Why The US Has No High-Speed Rail

  • Published on May 7, 2019
  • China has the world’s fastest and largest high-speed rail network - more than 19,000 miles, the vast majority of which was built in the past decade.
    Japan’s bullet trains can reach nearly 200 miles per hour and date to the 1960s. They have moved more than 9 billion people without a single passenger causality. casualty
    France began service of the high-speed TGV train in 1981 and the rest of Europe quickly followed.
    But the U.S. has no true high-speed trains, aside from sections of Amtrak’s Acela line in the Northeast Corridor. The Acela can reach 150 mph for only 34 miles of its 457-mile span. Its average speed between New York and Boston is about 65 mph.
    California’s high-speed rail system is under construction, but whether it will ever get completed as intended is uncertain.
    Watch the video to see why the U.S. continues to fail with high-speed trains, and some companies that are trying to fix that.
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    Why The US Has No High-Speed Rail

Comments • 31 539

  • Ivan Kudinov
    Ivan Kudinov 2 hours ago

    Америка - слишком великая страна, чтобы так легко и просто как остальные отсталые братья и сёстры взять и сбахать новую железную дорогу.
    Перевод: корпорациям нахрен не впёрлось тратить охуелиарды денег, которые отобьются лет через 50.
    Добраться на поездах из а/п Нарита (Токио) в центр г.Хиросима оказалось много проще и так же по времени, нежели на самолёте и такси. 🤷‍♂️
    Никаких регистраций, досмотров, очередей. Быстро, удобно, комфортно, тихо.

  • Cameron
    Cameron 4 hours ago

    8:05 is the worst excuse I’ve ever heard as to why the US has a worse rail system. Europe has private property, labor laws and regulation, environmental regulation, etc. In fact, in loads of places they have MORE regulations. They still are so much more effective, efficient, and robust. It’s also not our size or our terrain. China is slightly larger than the US and Japan is very mountainous and they both still have advanced rail. There are some things that make rail difficult to conceive in the US but not so many that we can’t do it. We just aren’t willing to do it.

  • Karl-benny johansson
    Karl-benny johansson 5 hours ago

    Because your Auto industry did not want it

    KONGO JOHN 11 hours ago

    All you need is for the train go at 100 so driving less attractive

    KONGO JOHN 11 hours ago

    We prefer war

  • Carlos Calderon
    Carlos Calderon 13 hours ago

    I live in New York the subway system are sucks make me feel living in poor country rats all over garbage peeling paint, and much more completely sucks

  • suke
    suke 14 hours ago +1

    Corporate greed ... Auto industry influence ... Political sway ... oil/gas behemoths

  • aa bb
    aa bb 15 hours ago

    High speed is higher than 300km/h. Others already have 600 km/h passenger and 300km/h freight trains.Planes can't fly at bad weather, trains can run at almost all weathers Ha haha 7;35 "boring and cutting: Then what is Shinkansen passing through mountains and seabeds? What is the Sancheon train that passed the world's last mainline switchback on June 3, 2012 1130HRS? (I was there) What happened during the Pyeongchang olympics? A high speed train passed through the now underground Yongsan line and went right to Pyeongchang through mountaineous terrain. All this is possible by compensated confiscation as land basically belongs to the state.

  • aa bb
    aa bb 15 hours ago

    because the US is an oil-based economy. Trains have replaced planes in many countries and wheelset has reached 830km/h, just 20km/h short of a plane's max speed. Electricity based trains would result in massive loss of jobs. Both low and high social classes. In the US, silver spoon east coast youngsters go to oil companies, not electricity ones. Even German electric locomotives have reached 370km/h long ago while Korea and China have 600km/h and Korea has started 1200km/h tube train with its own technology that predates Elon Musk by almost a decade. While planes can NEVER go faster than 850km/h, rail will reach hypersonic speed and that at intercontiental distances. A US businessman called Morse built the first legal railway in Korea in 1897 but how is it now?

  • h h
    h h 17 hours ago

    Basically auto and oil industries coq blocking

  • hesquiaht son
    hesquiaht son 19 hours ago

    This would not be a very smart thing to build when you are the most hated and greedy country in the world,but again it would be interesting to see how this would unfold into a news breaking disaster. How much opportunity would be presented to all who hate the american way of life.

  • Danny Lo
    Danny Lo 21 hour ago

    Greed, corruption & lobbyist with special & personal interests, potentially tied to airline & auto industries.

  • tyler maloney
    tyler maloney Day ago

    That help get the corn to market.

  • Joe Turcotte
    Joe Turcotte Day ago

    Americans like cars and like to be independant and free. Since the electic cars are coming soon, why not stay independant and continue to use cars?

  • Yrt
    Yrt Day ago

    Because Trump has to subsidize the coal industry. When they figure out how to make Maglev trains run on coal, we're back in business!

  • Hongsheng Luo
    Hongsheng Luo Day ago

    You don’t need it

  • Surud Patel
    Surud Patel Day ago

    America & American States have become too big & prime target for Financial Failures of any given Big Infrastructure Projects such as High Speed Railway. Ignoring Infrastructure for far too long & concentration on the Military Industrial Complex has put the Nation behind Developing Nations by Decades .

    RICHARD TOMA Day ago +1

    They need you to stay in cars. Make more money.

  • Ferdinand Hakan
    Ferdinand Hakan 2 days ago

    If the president of the United States holds a life term like Xi Jinping, he will build a high-speed rail because it is difficult to complete the high-speed rail in four years.

  • Karl Bryant
    Karl Bryant 2 days ago

    Such a shame😤

  • Vernes Choi
    Vernes Choi 2 days ago +1

    Because US' public transportation system is sucks.

  • Ryan Ruan
    Ryan Ruan 2 days ago

    The simple facts here is in china, high-speed rail tickets are almost the same expensive as airplane tickets between all major citys.

  • Zhiyuan Chen
    Zhiyuan Chen 2 days ago +1

    The answer in short: American manufacturing has sucked for a long time.

  • Jun Esparez
    Jun Esparez 2 days ago

    Because americans very safety minded

  • 780truck
    780truck 2 days ago


  • voyager619sd
    voyager619sd 2 days ago

    It's because USA rail workers can't even manage to keep a slow moving freight train on the track.

    Sadly USA rail workers will never, ever, match the world's best rail workers. The Japanese. No other country on earth can match the safety record of their Shinkansen. China, Europe, USA, have all had deadly crashes.

  • Jo Schmo
    Jo Schmo 2 days ago

    The private sector has too much control over the U.S. government. No way these car companies, airlines, and gas companies let that happen. They'll simply hand out the cash to all of the congressman, senators and governors and it'll go away. All these excuses are ridiculous. These middle aged and old white republicans dont want this country to progress. They're holding on to the past and the money like their lives depend on it.


    Vacuum tube transportation has been proposed since the 1960s of speeds up to 10,000 mph. Rand corporation was one company that proposed it in 1972. Elon Musk has a recent idea of Hyperloop. Speeds exceeding 600 mph. If America does this we would be solidly back in the transportation leader role.


    Most of those countries are small so cost is lower. Compare thatto what a LA to NY high speed rail would cost. it would be astronomical. Also our deficit needs to be brought down before federal funding is to seriously go toward such projects.

  • John Billings
    John Billings 3 days ago

    What makes the "electrified"?
    Our system won't handle as is...
    Wait for the black outs this winter...
    Well need ... nuke plants?
    More wind mills...
    Guess who's drooling in the shadows...

    • John Billings
      John Billings 3 days ago

      In short. Wouldn't our Government hate doing whatever the hell they want.

  • KWG
    KWG 3 days ago

    I used Korea's KTX for many years as an expat. Very convenient but an expensive sport. 95% of the time... I would rather drive. Stop in those little towns and eat good food etc.. etc..

  • The Fibler
    The Fibler 3 days ago +1

    2 reasons: The GOP and US Oil Compnaies

  • t lam
    t lam 3 days ago

    We need Andrew Yang in office

  • Ben Cassilo
    Ben Cassilo 3 days ago

    The problems are pride and stupidity and wastage. The China State Railway Group Company offers to build it for 8bln, 1/3 of the proposed budget but US govt CANNOT let this happen citing all components of the rail must be MADE-IN-USA. Also, they will lose face if they let a Chinese corporation linked govt build this in our backyard. Let's face the truth.. we just can't build it
    China now has the fastest and biggest high speed rail in the world, even faster than Japan and France.
    Too bad... we're the 3rd world now.

  • Nhat Huynh
    Nhat Huynh 4 days ago

    the boring company will change all of that

  • Edamami
    Edamami 4 days ago +1

    I don’t think I’ll be seeing this in my lifetime unfortunately

  • Martain Roth
    Martain Roth 4 days ago

    Seems like Microsoft is going to spend $300 million on rail so that it can get workers who can afford to come work for $15/hr.

  • Tours Hou
    Tours Hou 5 days ago

    "They don't have environment regulations in China."
    China: "Excuse me?"

    • Even Yang
      Even Yang Day ago

      KWG bro I suggest Shenzhen

    • Anheng Xi
      Anheng Xi 2 days ago

      @KWG Must admit Chinese environment policies are far from perfect, but China is certainly one of the countries that is making the most progress. We are planting millions of trees each year to fight desertification. Solar power and wind turbines are rapidly installed throughout the country. Relevent regulations are put together. Sure the air quality and water still sucks, but China is doing a much better job than the U.S. which pulled apart from the climate agreement.

    • Bob Eats_Lollipop
      Bob Eats_Lollipop 2 days ago

      @KWG I'd say Shanghai is a lot better than Beijing cause they don't burn so much coal for the cold winter. Also the steel factories in Hebei aren't nearby. But anyway - I personally don't think bad pollusion proves there's no regulation at all. It's a super populous place after all, and anything can happen if a fifth of the world decides to keep warm and manufacture stuff.

    • KWG
      KWG 3 days ago

      They don't. I lived and worked there traveling everywhere. The pollution is terribly obvious...the smog is atrocious and seriously dangerous...I liked China...but sorry...after a year, I ran back home...not a healthy environment at all... especially the cities from Beijing to Shanghai.

  • TC
    TC 5 days ago

    Why does it cost $150 MILLION to build a mile of highway? That's $28,000 per foot!

  • Franklin Liranzo
    Franklin Liranzo 5 days ago

    we are fighting big companies: like airlines, car companies put enormous pressure on politicians to vote against high speed... in the end they don't really care about what is best for the people, but rather what is best for their pockets... Our government prefers to spend millions on wars, than fix its own flaws...

  • Toby W
    Toby W 5 days ago

    Rail money is sponged up by union attitudes, waste, delays, Mass transit requires everyone to stop for one passenger to get on or off. Slow trips increase rail costs per person per day. Two trips per day costs about twice as much as 4 trips per day in terms of infrastructure to passenger ratios. POVs in Tesla loop tunnels lets passengers go door to door.

  • MrAutospec
    MrAutospec 5 days ago

    You can`t even switch to metric you morons...

  • Dan
    Dan 6 days ago

    The reason that the United States of America has no High Speed Rail is the Presence of Unions that artificially cause prevailing wage to rise above the economic normal. That's why the Union Member idiots in this video "don't know" why projects are so expensive. Unions artificially restrict who can join their group with the requirement of "References". This is where Uncle BillyBob writes a bunch of lies for a moron nephew to join the local Union. Even if an individual has all the skills for the job, the honest and skilled individual will not get a job in a Union on his/her own merits. [AMAZING FACT] : Any Union which cannot sustain it's retired members without the intake of the "New Politically Chosen Members" IS A PONZI SCHEME/SCAM. UNIONS ARE ONLY MEANT BY FORCE OF POLITICS TO MAKE A FEW PEOPLE WEALTHY. Don't join a union in the USA because when you do, the economy suffers.



  • Harry Gruber
    Harry Gruber 7 days ago

    Because the the state or the political leaders from that state want to make a profit from every project they get their hands on. Also you have environmental wackos who always would find something these projects shouldn’t get of the ground. They usually belong to the progressive party.

  • petey3965
    petey3965 7 days ago

    It's pathetic really,.

  • Bookof Nahum
    Bookof Nahum 7 days ago +2

    They do have high speed trains. It's just that they are all so fat the trains struggle.

  • Alex A
    Alex A 7 days ago


  • sergey 7
    sergey 7 7 days ago +1

    Why in Russia there are no railways. Because Russia is a garbage dump.

  • Ducati M
    Ducati M 7 days ago

    Get it through your thick head it’s corruption and you guys wasted all your money and what do you have to show for it!

  • Yohan Han
    Yohan Han 8 days ago

    Ktx is the best

  • herbert92x
    herbert92x 8 days ago

    This video plays like a whiney socialist propaganda piece. One dude was actually lamenting the fact that the state doesn't own all the land - like in Communist China. Another was lamenting the fact that it would take national focus like during WW-2? An existential threat being compared to rail? LOL!

  • mihosinzan
    mihosinzan 8 days ago

    I am not familiar with the US case, but in Japan three High-Speed Rails are under construction. Basically they are planed and built by government agency. After finished construcion and trains start running, Operator(JR) have to pay the usage fee of trucks and this will be used for repayment of construction cost.

  • fred sims
    fred sims 8 days ago

    But we can still shoot each other.

  • Gustavo Moreno
    Gustavo Moreno 8 days ago

    Yo siento que en los USA hay muy buenos aeropuertos y no necesitan trenes ,Además es muy barato y rápido el avión.

  • Chad Wyble
    Chad Wyble 8 days ago

    Boils down to two political parties that exist only for their on own existence and to grow their political power. Theses two political parties no longer care to be bothered with actual governance or existing to serve the public. I loved taking the Ave' train in Spain and the rail system in the UK has its problems but its takes a lot of cars off the road, and is very convenient going city to city. in my experience.

  • Searchingforcrosser
    Searchingforcrosser 8 days ago

    I MEAN what CASE STUDY ON TRANSPORTATION says 4 or even 6 seater vehicles surpasses trams or buses with regards to efficiency and mass movability? NONE THAT I HAVE READ. USA should stop 'throwing a tantrum' and wake up. Your automobile dream is sh*t. It WAS and WILL ALWAYS BE. It was idiotic for you to halt railway development. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER and develop the railway system.

    • DeProgram
      DeProgram 8 days ago +1

      democrats have been inpower before, they don't want trains either.

  • Jack Honsinger
    Jack Honsinger 8 days ago +1

    north east corridor has alot of geometry? wtf that means nothing.

  • Anand Suk
    Anand Suk 8 days ago

    You know why when America been building these countries had nothing and America do not need to be like other

  • ricky csl
    ricky csl 9 days ago

    Shanghai to Beijing is 820 miles apart and with HSR of 217 mph top speed it can reach on average time of 4hrs 20mins. And they’re already testing on new speed of 373 mph currently. Just imagine from New York to Washington in less than half an hour travel whereby current train service needs 3hr plus.