Why Did Silver Prices FALL Yesterday?

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
  • Many subscribers have asked why did silver prices fall by over $1 yesterday in what many believe to be a bull market.
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    Today is Friday 6th September 2019 and we are taking a brief look at why silver prices fell yesterday from $19.50 to $18.64 and today a further fall back to $18.30 as we write this video.
    In last Saturday’s weekly update when silver was $18.37, we concluded with the following words on silver:
    We would not necessarily be buyers at this level even though our last 2 videos have predicted higher prices before the end of 2019, but we do feel that buying has been a little over-extended, and are expecting some pullbacks certainly towards the $18 level and more than likely back towards $17.50 though there may be another 20 - 30 cents in the price before this happens.
    Well, with the China outlook looking ever more bleak as the US refused to pull back or delay the sanctions which were imposed on 1st September, Iran beginning to raise its head again with more interaction on the High Seas and the pumpers en-masse began sending out emergency newsletters that $30, $50 and $100 silver was on the immediate horizon, we saw a sudden surge in the silver price after the Labor day holiday peaking at $19.65 on Wednesday.
    Firstly, from a technical analysis point of view and as we stated on Saturday, even at $18.37 silver had ‘got ahead of itself’ and was due a pullback, so you can imagine what that meant when it hit $19.65. Now we admit, we did not expect silver to jump over a dollar but we did expect a 20 - 30 cent rise before the pullback occurs but it has now fallen back within the space we were expecting and was expecting it to fall even further.
    Secondly there has been some good news re the China Trade talks in that it has been reported that they will resume again in October.
    Thirdly the Hong Kong controversial extradition bill has been withdrawn and China has supported its withdrawal. So, whilst the problems are not over, a reduction in tensions is likely.
    Fourthly the Brexit fiasco has potentially led to a Bill being passed which prevents the Government from choosing a ‘no deal’ Brexit. Now we see problems with this ourselves, but as far as markets are concerned, they view it as another potential removal of anxiety.
    Fifthly robust U.S. data yesterday on jobs and services has assuaged fears of an imminent recession
    Sixthly there has been suggestions from some European Central Bank policy makers that it’s not yet time for the ECB to start buying bonds again.
    So, whereas at the beginning of the week, there was doom and gloom, now towards the end of the week, matters do not seem as bleak as originally anticipated - or at least for now.
    Add to all of that a reasonable dollar index of 98.4 (though it has been over 99); the Dow rising by 374 points yesterday and the S&P rising by 1.3% plus all Asian pacific markets in positive territory and most European ones - the fear factor which our friends the pumpers have been revelling in lately are slowly perhaps not dissipating but not as imminent as they would wish you believe.
    In July 164,000 new jobs were created and it is expected around 170,000 should be the magical figure for August and since there were strong ADP Employment figures published yesterday plus a rise in unit labour costs, it is expected that the Non-Farm Payrolls will be positive.
    Now, if they are stronger than 170,000 by a good margin, we can expect to see gold and silver prices fall further, if they are weaker by a good margin they are likely to rise and if they are as expected, we still see a slight deterioration in prices but markets will remain cautious until the FEDs interest rate announcement due on 18th September. It’s generally anticipated that it will reduce rates by 25 basis points, but this may upset equity markets which are anticipating and have factored in a larger cut.
    But that is for another day and another video. Meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled on the data and also Jerome Powell is speaking later today and so his comments are also worth listening to.

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  • Frank Rizzo
    Frank Rizzo 29 days ago

    I know this sounds crazy but I think Somehow they are helping us out by keeping silver cheap for a bit longer.

  • Mark Nordgård
    Mark Nordgård Month ago +1

    Silver dropping down for 2-3 weeks now and will dropp down more next week also :( soon belove 15 $

  • notta lackey
    notta lackey Month ago

    Great new graphics on the website.

  • James Duprey
    James Duprey Month ago

    Can you say......Democrats?

  • Darryl Atkinson
    Darryl Atkinson Month ago

    BS as always.

  • da block
    da block Month ago +1

    Silver prices will always be squashed by global central banks as it is a direct threat to their fiat monopoly.

  • Galina
    Galina Month ago

    Mostly psychological Warfare. Nothing has changed.

  • Yao Tian Chua
    Yao Tian Chua Month ago


  • Raven66 Raven66
    Raven66 Raven66 Month ago

    You could make more money from DT tweets than Silver

  • Fred Gar
    Fred Gar Month ago

    A+ video very good.

  • Irothelegend1
    Irothelegend1 Month ago

    Liked the old intro better

    • Illuminati Silver
      Illuminati Silver  Month ago

      Yes but we apparently have to change the music - having a discussion with RUclip re this

  • Herb Palmer Jr
    Herb Palmer Jr Month ago

    morgan-madness.com/2399 silver morgan dollars

  • Silver BeachBum
    Silver BeachBum Month ago

    It's $18.16 right now

  • 666turdburglar
    666turdburglar Month ago +1

    You forgot the most important reason. CME increased margin requirements for silver contracts. A tactic only employed when silver hits $50.

    • Bible BookClub
      Bible BookClub Month ago

      Margin requirements are raised when volatility rises. Silvers volatility is very high, thus margin raises.

  • Stephen Short
    Stephen Short Month ago +1

    No matter what I'm watching, if I see a new video is out from Illuminati Silver, I immediately switch over to your video. Always informative and helpful.

    • C Joe
      C Joe Month ago

      Naaahhh...u will never stop watching porn over this.

  • Nzm Ak
    Nzm Ak Month ago

    Sixly or Sickly?

    • drx1 xym
      drx1 xym Month ago

      sixthly ... RUclip CC thought it was, "6ly" ... and "Marc" was the markets.

      Funny, those AI, still do not get it. I guess they will be running the show soon, if not already. It would be nice if Suckerberg was out of a job and had to live like a normie (ie, < 10M USD net worth). One might think, Alphabet is worse.

  • Rodney O
    Rodney O Month ago +2

    LOL ,God bless the pumpers. Jobs fell short. Daniella Canboneme has dug up two dinosaurs to excite the hopefuls and Dave Morgan, slick Rick Rule are back on RUclip. As soon as Morgan turns his comments back on, I'm selling it all,LOL. Thanks for your channel I've been successful in this market since I found it.

    • Illuminati Silver
      Illuminati Silver  Month ago

      Lol thank you Rodney - yes all the pumpers are out in force from their hibernation haha

  • Esoteric33
    Esoteric33 Month ago

    The 7th reason for silvers "pull back" is: your proper use of John Dee's Enochian crystal Ball ✨👌 which you MUST have inherited from Her Royal Highness The Queen en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Dee en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enochian

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin Month ago

    Why do you keep showing that globe ? Have you not heard , its not a globe ... Anyway , they're should be spot deals all over , as their inventories were loaded up on during the move up ...The on line players are upping the premiums , and marking up according ... I will hope a lower drop ? As Im waiting to buy as much as I can , while I can , I don't know why their has not been a citizens arrest of James Homey yet ...

    • Illuminati Silver
      Illuminati Silver  Month ago

      Sorry we have to change the music on the normal one so its the globe for a moment

  • Marc Graham
    Marc Graham Month ago

    It’s naked shorts in the futures market by Comax and JP Morgan doing it...... again. Watch it go back up they are becoming far less affective.

    • Illuminati Silver
      Illuminati Silver  Month ago +1

      @Marc Graham Yes that is also a possibility

    • Marc Graham
      Marc Graham Month ago

      Illuminati Silver They also may be trying to cover some of the losses in the short market

    • Illuminati Silver
      Illuminati Silver  Month ago +1

      To some extent that also caused the recent rise - the Comex we mean.

  • Jason Fallon
    Jason Fallon Month ago

    word of mouth and this public announcement....

    this is what illuminiti silver should be capturing, fast too !!!!!! seems PMs are becoming 'get out of debt' mechanisms for failed banks etc. Anyone know where the silver transactions are displayed ?

  • Pablo Pina
    Pablo Pina Month ago

    Hello I.S. another video needed for the spike up:) up to 18.73.

    • Pablo Pina
      Pablo Pina Month ago

      @Illuminati Silver Thanks, and right on.

    • Illuminati Silver
      Illuminati Silver  Month ago +2

      No need Pablo we stated that if the jobs report is poor then prices will rise and this is exactly what has happened.

  • Bill Johnson
    Bill Johnson Month ago +3

    Good to hear the sky isn't falling today😊 Nice new intro art.

    • drx1 xym
      drx1 xym Month ago

      so is that the, "fall of the US dollar"?

      Or is someone making it rain!

    • Illuminati Silver
      Illuminati Silver  Month ago

      Thank you Bill

  • Gardener Earth Guy
    Gardener Earth Guy Month ago +1

    $14 is back to the future...

  • MrRediron1
    MrRediron1 Month ago +1

    if non farm payroll numbers so good why the high number of folks on government welfare benefits if all is so good here in america

    • Illuminati Silver
      Illuminati Silver  Month ago +2

      Because the figures account for new jobs which could be part-time jobs too and of course employment varies considerably from state to state. Also, the statistics do not account for those, as we understand it, have been out of work for more than 12 months. Hope that helps?

  • Patong Phuket
    Patong Phuket Month ago

    Because $ dropping and stockmarked rally and tradewar whit China will not happen and no brexit

    • Pablo Pina
      Pablo Pina Month ago

      @Illuminati Silver You answered my commented question thanks.

    • Patong Phuket
      Patong Phuket Month ago

      @Illuminati Silver but dow jones are up so silver will dropp again

    • Illuminati Silver
      Illuminati Silver  Month ago +1

      Yes but jobs report has just come out and its worse than expected - so silver is on the rise again

  • Human Being
    Human Being Month ago +4

    Did some profit taking on tuesday, will be buyers again around the 17$ range. Thank you for the consistent accuracy, which help us see the clearer picture with an assurance.

    • Illuminati Silver
      Illuminati Silver  Month ago +1

      Yes Vikesh jobs report just come out and its poor so prices will rise again at least for a short while.

  • ElectroPig Von Fokkengruuven

    I'm just watching to see if it hits $17 again...if so, then I've got a few ounces that I need for a couple of sets to get completed. Specifically, Scottsdale's 5oz Sphynx COINS. That's right. That's what I said. d=O)

  • Free man
    Free man Month ago +3

    The pumper videos started really pushing the higher prices to come - glad I don't pay attention to them anymore. I would call trade negotiations resuming a positive - so hopefully the uncertainty can quiet down.

    • Pablo Pina
      Pablo Pina Month ago

      @Illuminati Silver True tho unemployment stayed forecasted and unchanged @ 3.7%, is their a difference between the two referring to nonfarm payroll? Be a nice video to discuss and elaborate the two if any correlation.

    • Illuminati Silver
      Illuminati Silver  Month ago

      Hopefully indeed but the jobs report has just come out unfavourably so we can expect prices to rise a little further again

  • 8 and Sk8
    8 and Sk8 Month ago +1

    I refuse to buy silver above 18 especially with the tax u have to pay now online and the premiums. Apmex and the like act like they’re doing u a favor by offering a 100oz bar at 39 cents over spot plus tax @ 2,000 u.s dollars.

    • Paul Dyche
      Paul Dyche Month ago

      I'm waiting on a load up on Black Friday

    • Illuminati Silver
      Illuminati Silver  Month ago +3

      Indeed we fully understand. the jobs report has just come out and its worse than markets expected so silver will be on the move up again for now.

  • Jason Fallon
    Jason Fallon Month ago +2

    Here is some compelling evidence of a very likely rise in the future price of silver: Failing Deutsche bank recently added a very significant amount of silver to its holdings. I consider this to be a 'lifeline' from the bigger central banks to help save this failing commercial bank. How ? The central banks simply collude globally to raise the silver price to help Deutsche off-set its failing commercial investments with a rise in the value of its silver holdings. This is the type of evidence which needs analysis and attention to gauge the future price of silver, is it not ??

    • Bowman
      Bowman Month ago +1

      Do you have a source showing that Deutsche Bank is buying silver?

  • 1966Hemi426
    1966Hemi426 Month ago

    Excellent report. 👍🇺🇸

  • Ss999brandon
    Ss999brandon Month ago +3

    Hell ya I’m glad! Keep stacking fam

  • Steven Hodgson
    Steven Hodgson Month ago +4

    Been a silver stacker..4 years now..loved it..even in a dormant market..illuminati is by far the most informative channel of them all..thank you

  • Aurelius Neo
    Aurelius Neo Month ago +3

    Perhaps a little respite for a few days eh?
    No need to prepare for Armageddon 😉

    • Aurelius Neo
      Aurelius Neo Month ago

      Thank you. I try to contribute where I can.
      I’m learning as we go.

    • Illuminati Silver
      Illuminati Silver  Month ago

      Well not today anyway haha - btw congrats and thanks for your contributions on discord - they aren't unnoticed.

  • Georgios The Greek
    Georgios The Greek Month ago +1

    Will it go down more ?

    • Ss999brandon
      Ss999brandon Month ago +1

      17.50 is looking real good to me

    • Illuminati Silver
      Illuminati Silver  Month ago +2

      We assess so - we believe below $18 - unless the jobs report is awful which we doubt

  • Dylan Fan
    Dylan Fan Month ago +6

    Prices, what we see today... Value, what we hold for tomorrow.

  • The End
    The End Month ago +2

    Lots of good news on a sinking ship. People will make money right up to The End . It's all a dog and pony show.
    Thumbs up.

  • Neil St Leon
    Neil St Leon Month ago +2

    Thankyou for another valuable report. Your information and views are highly regarded. All of your productions are well worth watching.
    And Yes sir.. the pullback in prices I've been hoping for. Gold has dropped $100 AUD in a few days and silver $1 AUD overnight.
    Platinum is still up for now.
    Hopefully some more falls to open up some buying opportunities.
    Thanks so much for this update 👍

    • Illuminati Silver
      Illuminati Silver  Month ago +1

      Always a pleasure Neil - and thank you for your continuing comments and contribution.

  • Phillip Inman
    Phillip Inman Month ago +5

    After jumping into the youtube world a bit over a year now, and watching thousands of videos on dozens of topics of interest, I have formed a few opinions. 1) is that there are several mostly-silver-based channels who have a whole lot of viewers but who themselves seem to know nothing of the sphere. They guess and sum up what they hear/feel and package it for the rest of us, but it's like cracking open the shell of a nut and finding it empty. 2) there are several experts also who really know the space yet know zero politics and therefore do not know the limits of the ranges and potentials because of limiting political factors, making some lofty expectations unreasonable. 3) pumpers gonna pump. 4) illuminati silver is the one consistent gem in the mix'd box of jesters and jokers.
    Therefore, stay the course and good things will happen.

    • Illuminati Silver
      Illuminati Silver  Month ago +4

      Thank you Phillip - to be frank with you it's because there are people like yourself (who may not always agree with us admittedly) who at least appreciate that what we say is with sincerity and the intention to help others that makes us feel it's worthwhile continuing - we can assure you it's not because of the adsense monies received - as if it were we would be no different to the sensationalist pumpers who achieve high views because people want to hear the 'good news' - whether it happens or not.

  • Tajul Akbar Ismail
    Tajul Akbar Ismail Month ago +6

    looking at the Silver chart there is a gap at 17.50 ... so might go down to 17.50 ... we shall see in a few hours ... long term still bullish

    • Illuminati Silver
      Illuminati Silver  Month ago +3

      We tend to more or less agree with that estimate Tajul - thanks for sharing

  • Phillip Inman
    Phillip Inman Month ago

    Oh boy, do I ever have questions/concerns now. I don't know what I would do next if I were Boris Johnson. One defector caused all of this??? What would you do if you were Johnson? There is not a more ramifications-filled political happening in the world right now than what's playing out in the UK. Kindly keep us informed

    • Illuminati Silver
      Illuminati Silver  Month ago

      Johnson is doing all that he can to circumvent these procedures. At the moment we still think a general election is indeed possible. That said events are changing daily.