Kid Cries After Refs Screw Northwestern With Terrible Call and Technical

Northwestern-Gonzaga game, refs made a terrible call that may have helped Gonzaga eek out a win today.

With about 4 minutes left , referees missed an obvious goal tending call on Gonzaga and then went on to call a technical on Northwesten coach Chris Collins for complaining about the call.

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Автор Claire Lawrence ( назад)
I feel really really bad 😣

Автор Joe D'sidocky ( назад)

Автор Ferj ( назад)
Sports fans in a nutshell

Автор Seaney Graphs ( назад)
This reminds me of trump winning the election

Автор Hank Abney ( назад)
ref must have gotten paid well to screw this game but big money rules

Автор Alyssa Ashmore ( назад)
Honestly that kid was me.

Автор FreeAgent ( назад)
I got tired of politics and turned on some sports where I am reminded of all the clinton supporters.

Автор Patrick Rothlisberger ( назад)
They got robbed nw there. He is right, but nobody cares, the TV machine must go on with top rated teams moving on.

Автор YnnyY&nne OilRyser ( назад)
Ahhh to be young and innocent...not knowing the inner workings and politics of organized sports lol...somebody should explain to the kid that its all about TV network views, NBA draft picks and arena ticket sales...smh poor kid thinks its about fair, honest competition. Poor Kid smh

Автор Deontay Jenkins ( назад)
and the biggest pussy of the year award goes to this northwestern little bitch kid

Автор Ryan1EZ ( назад)
me when my philedelphia eagles loose

Автор EdgyHysterics ( назад)
when you get 4 hit markers but the enemy has a shotgun

Автор Ernesto Tinajero ( назад)
Ah , I know in the era of Trump that truth is what you want it to be...alternative facts and such, but the kid was actually crying about the clear Flagrant Foul on Benson. I guess the kid thinks its okay to elbow an opponent in the face and that is not a foul as the post here thinks its okay to lie.

Автор tyrone tuitele ( назад)
The same reaction, every time my Mom would leave me at the store, then I had to walk home

Автор Sai ( назад)
ew, sports

Автор Beezer Ring ( назад)
His Dad was probably so embarrassed thinking, "Your brother's fighting in Syria, and here you are crying like a little bitch."

Автор By Any Means ( назад)
Any of you grown ass adults talking shit about the kid are asshats. Maybe he is very passionate about Northwestern and was upset to see his team lose? You all swear like you were perfect when you were snot nosed children.

Автор feeshschticks ( назад)
Now that kid is gonna grow up hating black folks because of that ref and go shoot up his school.
He seems mental enough.

Автор Muja Kina ( назад)
aw! poor little kid :0

Автор KVB ( назад)
Very passionate about this team he is

Автор Liberal Scum ( назад)
When you don't get the ace in seige

Автор Its Nick ( назад)
what a spoiled brat

Автор Matthew 1112 ( назад)
Fuck that kid

Автор baby panda ( назад)
Poor kid

Автор Chase S ( назад)
He doesn't even know what just happened

Автор 2k Max and duke ( назад)
Grow up

Автор aaronam0115 ( назад)
When your mom says you have to go to bed at 9:00.

Автор briandcare1 ( назад)
Spoiled brat.

Автор Sanjay Jaikaran ( назад)
Poor baby jk jk jk

Автор Strkyer007 ( назад)
win some lose some it's tough to lose a game then to win a game.

Автор southsidesman ( назад)
The kid did cry: and his stupid technical cost them the game !

Автор realmrose do ( назад)
Lil bitch haha

Автор 1,000 SUBS WITH 1 VIDEO ( назад)
lmaooo why is he crying

Автор JTSK CR ( назад)
Poor guy

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