• Published on May 17, 2019
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    Hey everyone! I’m Nate. I live the van life full time out of a Nissan NV200 self built camper conversion. In this video I explore Santa Cruz and discuss why I decided to get a compact cargo van for my camper setup. Please like, subscribe, and feel free to ask any questions below!
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Comments • 759

  • Levi Everett
    Levi Everett Day ago

    Why do you talk funny

  • Bill Niu
    Bill Niu 3 days ago

    You can use a rotation seat on side driver seat

  • lee2bong
    lee2bong 3 days ago

    I could relate a lot to your points. I have a Transit Connect 2012 camper. It's great for urban camping.

  • LosAngelesWeedSmoker
    LosAngelesWeedSmoker 3 days ago +1

    Why does he look like he is about to break out crying when he speaks. 😂

  • Pete Coventry
    Pete Coventry 3 days ago

    I live in a Vauxhall Zafira - trust me you have luxury there! But next time up your Solar and get the EV one - on a 500W panel you can slowly charge the battery when you are still and you will always have unlimited free mileage - I know a few people who do that. Mans got sn instant Pot - I have one of those too so much better than say a convector plate- I have 280Ah of Batteries and 500W of Solar and I just about cope.

  • James Holbrook
    James Holbrook 5 days ago

    I dont know how much power does the insta pot use and how long did it take I mean my microwave says 1100 watt and would take like 1 and a half min maybe 2 for something like that so if it takes more than like 550 watts for more than 4 min id say no

  • CherBear
    CherBear 5 days ago

    Downsizing from an e150 hitop to a minivan..mainly bc my van died, but also gas mileage n stealthness factor. I looked at the small older transits n I like them..if I found one for the right price, I'd consider it seriously..nice choice Nate👍✌❤😊

  • Matthew Stackhouse
    Matthew Stackhouse 17 days ago

    i admire your cutback sir!

  • Steven Bird
    Steven Bird 23 days ago

    The NV200 is a popular choice in the UK for a micro camper. There are plenty of YT vids of conversions. If well laid out with a pop-top roof with bed shelf you can make it a 4 berth with full kitchenette.

  • DIYStarMS
    DIYStarMS 24 days ago

    My van even smaller, love your van

  • Andrew Conway
    Andrew Conway 26 days ago

    Interesting, I didn't know that Nissan has declined in quality.

  • Melind Gorder
    Melind Gorder 27 days ago

    Agree with liking big cities but need/want to get away. Stealth and compact is key! I have a Scion Xb I have been a nomad within so can totally relate to you in valuing minimalism. A newer home equals less issues long term. ✌🏻💛✨

  • Carolyn Merritt
    Carolyn Merritt 27 days ago

    When a solar panel is visible, it's not exactly stealth. Just saying.

  • NV200 camper
    NV200 camper Month ago

    Nice job and well filmed, thanks for sharing

  • . Wookey
    . Wookey Month ago

    Perfect sized van for one. And you have the option of going electric, using env200 parts. We've had a Peugeot Expert for 17 years, which is the same size (maybe a couple of inches longer). It's been great, but it's quite snug for a couple (as we don't have a pop-top) so we're planning something slightly bigger next time. But as we're planning to go electric that encourages one not to go crazy on the van size.
    I like your layout. Our main issue is bikes, which take up a lot of space, especially if you have more than one each.

  • OutOfThisVan
    OutOfThisVan Month ago

    Is this a that’s what she said joke?

  • chris 1
    chris 1 Month ago

    Cheers, you have just made me feel so much better as that's what I've decided upon. God I loved my old Vanagon but she became too much of a burden to tolerate. If it wasn't going wrong it was going rusty ! No more money pit, hopefully !

  • In My Opinion
    In My Opinion Month ago

    Gas mileage is great reason. Makes it easy to go down South or out West. You did great job. Has anybody in these cities ever messed with your solar panels or anything like that? I love my insta pot to. lol

  • Zhu Tang
    Zhu Tang Month ago

    Man this is awesome !

  • themcfaceman
    themcfaceman Month ago

    how much to install the pop top?

  • Randy Massey
    Randy Massey Month ago

    Just sold my 2017 city express. All you can put in the back is a small bed. Too small.

  • jksatte
    jksatte Month ago

    I love the murphy bed. That makes the space work to me. Janice

  • mark marcinik
    mark marcinik Month ago

    What about the minimal suspension and lack of 4 wheel drive compared to the beefier Element? I am happy to give up 3 mph for that.

  • Raymond Driggers
    Raymond Driggers Month ago

    I can put my 159 inch wheelbase Pro Master and most parking spots and I can maneuver it probably nearly just as well and simply as you can in your element

  • Raymond Driggers
    Raymond Driggers Month ago

    It’s no way a pressure cooker is more efficient than a microwave you’re not going to put a lot of stuff in a pressure cooker that you can put in a microwave to warm it up point blank

  • River Lily
    River Lily Month ago

    I have a 95 chevy astro and its small but i love it and its just the right size for what I need right now. Great vid

  • Thomas Davenport
    Thomas Davenport Month ago

    I bought my whole fitted out van and used it for a year for less than the cost of your pop top. Then. I sold it for a profit.

  • The Travelin Frank Show/ Van Life

    Hmm, nice setup. Something to consider when my Green Turd (GMC Safari) calls it quits. 363426km and counting.

  • iSweatGlitter
    iSweatGlitter Month ago

    I have a 2019 promaster 1500 low roof and the warranty just went out for 36,000. Why is the warranty so little? I’m not worried though because I know people that own them and you don’t start seeing problems until 150,000. I’m just going to make sure I do the maintenance and tuneups and I should be fine.

  • NoSunBeach
    NoSunBeach Month ago

    That white van would look better with the wheels painted black and some wider/fatter tires. I did not go with the Nissan cause my shoulder rubbed on some pillar while in the driver seat. I went with the Promaster city over the Promaster low top 118 wb for the same reasons. It was another 10k, much more fuel, less steath and still could not stand inside, and anyways, in I'd likely end up I cooking, eating, showering and changing in the back outside like I do today. I see my van as a couch-bed on wheels so I can live OUTSIDE anywhere and not have to go back anywhere.

  • JJason406
    JJason406 2 months ago

    Whats the best way to heat the van in the winter? I plan on working in NY for 5 month then living overseas for 7 months. I deliver heating oil in the winter so i just work in the winter. What kind of heater setup do you have and how does it work with ventilation?

  • The Extravagant Minimalist

    You're on the westcliffs in Santa Cruz! My hometown

  • Waldemar Wagner
    Waldemar Wagner 2 months ago

    That's why T4 is better

    RAY RAY 2 months ago +1

    9 grand for the pop top ? That is half the cost of the vehicle.

  • Saddle tramp
    Saddle tramp 2 months ago

    Hey, I live in Reno. What were you doing in my neck of the woods?

  • won hung low
    won hung low 2 months ago

    kia has a good warranty ..got 150 000 miles on the motor and transmission for me ..but they changed the motor for free and i now have a life time guarantee direct from kia on the motor ...so im happy

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 2 months ago +6

    "Hunger is the best sauce" -Jared Dunn

  • Mike Khachikyan
    Mike Khachikyan 2 months ago +1

    Fyi warranties get void when any modifications are done to the structure of the vehicle
    . I called corporate Nissan and asked 'cause I was looking for the NV200 too.

  • ATB
    ATB 2 months ago +1

    The fact that you included a clip from Scotty Kilmer in this video tells me you produce and appreciate quality content.

  • Pagrator Tersot
    Pagrator Tersot 2 months ago +1

    You should coordinate a video interview with the older guy from CheepRVliving

  • Traci Losee
    Traci Losee 2 months ago

    You look healthy and happy SO i would say you made the right choice for your inner peace and that is all that matters...You have a lot invested in that so you have to love it...I love love love the murphy bed
    thanks for sharing you are well spoken clear and very smart...ty again

  • Gray & Gorgeous
    Gray & Gorgeous 2 months ago

    I have a 2015 Nissan versa . I love it 73k and no engine problems. Sure it's a gutless wonder but the gas milage and we'll build doors and interior make it fine for me.

  • Michele Nabih
    Michele Nabih 2 months ago

    Your handsome ❤️

    • Donnalee Clubb
      Donnalee Clubb 2 months ago

      Yes he is. I thought that myself when he said he was a spokesperson for the company. Now they don't have to hire a model. LOL.

  • Rob MM
    Rob MM 2 months ago

    THANK U for this video . I want to be city/urban van dwellers.

  • Casa Segura Locksmiths
    Casa Segura Locksmiths 2 months ago

    Love your van and i have a brand new berlingo lwb, all van no windows, although im not adding a pop up roof youve just helped me with the final decision to add a skylight. It seems youve still remained stealth and your saying you blend in.
    My main concern was not blending in.
    Ill add some roof bars that will help.
    From 🇪🇸

  • willimacdo
    willimacdo 2 months ago

    ah, empty storage? wonderful

  • Kee-pyor Myndopen
    Kee-pyor Myndopen 2 months ago

    Pop top is an over kill man. No need for that.

  • Kee-pyor Myndopen
    Kee-pyor Myndopen 2 months ago

    Perfect size van. The sprinter is too big.

  • pspicer777
    pspicer777 2 months ago

    I am old enough to remember when _” ... it’s not a Toyota ...”_ had a totally different meaning. Very nice video. Thanks.

  • Yodaismycopilot
    Yodaismycopilot 2 months ago

    Very fine video. Really interesting to hear your philosophy and reasoning on the smaller vehicle. Thanks much.

  • Luis Frederik
    Luis Frederik 2 months ago

    Are you in santa cruz?

  • cgtalk !
    cgtalk ! 2 months ago

    Btw... anyone recommend a good easy to install flood light solar panel system for back yards?

  • cgtalk !
    cgtalk ! 2 months ago

    That's effing insane! 8k -9k for a pop top? Never. It should be under 3k.

  • cgtalk !
    cgtalk ! 2 months ago +1

    Wow... This the smallest van life on y outube. And it doesn't look that terrible.

  • Roberto Aguiar
    Roberto Aguiar 3 months ago

    It is more efficient than a microwave

  • Diego Villacrez
    Diego Villacrez 3 months ago

    Bro just get a diesel

  • X G
    X G 3 months ago

    9k on a pop-top? 9k would buy you a pop-top with a better vehicle. and no work needed!!! .Toyota family, Chinook, Dolphin ..a thousand times better than what you are enjoying.

  • CAElite
    CAElite 3 months ago

    Yeah, I always find it a bit wierd that America doesn't get midsize vans, like Transit Customs (sit between the Connect & full transit), or Fiat Talento (Between the big dodge & the city dodge). They are the staple of inner city delivery drivers & workers in Europe, as they fit in standard parking spaces, but tend to sit much higher than the small city vans, have very short hoods/bonnets & maximised cargo space, some even come as hi-tops with standing up space inside but

  • Theresa Purnell
    Theresa Purnell 3 months ago

    Do you rent your surf board, if not, where do you store it?

  • Theresa Purnell
    Theresa Purnell 3 months ago

    Thanks for sharing. I'm inspired. 👍🏽