SaraBeautyCorner Funny Moments and Bloopers!

  • Published on Mar 4, 2019
  • Funny SaraBeautyCorner Moments! Sara, Katie, Toby and Teacher having fun while filming for the Sara Beauty Corner RUclip channel! Haha Compilation of favorite behind the scenes moments, skits and parodies!
    In this funny comedy video for kids you will see comedy skits and behind the scenes bloopers of SarabeautyCorner videos. Sara and Katie plus teacher take you on a fun back to school adventure that will make you laugh for sure! This comedic parody is perfect for kids, teenagers, boys, girls and entire family. You will also see some behind the scenes bloopers and funny moments! Let me know if you want to see even more behind the scenes from filming funny RUclip videos!
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  • Beep Beep - DIY, Life Hacks, Pranks

    Hey guys! This is a collection of funny moments and bloopies from some of my videos! Let me know if you want to see more of these going forward. I'm also thinking of filming behind the scenes for some videos that I'll be making in the future. I could make a vlog-like video, where you could get an insight into what goes down behind the scenes when making a SaraBeautyCorner video. Would you like that? My newest video - CAR DOES ART:

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    When she done the one with the puffy paint how do you not go on the camera

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    Is it only me who thinks that these bloopers are creative / beautiful more than being funny....😉
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    1:34 she looked like cruella devill 😂

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    Soooooo funny

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    I love watching Sara's videos THAY ARE SO ADDICTIVE I have exams 2moro and I'm still watching her videos!!!!!

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    Do any of u realise that u cant have a good game without the teacher looking u cant play very well

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    0:24 No offense but, anyone can view the toys by that angle.
    By th way, good videos they are one in a million!!!!

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    😂😂😂😁👍 Very nice Sara my favourite part was when you repeated the words of your teacher because I said so
    There was one more funny moment if you remember in one of your videos when your teacher fainted while saying stop eating glue

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