Lesson 1 Arabic from the Beginning

  • Опубликовано: 29 янв 2014
  • This is the first session of an eighteen-lesson course for absolute beginners wishing to learn Arabic. In this lesson, you will learn to read and write the Arabic alphabet in its isolate form.
    The course as a whole is based on the book 'Arabic from the Beginning: Part One' by Dr. Imran Hamza Alawiye, which is available from the publisher's website: www.gatewaytoarabic.com. The course teaches everything you need to know to read and write the Arabic script, as well as useful Arabic phrases.

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    If someone interesting practical Arabic with me on WhatsApp + 966580273111

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    Magalie XIE 23 часа назад

    Hi Imran, I have memoried almost all the alphabet by following your video. But we Asians have the difficulty in pronuncing the vibrato " ر " ,that will be so great if you can make a video for this sound

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    Thank you dr imran i can improve my quran reading after watching your video. You are great teacher.

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    Thank you sir a student from India ✌

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    Waooo! Excellent teacher. Thank you sir

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    i need softcopy of the book, plz someone send it to me
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    Am a Chinese living in Algeria, I tried serval times to start to learn Arabic, always finished by giving up. Luck enough to have found your channel today, which impressed me a lot. A big thank you to you🐰

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    u are too much

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    Amazing. I started to learn 3 weeks ago. This helps me very much !!! Good method of memorising the letters. ;)

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    fluent guy hahahahahahahhahah

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    Excellent work done bro. Jazak' Allah khair from Bangladesh.

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    Jazakallah khair

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    Am new here may ALLAH make it easy for us to understand fast and easy

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      ABDIMAJID mjkhn I think he would do that

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    started learning today alhamdulillah .May Allah bless you sir !

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    👍👌 thank you

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    Am muslim and funny i dont know Arabic reading and writing just memorizing verbal recitation but with this Alhamdulilahi in sha Allah am gonna speak and write Arabic soon and understand the Quran more and more and really gratified JazzakhAllahu Gheir Maalim.

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    I know everything here but im watching it.. Great video

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    jesus is God dont follow the lies

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      Fake god.

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      I never understood this? Jesus is not God. He is supposed son of God.

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      +Mohamed Khalifa savage 😂😂

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      You christans are confused u don't even know who ur god is, is it your god or jesus or the holy spirit. The trinity u believe in means u have 3 gods and u believe that jesus is the son of god LMFAO, does it blow your mind? coz FYI we believe in jesus and we respect him but unfortunately jesus is just a messenger of god "Allah" just like the other prophets such as David, Joseph, Moses ... and the last messenger of allah is Muhammad.

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    هههههههه جيد جدا

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    Masha Allah you are a wonderful instructor! I love how you teach may Allah bless you.

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    ☆Mongolian learning Arabic ~ *Insha Allah*

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    Masha Allah, may Allah grant you good health & wealth.

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    Meine Mutter sprach ist Arbich Aber ich lebe in Deutschland 🇩🇪
    Ich glaube Arabische Sprache ist schwer Als deutsche
    Und Englisch ist sehr sehr einfach

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      Coper Field no no iam Arbich

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    you are a great teacher dude. update- i bought flash cards so i can learn this better. I am excited to learn and hopefully write a new language. Im fluent in english, can understand spanish and speak it some and perhaps write it a little. I want to be able to speak, read, and write this as i do english. Your associations to create the sounds is great and makes me eager to learn more

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      I like your username.

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    I loved the "gym story", ha ha. You're an amazing teacher. Thank you so much. :)

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    I am native arabic speaker i live in France . I could help you to learn this language. My best regards

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      My brother am new learner.....and am confused.....please give me any trick possible or what i need to know, TO know this amazing language fast

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    Very interesting thank you. I am learning for a freind is learning English so I'm teaching him english

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      Ma'am can I have ur whatsup number. I have to learn English also

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    I really love your teaching. In sha Allah i will learn Arabic soon.

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    You are a really interesting teacher. You make tough things look so much easier. Thank you Sir!

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    May Allah reward this person. Ameen

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    This teacher is teaching us standard arabic which is called Fusxaa., If u learn Fusxaa standard arabic the quraan will be easy for u to understand, plz don't learn lahjaa or ghetto island arabic.

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    Hello brothers I am Arabi and have English Bachelor so, if you need translate something i will help you

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      واستخدام had مثلاً I had known her before يعني انا بعرف الست دي من اول. فلاحظ ان الحدث الأول والثاني ماضي (بعرفها من اول) .على فكرة انا مو مصري بس عشانك. بحبكم ❤️👌

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      +ObitoTard 97 هل تقصد third person singular؟ لأن have مع الجمع وhas مع مع المفرد. Have تستخدم بالماضي شرطاً ان يكون الفعل ماضي ولكنه مستمر بالحاضر مثلاً I have been wanting for you. كنت انتظرت ولازلت انتظرك على عكس had اللي هي فعل ماضي فقط

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      عايز أسألك من العكس. . في كثير من مجموعات في فيسبوك بشوف ناس بتستخدم have مع ال 3rd party person .. لمن يكونو بتكلموا عن احداث حصلت في الماضي ، ليه بعملو كدا و هل الكلام دا صح ؟

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    لقد تعلمت العربية اكتب صحيح واتكلم جيد شكرا استاد دكتور بفضل هده الدروس

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    top quality dr. can I do the course with no book. I am poor..

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    Best teacher ever!

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      hi i need please to practice my english and i can learn u arabic

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      +كل شيئ Do you speak Hebrew, too? I read but don't speak. Enjoyed this lesson.

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    Can anyone help me out? I’m interested in Arabic, is his course MSA? Or a different dialect?

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      I can help you i 'm à native speaker

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      Yes Dr Alawiye teaches MSA

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      Imran Alawiye thank you! Great lesson, you are a fantastic teacher!

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      Yes. It is.

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    Magic. Just what I was looking for. I have made friends with Arabic speaking people recently here in UK and always being interested in languages and writing, wanted to learn to write the letters. But its also great to learn say them as well. An interesting fact is that I also write Pitman's shorthand, and I believe that the original Pitman used Arabic writing to base his system of fast writing on. And watching Dr Imran write the letters, it's fascinating how similar the stroke are to shorthand - though of course not meaning. Fun !! Thank you. I will buy your book.

    • Tricia T-B
      Tricia T-B 2 дня назад

      Greetings Marny5580, interesting isn't it ! I only speak English too - but like letters and language. I do calligraphy so am happiest writing letters !

    • Marny5580
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      Tricia T-B - I learned Gregg - and see similarities with cursive Hebrew, too. Both Hebrew and Arabic are written right to left. I only speak English, however.

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    I have read Arabic earlier from my tutor when I was a kid...and they just taught us how to mug the letters without any understanding ,,,and now after having this pleasure and being fortunate enough to come across these sessions by Mr.Alwayi...I now have the complete understanding of the letters ... Allhamdulillah....so thankful to you sir...

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      Thank you

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      Osiris Andrade www.gatewaytoarabic.com/arabic-from-the-beginning-part-1.html#product-tabs2

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    Sir is this modern Arabic or not ?

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      Yes it's the msa

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      +super duck classic Arabic is called fosha. The original and pure Arabic

    • super duck
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      +Aamir Basir
      I just wanted to give a general idea about modern and old arabic language ...
      He didn't speak arabic at all he just taught the pronunciation of the letters

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      super duck
      I don’t think that answered the question

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      Each arabian country has its own way of speaking meaning that all the countries speak Arabic but in different Way's and usage of the language ... In different Acssends
      But the original arabian language is the Quran language which is the old arabian
      that was spoken by older generations and the reason each country devolved a different way of speaking is the invasions and other reasons but mostly invasions
      Like iraqi people say "estcan" On a type of cups for tea because of the Americans when they came to iraq the use to say "east tea can" On the tea cup

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