową.

  • 79Yamato
    79Yamato 2 months ago

    My guess before watching any further than into the ninth minute: He'll OBLITERATE the clutch.

  • Junkerbunker
    Junkerbunker 2 months ago

    "Rain bird " on the fender 😂😂😂😂😂😂 rainbird makes LAWN SPRINKLERS not car performance parts...

  • Pirate
    Pirate 2 months ago

    walking statue

  • Ollie Barbor
    Ollie Barbor 2 months ago

    Somehow more MPG than a Hummer H2

  • The Guvnor
    The Guvnor 2 months ago

    Infinitely more enjoyable than Top Gear! Keep it up!

  • Informedia Tech
    Informedia Tech 2 months ago

    you need a big turbo

  • Mark Morgan Van to camper conversion

    Try it again with some spacers welded in between the rear axle and chassis then the rear wheels won't be stuck up inside the wheel wells. Great video tho!

  • Baby Boo
    Baby Boo 2 months ago

    What a cool guy, would be fun to hang out for a day with them.

  • Baby Boo
    Baby Boo 2 months ago

    Love these videos, and a Nice looking host/man .

  • Mars Deimos
    Mars Deimos 2 months ago

    It's a common wisdom that Lada's need something heavy in the trunk for good handling.

  • tin pin
    tin pin 2 months ago

    You don't need to tell us your name, *_of course_* you're a Vlad.

  • topaxx101
    topaxx101 2 months ago

    This looks so funny

  • Skyler Hardy
    Skyler Hardy 3 months ago

    Push me...

  • Noor Ahmed
    Noor Ahmed 3 months ago +1

    How much CC this car is

  • Frank Do
    Frank Do 3 months ago

    If it was a compact sedan made by Japanese or even German the whole car would fall into pieces when the concrete are filled.

  • guit57strat
    guit57strat 3 months ago

    that car has Nuremburgring written all over it

  • Joako C.
    Joako C. 3 months ago

    Next time do it on a flat road, not in that groundy wet terrain.

  • Steve Armstrong
    Steve Armstrong 3 months ago

    Mobile battering ram..

  • Thomas Ochwat
    Thomas Ochwat 3 months ago

    Russian low rider.

  • Scotty Dirkers
    Scotty Dirkers 3 months ago

    The tires are rubbing

  • Mortified BMX
    Mortified BMX 3 months ago

    Ebay coilovers be like..

  • alpacacide
    alpacacide 3 months ago

    Stance car = can’t drive through pot hole. Fill car with concrete = can’t drive through pot hole. Both voluntary both stupid.

  • Mikeygammer101 Dirt
    Mikeygammer101 Dirt 3 months ago

    My Duramax pulls 5 tons of gravel no problem

  • Dany60
    Dany60 3 months ago +2

    Will it do a burnout? lol

  • Air Strike Technologies

    Pirelli and Eibach got their endorsement on, those tires and suspensions are TAXED HARD here and holding.

  • Air Strike Technologies

    Russians made the ugliest cars on Earth, but they damn sure run forever. That clutch has to be screaming!!!!

  • blex
    blex 3 months ago

    damn hipsters

  • HillbillyRepairs
    HillbillyRepairs 3 months ago

    They should have jacked the back before it dried to level it out

  • Markuss Lapsa
    Markuss Lapsa 3 months ago

    more like how to stance your car overnight

  • That Dang Hooligan
    That Dang Hooligan 3 months ago

    Voiceover translation is too loud. Can’t hear the struggling car well at all.

  • Kev William
    Kev William 3 months ago

    Should of put some blocks of wood under the suspension before putting the concrete in then it won’t of dropped to the ground so much. Great video though 😉

  • Two Stroke
    Two Stroke 3 months ago

    21:9 ftw

  • PADASHTplays
    PADASHTplays 3 months ago

    Now try a hill start

  • V10PDTDI
    V10PDTDI 3 months ago

    Wow that clutch is amazing so much abuse one other thing that impressive is his neighbour has a G Wagon. If someone told me that there would be someone that owned a G wagen on that street I’ve would’ve not believe it.

  • 4x4 Texas
    4x4 Texas 3 months ago

    I used to see this in old halfass made lowriders they would fill the trunk with concrete love this channel

  • Juan Farello
    Juan Farello 3 months ago

    Such a shame, that Lada was in a nice shape , still

  • justin hardman
    justin hardman 3 months ago

    I think the media is full of shit, these russians are alright

  • Robert Melanson
    Robert Melanson 3 months ago

    Now do Like The Mythbusters did with The Cement Truck - Blow it up but You will have to Drill a Hole or 2 or You could just Blowing it up - I'm fr. Canada

  • ads_wheeltrims
    ads_wheeltrims 3 months ago

    How to make one *thicc* car