2019 World Chinese Pool Masters Grand Finals│Yu Haitao vs Wang Yun

  • Published on Jan 21, 2019
  • 第七屆中式台球國際大師賽 全球總決賽 The 7th World Chinese Pool Masters Grand Final
    決賽: 于海濤 vs 王云
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  • Mike James
    Mike James 4 days ago

    Watching frame 1, at 10:01, only 3 balls potted, what the hell is going on, playing safe when potting chances are blatant.

  • 'Bhabhai' Bharat Pathak
    'Bhabhai' Bharat Pathak 11 months ago

    For the first few visits to the table in the 9th frame, Mr Wang Yun concentrated more on "playing safe" with a view to obstructing the opponent! That may be called a "clever ploy", but it also shows that Mr Yu Haitao is more skillful, more direct & so, a better player. I write this in the middle of the 9th; not knowing the final outcome; however, my opinion stands.

    • 'Bhabhai' Bharat Pathak
      'Bhabhai' Bharat Pathak 11 months ago

      Mr Wang lost the 9th! He let go many chances to pocket the striped ones; but in "playing safe" he lost the game. Of course, against a better player!

  • Guy Manges
    Guy Manges 11 months ago

    Way to go Haitao.... Yan and Haitao,, Thank you guys for a great set,, Thank you Joy 7th.. Thank you Thomas.... Thank you China for the great 8 ball games....

  • Rimaren BlanC
    Rimaren BlanC Year ago +3

    How did these players get into finals??

    JOHN DANG Year ago +2


    • Leow Lawrence
      Leow Lawrence 8 months ago

      Boring bcos they are dress in jacket and pants. Maybe referees (female ) should be in a dress and sponsored by a famous brand to promote their dresses.

    • Kilnmaster
      Kilnmaster 9 months ago

      and boring

    • 'Bhabhai' Bharat Pathak
      'Bhabhai' Bharat Pathak 11 months ago

      ??? Not interested in this skillful match? Only in how the referee looks? What about her efficiency? Her keen attention? Her judgments?