7 Haunting Mysteries That Took Years To Solve

  • Published on Mar 23, 2018
  • These unsolved mysteries took years and years to solve. Join us while we dive into some of the strangest mysteries ever!
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  • pauldh62
    pauldh62 20 hours ago

    The Tsar, Tsarina, their children, the family doctor and one of their maids were not "executed", as you say. They were murdered in the cellar of "The house of special purpose" in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Some might argue that this is merely semantics, but I suggest it is an important distinction.

  • Mikee Althea
    Mikee Althea Day ago


  • OMGItsArceus
    OMGItsArceus Day ago

    *she was found naked wearing absolutely nothing*

    Yeah no shit!

  • AA M
    AA M 2 days ago

    Kidnapper looks like Gloria 🤔

  • Stan Fletcher
    Stan Fletcher 3 days ago

    I wonder what happened to Madeline McCann ? Can anyone solve that mistery

  • tgbennett30
    tgbennett30 3 days ago

    Pause at 6:40. Am I the only one who thinks that picture looks


  • Meaghan Armstrong
    Meaghan Armstrong 4 days ago

    The two bodies found were actually Alexei and one of his sisters. Could have been Anastasia, but it also could have been Maria. It’s impossible to tell which sister it was

  • Beneath The Surface
    Beneath The Surface 4 days ago

    That thumbnail - well, duh. That's usually what a hundred years does to you.

  • Blue Rose
    Blue Rose 4 days ago

    'these videos arent cheap to make'
    do what we all did and crack svp, like sony even cares anymore

  • sean riopel
    sean riopel 5 days ago

    Half of the images in this video have nothing to do with the actual stories.

  • Shannon King
    Shannon King 5 days ago

    Anyone else here think that it would be nearly impossible to recognise yourself as a nineteen day old infant.
    I barely recognise myself in first grade pictures and that's after five years of life.

  • Anamika Tiwari
    Anamika Tiwari 6 days ago


  • Ella M
    Ella M 6 days ago +1

    idk if it’s bc I’m not a native speaking person but, man you need to slow down when you speak why u such in a hurry

  • Jackson Abison
    Jackson Abison 7 days ago

    Any malayalees here 😁😁

  • Kaosick812
    Kaosick812 7 days ago +1

    The bloop was that God damn locknes monster and it wants it's tree fiddy

  • Jayne Noche
    Jayne Noche 8 days ago

    *cough* DearEvanHansen *cough*

  • Peachz &Cream
    Peachz &Cream 8 days ago

    its the sky having its period

  • TPA prince
    TPA prince 8 days ago

    Star in his hand hmm sounds similar to me

  • damaris glenn
    damaris glenn 8 days ago

    It is my solid understanding that if one is Naked, it means you are wearing No clothes/zilch /nada/desnudo. Also, please slow down. Some information was off too.

  • Wilmer Santana
    Wilmer Santana 9 days ago

    Can you help my sister's channel

    Search "downtown adventures" and click on the first video.plzz.
    You are amazing 😘

  • Lola
    Lola 9 days ago +2

    Take a shot everytime this man says *WHOLE*

  • Sari Puspita
    Sari Puspita 9 days ago

    Kakean cangkem isine zonk

  • Yasmine Dey
    Yasmine Dey 11 days ago

    I take my hat off to the man who deligated 3 centuries finding out that Linda Comings had been murdered.

  • Leslie Wyatt
    Leslie Wyatt 11 days ago

    I like yr vids. I'm just adding to yr info.. The blood rain , they are still not being honest abt it. There was DNA in it. Crazy, right? Yet, interesting. If you investigate this you will find the truth. Truly, it's not resolved yet though..or if it is, we the people are too frail to handle the truth. I find it intriquing & wld love to know what caused blood rain containing DNA.

  • Leslie Wyatt
    Leslie Wyatt 11 days ago +2

    Anastasia did survive. The controlled media & those who wanted to keep what happened coveted created a story that the masses wld believe..hook, line & sinker. . like many other events

  • Grimes
    Grimes 13 days ago

    0:38 lmao i only know about this story because of assassin's creed

  • Muhammed Bilal Muhammad bilal

    Please can u speak slowly

  • Muhammed Bilal Muhammad bilal

    Please can u speak slowly

  • Crystal Lopez
    Crystal Lopez 13 days ago +1

    The bloop sounded like if the jelly fish were following Gary and spongebob back to the jelly fish fields

  • chris weird
    chris weird 13 days ago

    The mystery of my missing sock will only be solved in 100 years when we discover micro wormholes used to steal socks from the past.

  • rodney ritter
    rodney ritter 14 days ago

    Umm to the narrator... SSSLLLLLOOOOWWWWWW DDDDOOOOOWWWWNNNN. Maybe you wouldn't butcher the dialog as bad if you spoke at a normal human speed. It Sounds like the legal garb you hear at the end of a commercial.

  • Alyssa Valdes
    Alyssa Valdes 16 days ago

    Ha, disappear. That slide. Was from a dear evan hansen song. Hahahahaha-

  • Shrek is love Shrek is life

    One day..This comment will still have no likes.

  • TSO Liot
    TSO Liot 22 days ago

    The grammar in this video is horrible.

  • Tayie Ankus
    Tayie Ankus 23 days ago

    Me: what’s wrong with our brain...?
    Mom: nothing hun,nothing

  • Sani Sushi
    Sani Sushi 24 days ago +2

    “Naked, wearing absolutely nothing” doesn’t that sound redundant 😭.

  • Randhir Verma
    Randhir Verma 25 days ago

    Bloop sound was scary

  • Vimal Vijayan
    Vimal Vijayan 26 days ago

    I am from Kerala...blood rain

  • Bretman Rock science
    Bretman Rock science 28 days ago +1

    All I got to say is = AND I -OOP

  • Manda&Daus69
    Manda&Daus69 Month ago

    I thought it was Anastasia and Alexei they didnt find til later?

  • Morgan Scott
    Morgan Scott Month ago

    Couldn't even last two minutes. Slow down when speaking.

  • Deania Wise
    Deania Wise Month ago

    They made a kids cartoon about Anastasia

  • Willy Is cool
    Willy Is cool Month ago +1

    5:00 a ghost

    • —·JIYONG· -VIP
      —·JIYONG· -VIP 18 days ago

      Lmao it's the reflection of the man present in the photo smh

  • Paige Scanlon
    Paige Scanlon Month ago

    I hate click bait.

  • Ash Maffia
    Ash Maffia Month ago +1

    And I bloop....

  • PS gamer beyblade
    PS gamer beyblade Month ago

    Number 6 is fake look at bills channel

  • Aidan Mozden
    Aidan Mozden Month ago

    The red rain is a government so it would be easier for them to attack and win the fightt

  • MrTurtle 223
    MrTurtle 223 Month ago +1


  • Miriam Claire
    Miriam Claire Month ago

    Incorrect, it was Anastasia's and her brother, Alexei's bodies who went missing her sisters' bodies were all found with their parents. People assumed that the guards had let the two youngest of the Romanov family go. After the end of the Soviet Union, the Romanov family's bodies were found and Anastasia and Alex's bodies were found in the woods, disproving the truth that Anastasia survived.

  • Audrey Laurel
    Audrey Laurel Month ago

    2:04 "it was a blooping sound." idk why im finding this so funny

  • Zenya yalena Korver


  • King Donkey
    King Donkey Month ago

    the fbi should be hiring reddit users to solve mysteries

  • Moninay Tejero
    Moninay Tejero Month ago

    I have a mystrey to solve, who stole my cookie.

  • kam ahmed
    kam ahmed Month ago +2

    Use the Pakistan secret service
    They solve things quickly

  • NPCs U Can’t Laugh _____ Bahahaha

    Ughhh.... gotta go. This guys delivery is annoying

  • Phankitty
    Phankitty Month ago

    1:22 what that mouth do

  • Phankitty
    Phankitty Month ago +1

    It's scary to think that one day, all of us will either be bones or ash.

  • Victory Playz
    Victory Playz Month ago

    YA talk too fast lol

  • Patricia Fitzgerald

    You talk too fast

  • ciji jomy
    ciji jomy Month ago +1

    The blood rainfall is true

  • Slushy Bird
    Slushy Bird Month ago +1

    5:10-Is that a Dear Evan Hansen animatic????????

  • CorkyPlayz *
    CorkyPlayz * Month ago


  • vinod mascot
    vinod mascot Month ago

    I. Am. From.kerala.

  • Manu Vincent
    Manu Vincent Month ago +6

    I m from kerala...Never heard of blood rain until now

  • Vagia Siju
    Vagia Siju Month ago +2

    I am from kerala and it really happened 😰

  • Hussain Virk
    Hussain Virk Month ago

    Talk a little slowly

  • Sanso Kun
    Sanso Kun Month ago +2

    Me, recognizing the first case as part of the *childrens* movie Anastasia: *spits out soda*

  • rainbow unicorns
    rainbow unicorns Month ago

    The bloop was whale farts😂😂

  • OkayKaty
    OkayKaty Month ago +1

    She was found naked.. (well that means she’s not wearing anything we all know that)
    Not wearing anything...

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson Month ago

    The bloop is ice breaking

  • Theodora Raducanu
    Theodora Raducanu Month ago +1

    Blood is wonderful😁🖤

  • Summer Nulty
    Summer Nulty Month ago +2

    i love Anastasia the film

  • Maliya Franklin
    Maliya Franklin 2 months ago

    The guy in the third story looks like johnny Orlando

  • Mira El
    Mira El 2 months ago

    Anastasia's burned body was found in the 90's I guess, side by side with her little brother Alexej

  • Maddison Blue
    Maddison Blue 2 months ago

    Listen that grey photo there is standing a invisible Man by the baby bed🙁if you notice