Everything Wrong With The Karate Kid (2010)

  • Published on Aug 16, 2018
  • You say karate, I say kung fu. You say a remake, I say a literal copy. Here are all the sins we found in the 2010 remake of The Karate Kid.
    Next week: Sins of destruction, sins of the west.
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Comments • 11 424

  • The gr8 trans4mable bumble bee

    This movie 2010 remake is way better than the original karate kid films :

  • Skippy Skip
    Skippy Skip Day ago

    1:38 they haven't stopped me yet.

  • Alex Romeo
    Alex Romeo 2 days ago

    Eminem said Hi

  • Qwen Fennema
    Qwen Fennema 2 days ago

    They bow in the end because Mr Han fought their coach in a deleted scene

  • TriEssence Martial Arts

    Hey Im a big fan of your channel, but I would just like to clarify that in China, we do use bricks as Ping Pong net, the reason for this is simple, these Ping Pong tables are found in outdoor public places, net tend to get taken or broken, hence ppl end up using bricks.

  • OJ Greg Travels
    OJ Greg Travels 3 days ago

    Detroit is a real place

  • Michael Ojeh
    Michael Ojeh 4 days ago

    Will you ever do the real karate kid. No disrespect 😂

  • LeJon Brames
    LeJon Brames 4 days ago

    I'm from Detroit

  • Brayden M
    Brayden M 4 days ago

    The greatest sin this movie committed, was believing that, for some unknown reason, it could use anyone other than Elisabeth Schue for the girlfriend and it would work

  • Aaron Bradley
    Aaron Bradley 5 days ago

    As bad as this movie is you couldn't have done better

  • Chandler Gies
    Chandler Gies 5 days ago

    China knowledge fun: yes, every show has subtitles (not everyone speaks the same mandarin but most people read the same) and yes dubbed spongebob is real and it is awful.
    If the bully has a wealthy and well connected dad, they can get away with any-thing
    Forbidden city is never that empty.
    The gate at the Forbidden city was clearly fake or repainted for the movie.
    The running around Beijing montage is nuts as they cover dozens of miles and the backgrounds are CGIed creating a fake Beijing.

  • Captain Pantaloons
    Captain Pantaloons 5 days ago

    The skateboard isn't even bubble-wrapped, it's shrink-wrapped: making it even less likely to have survived.

  • Jaiden Espaillat
    Jaiden Espaillat 6 days ago

    Detroit is a place

  • Moist Child
    Moist Child 6 days ago

    No Daniel -1000
    No Myiagi -1000

  • ian long
    ian long 6 days ago

    11:30 you do realize they have had water pumps for thousands of years

  • Theodicist Eddie
    Theodicist Eddie 6 days ago

    "Detroit is not a real place?"

  • Laughing Man
    Laughing Man 6 days ago

    The main sin with this, it should be called the Kung Fu kid. There is zero Karate in it.

  • Art Gutierrez
    Art Gutierrez 7 days ago

    This movie is guilty of blatantly using a good movie's name and story to trick people in going to see a terrible rip-off.

  • The gr8 trans4mable bumble bee

    Once again : I would like to recommend that you do the original karate kid films and point out mistreatment myagi's badness plus danny larussos ridiculous stupidity.

  • code quick
    code quick 8 days ago

    this guy that’s talking need to stfu

  • TheGaming Wolf Explorer

    He looks like Tony stark but Asian right!😆

  • nifit
    nifit 8 days ago

    Actually if the water had bits of metal in and theirs Exetomagtisum in the Ground the water can go but you wouldn't be able to drink it and be ok.

  • Bjorn Ervig
    Bjorn Ervig 9 days ago

    Should've been called Wushu Kid since Kung Fu Panda exist and karate is Okinawan/Japanese. All Chinese cast with subtitles for English speakers directed by John Woo or Ang Lee.

  • Gaia Seraphina
    Gaia Seraphina 10 days ago

    My cousin trained Judo as a kid and he also had abs.
    Muscle gain don't disctiminate age.
    And ... better having a kid with abs than a fat kid (it's healthier).

  • Justin Katsopolis
    Justin Katsopolis 11 days ago

    The old Karate Kid is way better then this movie hands down.
    This movie should be called The Kung FU Kid but the original Karate Kid movie will always be better then this movie no matter what.

  • Kenny H
    Kenny H 12 days ago

    Karate is Japanese not Chinese ding!

    JZZY WLLMS 12 days ago

    2:47 "There's no nepotism like show nepotism! No nepotism, I know!" 😂🤣😂😭



  • Chucks_Dad
    Chucks_Dad 12 days ago

    Where is the end scene with Dumbledore telling Harry not to let him stop drinking out of the fountain?

  • Martin Gardner
    Martin Gardner 13 days ago

    +1 sin for you for not sinning the original movie.

  • L Lou
    L Lou 13 days ago

    Yes, they do dub & subtitle sponge bob square pants. Most foreigners will come just before the school year to teach. Tt is not racist to ask a black kid if he plays using a question, You play, right? In China anything will be used to replace something that has been broken, they literally will use something until it falls apart, I 100% the poverty part is FAR from the truth. Not sure that is a public school but most likely a private school as foreign children are not allowed access to public schools (in the state school sense). Yes, it is stereotypical, stereotyping, not racist, that everyone knows kungfu in China or Gungfu (how pronounced in China), nearly everyone does not know it, at all. Your point on the fountain is correct unless it was heated & the pressure forced the water up. I agree, the inappropriate way big movies sexulaise young kids is sick.

  • Jan Andrei Narag
    Jan Andrei Narag 13 days ago

    actually this movie is not karate beacuse karate matches always give players protective gear set and karate uniforms are only and always white kimono

  • Christopher Cao
    Christopher Cao 13 days ago

    half my life...

  • Luke Harman
    Luke Harman 13 days ago

    You sinned him because Detroit "isn't real" honestly you just sin stuff for the hell of it you fucking idiot

  • toby_belize
    toby_belize 14 days ago

    Just 115???? This entire movie was a sin hole

  • robert charlton
    robert charlton 15 days ago +1

    i lived in china for over 4 years, and yes they do subtitle their own shows and use bricks on ping pong tables

  • Timothy Cummings
    Timothy Cummings 15 days ago

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah... that shit funny as fuck

  • SCJ Sketch
    SCJ Sketch 16 days ago +1

    This series should be called, Everything I hate about Karate Kid, lmao

  • Tman001100
    Tman001100 17 days ago

    Lmao @ 10:49 "God...there better be a...fucking awesome....waterslide down from this motherfucker" xD

  • Bradarious Spar
    Bradarious Spar 17 days ago

    4:39 How Jaden Smith got any new roles after this movie is baffeling...Wait, Smith.....Dammit. Well After Earth taught Will he needed to stop bringing his son to "Bring Your Son to Work Day".

  • Wee Learn Ng
    Wee Learn Ng 17 days ago

    When jackie wrote 氣but it looks like 屎

  • Cer224
    Cer224 17 days ago

    I’d rather watch that one characters adventure then this movie cliché

  • mattihp
    mattihp 17 days ago

    No sin about Spongebob only being allowed in China for a short period?

  • Fire Savage27
    Fire Savage27 18 days ago

    I will give him the bully sin as the only viable one

  • We The People
    We The People 19 days ago

    PLEASE do EWW the original trilogy. (As a group would be the best, but separately is okay I guess)

  • jared lawe
    jared lawe 19 days ago

    the jacket that dre has to put up, is a training that is establish to discipline him,its in every karate training
    people why cant you think!!

  • Ella Yeet
    Ella Yeet 19 days ago

    Shut up you're annoying

  • DM -UG
    DM -UG 19 days ago

    Nothing is perfect except the infinite nature.so just respect everything to find the truth of EVERYTHING.

  • DM -UG
    DM -UG 19 days ago

    You don't know anything.you have no knowledge proved in your video.

    • Andy Miller
      Andy Miller 12 days ago

      Great job with your grammar and not understanding this channel.

  • DM -UG
    DM -UG 19 days ago

    All movies have minor mistakes but movies are for giving the right massage to the world and this movie gave 100% right massage to the world.and you are complaining because you don't know anything about anything you illiterate.

  • DM -UG
    DM -UG 19 days ago


  • DM -UG
    DM -UG 19 days ago

    Everything is actually wrong with you.you are so dumb that you can't understand the real massage of this movie.just try to evolve without comparing with everying.

  • DungeonX 89
    DungeonX 89 19 days ago

    Detroit is a real place

  • The Extermina6
    The Extermina6 20 days ago

    1:15 that nigga hair too curly

  • GingerBreadMan1178
    GingerBreadMan1178 20 days ago

    Wait.... wait what.. you don't see THAT many kids out door playing 4:00 Deserves a sin for sure cause I know that you know and that everybody in the world know that not that many kids plays out door anymore.

  • Nicke Picke
    Nicke Picke 21 day ago

    Is nobody going to comment why they dab and after it whip?

  • Jay
    Jay 22 days ago

    Taraji is the perfect woman. ALL SINS REMOVED! Ok.. SINS ADDED.. Karate is empty hand and JAPANESE. NOT CHINESE. 1 MILLION SINS ADDED.

  • josh Bayo
    josh Bayo 22 days ago

    You suck!!!!!

  • Caton Bowles
    Caton Bowles 22 days ago

    USA USA USA!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Edward Chance
    Edward Chance 22 days ago

    Jacket on jacket off hilarious

  • Can I get 1000 subs without a video?

    Detroit is not a real place? Wdym

    • Andy Miller
      Andy Miller 12 days ago

      Great job not getting the joke

  • jerico40cal
    jerico40cal 23 days ago

    What a total pile a shit. Except for Jackie Chan!

  • David Beachem
    David Beachem 23 days ago +1

    Detroit is not a real place? this narrator smoking heavy crack mane

    • Andy Miller
      Andy Miller 12 days ago

      So are you, for not getting the joke.

  • Michael Turner
    Michael Turner 24 days ago

    Yeh, Spongebob in China is dubbed and has subtitles..

  • Lexi
    Lexi 24 days ago

    What the title of this disgraceful remake should be:

    "The Kung Fu Pre - Teen"

  • huang huang
    huang huang 25 days ago

    why this movie even called karate kid? it's about kung fu ! not karate!!!

  • Devon Lott
    Devon Lott 26 days ago

    I'm from Detroit Fuck you

    Sike just playing love your channel 🤣🤣🤣

  • wheybig297
    wheybig297 27 days ago

    1:54 *Ding (That’s racist)

  • NPC#0 1
    NPC#0 1 27 days ago

    My seven year old son has a six pack, no it's not natural.

  • BobRossRebirth `'
    BobRossRebirth `' 27 days ago

    5:57 thats racist +1 sin

  • Sydney Hamilton
    Sydney Hamilton 28 days ago

    How Do I Said This To The Bullies In This Movie:

    Why So Red? Is It Because This Boy's Not Like You, Fred?
    Let Me Orange What Other Races Would Dread
    What Will Be Like If They Call You Yellow Fellow.
    It's Is It Because You're Green With Envy For Your Kind Being So Mellow
    Get A Clue, Lou, If You Insult Other Races, You'll Go Black And Blue
    It Would Be Violet If You're Picked On By Other Race Types
    If You Try To Change Yourself, You'll Arange...

  • mic1118 -_-
    mic1118 -_- 28 days ago +1

    This is basically Nathaniel bandys triggered videos but with movies not games

  • Richard Lanuza
    Richard Lanuza 28 days ago

    The healing thingamabob Jackie Chan did here is being practiced ins some Asian countries my country (Philippines) among them

  • -Riley Hildebrandt-
    -Riley Hildebrandt- 29 days ago

    Kay-Ray-tay kayed

  • Stoner Simpson
    Stoner Simpson 29 days ago

    This should be called I hate this movie. I liked this movie by the way.

  • Red Hood
    Red Hood 29 days ago

    Why detroit doesn't exist lol

  • Pulse Rozario
    Pulse Rozario 29 days ago +1

    14:14 It’s possible but expensive for you peasant!

  • Laser Tazer
    Laser Tazer 29 days ago

    OG is better

  • Spidey Guy
    Spidey Guy 29 days ago

    Detroit is not a real place


  • 3000Vegeta
    3000Vegeta Month ago

    Well for one, the main protagonist is learning Kung fu not karate which are two different fighting styles...

  • Dave Chambers
    Dave Chambers Month ago

    Your a phat homo rockspider

  • Fess Highlights
    Fess Highlights Month ago

    ur retarted

  • Young_Boy X
    Young_Boy X Month ago

    I was really waiting to see the kick 😭

  • Dyllin Clark
    Dyllin Clark Month ago

    Yeah I over analys movies like this guy to

  • Dyllin Clark
    Dyllin Clark Month ago

    The narrator is funny as *$#@.

  • paintz
    paintz Month ago

    Isnt it weird that the Movie is called karate kid but he teaches him kung fu?

  • Lowly
    Lowly Month ago +1

    Who else hates this movie?

  • Samuel Monroy
    Samuel Monroy Month ago

    Jack it on JACK IT OFF say it out loud

  • XxSuperSlammer23xX / YuansToyShow

    I bet everyone here came because of Cobra Kai. I honestly think the original Karate Kid is much better.

  • Macey McGregor
    Macey McGregor Month ago

    How is asking drey if he plays basketball racist

  • Jason Liu
    Jason Liu Month ago

    Ok so in Chinese and this may get disliked buuuuuuut at 6:44 the “fire healing thing” is probably a technique to heal injures Chinese people have strange forms of healing and helping for example MAKING YOU EAT BUG SOUP. also yes stranger danger especially in China is terrible. Also USA STATE DETROIT COME ON! I live in Canada

  • Matthew Velasquez
    Matthew Velasquez Month ago

    You such a fucker

  • Sam Cooper
    Sam Cooper Month ago

    You reach so much for these sins it's sickening. I hate what's happened to this channel

  • Keem Daughtry
    Keem Daughtry Month ago +1

    Detroit not a real place??? Ummm tf???

    • Andy Miller
      Andy Miller 12 days ago

      @Keem Daughtry Welcome. No adult should be ignorant to not get an obvious joke.

    • Keem Daughtry
      Keem Daughtry 12 days ago

      @Andy Miller love how your so caring lol aww its cute

    • Andy Miller
      Andy Miller 12 days ago +1

      @Keem Daughtry Yes, because it was a pretty obvious joke. I hope your sense of humor improves.

    • Keem Daughtry
      Keem Daughtry 12 days ago

      @Andy Miller yea not this joke. Would you like to continue ? :)

    • Andy Miller
      Andy Miller 12 days ago

      @Keem Daughtry Yeah, it's pretty obvious you have no idea about jokes.

  • Ian Dog
    Ian Dog Month ago

    Any movie with Will smiths son in a leading role is a trainwreck.

  • Howie Mandel
    Howie Mandel Month ago

    This movie was amazing.

  • Anindya Sarkar
    Anindya Sarkar Month ago

    Cheng vs Chozen in the future?

  • Computers
    Computers Month ago +1


  • typhoonBTW
    typhoonBTW Month ago

    They call it karate kid even tho they do Kung fu in the movie

  • sinhen li
    sinhen li Month ago

    Dude this is racist