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Voters For Trump Ad - SNL

  • Опубликовано: 6 мар 2016
  • Americans (Taran Killam, Vanessa Bayer, Bobby Moynihan, Aidy Bryant, Beck Bennett, Kyle Mooney) offer insight into why they'll be voting for Donald Trump.
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Комментарии • 19 433

  • N RA
    N RA 13 часов назад

    snl psyop for scumbag non citizen democrat socialists that dont even belong in america..fucking move to canada if you sheep dont like the 2nd amendment, borders or the electorial college traitors....

  • Anthony Miceli
    Anthony Miceli 17 часов назад

    The left looses again. Get ready for 2020. MAGA

  • Brianne Desiree
    Brianne Desiree 17 часов назад

    This is just dark and sad

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson День назад

    Liberals are seriously nuts. Anyone to the right of you is Hitler or a klan member. Can't we just disagree without the insults.
    That's right, that would mean the Dems would have to compete with ideas... Can't have that.
    My God.

  • just plain_name
    just plain_name 2 дня назад

    And you winder why the majority of Americans support Trump, while liberals are in decline.

  • Ronald Matthews
    Ronald Matthews 2 дня назад

    I'm an actual Trump supporter, but this sattire/parody is funny as fuck!

  • ryantres85
    ryantres85 2 дня назад

    Be careful minorities: there's a lot of white people out there trying to hurt your feelings :v Yes, those white people are making black people violent, it's white people's fault they're so violent and ignorant. And Mexicans, well, it's white people who bring them into this country, everybody knows that :v Yes, morons, make fun of white people and don't touch minorities, blame white people and don't blame minorities. And to white people: IT'S OK TO BE WHITE, IT'S NOT OK ANYMORE TO BE PART OF THE MEDIA AND HOLLYWOOD :v :v :v

  • Rosemary Williams
    Rosemary Williams 3 дня назад +1

    it's funny because it's true😂 oh I'm crying on the inside.

  • Samuel Berlin
    Samuel Berlin 3 дня назад


  • JaeSon Peltier
    JaeSon Peltier 4 дня назад +1

    The 19k people who disliked are the actual Racists for trump

  • Martin Christian
    Martin Christian 5 дней назад

    so the comment section is "Zombie Land". We need so cleaning up here guys

  • Subittoo
    Subittoo 5 дней назад

    Why does nobody mention Steve Harvey on the "MUSLIM" pin board? lmao

  • Rob C
    Rob C 6 дней назад +1

    Well, Trump really brought all the racists out of hiding. SNL got it right.

  • Steve Howard
    Steve Howard 7 дней назад

    SNL: rich white people joking about poor white people; bring back In Living Color!!!! That was smart, funny comedy. Much more likable cast; skewered everyone equally and you still ended up liking each cast member. Not so much with SNL.

  • zachary hebert
    zachary hebert 7 дней назад

    thanks for helping make him president snl!

  • Nick
    Nick 7 дней назад

    Liberals dont get it still... they created Trump with their overthetop ideology

  • brownman304
    brownman304 8 дней назад

    Fucking stupid

  • The Internet
    The Internet 9 дней назад

    Wow just because someone has a different political view then you call them racists and KKK and other hate group members, yeah that makes sense lefties.

  • Mike
    Mike 9 дней назад

    Go trump!! I'd vote for him again.

  • Gregory Glenn
    Gregory Glenn 9 дней назад

    Donald Drunk

  • rickroll11112
    rickroll11112 9 дней назад +1

    Wait so literally every donald trump supporter is racist just because trump is supposedly racist? Okay then...

  • joedits1
    joedits1 9 дней назад

    So unbelievably ashamed that I once considered SNL to be moderately entertaining. Uhm, here's one reason why I voted for Trump. Any of you leftist Nazi searchers good at math? Let me save you some trouble, 4,700 x 300,000 =1,410.000.000. As in $1,410,000,00 a year. This video was also uploaded in 2014. One year before Trump even decided to run. Seems like a pretty reasonable reason to vote for the man. sieg heil??? ruclip.com/video/SzHHgjAigq4/видео.html

  • Pavle Vasiljevic
    Pavle Vasiljevic 9 дней назад

    Oh get it its funny because normal people cant support someone who I disagree with. They have to be racist. HOW DARE THEY HAVE A DIFFERENT OPINION ON ME. IM A GOD AND EVERYONE SHOULD LISTEN TO MY OPINIONS. ALL DONALD TRUMP SUPPORTERS AND ALL WHITE MEN SHOULD DIE.

  • J Two
    J Two 10 дней назад

    Did SNL change the name of this skit from racists for Trump to voters for Trump?

  • Night Time
    Night Time 11 дней назад

    Liberals are brainwashed, insane, and idiots!

  • nikkiNicole outlaw
    nikkiNicole outlaw 11 дней назад

    so stupid....zzZzz

  • Visionary Sky
    Visionary Sky 11 дней назад

    Fuck you, I’m not a nazi.

  • Jonathon Livingston
    Jonathon Livingston 12 дней назад

    Dude come on fuck off snl

  • Yang Xiao Long
    Yang Xiao Long 13 дней назад

    all of yall are retarded.

  • Vinessa Taylor
    Vinessa Taylor 13 дней назад

    The fact the laughs started to die down each time 😂😂😂

  • Jezza 5655
    Jezza 5655 14 дней назад

    How do you like a video more than once

  • Marcela Flower
    Marcela Flower 14 дней назад

    Oh they all hate trump

  • Ethan Aronson
    Ethan Aronson 14 дней назад

    sooooo just so im clear, everyone who voted for trump is a racist?

  • Proud Ravenclaw
    Proud Ravenclaw 14 дней назад

    Hey SNL can you make a rapist for Hillary, no ok

  • Dean Konstantian
    Dean Konstantian 17 дней назад

    Best backfire in history-
    Thank you degenerate left for the biased political satire
    President TRUMP

  • five six
    five six 18 дней назад


  • Eric
    Eric 18 дней назад +1

    don't go in the comment section if you value your sanity... a bunch of politically uninformed little kids who think this is a "prediction" and "Trump is scary."
    Goddamn my generation is so fucking stupid. If they were smart, they'd be demanding that SNL actually becomes funny again.. like they used to be be.

  • betoen
    betoen 20 дней назад +2

    Funny, SNL portrays Trump's supporters as nazis, and maybe is true, but a vast mayority of Hillary Clinton supporters want whites dead, and they make demostrations openly.
    But that's not racist because they are white.

  • SpookyGhostPepper
    SpookyGhostPepper 20 дней назад

    This is going to be controversial

  • mikerw102003
    mikerw102003 20 дней назад +1

    This why you liberals lost. You believe your own propaganda.

  • Sade Tucker
    Sade Tucker 21 день назад +1

    When the guy had a swastika band on his arm...😂😂

  • Tony08jun16 Barrientos
    Tony08jun16 Barrientos 22 дня назад

    Really funny as well as disappointed but true story for México that guy cannot hide his fellings

  • Roy G Biv
    Roy G Biv 23 дня назад

    1 year later: Right on the money.

  • a k
    a k 24 дня назад +2

    Just imagine the faces of these trump haters after the results😂

  • techsimmons
    techsimmons 24 дня назад

    I can't believe how right SNL turned out to be.

  • joshua slowik
    joshua slowik 26 дней назад

    i was lmao with my brother

  • Thomas Grace
    Thomas Grace 26 дней назад

    Make America great again hahaha

  • CardashianWithaB
    CardashianWithaB 28 дней назад

    40% of Americans are racists or Nazis?

  • Netanel Gilpin
    Netanel Gilpin 28 дней назад +1

    Making fun of nazis I dont think 6 million jeww dyung is funny dumb ass snl

  • Netanel Gilpin
    Netanel Gilpin 28 дней назад +2

    Go trump

  • Snowflake 14
    Snowflake 14 Месяц назад

    Your racist

  • tetrulz jam
    tetrulz jam Месяц назад

    This if so funny and clever.

  • BD Price
    BD Price Месяц назад

    Funny until you realize that calling almost 50% of Americans racist is naive and ignorant

    • S N
      S N 3 дня назад

      E. Keough people like you grind my gears because you are so insensitive:( like damn... it's really troubling that people don't look at everyone as equals. I find other cultures so fascinating. You over here saying that people from none white countries can't make valuable contributions is just sad :(

    • S N
      S N 3 дня назад

      E. Keough my grade school teacher was an Asian women from Japan and she definitely provided a learning environment where I was never treated differently because of my race. And I also got to learn a lot about Asian culture. She shared with us rice balls the art of origami on special occasions.

    • S N
      S N 3 дня назад

      E. Keough you said white immigrants ACTUALLY have the ability to contribute to the country. Fuck off bitch. I do not fuck with racism

    • E. Keough
      E. Keough 3 дня назад

      Ok, I worded that wrong. I apologize. When I said ability to contribute, I meant that white immigrants typically come from countries with better education and gdps per capita so they are more likely to get a job and not be on welfare. With the right education, I believe anyone of any race is able to contribute, but unfortunately non-white immigrants did not get the same chance. I'm assuming you won't respond. Sorry I offended you. It was a misunderstanding.

    • E. Keough
      E. Keough 3 дня назад

      How did I prove I was a racist?

  • 深淵十三
    深淵十三 Месяц назад

    le cringe

    • S N
      S N Месяц назад

      深淵十三 I couldn't stop laughing

  • Robert Tevault
    Robert Tevault Месяц назад

    The agitprop of the shrill Left is self-devouring. Hillaryous.

  • Dustin Riddell
    Dustin Riddell Месяц назад

    Lol not true

  • Frank Montenegro
    Frank Montenegro Месяц назад

    So very sad.

  • tony paredes
    tony paredes Месяц назад

    Looks like by vote, most americans are racist.

  • Atrain 123
    Atrain 123 Месяц назад

    when he ends up doing more in his year than Obama did in 8

    • S N
      S N Месяц назад

      Atrain 123 he's coming in off of Obamas presidency lol. This dude is a racist

  • Jack Boyd
    Jack Boyd Месяц назад

    This show has become one sided bullshit anti white propaganda that sucks thank God Americans are beginning to wake up to the mental disorder that is liberalism

    • S N
      S N Месяц назад

      Jack Boyd you mad lol. A racist for Donald Trump

  • Metal Head
    Metal Head Месяц назад

    Of course you don't do the racists people who voted for Obama or Bill Clinton, such hypocrisy Saturday night live is full of Dumbass one-sided liberals

  • Flute Loops and Fun
    Flute Loops and Fun Месяц назад

    Kinda makes you wonder how snl got those things, huh?
    Literally I hate snl now.

    • Michael Eyob
      Michael Eyob 23 дня назад

      They've got costume departments

    • S N
      S N Месяц назад +1

      Lmao this video made my day! It was so funny. My favorite might have been her ironing her klan hood 🤣 I think you hate snl because you're a Trump supporter Lol

    • Flute Loops and Fun
      Flute Loops and Fun Месяц назад

      JaeSon Peltier okay.☺

    • JaeSon Peltier
      JaeSon Peltier Месяц назад +1


  • Ben her
    Ben her Месяц назад

    It's really isn't funny and political propaganda. The mainstream media have become tools of the Democratic Party. They gave Hillary a free pass on all the crimes she's committed. And Donald Trump's racist because he wants us to have a border I guess that's racist. And this is exactly why you guys lost dividing America. But you've been doing it since Obama if you don't vote for a Democrat you're a racist.

  • Nimbus
    Nimbus Месяц назад

    Why are people saying that it's so true? Donald Trump is not a nazi or white supremacist? You probably just disagree with some of his morals

    • S N
      S N 12 дней назад

      That's very rude and insensitive!

    • S N
      S N 12 дней назад

      Michel Fogaça no bruh you can't just call a place where people live a SHIT HOLE

    • Michel Fogaça
      Michel Fogaça 19 дней назад

      S N because for some countries that ia actually true...

    • S N
      S N Месяц назад

      Nimbus he called African countries shit hole countries. So as an African American citizen of Nigerian decent why should I like him? Please explain

  • ChrisHallett83
    ChrisHallett83 Месяц назад

    300% accurate.

  • frank feldmann
    frank feldmann Месяц назад

    Fuck you//

    CHICKEN KURRY Месяц назад +1

    18k racists dislike this

  • timewaitsfornoone
    timewaitsfornoone Месяц назад

    Nailed it!

  • joshfine samplevids
    joshfine samplevids Месяц назад

    Snl the socialist revolutionary ministry of propaganda .
    How do you make a Dem commit seuiside. ?
    Agree to testify against hitlery .snl is to scared or braiwashed
    2 Trump tweets I'm for oxygen be Dems automatically be stop breathing can and be die

  • Pratik Chiku
    Pratik Chiku Месяц назад

    This is why Hillary lost. You just can't make fun of people and espect their vote.

  • Jason Mason
    Jason Mason Месяц назад

    This is an accurate potrayal of Trump voters.

  • S N
    S N Месяц назад

    The funniest thing I've seen all day...!!

  • latham taylor
    latham taylor Месяц назад

    It wasn't racism that one the election, it was unbridled hatred and distrust of Hillary.

  • BonzoDog67 Lizardking
    BonzoDog67 Lizardking Месяц назад

    Nobody wanted Hillary...call it Midwestern payback for all the towns destroyed by her shit-bag husband's NAFTA and GATT deals. Bernie would easily have beaten Trump...but that's not what the Democrat corporatists wanted, now was it?

  • rc's4life 2003
    rc's4life 2003 Месяц назад

    not all trump voters are like that, i have black friends, pissed on a KKK member, and burned a communist flag in my fireplace

    • Michel Fogaça
      Michel Fogaça 19 дней назад

      S N Go Live There and then come back to tell us your impressions

    • S N
      S N Месяц назад

      rc's4life 2003 there is a difference between calling a country poor and a SHIT HOLE. You're just being ignorant if you don't understand that...

    • rc's4life 2003
      rc's4life 2003 Месяц назад

      because they are poor, some don't have much water, and there are no sanitation services

    • S N
      S N Месяц назад

      rc's4life 2003 He also called African countries shit holes..

    • rc's4life 2003
      rc's4life 2003 Месяц назад

      and tell me more as he is saving you money and protecting your right to freedom of speech

  • Julia U
    Julia U Месяц назад

    i think about this skit a lot

  • Bunny Parker
    Bunny Parker Месяц назад +1

    18k racists didnt like this video LOL

  • Abe Dummar
    Abe Dummar Месяц назад

    He's the worst

  • Alixs Beach
    Alixs Beach Месяц назад

    So perfect, so true!

  • Cole’s Kicks
    Cole’s Kicks Месяц назад

    I know this is a joke and I found it funny but.....

  • Natalie Washington
    Natalie Washington Месяц назад

    And he still won!😭

  • eyextraction
    eyextraction Месяц назад

    I downvoted this until i realized trump had to be behind this!!! the man is a fucking genius!!!

  • joshfine samplevids
    joshfine samplevids Месяц назад

    The NAZIonational socialist Democrat workers party depend on the Joseph gobuels vilifying of all and any opodition to hitlery and her murdering crime sindacate .thank God we dodged the bullet . And don't have to begin and end everything with hiel hitlery ..

  • Jerri Lyn
    Jerri Lyn Месяц назад


  • pearlsnaredrummer77
    pearlsnaredrummer77 Месяц назад

    Sad, but true.

  • Tamela Casey
    Tamela Casey Месяц назад

    This sketch isnt funny at all

  • Ziggy Stardust
    Ziggy Stardust Месяц назад

    ProTrump is the new KKK. Trumptards are angry that his time almost up #Mueller

  • theLuffi nater
    theLuffi nater Месяц назад

    Totally accurate

  • TheFargoConnection
    TheFargoConnection Месяц назад

    It was funny as hell (and accurate also). It could sound stupid, but... I Love the song at the end if the video. What's the name? It makes the video beautiful despite the sad reality 😂😂

  • Mar Ujilla
    Mar Ujilla Месяц назад

    Behold the hypocresy of SNL

  • Talia McCoy
    Talia McCoy Месяц назад

    Fav SNL skit

  • david murphy
    david murphy Месяц назад +1

    So when black people voted for trump are they also racist . Or is it just the case that Hilary supporters really are just sad losers .

  • Hussel Zhu
    Hussel Zhu Месяц назад

    China can not have this video in public if the same things happend

  • Gregory Campbell
    Gregory Campbell Месяц назад

    So savage 😂

  • Reno M
    Reno M Месяц назад

    Nazis are not funny
    But it’s ok the writers are Jews

  • Grendel Sloth
    Grendel Sloth Месяц назад

    This is still the greatest thing

  • MC Tyler
    MC Tyler Месяц назад


    • MC Tyler
      MC Tyler Месяц назад

      Oh I don’t know maybe because he
      -Hates Mexicans
      -Says Muslims hate us, but there’s no proof
      -Says Latinos steal and Rape, but there’s no proof
      -Had an affair with a Pornstar
      -Wants to build a wall similar to the Berlin Wall
      -Wants Mexicans to pay for a wall they don’t want
      -Calls women fat pigs
      -Doesn’t shut up about Mexico, Russia or CHINA
      -He’s constantly lying
      -Says he’s gonna do it, never does it
      -Will never make this country great again

    • RM-Flix
      RM-Flix Месяц назад

      MC Tyler Why?

  • Jadyn Glunt
    Jadyn Glunt Месяц назад

    Oh my god this is the best thing

  • boriqua subscribe jus cuz
    boriqua subscribe jus cuz Месяц назад

    I hate Trump