• Hey friends, in today's video I'm going over 10 fragrances that every man should smell at least once. This is the first part of this series and it's covering more of the "obvious" fragrances that everybody should smell at one time or another. As always, thanks for watching!
    10 - bit.ly/35A6pZs
    9 - bit.ly/2r5bCcJ
    8 - bit.ly/38Re5bF
    7 - bit.ly/2Z157UJ
    6 - bit.ly/2rPvwJe
    5 - bit.ly/388uuIv
    4 - bit.ly/2Sbtn50
    3 - bit.ly/38Q08uH
    2 - amzn.to/2M5I59Y
    1 - bit.ly/2Z0LPPc
    10 - bit.ly/2YGwAec
    9 - bit.ly/2O7iY8e
    8 - bit.ly/32s7Zu6
    7 - bit.ly/2r7S7QU
    6 - bit.ly/2qJjcJK
    5 - bit.ly/38tn02S
    4 - bit.ly/2EeSICU
    3 - bit.ly/2rEpwmj
    2 - bit.ly/2LN3RiI
    1 - bit.ly/2PEZ1Fb
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  • banditdeville
    banditdeville 7 days ago

    I think I like Shia LaBeouf better now that hes reviewing frags instead of making those weird experimental art performances.

  • Sentry719
    Sentry719 12 days ago

    I can't understand the hype around Aventus. I got a sample from the Creed boutique and it smelled like car exhaust with slight fruity notes. Wore it to a party and got no compliments with it either.

  • stephen farmer
    stephen farmer 14 days ago

    Personally, I'd have put vetiver in the barbershop section, all day!! That and neroli. I find them both "cheep" smelling. Sorry if your a fan, it's not a dig.

  • Robert Louise Drake

    Aventus was a King.
    Now: a rip-off.

  • Ibrahim Naif
    Ibrahim Naif Month ago


  • Uncle Sam
    Uncle Sam Month ago

    Suprised and happy to see Terre D;Hermes in your no. 1 list. I loved it and I am wearing it now. Though Dior Homme is still my no. 1 scent.

  • MrRainierSalu
    MrRainierSalu Month ago +1

    ck one was literally my very 1st fragrance

  • Eric Stromblad
    Eric Stromblad 2 months ago

    You should pick up sign language cause honestly you talk a lot with your hands....

    • Eric Stromblad
      Eric Stromblad 2 months ago

      Also I think you over repeat yourself and it seems you have a lot of filler in your videos...with that said I like to watch your videos...you are very informative as well down to earth..

  • Andres Olea
    Andres Olea 2 months ago

    Fagratica.com you said ?

  • Im Doge
    Im Doge 2 months ago

    man poor guy you talk to much show the f*cking fragrances

  • michael sleater
    michael sleater 2 months ago

    Did I see you show a bottle of Terre D'Hermes?

  • JS 09
    JS 09 2 months ago

    Gaultier??? Seriously??? Only wife beaters with tiny penises wear that horrible concoction!

  • pinkler01
    pinkler01 2 months ago +1

    Don't forget about Guerlain Habit Rouge

  • ZillaZDB
    ZillaZDB 2 months ago +4

    Fahrenheit still works... my dad bought me my first bottle when I was about 16.. girls still compliment it! Awesome stuff!

    • Ron Carney
      Ron Carney 12 days ago

      Fahrenheit is fire. The parfum is amazing too.

  • Ferragamo Ghost
    Ferragamo Ghost 2 months ago

    Ck1 stinks had one when I was a teen gave me a headache

  • Marcelo #803
    Marcelo #803 2 months ago

    I do not like CK One

  • Olov Johansson
    Olov Johansson 2 months ago

    Dont know if it has to do with my skin, but for me the one (edp) easily lasts the whole day and projects strongly. Maybe its not subject to nose blindness?

  • Ray Gipson
    Ray Gipson 2 months ago +3

    I could wear gasoline, I actually have because of my job lol.

  • Derek Borow
    Derek Borow 2 months ago

    The one by D&G is weak, but do u really want a powerhouse frag to choke out your date when she gets close? I think less is more in those situations.

  • Otavious Lowe
    Otavious Lowe 2 months ago +2

    You should make a niche version of this video

  • Mimo Amine
    Mimo Amine 2 months ago

    13:00 this killed me thanks ash XD

  • OpiumVEVO
    OpiumVEVO 2 months ago

    That La male was HUGE

  • OpiumVEVO
    OpiumVEVO 2 months ago +13

    Tom Ford Black Orchid. That smells like paradise.

    • OpiumVEVO
      OpiumVEVO 20 days ago +1

      @Joshua Hulgan I love your grandmother

    • Joshua Hulgan
      Joshua Hulgan 20 days ago

      It smells like my grandmother.

  • Steven Lim
    Steven Lim 2 months ago

    Dior Eau Sauavage, not the 2015 ambroxen bomb, was one of best male fougere scents for its time.

  • rush peeples
    rush peeples 2 months ago

    Ck One the black one is the best 👌

  • bradley163
    bradley163 2 months ago +3

    Fahrenheit was the 2nd fragrance I bought in my middle school days. Understandably got few compliments, but in college, everything changed. I bought it in 2001, kept the bottle until 2012. It's what got me my wife! I still buy it. It's one of those crazy, stands the test of time fragrances.

  • Bullock and Company
    Bullock and Company 2 months ago +1

    I knew Aventus was in this even when you said designer. 🤣 too many designers cloned it.

  • Michael Nowak
    Michael Nowak 3 months ago +1

    Farenheit is the very first cologne that I ever wore ever
    When I was 6 years old

  • Danny O
    Danny O 3 months ago +2

    A great topic, especially for those new to the “game” who are watching RUclip videos and being enticed by whatever the latest niche du jour is. They really oughta be grounded by the classics and basics first.

  • R K
    R K 3 months ago

    Nice hoodie !

  • Saad.48
    Saad.48 3 months ago

    I feel like I don't know this Ashton that's talking in this video 😁
    I know he said it's for newer guys in the game but he just sounds weird

    • Saad.48
      Saad.48 2 months ago

      @jordan lee I know he is.
      What I meant is that I felt like he was talking to a new audience that's all

    • jordan lee
      jordan lee 3 months ago

      Idk what you're talking about. Ashton is great!

  • Simon Donovan
    Simon Donovan 3 months ago

    Loving the Trump arm movements!

  • Mikhail Barashkov
    Mikhail Barashkov 3 months ago +3

    Aventus smells exactly as zara vibrant leather, mont blanc explorer and cedrat bois mancera. The last even has more interesting notes and accords than creed. On top of all of this these 3 fragrances together are cheaper than one aventus.

    • Lipstick Zombie
      Lipstick Zombie Month ago +1

      I never smelled any pineapple in Cedrat though. Thank goodness I had a tester of that when I bought Red Tobacco since it smells like mothballs on my skin 3 hours later. 🤮

  • Guinea54
    Guinea54 3 months ago +2

    yes Fahrenheit made the list.. Super masculine and timeless in my opinion.

  • Mark Von
    Mark Von 3 months ago

    The only said thing... my old bottle of Le Male smells a million times better than the new PUIG and BPI versions. The cinnamon is so strong in the old one that it kind of tingles my skin and smells less synthetic up close. :)

  • vsboy 25
    vsboy 25 3 months ago

    Lets be real most people in America can only afford axe

    • Daniel Erazo
      Daniel Erazo 3 months ago

      @vsboy 25 well I don't know about that but I have a lot of designer fragrances

    • vsboy 25
      vsboy 25 3 months ago

      Daniel Erazo USA

    • Daniel Erazo
      Daniel Erazo 3 months ago

      By America you mean the whole continent or an specific area such as North, Central or South America?

  • skoluh
    skoluh 3 months ago

    You should look up on 10 toothpaste you should use cause you definitely need some

  • Arman Shapouri
    Arman Shapouri 3 months ago

    What do you guys think about gucci guilty absolute?

  • la32magicj
    la32magicj 3 months ago

    Great video. Looking forward to more

  • Sub Zero
    Sub Zero 3 months ago

    Have you ever had yves saint lairunet M7 ?

  • Daniel Opatrny
    Daniel Opatrny 3 months ago

    Davidoff cool water

  • inn news
    inn news 3 months ago

    You are missing out Guy Laroche Drakkar Noir, a powerhouse 80s fragrance that is still timeless today.

  • jenny rodriguez
    jenny rodriguez 3 months ago

    I got CK One this year. I love it.

  • Er Sturdevant
    Er Sturdevant 3 months ago

    Have we forgotten "Blue Stratos."?

  • Er Sturdevant
    Er Sturdevant 3 months ago

    I...(dramatic pause)...I care about you, CK1.

  • JP
    JP 3 months ago

    Great video bro!

  • Fadi 007
    Fadi 007 3 months ago

    Ur videos should be shorter

  • Doc Sportello
    Doc Sportello 3 months ago

    hey everybody, look...it's Jeremy's favourite youtube reviewer!

  • SuperSarutobisensei
    SuperSarutobisensei 3 months ago


  • Prashant raj kumar
    Prashant raj kumar 3 months ago

    Merry Christmas, Ashton!!!

  • Marco Zuleta
    Marco Zuleta 3 months ago

    You forgot the sweet/beastmode clubbing fragrance started by 1 Million that till this day is being copied (Eros, Ultra Male, Stronger With You, Code Profumo,etc). Even though Le Male did it first in the 90's, 1 Million was the one that revitalized it and got tons and tons of copycats that saturated the market.

  • Marco Zuleta
    Marco Zuleta 3 months ago

    The "blue" trend is probably the most boring and generic of all the trends of the list, I hope a new and exciting one comes around and free us from such dull fragrances.

  • Nick
    Nick 3 months ago +1

    I still love CK one ... i like to wear it when i go to bed ...

  • Nick
    Nick 3 months ago

    CK one is save for the beginning (clean and soapy ) ... cool water also (fresh and aquatic) . If you want more attention and power use Cool Water intense . If you want More spice and depth use Dior sauvage . More Sweetness ? use Joop Homme or JPG . If you want a more floral Ck one use Issy Maeky pour homme (don’t know how to pronounce it) it literally smells like a Flower shop ...

  • Rizki Bagaswara Putra
    Rizki Bagaswara Putra 3 months ago

    What about the classic tabac original?

  • Alexandre Boudry
    Alexandre Boudry 3 months ago

    Hey man, thoughts on Acqua Di Essenza?

  • Shaul Dawg
    Shaul Dawg 3 months ago

    Le male smells horrible....My sleeper is DG the one sport though...ladies love it on me

  • Talgat
    Talgat 3 months ago

    Fahrenheit in my experience is an even bigger boxer dropper than aventus. I have yet to come across a man who didn't love Fahrenheit. But women rarely like it.

  • Anıl Yazar
    Anıl Yazar 3 months ago

    Aventus overhyped i dont like it at all

  • Michael Beeson
    Michael Beeson 3 months ago

    Would you recommend Guelain Vetiver if you own Terre D'Hermes already?

    • Zs B
      Zs B 3 months ago

      No. Guerlain Vetiver is an old-school, old man smelling vetiver-überheavy fragrance, whereas TdH is a modern take on citrus & vetiver.

  • Ahmed Ironmaiden
    Ahmed Ironmaiden 3 months ago

    I think the list is missing some basics,
    1- Azzaro chrome
    2- suavage - as much as I hate it
    3- Bvlgari aqua
    4- Cartier declaration
    5- Clinque happy - maybe?
    6- ysl l'homme
    7- Prada L'homme

    • Ahmed Ironmaiden
      Ahmed Ironmaiden 3 months ago

      @Scott Geoffrey too metallic and loud, it's a bit nauseating

    • Scott Geoffrey
      Scott Geoffrey 3 months ago

      Why do you hate Suavage? Too main stream?

  • Daniel San!
    Daniel San! 3 months ago

    I really like this review(s).

  • Positive Vibes
    Positive Vibes 3 months ago

    whats more yellow? his sweater or his teeth.

  • Curtis Vislocky
    Curtis Vislocky 3 months ago

    Azzaro Pour Homme was my go to scent when I was in my twenties. One of the biggest compliment getter I owned.. Women would come up to me and say ‘what are you wearing” Don’t understand they Barber Shop comment. Probably, cause I haven’t been to a barber shop or salon in years. My wife cuts and styles my hair. Ashton, I appreciate your other video on the newer fragrances. You’ve help me round out my collection.

  • Gani Familara
    Gani Familara 3 months ago

    You have a large variety of wardrobe 😘. Luv your reviews, complete and personal.

  • Latchman Singh
    Latchman Singh 3 months ago

    A friend of mine sent me a small bottle of Clive Christian cologne. Have you ever reviewed this house?

  • Ez Shmee
    Ez Shmee 3 months ago +1

    The dry down of Antaeus smells barbershop.

  • Juiceman 0331
    Juiceman 0331 3 months ago

    Another great cheap option for people that wants to have a beginner vetiver is “Encre Noire Sport”. It’s niche quality for around $25 it’s great for summer because of the bergamot.

  • michael mourad
    michael mourad 3 months ago +2

    My top 15 scents
    1-Bvlgari - Man in black
    2-D&G -The one
    3-Vector and ralf -Spicebomb extreme
    4-Armani-Stronger with you
    5-Dior Sauvage
    6-versace Eros
    7-Tom Ford- Noir extreme
    8-Tom Ford -Tobacco vanille
    9-Davidoff -leather blend
    10-Carolina hererra -212 VIP
    11 -ultra male
    12-le male
    13-YSL :l'homme
    14-Carolina hererra: CH man prive'
    15-Dunhill : Icon

  • DrakaraS
    DrakaraS 3 months ago

    could you review and compare Rochas Moustache EDP and YSL Tuxedo?

  • C. Backes
    C. Backes 3 months ago

    Davidoff Zino mybe

  • David Limardo
    David Limardo 3 months ago

    This getting repetitive. ..the same all the time...how bout that O2 escentric molecules behind you?? Let me see that..

  • Carlos Somchai
    Carlos Somchai 3 months ago

    For sure another one to add to the Beginners must smell list is Mugler’s Cologne to represent the “Freshie” genre.

  • Dk92
    Dk92 3 months ago +1

    I have never tried a dior which smells nice.

  • Zekaryah Child of TMH GOD
    Zekaryah Child of TMH GOD 3 months ago +1

    Can we get a top 10 list of softer fragrances with descent longevity for us men that don't like to wear fragrances that punch ppl in the face??? I fell for the 1 Million hype a couple years ago and made a blind buy and found out it's not my cup of tea. I like sweeter scents but it's just waay too strong in my opinion.

  • PipenFalzy
    PipenFalzy 3 months ago +1

    I thought you were going to finally talk about Obsession, but nooooop..

  • Sal Geno
    Sal Geno 3 months ago +1

    Polo Blue was released in 2003 and was mega hit. started the aquatic blue market. just ignored on RUclip for the most part

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 3 months ago +1

    Bleu de Channel smells simply beautiful. Period

  • Robert Quill
    Robert Quill 3 months ago

    Never will I believe any of your New Years resolutions when you say “I won’t mention Aventus this year”. Ummmm.... ermmm... like dude you mention almost every video. Lol

  • James Saintolien
    James Saintolien 3 months ago

    Great list professor