IRIS KOTO Building System - House Built in 7 Days.

  • Published on May 19, 2011
  • Video Produced by UP Multimedia for IRIS Corporation Berhad and KOTO Corp's collaboration on the KOTO Building System.
    The Video shows the building of a single storey house in 7 days, it is the ultimate green solution to keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter.
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  • Carlos Pereira Millan

    Qt custa uma casa dessa

  • Manish Kr
    Manish Kr 7 days ago

    What is age of the Building

  • idren
    idren 7 days ago

    Is this strong enough?

  • shan mugam
    shan mugam 7 days ago

    Any Indian contractors in Bangalore

  • Joko triyono
    Joko triyono 8 days ago

    Mana orang indonesia yang hadir di channel ini

  • ashish kalra
    ashish kalra 10 days ago

    Have you done any Project in India ? Your contact details please !

  • ask yourself
    ask yourself 15 days ago

    Tornado will..fuck this house........

  • Jak Jak
    Jak Jak 17 days ago

    Is it possible in Kerala's weather seasons?

  • Spider Guard
    Spider Guard 17 days ago

    Inovative... Nice

  • Marcelo Adriano Caminhas onlaine

    Este tipo de casa e resistente a chuva e vento forte

  • Nonyria Yahya
    Nonyria Yahya 24 days ago

    Mantap langsung gede2 celconnya

  • Ahnaf Ali
    Ahnaf Ali 25 days ago

    Di indonesia ada kah produk ini?

  • Faab Sameer
    Faab Sameer 27 days ago

    What's the material???

  • Govardhand Babugudda

    Wer do v get dis

  • sanjusharma sanjusharma

    Sat y India my h ky

  • Bharat Kumar
    Bharat Kumar Month ago

    sirji ndr

  • Raju Raju
    Raju Raju Month ago

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  • Raju Raju
    Raju Raju Month ago

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  • Raju Raju
    Raju Raju Month ago


  • Malikraj raj. Beautiful

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  • I draw it jkma Inc.


  • Byron A. Wilson
    Byron A. Wilson 2 months ago

    Styrofoam in middle of boards even I’ve seen plywood. Picked up used panels from a guy for a small dog house to build told me his house was made of the exact panels and outside could never tell was super nice home think he would been very wealthy

  • Revathi Wupadrasta
    Revathi Wupadrasta 2 months ago

    Sir number msg cheyyandi....... please your contact number......

  • Venkatesan K
    Venkatesan K 2 months ago

    How much money need a build house minimum 8 square

  • J 2
    J 2 2 months ago

    Thermocole home😊

    EME ZETA 2 months ago

    Fuck sheet!

  • Nira Peli
    Nira Peli 2 months ago

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  • P Shivakumar
    P Shivakumar 2 months ago +2

    I want the contact details

  • Fahjah Fajitas
    Fahjah Fajitas 2 months ago

    Not in the usa though. Banks want expensive homes built

  • Kardi Toni
    Kardi Toni 3 months ago

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  • empraju empraju
    empraju empraju 3 months ago

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  • Chanti Chowdary
    Chanti Chowdary 3 months ago

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  • Paul Komban
    Paul Komban 3 months ago

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  • Y Babu
    Y Babu 3 months ago

    Nice house givime and you are phone nembar

  • Painter and Decorators
    Painter and Decorators 3 months ago


  • Katheeja Banu
    Katheeja Banu 3 months ago

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  • Dontha Arun
    Dontha Arun 3 months ago

    How much price ?
    Please reply.

  • andra eah
    andra eah 3 months ago

    Pertanyaan saya kalau itu bahan materialnya sterofom akan kuat berapa tahunkah bangunan tersebut

  • Patrick EH
    Patrick EH 3 months ago

    It's not difficult nor dependent on building system. I've seen a normal house in the US go up in 7 days. If you have the labor and inspectors available that's all it takes.

  • Fravin Adams
    Fravin Adams 3 months ago

    Can I get this product in Thailand?

    VISHAL SHARMA 3 months ago

    How strong it is

  • Milton Jose
    Milton Jose 3 months ago +1


  • khalid Bhutta
    khalid Bhutta 3 months ago

    it is outstanding and wonderful construction idea of a small home.

  • Luiz Henrique Rodrigues Gomes

    da pra fazer muro?

  • Ramesh Babu
    Ramesh Babu 4 months ago

    What will be the cost of 1200 sqft house to be built in tiruttani village, in tamilanadu,

  • Mathew KG
    Mathew KG 4 months ago

    Phone No. Please

  • Babita Ruhil
    Babita Ruhil 4 months ago

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  • Babita Ruhil
    Babita Ruhil 4 months ago

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  • Babita Ruhil
    Babita Ruhil 4 months ago

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  • Grandhi Srinivas
    Grandhi Srinivas 4 months ago

    How much is the budget is this kind of service is at Hyderabad

  • Rishi bee keeping and Nature

    is this is fairprouf

  • Rishi bee keeping and Nature

    wooooo owsm can I built this on India State uttarakhand. how much cost for this type of house.

  • A. Raven
    A. Raven 4 months ago

    I like the idea, but hate the cement floor!! If you ever have plumbing problems it's in concrete, yuk..... That kind of floor is hard on your feet....

  • ameen Shaik
    ameen Shaik 4 months ago


  • wong jowo rasta
    wong jowo rasta 4 months ago

    Saya kira di indonesia

  • mas anam
    mas anam 5 months ago

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  • Omkarchitralaya Sanjay
    Omkarchitralaya Sanjay 5 months ago

    I wont thisty house
    please contact me

  • Nataraj S
    Nataraj S 5 months ago

    Very nice, plz build 1 house for me ,how much for this type of building ,this is my contact no.9743919306

    MEXCAN FUN 5 months ago

    No foundation and no steel. Stupid.

  • Komalan Vellasamy
    Komalan Vellasamy 5 months ago

    It's nice but is tat safe to stay😥😥😥

  • Hyd Mmf7534
    Hyd Mmf7534 5 months ago


  • Mohan Satya
    Mohan Satya 5 months ago

    Present available or not
    This type of making a home

  • sunder rao
    sunder rao 5 months ago

    without using any steel built home in 7 days,
    I am sure if when heavy rain fall will happens this home will collapse in 1 day

  • Annie Soucek
    Annie Soucek 5 months ago

    Can you build me one in South Carolina?

  • Kumarraja Kumarraja
    Kumarraja Kumarraja 5 months ago

    Pls cast

  • Kumarraja Kumarraja
    Kumarraja Kumarraja 5 months ago

    Pls contacta namber pls

  • mohan g
    mohan g 5 months ago

    How much this cost

  • Joe Soap
    Joe Soap 5 months ago

    House? This a box with 2 doors and a few windows, in short a shed

  • Manojbabu Manojbabu
    Manojbabu Manojbabu 5 months ago


  • Mas Ismue Bae Lahh
    Mas Ismue Bae Lahh 5 months ago

    Bahannya apa itu mas