The Most Ridiculous Moments On Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • From Amy's Baking Company to a pigeon in a kitchen.
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  • kbforme
    kbforme 4 minutes ago

    haha, "it can fuck off back to Australia".

  • snaggle paggle
    snaggle paggle 5 minutes ago

    The “Australian” meat pie still had chips

  • Devoid Mammal
    Devoid Mammal 57 minutes ago

    "omg Sammys going to hurt him" Boi, Gordon Ramsay could break that little old dude with no effort whatsoever.

  • danni snaps
    danni snaps Hour ago

    *fucking pigeon*
    He looked genuinely hurt xD

  • Irken Pony
    Irken Pony Hour ago

    The dude who wouldn’t accept that there was a mouse at the front door and told everyone to not believe in that should... like just not be there at all.

    Also I found it cute when he just stood up the pork chop and boom America... like that’s gross but he was kinda chill about it so it was funny.

    1B views 2 hours ago +1

    Me: Oh the food is super good!
    Gordon: *DISGUSTING*
    Me: *DIS COS TAN*

  • Gabe Plays
    Gabe Plays 2 hours ago

    “Shit that didn’t get put away”

  • aaron orchard
    aaron orchard 2 hours ago

    It’s always nice to see laughably stupid people make complete asses of themselves

  • Regina Phalange
    Regina Phalange 3 hours ago

    13:03 “I need a shot” “I need a shot of something” WHAT A MOOD😂😂😂

  • MommyAngel1
    MommyAngel1 3 hours ago

    I don’t know how Gordon Ramsey does this. I’d be puking my guts...That first one...Hideous. How can they possibly store meat that way!??? Horrid!

  • Steven allan Zavaleta martell

    Dude on 10:57 looks like he’s beating his meat 😂

  • MotoCzar
    MotoCzar 4 hours ago +1

    *"Fuckaa mee?? No fuckkaa yoouuuu!!"*

  • Alex Buestan TM
    Alex Buestan TM 4 hours ago +1

    **Hands Gordan Ramsey an Apple**
    Gordan Ramsey:Bloody Hell!

  • N J
    N J 5 hours ago +1

    “tell me where you found that mouse?”
    “at the front door”
    “like where”
    “where’s the front door in your mind?” LMAO

  • Mikes Karaoke
    Mikes Karaoke 5 hours ago

    Theresa may has lots of crab sticks there.

  • Madison Claire Paje
    Madison Claire Paje 5 hours ago

    Gordon: Do you make good tips? Waitress: No, I make out really. Lolololollolol

  • William
    William 5 hours ago +1

    Gordon: F**king Pigeon
    *3 Different angles of the Pigeon*

  • Chris Osborne
    Chris Osborne 5 hours ago

    That so called meat pie is an insult to Australia

  • Grace Marie
    Grace Marie 5 hours ago

    2:28 OHHH SH*T! A RAT

  • IceWallowCome
    IceWallowCome 5 hours ago

    Convicts can cook better than these owners, probably not the chefs, because they have practiced cooking for maybe years. But the owners ruins their talents by giving them terrible recipes or ingredients

  • HLG Forever 87
    HLG Forever 87 5 hours ago

    5:22 wow one of them in that place has a brain, he should be the manager

  • Jason Kun
    Jason Kun 6 hours ago

    Okay the last two was pretty bad... like the others was okay but especially the last one i would’ve fought the owner like seriously those are fighting words.

  • Vlone Sue
    Vlone Sue 6 hours ago

    Everyone is worried about the pigeon, but no one is talking about that $39 burger

  • Carla Bernal
    Carla Bernal 7 hours ago

    why does he feel the need to stick his hands in everything gross lmao cant he just look at it and be done??
    "look at this dead lobster" *sticks arms in sauce*

  • Delusional Reaper
    Delusional Reaper 7 hours ago

    9:02 had me rollin lmfaoo

  • Benny0033
    Benny0033 7 hours ago

    Gordon: God bless America.
    *Fly goes towards Ramsay and his pork chop*
    Gordon: Fuck off, fly.

  • Rachael Creed
    Rachael Creed 7 hours ago

    Ramsey getting mad about the girls tips being stolen from them made me so happy!

  • angie durso
    angie durso 7 hours ago

    “a fucking pigeon..” I LOST IT HAHAHSHSHAHAH

  • DubblTrubbl22
    DubblTrubbl22 7 hours ago

    Pigeon: I just came here to have a nice time and have some crumbs man why are you coming at me like this

  • TheBusDriver98
    TheBusDriver98 8 hours ago

    “God bless America, f*ck off fly”

  • Pixie Dust
    Pixie Dust 9 hours ago

    I feel bad for the people who eat in these restaurants. So unsanitary.
    Can’t believe some keep eating after they see Gordon loosing his shit with the chefs
    I’d probably just stop eating, leave and never come back lmao

  • Edwin Robert
    Edwin Robert 9 hours ago

    *F U C K I N G P I G E O N*

  • NickosNachos
    NickosNachos 9 hours ago

    did he ever tell the vegeterian to stoo eating?

  • Alexander Jones
    Alexander Jones 9 hours ago

    "sammy" that marrocan scum got deported

  • Alexander Jones
    Alexander Jones 9 hours ago

    9:20 fuck off fly

  • Emily O'brien
    Emily O'brien 9 hours ago

    Fucking gross . These restaurants are disgusting 🤢🤮

  • rinaigel Overman
    rinaigel Overman 9 hours ago

    The freshes thing in this kitchen... is this pigeon alive 😂😂😂😂

  • Hlomla Mabele
    Hlomla Mabele 9 hours ago

    I feel sorry for this guys hands

  • Sufian Abuahmad
    Sufian Abuahmad 10 hours ago

    90% of these people should be dropped in a well together forced to claw each other to death. Animals.

  • Jayde O
    Jayde O 10 hours ago

    Now I know why you keep the lobster alive.... i always thought it was mean to boil it alive but thats gross!

  • send help
    send help 11 hours ago

    when he did that to the pork chop i freaking died

  • Pulkit Jain
    Pulkit Jain 12 hours ago

    Does anyone know, what episode was the last part from?

  • Barbă Ecumenică
    Barbă Ecumenică 12 hours ago

    That burger cost 39$? wtf

  • Jade Steele aka TheDragonLord

    Ew I can't believe you touched it with your bare hands🤢

  • Help Me
    Help Me 13 hours ago

    Imagine that girl is watching this video and she is like “welp I guess I’m not vegetarian anymore”

  • Luna
    Luna 13 hours ago

    am I the only one who got sick when the lobster vomiting incident played?

  • Mihnea DM
    Mihnea DM 13 hours ago

    I like how they all think they are better than Ramsay,everyone is like,,Who is he to tell me that?”,but they always end up crying afterwards.

  • The Casual Artist
    The Casual Artist 14 hours ago +1

    “You are serving pork sauce to a vegetarian”

  • paul harris
    paul harris 14 hours ago

    They don't deserve to have a restaurant.

  • Memes areforkids
    Memes areforkids 14 hours ago

    7:03 hilarious

  • JimselDiesel
    JimselDiesel 14 hours ago

    God bless america... fuck off fly.

  • Desean Barksdale
    Desean Barksdale 15 hours ago

    Black people man. I love you but damn the ignorance is ridiculous. Why the f*ck would Gordon Ramsay plant a dead mouse in your piece of sh*t establishment. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Lord Farquad
    Lord Farquad 15 hours ago

    6:40 I love how they always add that nasty soggy pasta noise to every dish he doesn’t like to make it seem even more disgusting.. lol they add that noise in every video

  • Quang Anh Nguyen
    Quang Anh Nguyen 15 hours ago

    5:25 freshest cut iv seen so far

  • DeadLight_Playz
    DeadLight_Playz 15 hours ago

    The last one I just felt like grabbing there necks and lifting them up and telling the you still want to fucken say shit

  • Harry The Sailor
    Harry The Sailor 16 hours ago +1

    Customer: *slowly dies in chair*

    Manager: i NeEd a ShOt

  • Willow Sparks
    Willow Sparks 16 hours ago +1

    Why tf would gordon bring a mouse in ur restaurant,, how tf do you become that dumb

  • Ryan Fraser
    Ryan Fraser 16 hours ago +1

    As an Australian, that is definitely not a meat pie and that looks like proper crap

  • EffortlessAttempt
    EffortlessAttempt 17 hours ago

    "Owner: You will fuck with me? I will fuck with you! Gordon: I will fuck with you.."

  • Hlraeth
    Hlraeth 18 hours ago

    "Is there anything you want me to get for you?"
    Ramsay: A wheel for that bike. That way, I can get the fuck out of here

  • David Swift
    David Swift 19 hours ago

    Americans really like to big up their culinary prowess; but holy shit...they could burn water.

  • Tiffany Wang
    Tiffany Wang 19 hours ago

    “Fuck of fly.”
    I can’t even- 😂

  • AlienFirefox
    AlienFirefox 20 hours ago

    an australian meat pie is mince and gravy but wtf is this thing his trying to sell. what a disgrace too australia

  • HeroPlayz 24
    HeroPlayz 24 20 hours ago +1

    This is why i only eat burger at Burger King 😶🤣

  • MemeLord
    MemeLord 20 hours ago

    I thought she was going to get a knife

  • Alice Darhk
    Alice Darhk 20 hours ago

    13:15 someone is horrifyingly sick
    *Asshole* Give me a shot. Vodka.
    Lies to EMT

  • Ricardo Buenrostro
    Ricardo Buenrostro 21 hour ago

    6:59 Gordon stop playing with your food

  • The Mad Mama Show
    The Mad Mama Show 21 hour ago

    If i start getting called a "MF" I'd walk out without paying or anything. Ive never done that, but I wouldn't hesitate with that

  • Pinky Ponk
    Pinky Ponk 21 hour ago

    I literally Just realized that he’s about to hit 10 mil

  • blooper bloopertson
    blooper bloopertson 22 hours ago

    That australian meet pie is an insult

  • TheAmericanRedhead
    TheAmericanRedhead 22 hours ago

    If you can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen

  • TheBeetress
    TheBeetress 22 hours ago

    Ugh. Literally the first thing i have ever had to turn off while eating

  • Evan Daugherty
    Evan Daugherty 22 hours ago

    This mofo said fuck off from here to a customer dumbass

  • Abran Vieyra
    Abran Vieyra 22 hours ago

    The Mouse was a paying customer. Never made it out the door. LOL

  • Luis _
    Luis _ 22 hours ago

    Dang that soul food joint straight trash

  • Abran Vieyra
    Abran Vieyra 22 hours ago

    Cockroach Heaven! 😂
    Fly Pigeon !! Fly away free!!!

    FELIX BABAYAGA 22 hours ago

    *And the freshest thing in the kitchen is that pigeon*

    Thats a Big oofed

  • maggie skull
    maggie skull 22 hours ago

    " *fuck* *off* *fly* "

  • TrixxI ArMan
    TrixxI ArMan 22 hours ago

    yeah yeah, for the TV sake, yeah yeah.

  • Jo M
    Jo M 23 hours ago +3

    “Even the fly is no longer interested”

  • Bloons Bullies
    Bloons Bullies 23 hours ago +1

    8:31 i’m an australian and that is NOT a meat pie... lmao, it’s kinda funny actually

  • fire doughnut
    fire doughnut 23 hours ago

    F***in pigeon

  • D&M’s Doj0 !
    D&M’s Doj0 ! 23 hours ago


    Damn my nigga a real pimp in this bih

  • Harold Mcliggans
    Harold Mcliggans 23 hours ago

    At like 13:42 this ducking old dude is a fucking idiot dude he fucking shoves a customer🤣

  • Harold Mcliggans
    Harold Mcliggans 23 hours ago

    What the fuck? How is that shit burger 39 fucking dollars?

  • Thesilent One
    Thesilent One 23 hours ago

    I'm sorry but the last one bolth the man and the woman I would say need to be kicked in the ass but I think someone already broke there foot off in there ass just saying

  • Evelyn Wramba
    Evelyn Wramba Day ago

    Owner: Chef Ramsey will absolutely love my australien meet pie
    Gorson: f*cking disgusting
    Owner: ‘hopes and dreams crashed’

  • Mr. Editor
    Mr. Editor Day ago

    “God bless America. Fuck off fly.”

  • luis hernandez
    luis hernandez Day ago

    8:45 though out when porkshop, was the most funniset Fu** off fly then the pork chop is America calfornia the dark part here and the light Pittsburgh were we are I was dying😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mantis Life
    Mantis Life Day ago

    If a guy is screaming, "fuck you" in your face and shoves you, you make him go night night

  • Mantis Life
    Mantis Life Day ago

    Most food poisoning takes 1-3 days to effect you so i have a feeling the lobster was staged or maybe he's just allergic to shellfish.

  • Mojo Jacobs-Garza

    1:15 they look dead! Real quick question, do people usually kill the lobsters in house?

  • Foreman Alexis
    Foreman Alexis Day ago

    A wheel for that bike , So I can get the f::k I of here.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤗

  • lucifer morningstar

    You know what would be a great show? John taffard from bar rescue teaming up with Gordon Ramsay

  • TheKhaos85
    TheKhaos85 Day ago

    Server: Is there anything else i can get for you?
    Gordon: yeah, a wheel for that bike so i can get the fuck outta here.

  • Laurel Lees
    Laurel Lees Day ago

    "Fuck off fly" xD 9:17

  • x4 Micahlavamaster

    9:07 can't stop laughing

  • KK Vlogs
    KK Vlogs Day ago

    5:20 the one that looks the most drunk is the most sober :D

  • jack hamilton
    jack hamilton Day ago

    I have never seen this show,but I like it... haha

  • Leonard Wood
    Leonard Wood Day ago

    " You little weenie " Best Insult I have heard.