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Hey guys, the holidays are coming up and that means it's time to travel for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, New Years Eve and all the other end of year parties! I created a 11 list(because I wanted to add a bonus) of my favorite travel life hacks that you can use today to make your holiday vacation go a little smoother! Do you have any life hacks or tips of your own? Don't be shy, list them below!

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Автор maggie luo ( назад)
You should roll your clothes to minimum space

Автор Itz Ash ( назад)
I'm going to LA

Автор Ran Kitahara ( назад)
who packs that so many socks?

Автор Susanna Graciano ( назад)

Автор Maria Rosa ( назад)
Im going to Dubai bora bora in 1 month

Автор Aubrey Jacob ( назад)
I'm going to Hawaii!!!!!

Автор Audrey Wongchinsri ( назад)
Love your hair!

Автор _Aquariums_rock_ ( назад)
California, Disneyland, SeaWorld, family, beach

Автор Isabelle Taylor ( назад)

Автор Josie Schiesswohl ( назад)
I'm going to Utah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Noor Ayop ( назад)
I'm visiting Egypt in less than a month!

Автор Ellie Ho ( назад)
California. 11 hour drive

Автор Celia Tall ( назад)

Автор Martyna Kita ( назад)
I am going to Grees

Автор Tash Talalla ( назад)
I'm going to bed from my living room

Автор loveusoc ( назад)
Peru in August!!!!

Автор Kendall Ballard ( назад)
New York

Автор Shoog 0401 ( назад)

Автор delilaA forsua ( назад)
I'm going to hong kong diesney land

Автор Zaina Babu ( назад)
I'm going to Dubai

Автор Purple Wolf ( назад)
I'm going to DisneyWorld for 2 weeks and then a week in North Carolina in a few months 😁 (I'm excited because I never went to DisneyWorld)

Автор Trisha reddy ( назад)
I am going to Europe

Автор rinsablecandy25 ( назад)
I'm go n to Orlando

Автор Maria Chat ( назад)
If you are reading this comment, you are beautiful, wonderful and you deserve the best in life!
Make internet a beautiful place and post lovely comments whenever you can! Enjoy the rest of your day, Maria xxx

Автор Paeton Smith ( назад)

Автор Felicia Thompson ( назад)
For Memorial Day I'm going to Austin or New Orleans

Автор Hetaa Petaa ( назад)
i go to PARIS

Автор Deyar Khalid ( назад)
l am going to Germany

Автор blue lover ( назад)
Orlando Disney world/land

Автор Hi Kawaii ( назад)

Автор Kylie Andrews ( назад)
St. Lucia for spring break!

Автор Razan Barakat ( назад)
I've tried some of these tips before and i thought of the tea and free hot water but never actually did it because I thought it would be weird asking of hot water and paying for it. or not paying for it even weirder.

Автор Shiro Tomori ( назад)
I will, soon, go visit some museums and all.
I live in Turkey and our school organized a trip to Canakkale!
I hope it'll be fun.

Автор Shiro Tomori ( назад)
I will, soon, go visit some museums and all.
I live in Turkey and our school organized a trip to Canakkale!
I hope it'll be fun.

Автор Carla Love's ( назад)
love you're channel! I'm new subscriber😊

Автор Leslie Romero ( назад)
am going to Houston TX.

Автор thisbitchything ( назад)
im going to india in may which is 2 months from now and yet i cant stop watching travel videos.

Автор Pretty Girl ( назад)
im going to italy

Автор Aisling Crowe ( назад)
I'm going to spain

Автор Marina Latu ( назад)
brilliant tips!

Автор Elaina Ingegneri ( назад)
new jeresy new York London Paris Belgium Netherlands

Автор Ellie Waters ( назад)
1 you can't carry a knife abroad, 2 why not just take deodorant? 3 what if the shop didn't sell lemons?

Автор Unsia Ahmed ( назад)
🇩🇪 germany

Автор Clearly Laura ( назад)
I'm going to Las Vegas,California,Arizona,New Mexico and the Grand Canyon

Автор SAS Sisters ( назад)
Me ah goin to Trinidad

Автор hannah miniard ( назад)
ewwww who uses lemon on there armpits

Автор hannah miniard ( назад)
I'm going to Tennessee

Автор Jalisa Crawford ( назад)
going to finally travel on an airplane... hopefully

Автор Monica Hernandez ( назад)
Omg I love these hacks!!

Автор Color Lover129 ( назад)
im going to hawaii in two days :)

Автор Life as Anushka ( назад)

Автор martha davies ( назад)
i am going to spain

Автор infero bro ( назад)
I am going to gorgia

Автор shruti singh ( назад)
This is'nt useful at all 👎👎👎👎

Автор Reyah santos ( назад)
I'm going to school camp!!! I'm so excited🤓

Автор rad marta ( назад)
these are such great hacks! thank you so much!

Автор Hui Qi Lei ( назад)
I going to America

Автор Marin Scheirerlein ( назад)

Автор Laila Minhaj ( назад)
Am going from my bedroom to terrace 😜

Автор Nazanin Arabi ( назад)
how can you bring a knife on a plane?????

Автор Eabha Mclaughlin ( назад)
I love them teas

Автор Tanzeen Bristy ( назад)
1 min n 22 seconds in the video.. n here I am confused AF, wondering since when packing a deodorant is harder than packing a knife? 🤔

Автор Sarah Wilkinson ( назад)
travel hacks
1) lemon for armpits
2) bring reusable thermal cup and take tea bags
3) use 'press and seal 'and put necklaces in between two sheets
4) use medicine container for jewelry
5) reusable shopping bags; put fragile bags in it to protect it in the airplane
6) toilet paper roll organiser for long cables
7) use plastic wrap and cover your bottles to prevent leakage
8) put perfume bottles in socks
9) perfume bottle then cover it with all your socks
10) put cotton lads in between compacts to stop it from breaking it
11) use business card to wrap around earphones to prevent it from tangling

Автор Gabe Cardoza ( назад)
Heading to Berlin, Germany in the summer.

Автор Indy B ( назад)
I'm going to furventura

Автор Miki Mani ( назад)
i'm going to dubai, london and paris for my birthday

Автор CAilton D ( назад)

Автор Jess Clay ( назад)
they let u carry a knife 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

Автор LunaPlayz Minecraft ;3 ( назад)
I'm going to Orlando. Disney. Sooo excited

Автор lala vw ( назад)
Paris France

Автор SuperCute KawaiiGirls ( назад)
I keep getting hair adds

Автор Ilham Blogs ( назад)
I'm going Dubai

Автор Ali Higgins ( назад)
I'm going to Lanzarote in the summer!!

Автор Emma Rose ( назад)
Costa Rica!

Автор Ksharmachine ( назад)
going to the bahamas!!

Автор the Beanie Boo show ( назад)

Автор Renat LeonGardus ( назад)
Going to meet Santa, that asshole didn't give me any presents...

Автор Mythily Renjish ( назад)

Автор Dallas Fisher ( назад)
I'm going to Bahamas

Автор Natalie Toman ( назад)
I'm going to spain

Автор Maya Bixby ( назад)
Luxembourg Paris cocum Iceland

Автор Awsome Unicorn ( назад)
I'm going to Ibiza in may so this is really helpful xoxo Poppy xoxo 😘

Автор shayra soriano ( назад)
Question can you take a razor to shave your legs or what not?

Автор melisa d ( назад)

Автор Avery Mentzinger ( назад)
The lemon one would not work the airport woyld not let you have a knife

Автор Crystal Diamante ( назад)
Wichita Falls TX

Автор Isabella The crybaby ( назад)
I'm going to cuba next month for 2 weeks

Автор Jess Mooney ( назад)
I'm going to Orlando Florida for 2 weeks in 5 days

Автор Faizah Uddin ( назад)
Since it's 2017 I'm going to Saudia Arabia on june 21

Автор Diana Reed ( назад)
Fabulous tips! Thanks!

Автор Dingus Avr ( назад)
I'm moving back to Scotland

Автор Emily buchanan ( назад)
For any cables rap them with a hair tie

Автор Gabby withthecrybabies ( назад)
im taking a bus

Автор Haya The great ( назад)
I'm going to Lahore

Автор Ambers Corner ( назад)
I'm going to Belgium for 5 days

Автор Kaci Morrison ( назад)

Автор Janyiah Coleman ( назад)
I am going to Atlanta for a field trip that is 3 and a half days i am so excited

Автор IsaBella Schell ( назад)
I'm going to the beach 5 hours away!!!!!!!

Автор Rose Mimikyu ( назад)
Am going to Peru 🇵🇪

Автор precious pearl ( назад)
Going for Pakistan tour

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