FACETIME SECRETS | Rudy Mancuso, Lele Pons & Anwar Jibawi

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Автор Rudy Mancuso ( назад)
Enjoy. Subscribe for more - new videos every week.

Автор RANDOM ( назад)
He says he is studying at the library but his boss calls him to ask if the files are done???????????

Автор Xx_Nsyafiq_xX Xx_Hamzah_xX ( назад)

Автор マディ -ちゃん ( назад)
Squad goals is Real! 😂

Автор Sana Spencer ( назад)
Okay I lied this is my fave haha

Автор alex 1280z ( назад)
@lelepons laughing is evil

Автор Gaby Carrillo ( назад)
you're selling Espanol

Автор floor Van Driel ( назад)
i love u soooooo much i Love u ideas

Автор LJ Puns ( назад)
i just can't stop loving rudy tbh.
his videos always leaves a smile on my face❤❤❤

Автор Tilka N ( назад)
Imagine that he accidentally didn't end the call...😂😂😂(sorry if I made any mistake above, I'm not a native speaker)

Автор Josyele Belieber ( назад)

Автор Aomine ( назад)
0:09 Hyi helvetti :DD

Автор Angel Law ( назад)
lul. saw it comin'

Автор Amy Saunders ( назад)
LOVE YOU VIDEOS 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️💛💛💛💚💚💚💙💙💙💜💜💜💗💗💗

Автор _Uniquely Weird_ ( назад)
So much for a FaceTime grabe


Автор dinu d1 ( назад)
When his mom call he's studying and then his boss calls?

Автор Gapajp21 ( назад)
More roleplays plz

Автор Derek Buy ( назад)
Why are they face timing why won't they call not face time

Автор Besties 101 ( назад)
What if the other guys' friends or sumthin called?

Автор Chloe Zoratti ( назад)
Is Lele drunk??

Автор Kang Xiong ( назад)
₩ when is your birthday

Автор Kang Xiong ( назад)
For the xiong family

Автор Jair Aguilar ( назад)

Автор Lety Olguin ( назад)

Автор Pablo Escobar ( назад)
😂😂😂😂😂why did lele even call????

Автор Alyssa Houng ( назад)
Who else could tell that Lele was also faking it? 😂

Автор BlueKickFHX MCPE and MORE! ( назад)
Who Likes This Video I Hope That He Meet Rudy And Get 100000000000000000000$

Автор Lyra Che ( назад)

Автор Sierra Hellen ( назад)
Omg lele at the end tho 😂😂😂

Автор Crazzy Cat ( назад)
Lele nice girl

Автор Anthonylovesyou Anthonylovesyou ( назад)
Omg their dating ludy

Автор Sophia Lovato ( назад)
The last one though😂😂

Автор JairSss ( назад)

Автор Jess Xiong ( назад)
You guys are so funny

Автор Rilakkuma Xiong ( назад)
Good jobbbb

Автор Nathan Meszaros ( назад)
You are the best

Автор Sinai Finau ( назад)
😂 his neighbor

Автор Ernie n/a ( назад)
the last scene seem expected but it was funny

Автор Alson Ranger ( назад)
Rudy makes those videos where you can watch and watch all over again

Автор Tasha Ezell ( назад)
lele was doing to

Автор Beausy 12 ( назад)
Is it just me who felt bad for the neighbour 😭❤️

Автор Paulina Vazquez ( назад)
that's me

Автор sun chunxia ( назад)
what?? why did lele pons even call him in the first place?why would she do that?it makes no sense

Автор Athul Krishnan ( назад)

Автор Jenna_ Box ( назад)
the ending cracked me up 😂

Автор Mariam Al Muhairy ( назад)

Автор Elisarights ( назад)
DAT ending do

Автор MANTE LIB ( назад)
so good

Автор Extreme SHAAN ( назад)
These r so true

Автор Kay's Universe ( назад)
Lele's face looked really red 😂

Автор Marina Mariana ( назад)
Rudy coloca legenda em português por favor

ps: Te amo💛😍

Автор MadMaxTubeHD ( назад)
Why did lele FaceTime if she had a secret

Автор Olive Ndikum ( назад)
Too strong bro! I love it. One of my first times to watch yo vids dude, they're great!

Автор clyde angelo moneva ( назад)
you should call the video
face time or fake time

Автор HOLYBLADE36487 awx ( назад)
are you a musician

Автор HOLYBLADE36487 awx ( назад)
I subscribe

Автор HOLYBLADE36487 awx ( назад)

Автор Lorena Botero ( назад)
why would lele call if she was faking too?

Автор TrainShrek4 ( назад)
2:42 you made a mistake. If you are in bed, then how could Lele not be in the same bed as you if your girlfriend and boyfriend.

Автор The amazing crazy Emoji ( назад)
Sgx x

Автор Astrid The Amazing ( назад)
Don't hit "read more"

Americans these days...

Автор Golden Core ( назад)
Is it just me or does rudys mom look a lot like faze rugs mom

Автор Imanol Cheatham ( назад)
why did lele fake a call when ahe didnt really have to call...

Автор Dhanya R ( назад)
I love Lele's laughter at the end.

Автор Monika Mrowinska ( назад)
was Rudy face time Lele or did lely face time Rudy which one😑😑

Автор Littlefatfox _msp ( назад)
Thank G

Автор Faebinder ( назад)

Автор Pia Freymüller ( назад)
does anyone else just really really love leles laugh, i played it back like 60 times

no...just me... ok

Автор Jens Jamie ( назад)
So Rudy takes a sniffs everytime he lies, acts tired or innocent..

Автор Meshal ALOTAIBI ( назад)

Автор Dangerzzoommm Cool ( назад)
Epic twist doe

Автор Ifat Sharmin ( назад)
the ending part was awesome!!

Автор Shadi .e ( назад)
the last one was the bessssttt😅😅😂😂😂LMFAO

Автор Sadman sadik ( назад)
I like every video on this channel

Автор tim hardie-neil ( назад)
fuck leles laugh though

Автор Carmelo Solarino ( назад)
The end part wasn't expected😂😂

Автор Brayden Mascord ( назад)
I wonder if Elle pons is actually Rudys girlfriend

Автор Lilliy Lilac ( назад)
I love leles laugh tho hehehehhe

Автор The Lutete Family ( назад)
You are cute 😍 m'y
name is aynna 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😎😎😎

Автор The Lutete Family ( назад)

Автор The Lutete Family ( назад)

Автор THE duckyc ( назад)
I knew what will happen right at the second when Lele pop up

Автор Yassine Hartaoui ( назад)

Автор Samira Selmani ( назад)

Автор Foxyhunger Girl ( назад)
Wag it lele

Автор yazmin trejo ( назад)
love your vines

Автор Alex Madero ( назад)
tal para cual!

Автор Anwar abdul khader ( назад)

Автор Ananas Comosus ( назад)
This is the best

Автор The Lutete Family ( назад)
your are cette

Автор The Lutete Family ( назад)
pless coud you be my doy friend😘

Автор The Lutete Family ( назад)
i love you 💖 Rdey💏💍🎹

Автор Bosanofaii ( назад)
Best friend ever.

Автор Hadzera Salcin ( назад)
i love him

Автор Stephen the Savage 3lf ( назад)
Your girlfriend is the worst teacher ever

Автор Jr-Agario Garcia ( назад)
Funny video Rudy

Автор J. Yousef Rousseau ( назад)

Автор Mohammed Khalid ( назад)
I love you

Автор Tiana Fasan ( назад)
lol lele is holding two cups 😂😂

Автор She's Just better Solp ( назад)
ummm how is rudy a student and plus a worker???

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