The last update on all of my aquariums and fish. ALL AT ONCE! This will be the last time i can do this before a HUGE change is coming.

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Автор Micayla Mount ( назад)
Name him Boodles!

Автор Flame Shot Gaming ( назад)
is it a koi fish

Автор Taylor ._.Brooke ( назад)
Corly or Curly

Автор tentaculum gaming ( назад)
whare do you put away the goldfish

Автор Midori Eastham ( назад)
Please name him Boaty McBoatface (Boaty for short)

Автор kaelyn m ( назад)
Name him Kimperboog. Or Phil. Phil is good

Автор Asia Wypych ( назад)
What king of lamp you have in your plant tank?

Автор Bethany Lovelock ( назад)
name of fish


Автор MissHarleyQuinn ( назад)
I suggest Mojo-Jojo

Автор Nassim's Bettas 101 ( назад)
what happened to the goldfish?

Автор Aidan Deentremont ( назад)
I think he's building a structure to hold all his tanks and fish

Автор J. Blom ( назад)
for your fishroom you building outside😜
will you be building an aquarium for the silver dollars you had aswell or are they gone for good.

Автор Sean Nathan Yu ( назад)

Автор Rummie ( назад)
Awww that little doggie, I mean flowerhorn, is so cute.

Автор YourDoggyGT ( назад)
0:09 Secounds in I already subbed

Автор ARebelsRomance ( назад)
I had no idea those shell dwelling fish were a thing. Now I feel like my life is at a stand still til I own my own little colony like that.

Автор Stefan Spanjersberg ( назад)
He's going to keep koi!

Автор Eliot Graeme ( назад)
its going to be a HUGE filter the size of a house

Автор Adam Toye ( назад)
Huge pond with all his fish in it maybe an arapaima

Автор GoshRae ( назад)
name him peter nincompoop

Автор alexander hogi ( назад)
Joey, where is the huge aquarium you build earlier in the middle of the room with plywood bottom and glass side?

Автор CRE8LSM ( назад)
where can i buy the similis? please reply

Автор Cruz Norte ( назад)

Автор Isaiah Wince ( назад)
Who was enough money for this

Автор Neongruenesgummibaerchen _ ( назад)
What's the name of the fish living in the shell?

Автор Matty 303 ( назад)
Pleas Czech Republic language

Автор farren nerdy ( назад)
name it george

Автор Hannah Jenkins ( назад)
2:29 piggyback ride!! 😄

Автор Arwen Reign ( назад)
Name him nuggettt

Автор Arwen Reign ( назад)
Why do u keep the smaller Asian fish thing in the bigger tank and the bigger one in the smaller tank?¿

Автор disco land ( назад)
I still don't get it why those huge glass full of water with one or a few fish and bow all of them so ugly. Try a betta, just 5 gallon and start your first aquarium. Borderline. definitely

Автор Chris Brown ( назад)
So just wondering why you can't put the two Arowana's together plz respond;)

Автор NAAA LAFF ( назад)

Автор JoeyGroux ( назад)
Name the male lamprolongus similis with four wives big daddy

Автор JoeyGroux ( назад)
Name the fish boner head

Автор SoUmYea ( назад)
I like this dude he knows what he's doing and he has good intentions with his fish! New sub😏

Автор Viktoria Petersons ( назад)
I honestly thought you had way more tanks! I have 4 tanks and each tank has a touch of your advice in it. Thanks for the awesome videos!

Автор Duty James ( назад)
asian mara (weed)

Автор Yandere Chan ( назад)
23:25 I have a headache MABEY ITS A TUMO

Автор Yandere Chan ( назад)

Автор Derpy Birdy ( назад)

Автор Trenton Garcia ( назад)
How about Bowser as a name?

Автор khadar abdi ( назад)
Name him mega mind

Автор NonExistant 95 ( назад)
23:25 name the fish : Brainiac ! The fish looks villainous.

Автор McCoy87 ( назад)
You're getting a blacktip!! Also what happen to your 540 gallon wood bottom aquarium?

Автор Reinaldo R Garcia ( назад)
this much rubing all over the tank meen is they ready to for eggs

Автор MrSnowmonkey32 ( назад)
The brain

Автор Kaylee Mcleod ( назад)
I think u should name him rhino

Автор Blake Weese ( назад)
I know you don't really never talk talk about them but do you know much about oscars ?

Автор sunlitdragoon51 ( назад)
Name the fish flarpy

Автор jtigga15 ( назад)
Call the fish Al Fishcino lol

Автор Funny Fights ( назад)
Call him megatron

Автор Megalodon/Sharks ( назад)
Hey, If you have a bigger Tank ,I want you to get a ( Reef Shark ) and how big the tank well be?

Автор bill bob ( назад)
i dont like that back ground he looked so much better in his old tank sorry for being a dick but i loved the way he look in that dark tank

Автор Golden State Warriors Fan ( назад)
I have 1 female and 2 male Bolivian Rams plus 1 male a German Blue Ram in the same tank but the male German Blue Ram is being Aggressive towards the 3 Bolivian Rams what should i do

Автор BigBadAzza230 ( назад)

Автор Juju Goobees ( назад)
Name him Boaty McBoatface!

Автор Sharpsnyperz721 ( назад)
he's building an aquarium room so he can have all his aquariums in one location.

Автор Alex Edwards ( назад)
i can't be the only one who realized this. All his monster fish, (the rays and two arowana) are going in one tank. this is gonna be good.

Автор Curt Ballou ( назад)
It should be named huge head hons

Автор Maimai Meier ( назад)
They must have an awesome life, i mean... i clear tank... with no place to hide... sooo awesome

Автор Pointer pro ( назад)

Автор Silver Aquatics ( назад)

Автор Mikes wet pets ( назад)
fish room/building

Автор Paws N Claws ( назад)
name that fish with no name Billy Bob Pickle fish !!!!

Автор lanzann ( назад)
The name Bartholomew was the first name that popped in my head.

Автор holly gangle ( назад)
Ray tank dimensions 120 x 48 x 72??

Автор Lewis Tipper-weston ( назад)

Автор Stylebreed ( назад)
Rudolph the red horned fishy :D :D

Автор Michael - Shelley Hawken ( назад)
he's building a fish house, building bigger tanks and moving his fish into the bigger tanks, witch are in the fish house, that he's building.

Автор flyingrabbit ( назад)
LMAO, that fish is like a dog! So funny. He seems like he would fetch if you threw him a ball.

Автор Emily Mitchell ( назад)
you should call the flowerhorn Spud I had a hilarious little dwarf puffer called Spud and he always made me laugh as well

Автор didi zocker ( назад)
you once visited your reptile friend and went to a public aquarium (dont know the term for that since english isnt my main language) and said, that you want this huge aquarium for your rays. So my prediction is exactly that :D

Автор Marcel Tambago ( назад)
I Am So Glad I Found This Channel!
My Mom And Uncle Used To Own A Huge Tank With All Kinds Of Fish Like Cichlids And All Of That. That Was Years Ago.
But Now I Have My Own Tank But Its Only 2 Gallons And I Have 3 Goldfish. I Hope I Can Get A 5 Gallon For A Starter. Anyways You Earned A New Subscriber king of DIY!

Автор ihunt113 ( назад)
what if it was a turtle

Автор African cichlids ( назад)
You got some Nice Fish . I subscribed

Автор Nicolas Angel ( назад)
Mojo-Jojo! the brain looking thing reminded me of him

Автор MiguelKillerPT ( назад)
Hey how about puting together the arowana with a Oscar i thing they can BE together? ... What do you thing... I feel that arowana is alone and in my opinion the Oscar is a good fish to be friend of arowana =) good vídeo mate i love your vídeos.

Автор BossLess Gamers ( назад)
I think you are making a new building to house your tanks.

Автор dogzvids 1 ( назад)
what about your daughter fish tank

Автор Aquarimax ( назад)
I'm guessing that the shed is going to become a fantastic fishroom with central filtration and automated water replacement....with some consolidation of a few of the larger fish into a huge tank.

Автор Mark Patrick ( назад)
new baby

Автор loomys100 ( назад)
You're starting a fish store

Автор Satria Wibawa ( назад)
can't wait for your big project... good luck bro...

Автор fred schulp ( назад)
does anyone have an idea of what clean up crew would go well with clown loaches in a planted tank with gravel

Автор Robert Duffley ( назад)
i beleive you are making my ultimate dream tank 500- 1000 Gallon "L shaped & or rectangular & or in-wall" shaped tank with stingrays & arrowana's in tank maybe other similar water quality fish with no substrate LmFAo! I saw a video of a silimar tank. It was so amazing but it was a square shaped.? please tell me yes

Автор Poriya Koolife ( назад)
At 22 minutes is he or she a salt water fish or a fresh water?

Автор Ahmed Brifcani ( назад)
my thoughts are :
can you send me your office ? haha
and the second thing is you are building a fishroom outside :D and i think that's why you still have your Rays in that tank.
good luck though hope it turns out great

Автор Poriya Koolife ( назад)
Wooww great video definitely enjoyed thank you

Автор Woozzy NeedsALastName ( назад)
Damn man, one day I hope to have the tanks you have 👍👍

Автор prithvi shrestha ( назад)
huge fan of yours

Автор Luca Micaless ( назад)
A giant aquarium

Автор virendra meena ( назад)
how can make sand waterfall in aquarium

Автор Ashlee Zebrah ( назад)
i love this guy. game of checkers hahahaha

Автор Lucas Armstrong ( назад)

Автор Lowkey Chris ( назад)

Автор Lucas TV ( назад)

Автор nesekaba ( назад)
ARE YOU PUTTING A MONSTER TANK IN YOUR BACKYARD????? Because that's what I want to see hahaha. Also, you should name the flowerhorn Piggy or Puppy. I just love naming animals the names of other animals. I find it hilarious.

Автор Ryan Seay ( назад)
Name the Flowerhorn Barnabas!

Автор Neluxy-CSGO ( назад)
i thougth u had way more aquariams

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