Launch of Delta IV Rocket Carrying WGS-9 US Air Force Satellite

An American Delta IV rocket in the (5,4) configuration successfully blasted off from Space Launch Complex 37 at Cape Canaveral today, March 19th 2017 at 00:18 UTC. The 35th flight of the Delta IV carried the US Air Force's WGS-9 satellite into orbit.

WGS-9 (Wideband Global Satcom) has a planned life of atleast 14 years and with it's X-band and Ka-Band transponders will provide coverage for the United States.

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Автор Shane Ruys ( назад)
I was on a flight from Ottawa to Ft. Myers that night and we watched the launch from the plane. Pretty neat!

Автор Gavin Faulkner ( назад)
SpaceX is clearly leaps and bounds ahead of other US space agencies in that they have made the sensible upgrade to metric. (At least in their public facing side of affairs). This makes it much easier for the rest of the world to understand.

Автор Санёк Фролов ( назад)
И этому театральному атракциону я должен верить ??? да идите вы в ж...!

Автор Ryan19812012 ( назад)
The air force is jealous of space x.

Автор Mykola Reznik ( назад)
ne e to technicka revoljucija -na reaktivnoj tjahe,prezentuju pohyb prez otcentrovu silu.Ahoj.

Автор dan tibbetts ( назад)

Автор Robert M. ( назад)
actually saw the flame from Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando. It was still bright enough to be seen for a few seconds, then dissapeared.

Автор suprasaecularis ( назад)
second stage , no acceleration.

Автор Kni ( назад)
Space X

Автор Rene Horeic ( назад)

Автор sparkdog44 ( назад)
Mach 5 in 2 mins....awesome. Mach 10 in an additional minute....man that's moving.

Автор Ron Hunter ( назад)
Very cool!

Автор Fei Xiang ( назад)
wow that srb separation looks hell of close

Автор JetSeb ( назад)
So much technology for a shitty footage, I seen ppl mount go pros on rockets and this only get a ground camera and a shitty FDR

Автор xc5647321 xc5647321 ( назад)
likes this!!!

Автор Bobbie's Hobbies ( назад)

Автор TheDizizope ( назад)
I watched it launch live from my back yard

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