Here's what it's like to work at SourceFed...

A tour of the SourceFed office, the people in it and what it's like to work for them.

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Автор Celina Dasilva ( назад)
song at 6:04 ?

Автор Garrett Hedden ( назад)
The office was so full...

Автор Hudsey ( назад)
is the car a rental? Either way nice ride.

Автор Gloria Kol ( назад)
God he is so tall

Автор Aquaman ( назад)
wait you only get up at 7:30? steve noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Автор murphy59 ( назад)
This is so sad now.

Автор Jennifer Bureau ( назад)
Well... this is somewhat ironic of a video now.

Автор JudaTheIsm ( назад)
The old hosts WERE better. But now we have you.

And we'll all just have to cope.

Автор spectralcop ( назад)
I need like a playlist or something Suptic you always got the jams

Автор Oscar Rodriguez ( назад)
joe can

Автор DrDjOfficial ( назад)

Автор Diana Thot ( назад)
I hate this guy😂😂😂😂

Автор Raymond Rufon ( назад)
How do you avoid getting copyright claimed with all this music?

Автор Biohazard ( назад)
This is what its like to work at SourceFed: ( )

Автор Krayzi - Csgo and more! ( назад)
the irony runs deep on the upload date

Автор DeAnte Bolden ( назад)
whats the song at like 6:27?

Автор Pj Pointer ( назад)
Little did he know

Автор Rsd Sd ( назад)
This is what happens to twinks when they jump the shark.

Автор kkmdew09 ( назад)
Steve, you were a great host for SF, the only hosts I didnt like were Candice for sure, and Kind of Ava and Whitney (not trying to bash them though), I come here to support you wherever you go next! Its a shame SF is gone, but you made it funnier, and better. Also I wish Super Panic Frenzy would've worked out better.
Edit for Spelling/Grammar.

Автор Kimchi ( назад)
This is so sad now.

Автор Donal McCarthy ( назад)
You really are milking the sourcefed train now that your career is over

Автор Swirly ( назад)
6:11 is somehow so badass. I've rewinded (rewound?) the video 5-10 times to watch it over again. Good job, Sup.

Автор ciera Nelson ( назад)
the playlist with this video is dope

Автор Blake Dingman ( назад)
Nice Jag!

Автор Sophie H ( назад)
okay but why are you bill from don hertzfeldt's films

Автор Katherine Sparrow ( назад)
Music selection 10/10

Автор YouTube User ( назад)
Little G- yeh what were u gonna say there

Автор OliverObz ( назад)
4:53 I got the same doctor who poster!

Автор Alex Bennet ( назад)
I was studying while watching this, and then you played glass animals and I couldn't help but dance a little, thanks guys.

Автор Samuel ( назад)
Do you voice rick from Rick and Morty?

Автор Palala ( назад)
omg this is the best video I've ever seen, I love you Suptic, you sweet sweet bastard.

Автор cheeriomartinez ( назад)
Ooooooh so that's why sourcefed closed.

Автор Foma ( назад)
This is the best video in a long time.

Автор Ryan Garvida ( назад)
Now no one will ever have this experience again

Автор Dabroskie ( назад)
a Jaguar. nice suptic

Автор Jarett Jones ( назад)
Little did he know 2 weeks later he wouldn't be working at sourcefed

Автор TheBurtDude ( назад)

Автор El Squeeky ( назад)

Автор gears117 ( назад)
wtf happened to matt??

Автор Phoebe Jackson ( назад)
The editing is too good

Автор Reckless Juvenile ( назад)
4:47 - 4:49 I can see someone watched get out.

Автор Thomas Matthew ( назад)
Well this is awkward...

Автор IceDistrictSpeedster ( назад)

Автор niwaar ( назад)
Ill be honest, you bug the crap out of me in most things. But you are hilarious in this format. RIP SF

Автор nate dagr8 ( назад)
Well not anymore I guess...

Автор Mark Mulford ( назад)
And this is why sourced is getting shut down y'all to lazy

Автор Jax lpic ( назад)
You look like a retarded Rivers Cuomo

Автор Harry Robins ( назад)
That awkward moment when you make a video about "what it's like to work at SourceFed" ten days before it gets cancelled.

Автор TheDeathKillerx ( назад)

Автор Justin Smeer ( назад)
Eliot probably could lift the camera with his mind if he felt like doing it ... but he doesn't. Joe could lift it with his beard. Lee would try to do it, fail, get sad, and the camera would feel bad and do it for her.

Автор Marco Antonio Aravena ( назад)
After this video I see that you could make and awesome live action Morty

Автор retrofitted ( назад)
not anymore

Автор phixion. ( назад)
8:30 to 8:45.

very true very very true,
look where source fed is now,
I'm not sure if you knew it was closing down,.

but fuck that's ironic

Автор Lisa Mango ( назад)
Do you think the discovery people saw this vid and was like... no we can't do this. Not trying to be offensive, just thinking like those executive people would. I love you all. I'll miss the show

Автор Jordan Arill ( назад)
Title update: how it was like to work at sourcefed

Автор Mega_Infamous ( назад)
anyone get a how to basic vibe from the very beginning part

Автор Chelsea Traichel ( назад)
aww I bet he'll miss this routine

Автор Aonsure ( назад)
im not working at sorcefed

Автор Simpy ( назад)
Thank you for making this before sourcefed got shutdown. I'm sure you had a great time working there Steven, and I hope you find a steady flow of income outside of YouTube from now on dude.

Автор Barry Allen ( назад)
>Suppy drives a Jag F-Type

Bruh, you got some splainin to do.

Автор rossdiddy29 ( назад)
I've underestimated you Steven... I dig the video

Автор Creato Kato ( назад)
Why tf would you ride a car if you live 10 mins away?

Автор Jacob Doyle ( назад)
this is the first vid I've seen of septic not on sourcfed and he owns a jaguar f type?? damn, youtube money is treating him well

Автор Jonathan Appleseed ( назад)
At least we got to know right? :(

Автор ZenonLite ( назад)
The fact that this video does better than the majority of Sourcefed's past videos says a lot on why Sourcefed got cancelled.

Автор Maximiliano Villarroel ( назад)
Really, I though SourceFeed this was just some guy's garage, a couple of cameras and studio lights. Does it really take so much some make some record people talking and drinking in front of a white background?

Автор Joanna Wandel ( назад)
Who is the other studio tech guy?

Автор Lomag ( назад)
That office edit was slick af...

Автор GodleyX ( назад)
"work" Weird how you make this video and a week later your work disappears.

Автор thepieman ( назад)
It's a good thing you made this when you did, you know before you got cancelled

Автор Jeff Wulf ( назад)
I always wondered how they supported the hosts. With all these other people? No wonder they shut down. .

Автор MuahMan ( назад)
Welcome to the unemployment line.

Автор Jesse Huckstep ( назад)
i hope one day suptic can come out of his cocoon and take his role as adult Morty

Автор [ John ] ( назад)
steven listens to glass animals yay

Автор Billy Bob ( назад)
Little did Steven know...

Автор Jacob Hopkins ( назад)
more like work isn't like hahaha

Автор Calum Cooper ( назад)
Ahh yes I see u still work at sourcefed

Автор canonogic ( назад)
Can you do one of these again next week. Yes? No? Too soon?
Ffs, going to miss SourceFed 😭

Автор David ( назад)
This is a really good video.

Автор Syzygy ( назад)
And now source fed is gone.

Автор TheeVanillaface ( назад)
thanks for ruining another channel

Автор Mr.meeseeks98 ( назад)

Автор trey wexler ( назад)
you drive jaguar f type?? damn

Автор meme star ( назад)
you know what would suck if sours fed get shut down a week from this video

Автор KliveKush ( назад)
u guys like little wrils

Автор Natalie Tarrant ( назад)
not anymore:(

Автор Noom ( назад)
LOL rip, the tittle should be 'WHAT IT USED TO BE LIKE------------------------

Автор Delayyed HX ( назад)
And now it's gone

Автор Doesitmatter? ( назад)
I hope you all get nice severance packages and letters of reference.

Автор Jon InsertStageNameHere ( назад)

Автор sassa0406 ( назад)
Is anyone wondering if he filmed this because he knew that there was a chance that sourcefed would be cancelled 😭

Автор Thatguy23t ( назад)
not anymore

Автор Peruvian Ninja ( назад)

Автор Pankake Studios ( назад)

Автор Josh Avila ( назад)
seems cool. tell me what its like next week

Автор Remus0387 ( назад)
A BTS look at the day in the life of Sourcefed Host Steven Suptic, truly an eye opening experience of your work inside one of YouTube's most popular news and pop culture channels. This is all historically relevant footage for future generations to see the legendary Steven Suptic in his prime.

Автор ratinthecat2 ( назад)
lmao the timing of this video in light of the news.

Автор TBethel ( назад)
i came here to see william haynes. i was not disappointed.

Автор DemonNumo ( назад)
This is literally like move quality editing

Автор Scott Musgrave ( назад)
Nice documentary. We need it to remember it! Nice memories SF!

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