Things I Do that Adults Probably Don't Do (Jaiden Edition)

  • Published on Sep 3, 2017
  • adults, amirite?
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Comments • 77 895

  • LEGO And gaming
    LEGO And gaming 7 hours ago

    oh so I wasn't the only one who leaves the best bite for last

  • The Multi Tasker YT
    The Multi Tasker YT 7 hours ago

    I also eat through the "perfect bite tm" method.

  • Allsbro Gaming
    Allsbro Gaming 7 hours ago

    I do “the perfect bite” tactic

  • The Chosen Gamer of the gaming staff

    Finally someone who does the perfect bite TM or ©

  • The Blonde Chihuahua
    The Blonde Chihuahua 8 hours ago

    The perfect bite is sooooo me

  • Mattese Bryan
    Mattese Bryan 8 hours ago

    But wouldn't you want to start at the worst bite and work up to
    The Perfect Bite TM

  • DonutDan
    DonutDan 9 hours ago

    i do the perfect bite thing

  • Cody. S
    Cody. S 10 hours ago

    Me too I eat the Worst bite then at the end I eat the best one

  • Heroann
    Heroann 11 hours ago

    I actually do the same thing with food. Analysing, eat the worst first and than the best... I think i got this from a pokemon episode where some girl was in the same class like jessie and jessie always kept the best thing until the end and in this episode that was a dinosaur chicken nugget... And the other girl stole it from her soooo... Thats how i remember using this... I can totally understand you and nobody else understand me or they doing the same

  • Ariel Oxendine
    Ariel Oxendine 11 hours ago

    I do the perfect bite thing so ur not alone btw I’m 21

  • Angel Send from hell
    Angel Send from hell 11 hours ago

    I’ll do it for you I’ll do the perfect Bite

  • The Weebster
    The Weebster 11 hours ago

    4:54 I think I finally know why everyone hates me

  • Thefangirl 0110
    Thefangirl 0110 12 hours ago

    I have a similar way of eating but I kinda also start with the type of food that I like the least and eat the worst part of it first. So.....very close

  • charlie wood
    charlie wood 13 hours ago

    i’ve always ate food like that too wowee

  • Winslow
    Winslow 13 hours ago

    Yesterday, I started a new topic while the person was already walking away... They were almost gone...

  • Winslow
    Winslow 13 hours ago

    Everything you say about social anxiety is relatable.

  • dylan Nones
    dylan Nones 13 hours ago

    this awkward silent hapens to me 4:42

  • SpeDe
    SpeDe 13 hours ago

    i am suprised... i hvent subscribed you, but its good for now

  • Aaron Lycan
    Aaron Lycan 13 hours ago

    I do the same thing with the food irl to

  • jack8 Min
    jack8 Min 14 hours ago

    I do eat like this

  • Zainab Abu Bakar
    Zainab Abu Bakar 14 hours ago

    Actually, I also used to do and still do The Perfect Bite but I will start with the worst bite and work my way to the best one.

  • Cheryl Jaquin
    Cheryl Jaquin 15 hours ago

    When I heard about PERFECT BITE tm I been doing it ever since 🙂🙃

  • Team Fireblast
    Team Fireblast 15 hours ago

    I do the same actually even tho I'm a teen like 13

  • Fällen Ängel
    Fällen Ängel 16 hours ago


  • WolfyMeww Gaming
    WolfyMeww Gaming 16 hours ago

    When I eat brownies I eat the crunchy part last

  • Néstor Abreu Jiménez
    Néstor Abreu Jiménez 17 hours ago

    You're like my have the art of overcomplicating stuff

  • jasmine jio peertualangan UWU

    Legend say the eat poster is still in the kitecthen
    My englis is bad
    And i like my

  • TheGamingNet
    TheGamingNet 19 hours ago

    “When you’re in the kitchen you should probably *EAT* “

  • GolemGaming 2.0
    GolemGaming 2.0 21 hour ago

    i also do the perfect bite

  • Wyatt Gamer
    Wyatt Gamer 22 hours ago

    I do perfect bite tm stile

  • K1ll3RC4T Gaming
    K1ll3RC4T Gaming 22 hours ago

    i do Perfect Bite tm, ur not alone

  • Reilly Chamberlain
    Reilly Chamberlain 23 hours ago

    Awwwww Thanks!

  • Mint Berry Crunch

    I do that

  • Michele Holt
    Michele Holt Day ago

    Haha so funny

  • Itz Addie Lee!
    Itz Addie Lee! Day ago +1

    I do the perfect bite lol ,•

  • Arms fan
    Arms fan Day ago

    Megalovania intensifies die

  • Galactic
    Galactic Day ago

    The end of the vid just pointed out how hard RUcliprs actually work. And people
    Thinking they barely work and make money off of it but really, they’re probably doing double
    The amount of work

  • David c.
    David c. Day ago

    I hate the talking thing. When that happens. It's so cringy and bad

  • june merced
    june merced Day ago

    you make me so happy, it makes me feel so excited like an adult ;););)

  • Natilye Garvin
    Natilye Garvin Day ago +1

    I do the “ the perfect bite” ‘_’

  • Just Me
    Just Me Day ago

    You have good taste

  • Yan Yang
    Yan Yang Day ago

    i also do a lot of those things especially “The perfect bite tm”

  • Mario man
    Mario man Day ago

    i alredy do perfect bite ;]

  • Sam Wu
    Sam Wu Day ago +1

    5:49 this is literally me with EVERY SINGLE CONVERSATION WITH MY TEACHERS

  • Alpha wolf
    Alpha wolf Day ago

    Omg jaiden I do the same thing i do the perfect bite tm and i actually tryed to stop but I couldent

  • Kelsey The Kookie

    The perfect bite. I always do that but when my parent see me doing it they say "eat the best first" -_-

  • Marcus T
    Marcus T Day ago

    Things teenagers do that I dont do as a teenager: be despressed and anxious

  • Ryan Tan
    Ryan Tan Day ago

    Eat is a brand name in my country

  • evelyn jones
    evelyn jones Day ago

    I really am bad at ending conversations on the phone exactly with family. I'm super awkward around family and dont know how to be

  • unicorn person
    unicorn person Day ago

    *What's an adult?..*

  • Red Demonetized why me

    I do the perfect bite

  • Tomislav Belak
    Tomislav Belak Day ago

    I also do that with food

    RJZII Day ago

    Similar to the perfect bit thing... When eating shumai (a dumpling with shrimp) I always look at both sides and find the worst side to stab my fork into so that my tongue can experience the flatter goodness of the shrimp dumpling...

    And I also look for the best shumai to eat first... the worst to best.

  • Cutiecats
    Cutiecats Day ago

    I do it all the time

  • Cara Marais
    Cara Marais Day ago +1

    I also walk away to end a conversation

  • Boop Studios
    Boop Studios Day ago

    When I eat I taste both of the things and decide which one tastes better and eat it last
    When I’m eating I will eat one bite with one side of my mouth and one bit on the other
    (These are things that I do that other people probably don’t do)

  • Mello Puff
    Mello Puff Day ago

    6:41 Introvert problems 👌🏻

  • Victoria Plays
    Victoria Plays Day ago +8

    “Maybe I can copyright it too..”

  • Ahmed Arabi
    Ahmed Arabi Day ago

    I do The Perfect Bite TM

  • Master Tux
    Master Tux Day ago +2

    Me : How’s the toucan?

    Jaiden: it’s TOUCAN