Lesson 1 Arabic from the Beginning

  • Опубликовано: 29 янв 2014
  • This is the first session of an eighteen-lesson course for absolute beginners wishing to learn Arabic. In this lesson, you will learn to read and write the Arabic alphabet in its isolate form.
    The course as a whole is based on the book 'Arabic from the Beginning: Part One' by Dr. Imran Hamza Alawiye, which is available from the publisher's website: www.gatewaytoarabic.com. The course teaches everything you need to know to read and write the Arabic script, as well as useful Arabic phrases.

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  • Allah is my lord
    Allah is my lord 30 минут назад

    Mashallah!! Wallahi you are the best teacher

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    Thank you but no thank you.....I'll pass

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    Absolutely FANTASTIC teacher. I wish I had more teachers like you when I was in school.

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    He is wonderful teacher.. Thanks a lot

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    I was just warming up my qalam to start this course and didn't realize I needed a kitabun so I've just bought one on line to do the course.

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    You are a great teacher!!!

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    Thanks for teaching us Arab🙂🙂🙂

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    Wow! I like the teacher! I really enjoyed learning it :) Hope I can master Arabic :)))

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    I got here searching for a video of a peeson speaking arabic so i could show my daughter how the language sounds. I got stuck, Mr. Imran you are a great teacher.

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    juan carlos Gonzales 6 дней назад

    Wonderful lesson, my brother! I learned a lot!!!

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    hi. which dialect do you teach?

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    José Fernandes da Silva 7 дней назад +1

    You teach us how to pronounce and how to write at the same time, and in a very practical way. This is his way of teaching is one of the best I have seen in several Arabic courses.

  • José Fernandes da Silva
    José Fernandes da Silva 7 дней назад +1

    You're a very good teacher. You have a perfect didactic,

  • President Xi FTW
    President Xi FTW 7 дней назад

    Associating the position and number of dots with the pronunciations is by far the most creative and easiest way to memorize them ever! It has never occurred to me.. maybe this is why a language should be learned from a qualified native speaker.

  • Rajaul Islam
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    So wonderful!! I never attend such short but very effective class, thanks a lot sir.

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    Wow, this was really helpful so thank you.

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    Well he is the most funny teacher . And thabks to him am learning Arabic.

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      Sweet, add me or I 'll add you, doesn't matter

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      Jay D yes . It would be great.

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      Can we be learning buddies?
      It would help alot

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    Thank you amazing teacher! Love you ❤️

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    جزاك الله خيرا

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    Excellent teacher, May Allah bless him

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    your amazing

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    This guy is amazing!

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      L P He is a very good teacher

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    You’re a very good teacher

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    Will I be Abel to speak it tho lol

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      Just practice .

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    Dear teacher'
    Plz can you tell where i will that book in India

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    my mom maslim

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    Thank you from Ladakh(India).

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    Best teacher ever

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    If you don't mind me asking where did you study?

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    Truly amazing.
    One of a kind teacher.
    May Allah reward you well and take you from strength to strength!

  • Anwar Anwar
    Anwar Anwar 24 дня назад +4

    i'm an arabic native speaker , if you need someone to practice with leave a comment

    • Rachelle Perez
      Rachelle Perez 9 дней назад

      My boyfriend is from Saudi and I would love to surprise him with speaking someArabic! If you have snapchat add me! Its cha.bae

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      Anwar Anwar I want to learn

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      Bianca Knoechel so give me your wtsp please

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      Me please!

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      dream academy i really don't know what you mean

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    best teacher i've ever seen on youtube. I think more than half of the alphabet i can rember just after watching this video once. Cheers from Switzerland

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    King' Abiola 26 дней назад

    Eku ise takun takun Olukoni Alawiye, Oluwa a ma bukun yin. Igba odun odun kan

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    Hi there , I am a native Arabic speaker and if some wants to practice Arabic I can be your Arabic conversation buddy just leave a comment✌

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      Ømãr Älølî I’ll like to learn plz

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      Jacob Barides I do not understand exactly what you mean !
      But There is one keyboard with fuSHA ( modern standard Arabic)
      Which is written like that : اللغة العربية الفصحى

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    This is awesome. I'm so happy I found this.

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    Salaam ( hi )
    I'm a native arabic speaker, and am looking for a english or frensh speaker or both to exchange with language
    If anyone is interested , lemme know.

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      Rachelle Perez
      Contact me on Facebook

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      TAYEB dz yes please!

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      Farzona Tanikulova ok I am here to help you and to get help from you.

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      Farzona Tanikulova
      Ok , feel free to contact me on my account on Fb

    • Farzona Tanikulova
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      i speak english

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    Rousanara Laskar Месяц назад

    Sir do you deliver to other countries..m from India....where do i get the detailed information of this book??

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    where is lesson three?

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    Masha Allah..it was nice video..and a gr8 way of teaching..i would request u to plz carry on ur teaching..Inn Shaa Allah

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    SHOKRAN!! I really love the way you teach! You helped so much :)

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    inshalla i learn

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    Cora_san Месяц назад +4

    Arabic’s grammar is more difficult than English grammar so you may face a lot of problems. Arabic took form me to learn it 15 years also I’m a native speaker, but English it’s just 4 yeas in university. I still face problems with English grammar.

  • qtbeddecor
    qtbeddecor Месяц назад

    How many books are in this Arabic from the Beginning series?

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    Good job

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    Very helpful thanks

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    I just started taking your lessons. I absolutely love it! It helps me better visualize the alphabet when I want to write in Arabic!

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    This is fantastic!!

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    thank you so mucb sir, i am deeply fascinated by Arabic... i used to live in Oman and Barahrin and used to hear people speak in Arabic and now i want to do so too... you are a great teacher

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    I am native Arabic and watch this

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      Ruben Arellano Teco
      تعرف تتكلم عربي

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    Nice sir I intrested your teaching style very nice

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      Yes u can , its same

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    I'm a native Arabic speaker, feel free to hit me up if you are interested practicing Arabic with me on skype or anywhere else

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    I will follow all your lessons. ...
    I was about to give up in learning Arabic. .. I lost hope...
    But now I feel like I can be good from your funny and well arranged lessons. ..
    Thanks teacher

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    I learned how to scribble and enunciate words in the Arabic text within three days flat. I'm also learning Mandarin. But my progress will never match that of Arabic because there isn't a Mandarin teacher on RUclip who matches the quality of Dr Imran. I hope to write him an email one day in a well above average Arabic, thanking him for his hard selfless work. This comment applies to all videos in this series.

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      its formal arabic

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