The Canon 28-70 f/2 R Lens. Is it REALLY that good? Plus, ONE WEAKNESS!

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
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    A look at the monster 28-70 RF lens from Canon. It's amazing but also has a flaw that really annoys me. But overall, it's one of the best Canon lenses ever made.
    Thank you!!
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  • Steve Huff
    Steve Huff  10 months ago +25

    Just a look at the Canon 28-70 RF f2 lens. This is a lens begging for a pro level EOS-R body, say a EOS-RX?

    • Chris Klugh
      Chris Klugh 8 months ago +2

      @user Its their mid range. I'm sure they have something in mind for their pro body. It can make sense to wait till last to see what the others are doing. Looking at Panasonic, they came out last, and its looking like the best in many ways. But it will be a War with titles changing here and there. But that wont change my opinion on Canons company strategy of putting themselves first before the customers.

    • user
      user 8 months ago

      @Chris Klugh ya, I feel like the eos R was the pro body.

    • WilzWorkz Wilson Wong
      WilzWorkz Wilson Wong 9 months ago

      totally agree.

    • Chris Klugh
      Chris Klugh 9 months ago +1

      Did you hear about the RiP? Canons dead, there wont be a pro level body.

    • Chirag Parikh
      Chirag Parikh 10 months ago +4

      yes it's the right time for -- "Rx" (just what the Doctor Ordered), ... lol

  • Michael Bell
    Michael Bell 11 days ago

    I usually like your videos but what are these "pro" cameras you refer to? There is no such thing as a "pro" camera. I use the RP professionally with great results. If you can't get great results with the R, the problems is not the camera.

  • Squirrel
    Squirrel Month ago

    Does it work with a Extender 2X ?

  • Achilleas Labrou
    Achilleas Labrou 2 months ago +1

    28mm for landscape photography, 70mm for portraits and f/2 for shallow depth of field and low ISO with poor lighting.
    The perfect lenses but not perfect for people who can't spent a lot and can't carry such a heavy lens.

    • Achilleas Labrou
      Achilleas Labrou Month ago +1

      God Father actually the full frame 28mm is the narrowest for landscape photography. Ideal lenses is the Nikon 14-24mm Z mount, the Sony FE 12-24mm e-mount or the recent manual focus great Laowa 10-18mm for e-mount or Z mount and many others.

    • God Father
      God Father Month ago +1

      Achilleas Labrou 28mm not wide enough for landscape?

  • Kurt Ozan
    Kurt Ozan 3 months ago

    Love the photo @ 4:40

  • Юрий Халипенко

    Where is the "soul" of lens? Where is character draw. For example my canon 5d mark ii and 50 1.2 better! that this one. Beter in all!

  • sanch Sanchayan
    sanch Sanchayan 4 months ago

    If someone can do the impossible and make a RF to E mount adapter, this would be great to use in the Sony A7 RIV

  • Slxxpy Jan
    Slxxpy Jan 4 months ago +1

    Cool so sharp! great review, i'm buying this setup. I subscribe because of this :)

  • Imran Shah
    Imran Shah 5 months ago

    Love your review. Very much appreciate for the AF noise test without the external mic. Let's be honest sometime we take videos when doing family/streets photography, so AF noise is very important. Hope you will continue to include this test for every lens you review!

  • Erik Leypoldt
    Erik Leypoldt 6 months ago +2

    We are waiting for the EOSR 1DX mirrorless pro body for these lenses.

  • Bill Zidis
    Bill Zidis 6 months ago

    I wish fuji will make something that impressive (probably for the gfx system) ... If i saw this lens before maybe i would go for canon instead of fuji,let's see what the future hold

  • Sepehr Hossein Nejadi
    Sepehr Hossein Nejadi 6 months ago

    It can't be better than leica primes. C'mon

  • Sepehr Hossein Nejadi
    Sepehr Hossein Nejadi 6 months ago +1

    Vs leica 24-90?

  • noordsk
    noordsk 6 months ago

    very bad example photos

    SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 7 months ago +3

    CANON is KING like it or not! 😂

  • Jannuel Lauro Dizon
    Jannuel Lauro Dizon 8 months ago +3

    Imagine a mirrorless 1dx mkii

  • Christopher Rees
    Christopher Rees 9 months ago

    In my opinion, when Nikon released their Z mount and subsequent lenses, it looked like an attempt to play catch-up with the high-end EF style lenses Canon was already producing.

  • Виктор Крайнов

    Цена В России жопа!

  • George Appiah
    George Appiah 9 months ago

    please can this lens works with 5d mark 4

  • Chrispy Lyfe
    Chrispy Lyfe 9 months ago +2


  • Max Mustermann
    Max Mustermann 9 months ago +3

    Why shouldnt the EOS R with the 5D Mark IV sensor not beeing a camera for professionals? Only the 1D X is above that and as a professional I dont like the 1D X ...

  • Deveren Fogle
    Deveren Fogle 9 months ago +5

    Sorry my man, this zoom is no where near a 50 APO, heck it's not even in the same league as the normal 6bit 50 cron. It's a good lens, for pros in a pinch. But a zoom like this with a constant aperture will never have the same rendering as a Leica level prime. I have the EOS R, and like it, and am now looking into buying this lens. It will work great as a good general purpose wedding walk around lens, or something for portrait work since it does provide good bokeh at the different focal lengths. But an APO it's not. Also, what's up with those jagged bokeh balls in the background? I don't mind different bokeh character, but edges aren't even uniform. It's quite off putting, but again, what Canon is trying is commendable.

  • Luis Paxtor
    Luis Paxtor 9 months ago

    Damn that is some good intro music!

  • Roberto Fabikann
    Roberto Fabikann 9 months ago +4

    wedding shooters will get into this if canon releases a body with 2 card slots. yea i know, there are a lot of them out there, shooting with 1 card cameras, but its a risk - a risk i wouldnt want to take.

    • Mário dos IRMAOS MARIOS
      Mário dos IRMAOS MARIOS 9 months ago +2

      Agree. Lucky who haven't had any problem yet using only one card. I experienced that while shooting a couple with the 6D (1 card slot) and the card just stopped working inside the body. All pictures lost. Apologizes do not justify and do not repair anything. Bought a 5D MK3 the same week. I can't take this risk anymore. If EOS R had 2 slots I would have bought it already.

    • Roberto Fabikann
      Roberto Fabikann 9 months ago

      @DeKarle1992 even then, the pictures are safe. The camera bodies with the cards in are always at my strap. I got insurance for theft, but not against failing cards ;)

    • DeKarle1992
      DeKarle1992 9 months ago +1

      still 25 times higher. Even if you pay attention, camera thieves are clever ;)@Roberto Fabikann

    • Roberto Fabikann
      Roberto Fabikann 9 months ago

      @DeKarle1992 not if you pay attention on it ;)

    • DeKarle1992
      DeKarle1992 9 months ago +2

      Roberto Fabikann haha the chance that your gear gets stolen is fifty times higher than a failing card. A risk you take without even thinking about it

  • georgepahountis
    georgepahountis 9 months ago +1

    Impressive lens but I would wait for the 24-70 rf with IS as it looks fairly compact, and I m guessing will be at least as good as the 24-70 mk2.

  • Andrew Biz
    Andrew Biz 9 months ago +2

    I think the only weakness is that it can't go wider. That would be great. And about that Low-Light skills: That R System needs lenses with f/1.2 to go - EV 5

  • HazaR Cage
    HazaR Cage 9 months ago

    Osman Tanburacı... sen misin la?

  • Eddy Gonzalez
    Eddy Gonzalez 9 months ago +1

    Canon needs a sony

  • Zero Point Productions
    Zero Point Productions 9 months ago +1

    phat intro, love it!

  • Raymond Pan
    Raymond Pan 9 months ago +1

    as usual, great lens but junk bodies from Canon

  • Eduardo de Regules
    Eduardo de Regules 9 months ago

    Great review! 👍

  • max factor
    max factor 9 months ago +1

    I subscribed just for your majestic mustache

    • Adam
      Adam 9 months ago +1

      His mustache needs it's own RUclip channel.

  • Joe Alfano Photography
    Joe Alfano Photography 9 months ago +1

    What's with your background zooming in and out when the lens refocuses?

    • DOKO TV
      DOKO TV 6 months ago

      Joe Alfano Photography that’s focus breathing.

  • ThePandaPhotographer
    ThePandaPhotographer 9 months ago +4

    Just a beautiful lens

  • Niko Albertus
    Niko Albertus 9 months ago +11

    anyone noticed the very visible focus breathing?

    • esphi LEE
      esphi LEE 9 months ago +2

      Yes, get the CN-series.

    • Joe Alfano Photography
      Joe Alfano Photography 9 months ago

      esphi LEE that's not just a little breathing it's gasping for breath.

    • esphi LEE
      esphi LEE 9 months ago +4

      Niko Albertus, this is a photography lens. If you want lens that do not focus breath, get the Canon CN-series lens.

  • Mark Webber
    Mark Webber 9 months ago

    I'm not keen an a lens that plays weird music at 7.50..... ? Why can't Canon produce a silent lens ?

  • Olivier
    Olivier 9 months ago +1

    Fantastic lens! A Full Frame! F2! ZOOM! LENS... And that function ring. Great workability. That new RF mount promises us such exciting times. It probably has everything to do with the new RF mount and the reduced 'flange distance'. It lets Canon produce smaller and compacter lenses which let in more light than previously so they can make them super small like the new RF 70-200 or add IS like the new RF 15-38 f2.8 or gice us this 24-70 F2 lens. Super exciting times ahead!! It the Eos R or the Eos RF will not pull us towards the mirroless canon bodys, the lenses surely will. Canon you sneaky bastard! ;-)

  • Achilleas Labrou
    Achilleas Labrou 9 months ago +4

    The full frame Canon RF 28-70mm f/2, the APS-C Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 and 50-100mm f/1.8 have pushed the envelope in zoom lenses.
    Bigger than f/2.8 apertures aren't the privilege of prime lenses anymore.

  • Rick Gorski
    Rick Gorski 9 months ago +11

    Non IS lens on a non IBS body good luck.

    • hoghavemercy1
      hoghavemercy1 8 months ago +1

      Would you like a microwave with that IBIS too, Rick? stop being douchey!!

    • morgoth
      morgoth 9 months ago +2

      It's rumored that Canon will be adding IBIS in future EOS-R bodies. Either way, most of us shoot weddings and other things with bodies with no IBIS and lenses without IS all the time already... So, not sure what you're crying about.

    • esphi LEE
      esphi LEE 9 months ago

      AM Photography, why don’t you just buy the print?

    • AM Photography
      AM Photography 9 months ago

      Why don't you buy some skills? 😁

    • Jean-Baptiste Casasola
      Jean-Baptiste Casasola 9 months ago

      Photography needs a minimum of skills...

  • VariTimo
    VariTimo 9 months ago +1

    I still think that the 50mm APO will outperform the 24-70mm f2 at f5.6.

  • VariTimo
    VariTimo 9 months ago +3

    Why is the SL 50mm Summilux so huge? Couldn’t they’ve just outfitted a 50mm Summilux M with electronics and expanded the minimum focus a bit.

    • Deveren Fogle
      Deveren Fogle 9 months ago

      Leica doesn't compromise on lens quality, and in order to get the same quality as they do in their primes that are fully manual focus, the lenses must be much larger, than normal. To fit the type of glass, focus it correctly on the sensor, with all the mechanics of an AF lens, it must be big. If you actually use one, and compare it to the competition, the differences will be apparent. The Panny Leica, takes the same approach, but it doesn't have the exotic glass, nor is it made in Germany. But I think it will be comparable in rendering at some level.

    • Mattias Burling
      Mattias Burling 9 months ago +1

      Its the curse of mirrorless cameras.

    • Tobi Ogunsanwo
      Tobi Ogunsanwo 9 months ago

      Same reason the panasonic 50mm f1.4 is massive. Image quality beast!

  • Matt Halpain
    Matt Halpain 10 months ago +1

    8:54 is my fave photo of this lens,

  • sebastiaanvanwater
    sebastiaanvanwater 10 months ago +34

    Love the 1800s villain mustache

    ROBERT YU 10 months ago +29

    Love your reviews. I'm a wedding photographer and I own the 50/1.2RF and 35/1.8RF. The R system is amazing. I now shoot 80% of the images on a wedding with the R and only 20% with my old 1Dx. I'm saving up to get the 28-70 and it will be a dream come true to have one lens for all. I would never have to change lenses during the wedding anymore.

      ROBERT YU 7 days ago

      Colin Carter thanks for sharing your experience. I think I'm going to purchase the 28-70 next month.

    • Colin Carter
      Colin Carter 6 months ago +2

      i just shot a wedding using only the eos r and the 28-70 (with another eor r and 1dxII as backup) and i never changed lenses all day. this lens is big and heavy and ive just bought the bg-e22 grip for extra balance but only needing one lens is mega and outweighs the negatives, as its lighter than having to carry 3 or 4 lenses around all day in a bag not getting used.

      i have the new 85 f1.2 on order and i will add the 50 f1.2 for ultra low light winter weddings in the UK but honestly, this lens does not disappoint in any way. also anyone saying the camera is not good enough for this lens hasn't really shot with the camera.

    • Vitaly Dreval
      Vitaly Dreval 6 months ago

      @Marv Oski It depends on your goals. If you only shoot at 50mm then 50 is your friend. This lens sets apart any other lens is because it's like you have primes from 28-70. I just ordered one along with Canon EOS R.

    • blazeboy777
      blazeboy777 7 months ago +1

      Marv Oski Yes it is in my opinion :) so far it’s my fav lens :)

    • Marv Oski
      Marv Oski 7 months ago +1

      I’m deciding between Ef 50L and RF 50L anyone have thoughts on this? Is it worth $1k more?

  • r s
    r s 10 months ago +2

    Bro.. that mustache... I dig it, but ONLY if you wear a top hat and a monocle. c’mon brotha... get with it. ☝️🧐

  • Lars Kvinge
    Lars Kvinge 10 months ago +3

    GAS just hit me... my wife is going to kill me. Thank you, I guess. 🙄

  • Joe EOS Rx
    Joe EOS Rx 10 months ago +1

    Very impressive! Exit music matches mustache. What attention to detail!

  • Michael Sturm
    Michael Sturm 10 months ago

    great mustache!

  • Mannie B
    Mannie B 10 months ago +1

    The problem is no that they are big, the problem is they cost an arm and a leg and the body is nothing to call home about and neither is precisely cheap!

  • dcphoto80
    dcphoto80 10 months ago

    I love the stash!

  • Teddy Tedd
    Teddy Tedd 10 months ago +1

    $3000 for a lens that makes noise when focusing??

    • esphi LEE
      esphi LEE 9 months ago +2

      It is a photography lens. And canon lens are some of the quietest.

    • Fred Reitz
      Fred Reitz 9 months ago


  • Marc H
    Marc H 10 months ago

    just played with it today, dang ist huge. weightwise it felt even heavier than the otus. i think shooting an event all day with it could be painful on the wrist. i am sure the IQ is great, my samples looked nice

  • DaDonFather
    DaDonFather 10 months ago +79

    Pls warn us earplug users with text before you blast our brains out with a intro like that.

  • Schroeder3000
    Schroeder3000 10 months ago +1

    that is really interesting. thanks for that!

  • John Smith
    John Smith 10 months ago +6

    Unfortunately 28 is not very wide and 70 is not very long. A wedding requires a wider zoom range and does not require such high resolution. Yeah spend $3K to set the lens at one focal length and make pointless vlogs.

  • ca m
    ca m 10 months ago +9

    I do not beleive that this lens renders like the 50 Apo lol

  • Mychal Simmons
    Mychal Simmons 10 months ago +1

    Lol 😝😝sounds like you’re speaking about some of the women I lol

  • Peter Tomsu
    Peter Tomsu 10 months ago +4

    Absolutely great review - THANKS

    • John Smith
      John Smith 10 months ago

      @Peter Tomsu - Because I am not a cube I suppose, and for the same reason I do not use my own name - privacy. (PS Just between you & I, I am sure you are an exemplary human in all respects, so I feel obligated to clue you in: that is as lame and doofus an avatar image as I have seen in a long time. On the upside, it's not an eagle.)

    • Peter Tomsu
      Peter Tomsu 10 months ago

      You are welcome - why do you not show your portrait?@John Smith

    • John Smith
      John Smith 10 months ago

      @Peter Tomsu - Absolutely - the cocked angle of the head, the tedious arced forefinger on the chin! Plus you got it wrong, the review sucked. Someone has to demonstrate that not everyone our age is a cube.

    • Peter Tomsu
      Peter Tomsu 10 months ago

      Very funny indeed!@John Smith

    • John Smith
      John Smith 10 months ago

      I want to condemn your silly pandering but I can't stop laughing at your portrait.

  • Cochise Hart
    Cochise Hart 10 months ago +3

    That lens is sick. Looks like you could get a good bicep workout with it.

    • Adam
      Adam 9 months ago +2

      It's the John Holmes of Canon RF Lenses, I held one today mounted to an EOS R and it is surprisingly well balanced.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 10 months ago

      You can knock out a busybody cop with it!