Here's Why My Cheap Audi R8 was TOTALED! Major Factory Flaw Made my R8 Salvage!


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  • Michael Mackaman
    Michael Mackaman 4 дня назад

    It looks like the upper shock mount has rotated up leading to both cracks opening. Since I have a MIG and a TIG, I would be on that like a hobo on a ham sandwich!

  • beardenfamcrazytrain
    beardenfamcrazytrain 11 дней назад

    Total weld time for that is like 20 minutes

  • Coal City Garage
    Coal City Garage 12 дней назад

    I can't even believe the amount of negative comments about this repair. Its not like he's going to try and repair it and stick somebody with it...It has a salvage title and always will. It was totaled for liability reasons. I've seen many, many repairs be better, stronger, and more reliable than any stuff some overpaid engineer drew up on a computer model. Weld that shit(correctly) add gussets for strength(as has been stated by others) and drive the balls off of it.

  • A Si
    A Si 12 дней назад

    Super glue never goes a miss☺️

  • Rune Lien
    Rune Lien 15 дней назад

    Just a pet peeve of mine and minor correction, and maybe even a fun-fact for some: VAG = Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft (Something like Volkswagen Incorporated, or Volkswagen joint-stock company directly translated) Cool video!

  • Austin Coffman
    Austin Coffman 19 дней назад

    Literally why u don’t spend 40k on a totaled car

  • Zane Turner
    Zane Turner 20 дней назад

    Looks like a design flaw that the manufacturer should have to take responsibility for. On another note I don't know why people have to play music during these videos, if I wanted music I would turn on the radio.

  • piffdaddy420
    piffdaddy420 21 день назад

    JB Weld it!!! lol jk

  • Jeff F
    Jeff F 24 дня назад

    Can I buy the motor? I’m serious

  • Iain Wilks
    Iain Wilks 25 дней назад

    Outrageous audi quality control. Should be covered by manufacturer. BMW had a similar problem with the old 3 series. Open ended repair policy.

  • Bill salvadore
    Bill salvadore 27 дней назад +1

    Really cool man. Just subbed. Like your videos

  • Ed P
    Ed P 28 дней назад


  • Danny Darko
    Danny Darko Месяц назад

    Whack some body filler in it and spray it over will ally paint, I’m sure it will be fine!

  • James Walker
    James Walker Месяц назад


  • M. A.
    M. A. Месяц назад

    Just put a some amount of Flex Seal/Flex Tape.

  • mchristofas
    mchristofas Месяц назад

    Really simple battery install! Only had to take the wipers off and half the frunk.

  • Motocrash Factory
    Motocrash Factory Месяц назад

    Just tig an aluminum plate to it why bother ordering their brace when you could build it for less

  • Aminah Batiste
    Aminah Batiste Месяц назад +1

    😂😂😂 smh

  • Allan Radman, D.C.
    Allan Radman, D.C. Месяц назад

    Thought there might be an R8 class action lawsuit so I googled it. Turns out there are a lot of Audi recalls/lawsuits etc for so many Audi models! Yikes! I don't think I'd ever buy an Audi, even at salvage.

  • Ivan Hernandez
    Ivan Hernandez Месяц назад

    let me know what you think about that crack!

  • Gregory Wheeler
    Gregory Wheeler Месяц назад +1

    Yeah and its a worthless piece of shit now

    MO3MINI Месяц назад

    Your surprised to find a crack on a totalled R8... mate I wouldn’t let you set the time on my watch let alone work on that!

  • Ty theknot
    Ty theknot Месяц назад

    Just sell the car to me

  • Paul Rogers
    Paul Rogers Месяц назад

    9:00 you're welcome

  • Earth Resident
    Earth Resident Месяц назад

    ashkenazis always know how to make money ...

  • Liebel Schlesinger
    Liebel Schlesinger Месяц назад +5

    Sam, this is the first time I've come across your channel and I really enjoyed the video. However, VAG stands for Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, and nothing to do with Audi... :-P

  • Garry Gemmell
    Garry Gemmell Месяц назад

    Is this for real - even if you got it repaired it would never pass an MOT in the UK!
    You spent $45000 on that man you must be completely mad!
    Or more likely this is just another dummy video but well done you got 39k views and you did give some interesting information about why you should never buy an Audi lol!
    Only car worse than an Audio is Mercedes just ask Scotty Kilmer!

  • Jensen Interceptor
    Jensen Interceptor Месяц назад

    It's a Samcrack!!

  • Insight Eins
    Insight Eins Месяц назад

    I would disassemble the car and sell the parts. (and newer ever think about an R8)
    Let your "dream cars" into your dreams but don`t let them destroy your reality.

  • Michael Kimrey
    Michael Kimrey Месяц назад

    "I'm surprised to find under carriage damage under the undercarriage after buying a car listed with undercarriage damage ".... What?

  • reSpect MAn420
    reSpect MAn420 Месяц назад

    i say fuck that crack..thats what i think

  • Cloverleaf Q2
    Cloverleaf Q2 Месяц назад

    Great German engineering hahaha, but Germans are great on hiding and keeping their mouth shut when they fail..aka VW scandal, not official statement unless it comes on the news!!!

  • mark miller
    mark miller Месяц назад

    Ohh my, Audi aluminum structural shop owner. You cannot buy the structural parts unless you are an Audi structural shop. You can not pull this vehicle, it is glued and riveted together. Pulling anywhere on car will damage it in other areas. No Audi dealer or certified shop will sell you the parts, they will lose their 500,000 dollar certification investment.

    PHOENIX X Месяц назад

    Don't do anything half ass .... that's all I can tell you ....Stu Per said it correctly.....

  • plywoodd
    plywoodd Месяц назад

    So do you have another video after this one?

  • Mercenary J
    Mercenary J Месяц назад

    Saw the first video and this ride. Each to their own. But what a P.O.S. I'll stick with my oldskool ironhorses, my 58" Chev Bellair sport coupe and my daily driver I have a custom Chev Nova SS. Both cars I won at auctions years ago. And both cars didn't cost me as much as this p.o.s plastic audio computerized garbage. Look at new cars today lolol Just to get to the gotdamn battery on this p.o.s would make me want to throw this ride in a metal shredder. You got ripped off winning this piece of junk at a auction and its going to cost you as much to repair it like the new price tag on this car lol. But, hey if your rich, do what you want. But I wouldn't advise going this route, especially if your working at minimum wage job and such lol. Heck, I could not imagine what insurance cost, regular maintenance, tires, I bet if you brought it to the garage for a normal oil change, the mechanics there will say, hey is a Audi R8, it requires special platinum oil, so that alone will cost you over $150 to change the oil and filter lolol etc. etc. Shit, just strip the ride down and sell it all for parts. You'd triple your profit and not have a headache. At over $40,000 for a p.o.s that don't run with computer issues, hatch issues, this n that lol You could've used your money on plenty of more exotic rides that actually do run with a warranty too lol. I witnessed at auction a man winning a Shelby for $52,000, which are way more rare, more collectible and again it was in beautiful mint running condition. Plus, American Iron always sounds better too, without all that gotdamn computer nonsense. And once you win a oldskool ride like that, its literally over %70 cheaper to maintain it, you can work on it yourself easily and insurance also is %90 cheaper then this p.o.s audio r8 junk. Even if I were rich, I wouldn't waste my cash on a ride that costs over $100,000 on mass produced plastic, computer, garbage. Support your local car-bike builders, buy American! Again, each to their own. But personally, what waste!

  • Max Lay
    Max Lay Месяц назад

    Gee audii made it hard for repairs, even.changing the dam battery

  • erink scotenn
    erink scotenn Месяц назад

    dude i hope u still got this car and didnt sell it

  • doingstuff76
    doingstuff76 Месяц назад

    Only dumbasses like him make a $40,000 mistake

  • antikoa assworth
    antikoa assworth Месяц назад

    Like your videos. Honey might save you money, but you might want to check out the spyware aspects of honey.

  • Estrella
    Estrella Месяц назад

    The only thing don’t gave wet was the key 😍

  • andrew gillis
    andrew gillis Месяц назад

    Sam driving that car surely did not help bringing that space back together

  • Juan Ferrai
    Juan Ferrai Месяц назад

    Sounds like a lot of trouble for over priced german shite

  • Marcel Wengerter
    Marcel Wengerter Месяц назад

    Remove damper manipulate metal back to where it belongs take measurements then verify those measurements if necessary continue to manipulate the metal until measurements are within specifications the verify specifically what type of metal you are working with and have it welded along with the reinforcement pieces that you spoke of then reassemble and enjoy your new R8.

  • Jeremy Dempsey
    Jeremy Dempsey Месяц назад

    move the wires clean the weld tack the crack then weld the crap

  • Tyler Chrise
    Tyler Chrise Месяц назад

    take out the damper and hit it with a hammer. its just that 1 corner out of sorts

  • Michael
    Michael Месяц назад

    A little bit of jb weld will fix that right up!

  • Suzannah Teat
    Suzannah Teat Месяц назад

    These cars are garbage overpriced tin cans. These are so easy to destroy and so expensive to fix.

  • vx.calibre
    vx.calibre Месяц назад +1

    so, after repair costs and say maybe a years further depreciation, you could have bought a straight car

  • luigi marroquin
    luigi marroquin Месяц назад

    well in my expectation, what you can do aline it well and take a photo and have a company cut a piece on a CNC 3D printer then you can bolt it to the well aline structure. and you will get 100% and never worry if it's going to crack again.

  • lobstergravy1
    lobstergravy1 Месяц назад

    Never buy a German car out of warranty.

  • Bernard Hodgson
    Bernard Hodgson Месяц назад

    Looks like it was made in a shed

  • BadTrip
    BadTrip Месяц назад

    Make sure to mention Honey more in your next one... I don't think I heard it enough.

  • Ron Valiquette
    Ron Valiquette Месяц назад

    I love Honey, been using it for a month now! Years ago I was the rep for Hunter Engineering, then later bought an alignment shop from someone with a great rep. I ended up getting accounts with 90% of the body shops in the area because of my geometric skills, I could put a car on my machine and tell the body shop what needed to be pulled and how much for me to be able to get the alignment specs right on. You could do the same and know how much the frame has to be moved to get the wheels in geometric specs.

  • TheRealDirtySkillz
    TheRealDirtySkillz Месяц назад

    I use Honey as well and saved a few hundred bucks on a Expedia flights and a hotel. Would highly recommend it to all the friends and you tube viewers. I'm not 100% sure what the app gets out of it - possibly tracks shopping habits - but it saved me a few hundred.

  • Shadow Fall
    Shadow Fall Месяц назад

    It’s funny you know in all the angry comments this guy gets about him lying blatantly about the r8 not really being a “SaLvAgE” and despite the brunt of his content since finding this “salvage” car has been almost SOLELY about it. He never addresses it.
    Well, I’m not one of those people that can get by and live with themselves with shoddy morals and lying and cheating people for attention but it sure is impressive to watch those that can!

  • Ian Curtis
    Ian Curtis Месяц назад

    Epic fail

    TECHNICIAN ONE Месяц назад +14

    call me a cynic but I think this whole project has been staged, because there are too many things that don't seem sensible. why would you drive the car before getting the car up in the air and investigating or looking at the under carriage? why did he not tell us how much he paid? why buy a new battery before investigating the under carriage? why is there so much editing. where is the final installment? my guess is that he is hoping that the 2.6 million views will pay for a new R8 so he can bin this one.

    • Chris James
      Chris James Месяц назад +1

      +TECHNICIAN ONE He did come out and say really. He said new they're $80k, and he said he bid a little less than half that, so ~$37k probs.

      TECHNICIAN ONE Месяц назад

      +Ames EmanuelI eventually saw that price too but the fact that he did not come out and say what it costed gave me the impression he was being manipulative with regards to viewers making a judgement about weather the project was a success or not

    • Ames Emanuel
      Ames Emanuel Месяц назад +1

      TECHNICIAN ONE the price is on the driver side window pretty sure in white paint just a guess

  • Dave Jones
    Dave Jones Месяц назад


  • Paul Logvek
    Paul Logvek Месяц назад

    You can try epoxy with fibreglass, it'll become like rock

  • Tyler Espeland
    Tyler Espeland Месяц назад

    Flex Glue

  • morgan roberts
    morgan roberts Месяц назад

    Having a hard time believing the battery is from advanced auto parts. Especially given it says 2014 on it even though this video is from 2018

  • Jaydyn Grayson
    Jaydyn Grayson Месяц назад

    dear sam, my dad will fix it up in 10 minites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JDM-House
    JDM-House Месяц назад

    thats a lot of bullshit to change a batterylooks light a nightmare

  • Angelo J Richetti
    Angelo J Richetti Месяц назад

    Seriously who gives a fuck..people need to worry about more important things than some fucking car..pathetic

  • Ay-esem Com
    Ay-esem Com Месяц назад

    that is bad MF crack good luck

  • Dohn Joe
    Dohn Joe Месяц назад


  • Mr Jonze
    Mr Jonze Месяц назад

    I think that crack is a big crack

  • Htx Adrian
    Htx Adrian Месяц назад

    Bro just get some electrical tape

  • Ziggen Vox
    Ziggen Vox Месяц назад

    As long as the frame is pointed in the right direction it should be ok. You can patch over large cracks using lots of aluminum. But welding aluminum "back" together is impossible. It does retract very much when heated. I am very eager to see you accomplish this.

  • Dane Ta Tua Tonka
    Dane Ta Tua Tonka Месяц назад

    Put some JB Weld on that bad boy and call it a day just do a few slow passes up and down Hollywood Blvd and the babes won’t know the difference 🤙🏼

  • Jose Daniel
    Jose Daniel Месяц назад +1

    Use putty that hardens to metal,aluminum and sand it down used some on dirt bike frame and it holds big time

  • Jose Daniel
    Jose Daniel Месяц назад +1

    How did the insurance company see that crack? What caused that crack??....😎😉

  • BobRooney
    BobRooney Месяц назад

    cracked frame? yikes! i think i'll stay away from audi. piss poor quality on the basic underlying frame.

  • Irfan Tarique
    Irfan Tarique Месяц назад

    Try flex tape

  • Dan Dan
    Dan Dan Месяц назад

    VAG doesn't stand for Volkswagen Audi Group, it stands for Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaf.
    (German companies include the letters AG after their name to show that they are traded publicly, the equivalent of PLC in the UK or Inc. in the US).

  • Rombout Versluijs
    Rombout Versluijs Месяц назад

    HOw can such a car brought to production. What the fuck did they do with road tests???? Thats a major design flaw

  • Rombout Versluijs
    Rombout Versluijs Месяц назад

    PS when a car is totalled, dont they mention the specific cause and problem? SOunds weird if they wont do that

  • Agent Penguin
    Agent Penguin Месяц назад

    gut out audi, throw on dunebuggy. :D

  • Dean Williams
    Dean Williams Месяц назад

    1. Identify exact metal type. 2. Clean all metal around where TIG welding will take
    place. 3. Bring all cracks back to original and specified location(s) 3. Tig all
    prepared cracks once they are closed by mechanical manipulation. 4. Install
    reinforcements OVER AND EXTENDING PAST the areas/cracks that were TIG
    welded shut. 5. Be generous with reinforcement coverage over damaged areas...
    6. Reinforcement thickness in the range of about 1/8" or so... Do NOT under-size here....!

  • Ethan R
    Ethan R Месяц назад

    They couldn’t engineer the battery replacement access any better than that?!

  • LimogesDiver
    LimogesDiver Месяц назад

    Gotta love a car that requires you to disassemble a ton of parts just to swap out the battery...

  • Coleman Miller
    Coleman Miller Месяц назад

    Keeps saying its a "build" even though the car is completely built. This is a repair, not a build lol.

  • Scott
    Scott Месяц назад

    Hope it gets fixed better then it was designed😔. How could an insanely funded R+D team mess up like that?

  • Dylan Armentrout
    Dylan Armentrout Месяц назад

    This video sucked

  • 4Kandlez
    4Kandlez Месяц назад

    "vorsprung durch technik" my arse!

  • hot coffee
    hot coffee Месяц назад

    German cars too complex ,too costly at the time of maintenance.
    In general they suck 😁
    Audi is not an exception 😉

  • Tony Gugliuzza
    Tony Gugliuzza Месяц назад

    Its just Metal, It can be fixed, I think your better off with Bolted Plates to reinforce the area and from what I see the didn't hit anything the it may have came down hard on the front shocks and the lever action broke the weak point.

  • Frank Catenacci
    Frank Catenacci Месяц назад

    Car is garbage. You will always be thinking about that area, when driving it. Dump it. And buy a new one with warranty.

  • Subie killer Smith
    Subie killer Smith Месяц назад

    put the bubble gum welds to'Er

  • Viktor S
    Viktor S Месяц назад

    Check all 6 parts of this oneвидео.html
    most realistic.

    TRANSAS01 Месяц назад

    Definitely fixable.

  • Steve Brzosko
    Steve Brzosko Месяц назад

    That aluminum looks extremely thin considering it's taking the brunt of everything that goes through that strut. A bicycle frame is thicker much, much than that for heaven's sake! Someone hit something very hard on that side obviously, and unfortunately I'd guess you'll need one of those complete front end removal/replacements you mentions that cost tens of thousands in labor alone. Keep an eye out for similar frame cars with heavy rear or side damage and see if you can graft on the front end from that one, i.e. Frankensteining it, and keeping it German too! Good luck with this project, you'll likely need it!

  • David Sives-Rutherford
    David Sives-Rutherford Месяц назад

    Interesting, wish I could afford lol

  • jason lecates
    jason lecates Месяц назад

    Easy fix Sam ! Buy a new Frame , switch everything over ! You should be done by 2023 ! GL

  • Greg Evans
    Greg Evans Месяц назад

    Oh my fucking god it's not a VAG battery it just has the VAG approval stamp holy fuck you don't know anything bro by that logic my Mobil 1 oil is Audi OEM cause it's got the rings on it but FUCK IT'S NOT CAUSE AUDI USES CASTROL DUMBASS

    THE REAL RFI-EMI-GUY Месяц назад

    Why would insurance companies accept a "total loss" on what is clearly a manufacturers design defect?

  • plm2879
    plm2879 Месяц назад

    Hip hop bass cracked that weak ass frame. 😏

  • OwenGene 31
    OwenGene 31 Месяц назад

    It's easy to fix , just takes time.

  • Dalir Farzan
    Dalir Farzan Месяц назад

    See, what I think is fucking retarded is when car companies make normally simple jobs (like switching out a battery) WAY too complicated and maybe impossible by normal people by requiring the full lining of the trunk taken out before you can replace it. They just want to be able to rob and rape people out of their money by making that stuff way too difficult for a normal person. I can somewhat understand with super cars because their owners normally have money to burn, but this even happens with normal everyday cars.