Here's what it's like to work at SourceFed...

A tour of the SourceFed office, the people in it and what it's like to work for them.

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Автор ZombieByte ( назад)
almost all of your background music is stuff that i almost recognize or covers of things that i know well and it's hilariously infuriating

Автор val ( назад)
little girls

Автор Purple Face ( назад)
Septic has good taste in music.

Автор GAMESIC ( назад)
why did source fed close down?

Автор Alexander Vasquez ( назад)
i really want that one piece hat

Автор R8dRLegendKilla ( назад)
Hey you guys should listen to the Only Stupid Answers podcast. It's much better than this shitty channel

Автор Vivian ( назад)
Glass animals!

Автор ultravioletcats ( назад)
Does anybody know how Steve edited that shot where he ran around the sf office?(Or what that kind of shot is called)

Автор Rabbiddog333 ( назад)
You didn't credit glass animals for the song you stole at 5:19...

Автор Butter on Toast ( назад)
Saw the thumbnail, Saw the title.
Clicked, liked, left.

Автор Bobby Hubbard ( назад)
You're a very hairless man

Автор JamBear ( назад)
Why are all the lights on ultra dim? You nerds don't like light?

Автор Xypher ClassyServers ( назад)
So you were joking when u said u had a job in that hobo video.

Don't get triggered.

Автор Pati Dab ( назад)
haha I found one piece! 3:18

Автор ERIC GIBSON ( назад)
I never watched sourcefed but I can tell you Steven was the best they had

Автор Miles Martin ( назад)
I have no idea why they were cancelled, looks like a well oiled machine

Автор Jack Valentine ( назад)
Click bait

Автор deza42 ( назад)
I'm just here for the $5 blowjobs...

Автор Chr0me Cat ( назад)
We gonna talk about the shot of Steven in his underwear? 'Cause hot damn.

Автор Jonathan Sharman ( назад)
That Majora's Mask sample...

Автор Orkork ( назад)
"Honk for anal" was funny, but everything after that just made me reflect on my self, and now I'm sad :(

Автор Simmy Saoli ( назад)
You have such good/interesting shots

Автор Just a Random Guy ( назад)
i came to see Joel, i came out disappointed

Автор Fredrik Avall ( назад)
10 mins away by car isn't that like 20 minutes away by bike? *confused in european*

Автор true clancy ( назад)
Luv hearing the start of 'Life itself' i shit my dacks every time

Автор Spumoon ( назад)
2:58 Monty Oum did it better

Автор George Pisani ( назад)
lol rip

Автор Truth Proselyte ( назад)
Just look at the people. Now you know why sourcefed went bankrupt. They tried bringing a Jew in to run the joint but they did it too late, even he wasn't able to save their finances.

Автор Elias Ortiz ( назад)
Glass Animals!!!!!

Автор Elon// Thomas ( назад)
This is fantastic!

Автор sw4tts ( назад)
Discovered you through Funhaus and I am so glad to have looked at your videos. Genuinely so funny + well-made do keep up the good work!

Автор NobeyAssassin ( назад)
I'm glad you listen to Glass Animals too.

Автор Pierz777 ( назад)
Haha what's sourcefed?!👌

Автор Pierz777 ( назад)
$5 footlong

Автор Joe Hoffman ( назад)
buzz feed was triggered by the video thumbnail

Автор Matthew Harrington ( назад)
I imagine this video would be a little bit different remade today because you know...

Автор Fernanq ( назад)
He is not working at source fed anymore

Автор emily r ( назад)
i watch this video every night before i cry myself to sleep

Автор Yung Kab ( назад)
Your vids are actually the shit Suppy

Автор Dawdle Games ( назад)
steven watches alot of vsauce

Автор Lambder ( назад)
that tech room looks asthedic

Автор Jonnie Lee ( назад)
What it was like*

Автор Kuro ( назад)
where's your leg hair

Автор Andrew Voytko ( назад)
i swear i had my pants on at the start

Автор Redhulk9188 ( назад)
Why does Spencer look like he's on crack?

Автор Henry Yeo ( назад)
Damn it, RIp sourcefed

Автор ACESHOT1O1 ( назад)
Well this video isn't relevant anymore

Автор igdc ( назад)
FUCK the clip at 1:40 is good man

Автор Daniel Karl ( назад)

Автор Alex Slaughter ( назад)
"Tho old hosts have better chemistry" tbh I think these most recent hosts (Candace, Ava, and Steven) all had great chemistry...especially Candace and Ava

Автор Frank The Bunny ( назад)
did One Piece guy get fired?

Автор Charley Giobell ( назад)
I'm not sure if this video is trippy and confusing... or if I'm just too drunk rn....

also.. the newest hosts were just as engaging as the old ones. tbh

Автор Dannymandally ( назад)
How would you know? You don't even work there!

Автор oOShadowBeastOo ( назад)
"Here's what it *WAS* like to work at SourceFed."

Автор Showtimekid10 ( назад)
Holy shit! Steven is actually HILARIOUS

Автор underscorehw ( назад)
not anymore bitxh

Автор bjorkdotcom ( назад)
Suppy do you make apple music playlists? Or any playlist rly

Автор Zack ( назад)
I like this dude

Автор 2 Brothers & A Camera ( назад)
Here's what it /was like/ to work at sourcefed.

Автор 22ndCenturyMike ( назад)
Im subscribing to this channel JUST for the fact of how well edited this video is. Fuckin Brilliant

Автор Thom Senapati ( назад)
song @ 5:10???

Автор Walkin smile ( назад)
i can't say i watched soursefed alot. but i'm sad that its come to an end.

Автор Watercat Gaming ( назад)
it took this video to know what happened with the whitewall about the bbc guys kids coming in. in the video there was just some wierd editing part with sam and steve and you couldn't tell they were actually acting like the kids.

Автор McGintyNHD ( назад)
Not anymore.

Автор c c ( назад)
You did good but all other. Ew host meh

Автор phatleet ( назад)
For a moment I thought it was going to be from a dick pov.

Автор minter doublex7 ( назад)
Not for long

Автор Critical Rift ( назад)
Name of the last song? You forgot to put it in Teben

Автор Lena ( назад)
That loud noise in the beginning, was Steven's alarm clock.

Автор Celina Dasilva ( назад)
song at 6:04 ?

Автор Garrett Hedden ( назад)
The office was so full...

Автор Hudsey ( назад)
is the car a rental? Either way nice ride.

Автор Gloria Kol ( назад)
God he is so tall

Автор Aquaman ( назад)
wait you only get up at 7:30? steve noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Автор murphy59 ( назад)
This is so sad now.

Автор Jennifer Bureau ( назад)
Well... this is somewhat ironic of a video now.

Автор JudaTheIsm ( назад)
The old hosts WERE better. But now we have you.

And we'll all just have to cope.

Автор spectralcop ( назад)
I need like a playlist or something Suptic you always got the jams

Автор Oscar Rodriguez ( назад)
joe can

Автор DrDjOfficial ( назад)

Автор Diana Thot ( назад)
I hate this guy😂😂😂😂

Автор Raymond Rufon ( назад)
How do you avoid getting copyright claimed with all this music?

Автор Biohazard ( назад)
This is what its like to work at SourceFed: ( )

Автор Krayzi - Csgo and more! ( назад)
the irony runs deep on the upload date

Автор DeAnte Bolden ( назад)
whats the song at like 6:27?

Автор Pj Pointer ( назад)
Little did he know

Автор Rsd Sd ( назад)
This is what happens to twinks when they jump the shark.

Автор kkmdew09 ( назад)
Steve, you were a great host for SF, the only hosts I didnt like were Candice for sure, and Kind of Ava and Whitney (not trying to bash them though), I come here to support you wherever you go next! Its a shame SF is gone, but you made it funnier, and better. Also I wish Super Panic Frenzy would've worked out better.
Edit for Spelling/Grammar.

Автор Kimchi ( назад)
This is so sad now.

Автор Donal McCarthy ( назад)
You really are milking the sourcefed train now that your career is over

Автор Swirly ( назад)
6:11 is somehow so badass. I've rewinded (rewound?) the video 5-10 times to watch it over again. Good job, Sup.

Автор ciera Nelson ( назад)
the playlist with this video is dope

Автор Blake Dingman ( назад)
Nice Jag!

Автор Sophie H ( назад)
okay but why are you bill from don hertzfeldt's films

Автор Katherine Sparrow ( назад)
Music selection 10/10

Автор 1YrOldSavage User ( назад)
Little G- yeh what were u gonna say there

Автор OliverObz ( назад)
4:53 I got the same doctor who poster!

Автор Alex Bennet ( назад)
I was studying while watching this, and then you played glass animals and I couldn't help but dance a little, thanks guys.

Автор Samuel ( назад)
Do you voice rick from Rick and Morty?

Автор Palala ( назад)
omg this is the best video I've ever seen, I love you Suptic, you sweet sweet bastard.

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