Brooke Baldwin tears up reading Parkland mom's note to daughter

  • Published on Feb 12, 2019
  • CNN's Brooke Baldwin was visibly emotional while reading a letter written by Lori Aldaheff to her daughter Alyssa, a year after Alyssa was killed in the Parkland school shooting. #CNN #News

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  • Roma Hobo
    Roma Hobo 27 minutes ago

    Wait a minute! You tell the Government didn't do everything for school safety. Shame on you!
    Authorities said "God bless America!" first. Secondly, they have lowered flags all around the country. Is it not enough for you ungrateful bastards?

  • Jason Alfaro
    Jason Alfaro Day ago

    Just abother fucken ploy for ultra liberals and radical leftists could pass leslogation. That's it.

    • Colby Todd
      Colby Todd 18 hours ago

      You can't even spell shit correctly bro. Educate yourself before you spout dumb shit.

  • Autumn Lynch
    Autumn Lynch Day ago

    I'm crying

  • Anton Ujkic
    Anton Ujkic Day ago

    Brooke is a bad actress

  • Clover
    Clover 2 days ago

    You are more likely to develop a very rare brain cancer, when compared to getting shot. Guns are not the problem, mental health is the problem. The 2nd amendment isn't mainly for personal safety, it's to protect against government tyranny. Stop saying guns are the problem. You are also more likely to die by a car crash. Should we ban cars also? Democratic logic is full of ignorance. Gun laws are already very strict, and banning assault rifles is also dumb, because you're more likely to be killed with a handgun. EDIT: Also cigarettes cause far more deaths among teens when compared to mass shootings depending how you look at it, and cause millions of deaths per year. Should we ban tobacco products also? Your logic is very flawed if you believe in gun ban.

  • sarah
    sarah 2 days ago

    "i just want you back" broke me. tomorrow isnt guaranteed, a simple "i love you" a day to everyone you love dearly, because those could be ur last words to them or the last words they will hear u say

  • B
    B 3 days ago

    So sad what heartbreak

  • Gustavo Garcia
    Gustavo Garcia 3 days ago

    FUCK y'all who put 👎😠😡😤

  • Nicole Rivers
    Nicole Rivers 3 days ago +2

    This letter is gut parent should ever have to go through this.

  • PumpShotPlayz
    PumpShotPlayz 4 days ago +1

    I’m about to move into Canada

  • Cartoon
    Cartoon 4 days ago

    Did you get all that, NRA?

  • NoahSunkTheArk Animations


  • TheFailLord72
    TheFailLord72 4 days ago

    Fake news.

  • Adam Diaz
    Adam Diaz 5 days ago

    I bet brooke baldwin doesnt cry for all the people killed by guns in Chicago

  • Bryant Melgar
    Bryant Melgar 5 days ago

    wow that really got to me i couldn't stop crying. What in the name of god is happening in this country? I think about my little sister's safety when she does to school because of what happened and to be honest i'm thinking of taking her out and making her to do homeschool. i'm horrified to think i could lose her.

  • Farhad Sani
    Farhad Sani 5 days ago

    To those feeling helpless about this issue...politics in America is all about MONEY/Power. The NRA is strong because they are organized and have money. If you care about this, get involved *and* donate. Everytown for gun safety. Sandy Hook Promise. Don't stay on the sidelines, go out and make a difference.

  • Hind Alshehhi
    Hind Alshehhi 5 days ago

    My throat hurts and I trying not to cry

  • Edwin Martinez
    Edwin Martinez 6 days ago

    If nothing happened with sandy hook nothing going to happen with the high schools or any schools.

  • blaziinbarbiie
    blaziinbarbiie 6 days ago +1

    wow, from NJ, so touching to see her Mom making so many positives out of her worst negative

  • pete zahut
    pete zahut 6 days ago

    How can over 400 people dislike this???

  • MiketheYung God
    MiketheYung God 6 days ago

    Fake tears and fake news. Goodbye Felicia.

  • DraconiteRain
    DraconiteRain 6 days ago +11

    i broke down when she starting reading the part about her brothers 😔

  • Xavier Soto
    Xavier Soto 6 days ago +6

    why was this on my recommended while im watching this in school

    youtube recommendations ur scaring mee!!!

  • Maiku Z
    Maiku Z 6 days ago

    CNN is a bunch of communists who use other people’s sad stories to gain views and likes.
    Garbage ass news station.

  • One Eyed Billy
    One Eyed Billy 7 days ago

    I am the one planning this school shootings.

    • Rosa Gomez
      Rosa Gomez 6 days ago


  • One Eyed Billy
    One Eyed Billy 7 days ago

    Nobody cares btches!

  • Thomas Miranda
    Thomas Miranda 7 days ago

    Omg.... I couldn't

  • Donna Carey
    Donna Carey 7 days ago +2

    she was absolutely gorgeous and a beautiful soul rest easy alyssa.

  • CABdosdos
    CABdosdos 7 days ago

    Show some professionalism woman your on national TV.

  • O V
    O V 7 days ago

    Nice acting chief

    LILMINMEOW345 7 days ago +1


  • Ushsh SHhs
    Ushsh SHhs 7 days ago +2

    Propaganda anti gun propaganda

  • Drake9Draconiangar
    Drake9Draconiangar 8 days ago

    when the only suggestion ever taken seriously is to take things away from law abiding citizens, you will never accomplish anything.

  • Omar Sharifi
    Omar Sharifi 8 days ago +1

    The whole country wants a change but our gov won't do anything about it

  • isa helgenberger
    isa helgenberger 8 days ago +2

    I’m pregnant w/ a baby girl &&& I can’t imagine... oh my goodness I’m crying hard

  • Sir Uppercrust III
    Sir Uppercrust III 8 days ago

    Can we have someone alittle more level headed to read this? It’s hard to understand the context when this broad keeps crying

    GRACE 8 days ago

    Im African and i usually think that people walking around in USA do so hoping and praying that some stray bullet wont hit this true?do you people feel safe and free?

  • Ryan Brown
    Ryan Brown 8 days ago

    America is not great, its powerful not great thats it

    • Ryan Brown
      Ryan Brown 7 days ago

      @CABdosdos me and my whole family from Mexico live in america because all you fat lazy overeating self suicideing scrubs don't like work so we do special discount work for you? Then u cry I take your jobs but u not want work haha,

    • CABdosdos
      CABdosdos 7 days ago

      It's great to me and if you live here you need to get out already. Take them illegals with ya.

  • matt balliet
    matt balliet 8 days ago

    Who cares if shes sad, fuk that fake CNN bitch!

  • Bigly Muffdivr
    Bigly Muffdivr 8 days ago +1

    Brook Is really a skanky douchbag who can turn it on right on cue.

  • Amberly love
    Amberly love 8 days ago +1

    Am I the only one with tears falling down my face watching this?

  • abu aleem
    abu aleem 8 days ago


  • Anthony Hughes
    Anthony Hughes 8 days ago


  • Catherine Adler
    Catherine Adler 9 days ago

    I’m sure Alyssa is proud of her mom’s letter.....

  • Iron Fist
    Iron Fist 9 days ago

    Rest in peace Alyssa 🙏 Fly high!

  • Ragnar's Finest
    Ragnar's Finest 9 days ago

    Fuck you fake news.

  • Pink Lord
    Pink Lord 9 days ago +1

    How to cry in 4 minutes

  • - kool -
    - kool - 9 days ago +1

    And this fuck ass government still won’t do anything that doesn’t benefit them. America is one of the richest countries in the world and yet we can’t scrounge enough money to make our schools safer?? Looks like my future kids are gonna be home schooled I guess.

  • Jess Kinzel
    Jess Kinzel 10 days ago +2

    My heart goes out to that mother, to all the parents who have lost children, we lose too many people to the evil acts of others.
    Bless the souls of all involved 😔💕

  • Sheila Cassidy
    Sheila Cassidy 10 days ago

    Heartbroken 😢

  • Sharron Taylor
    Sharron Taylor 10 days ago +1

    Brooke, you did just fine. I cried along side you. My only daughter will be 45 this year 2020, has been in law enforcement since 1998 and I hope I live long enough to see her retire👮‍♀️😊💖!

  • Hippie Aries
    Hippie Aries 10 days ago

    Well shit now I’m crying

  • lemon boy
    lemon boy 10 days ago +8

    It’s not fair how someone can take another person’s life

  • Navin Davoodi
    Navin Davoodi 10 days ago +15

    In the words of Theoden, “no parent should have to bury their child”

  • Bob B
    Bob B 10 days ago


  • Thunderbolt0.0
    Thunderbolt0.0 10 days ago

    Dear Alyssa, look for my dad Oreste up there, he's a kind and funny and very caring man and I'm sure he can make you laugh! May your soul rest in peace forever young girl!

  • sum h
    sum h 10 days ago

    America is so fucking weird. Why don’t you enforce gun control

  • Tyler Foster
    Tyler Foster 10 days ago +1

    Americans are not choosing this. What do we do to make a difference?! Vote once in four years?!?!

  • Amy Turner-Solis
    Amy Turner-Solis 10 days ago

    I just cried so hard. Such a strong woman and mother! ❤️

  • Skyler Gray
    Skyler Gray 10 days ago +1

    I got teary at “Alyssa! You jumped off a bridge?” Don’t know why that hit me the most, even more than her team turning her 8 into infinity. She’s gone but still scolding her kid. That’s extra heartbreaking.