Thankful teenage boy gives sweet speech during adoption

  • Published on Sep 25, 2018
  • This 13-year-old Oregon boy told a judge how happy he was to get adopted, and it brought his mom to tears. His sweet words about his family will melt your heart.
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  • Fatima Bouj
    Fatima Bouj 20 hours ago +1


  • Bella_ Brownee
    Bella_ Brownee Day ago

    This made my heart melt! Love is color blind♥️🙏🏾🍀

  • hoodphora
    hoodphora Day ago +1

    I’m literally crying 🥺💓

  • Deoidre LewisZX75

    We shouldn't care about the color of the skin or if their gay or if they have a disability, It's the fact the we are all people and we need to help one another.

  • De León
    De León Day ago

    There are people who dislike this?

  • Ashley Morgan
    Ashley Morgan 2 days ago

    Good Lord I'm a mess! That was so touching

  • Robert Champion
    Robert Champion 2 days ago


  • Lorivic Roma
    Lorivic Roma 2 days ago

    Awwww they luckyyyy,,,God Bless...

  • Brandon Betts
    Brandon Betts 2 days ago

    Now the world dont move to the beat of just one drum !!😂#differentstrokes

  • Mayus Jacob
    Mayus Jacob 2 days ago

    God is love,and love is what we all needs and,love is what this couple had given them. Happy they are.

  • Mary Cleary
    Mary Cleary 3 days ago

    If you didn’t cry when the mom cried then....

  • Viru Sehwag
    Viru Sehwag 3 days ago

    She's an Angel I have ever seen 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 Lots of 💓 & Respect.......

  • billy Bob
    billy Bob 3 days ago

    The pro-black people are not happy with this. They say whites only adopt black for an financial investment(see Michael Oher)

  • Fel
    Fel 3 days ago

    These dislikes are either racist white ppl or bitter black ppl. Guaranteed one of the two or a mixture of both

  • Ellie Krueger
    Ellie Krueger 4 days ago

    Congratulations to their family! Wishing them well and lots of happiness. Anyone can make a child, but it takes true love to raise, cherish and care for them.

  • Quentin Torbert
    Quentin Torbert 4 days ago

    This is a beautiful story. It touched my heart

  • La Lonster Empire
    La Lonster Empire 5 days ago

    I have adoption fever and I am too young and Broke and does not qualify.Definitely once I am blessed with all the necessities and things I want to achieve I truly want to open up my home to a child or two bcoz they are kids waiting for mom's and dad's to take them home

  • Shelbee Pollino
    Shelbee Pollino 7 days ago +2

    To quote the Grinch:
    “Help me...I’m...FEEEELING!!”
    😭😭😭😭 What a wonderful family, they are all blessings to each other.

    RUPALI RAJPUT 7 days ago

    Hlo i am noli , i need your help . I am finding adoptive parents for a girl . If you now some one ,who adopt a girl please tell me. Please.

  • Kumotta Kun
    Kumotta Kun 9 days ago

    I'm too lazy to google (yay, me) but what's the history of the court hammer? Or like the gist of it or something. Haha googling will probably give very technical results that my 1 remaining brain cell probably wouldn't be able to comprehend 😅😅😅

  • Richard B
    Richard B 9 days ago

    There's a sitcom right there.

  • Bruce Gelman
    Bruce Gelman 9 days ago

    Tearful hope for Humanity here...

  • Sj theOnly
    Sj theOnly 9 days ago

    haters gonna say it’s photoshopped

  • Juicy FireYT
    Juicy FireYT 9 days ago

    But glad they adopted them they beautiful families

  • Juicy FireYT
    Juicy FireYT 9 days ago

    He’s thankful cuz they rich obviously

  • Broderick Johnson
    Broderick Johnson 10 days ago

    Whomever that evil to hit the thumbs button in here is a fool. Things like this is amazing

  • Zeug Dings
    Zeug Dings 13 days ago

    kids really should be reared in their extreme cases maybe OK,,it's nothing against this family but all too often the kids become conflicted and either act out against the parents or against society in later life bc they feel they do not belong more Colin Kaepernicks, pls

    • John Lee
      John Lee 9 days ago

      a lot better being adopted by a white couple, than not being adopted at all. considering they are black and not so young, they got extremely lucky to be adopted at all. i imagine they would have a lifetime of heartaches and trouble if they weren't adopted, considering black culture.

  • Luv Life
    Luv Life 14 days ago

    Omg what lovely young men god bless them all from Britain

  • missym877
    missym877 15 days ago

    Aww they are so precious. I’m so happy for them :)

  • Chester Izzy
    Chester Izzy 15 days ago

    Fake AF don’t see blacks adopting opposite race kids. It’s rare I suspect

  • mikshin
    mikshin 15 days ago

    Adopted kids are The Chosen Ones.

  • Lawansuk Syiemlieh
    Lawansuk Syiemlieh 15 days ago

    Faith in humanity ❤

  • Lidia Khe
    Lidia Khe 16 days ago

    En una limocina :v
    Alv adóptenme

  • Paul Bink
    Paul Bink 16 days ago

    I wish that every moment on any place on the world would be so full of this happyness and love.

  • silja lin
    silja lin 17 days ago

    Dayshawn looks like a mini-CEO of a big, successful company.

  • Dick Triangle
    Dick Triangle 17 days ago +1

    Long live Western Civilization.

  • Atwiine Igonor
    Atwiine Igonor 17 days ago

    Why is there a bunch of new comments?

  • Jennifer Tonka
    Jennifer Tonka 18 days ago

    I just wanna cry

    FUN-TIME 18 days ago

    Both these black kids are going to end up being criminals. They should have adopted white kids.

  • كبعد المطر غيم

    Why is the world not always so full of compassion and kindness? We destroy the world with hatred and war

  • George MiLo
    George MiLo 19 days ago

    Diff'rent Strokes 2019

  • AyeAyeRon Molay
    AyeAyeRon Molay 19 days ago


  • Green Fig
    Green Fig 19 days ago

    💖 knows no boundaries

  • Jon Harwood
    Jon Harwood 19 days ago


  • dontbeshady411
    dontbeshady411 19 days ago


  • Cardion Don
    Cardion Don 19 days ago

    Just the fact that they are adopting these kids says so much about their hearts. They know the looks they will get and everything else from the ignorance folks spew on to other people. But they are still doing this anyway. If there were more people like them in this world, how much peaceful of a place this would be.

  • Batu Bulan
    Batu Bulan 19 days ago

    Thats one hot mum

  • Aline BlackLaw
    Aline BlackLaw 19 days ago

    She is so LOVELY

  • Kulsum H
    Kulsum H 20 days ago

    As someone who wants to adopt, this made me tear up so bad. May Allah/God keep them forever happy and shower his blessings on them.

  • Renata M.
    Renata M. 20 days ago

    This is so beautiful! Wishing this family the best ❤

    GOOGLETUBE 20 days ago

    The Judge knew before starting. They are smart like that. One sneak peek at "Mom" and it's an easy one.... Next case.

  • Brewin Quinto
    Brewin Quinto 20 days ago

    I’m assuming the parents aren’t Trumpers.

  • Good Girl
    Good Girl 21 day ago

    The mother said nothing but what i saw was a person who desperately wants to save the world, makes me want to change my whole life 💞

  • Christina C
    Christina C 21 day ago

    This just made my lousy day end on a great note...I'm 😭...these two people have such a loving can see how much they all love each like a family...this was meant to be...we need more people like them... blessings to this beautiful family... Mazel Tov🥰

  • red red
    red red 21 day ago +4

    Now I'm crying i am a black woman an this is so touching

  • FiredFromScanning FiredFromScanning

    sounds about white...guilt...

  • Hell's Kitchen Kritter and Friends

    I’m not crying 😭 just got something in my eye 😭😭😭😭

  • Macin Horstemeyer
    Macin Horstemeyer 21 day ago

    My two sisters and I were adopted.

  • Martin Wood
    Martin Wood 21 day ago

    Wearing a bow tie like Carlton banks at 16 telling people I ain’t going to Walmart that’s where black people go

  • Marty McFly • 28 years ago

    Get Out!!!