Why no aquarium has a great white shark

Many have tried to keep a white shark in captivity. Here's why that's so difficult.

There are several aquariums around the world, including one in Georgia, that house whale sharks, the biggest fish in the sea. But not one has a great white shark on display. Aquariums have made dozens of attempts since the 1970s to display a captive great white shark. Most of those attempts ended with dead sharks. By the 2000s, the only group still trying was the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which spent a decade planning its white shark program. In 2004, it acquired a shark that became the first great white to survive in captivity for more than 16 days. In fact, it was on display for more than six months before it was released back into the ocean. In the following years, the Monterey Bay Aquarium hosted five more juvenile white sharks for temporary stays before ending the program in 2011. It was an expensive effort and had come under criticism due to injuries that some of the sharks developed in the tank. Responding to those critics, Jon Hoech, the aquarium's director of husbandry operations, said: "We believe strongly that putting people face to face with live animals like this is very significant in inspiring ocean conservation and connecting people to the ocean environment. We feel like white sharks face a significant threats out in the wild and our ability to bring awareness to that is significant in terms of encouraging people to become ocean stewards." Check out the video above to learn why white sharks are so difficult to keep in captivity and how the Monterey Bay Aquarium designed a program that could keep them alive.

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Автор Selena Martinez ( назад)
it's crazy how people can somehow manage to put orcas and whale sharks in tanks but when it comes to a great white, they fail.

Автор SammyRatty ( назад)
After watching this I want to hug a great white shark!!

Автор shuculele ( назад)
Oh man... this is so sad! I honestly would love to see an white shark, but we must go underwater in a cage to see em'. We need to stoop with zoo and aquariums

Автор Anonymous ( назад)
Das so mean

Автор Shaethedino ( назад)
art least they learned to not keep great White sharks anymore

Автор kypeezy27 ( назад)
what a nice voice

Автор tabalkon fon ( назад)
zebra shark

Автор BRUNA ANTICO ( назад)
How many more sharks will have to die so the people can enjoy their fish on display? Seriously, just like a mannequin....😢

Автор HeyItzBrianna ( назад)
Because it's illegal. BAM question answered

Автор The Best Weirdo ME ( назад)
The best place to see sharks is on the TV. then the ocean.

Автор Clara Bane ( назад)
4:58 pewdiepie did nothing wrong

Автор Mario Cruz ( назад)
No intro oh wait a ad

Автор idc tbh ( назад)
this video made me very very sad :( animals doesnt deserved to be held captive. they should be able to live a happy and peaceful life in their natural habitat just like us humans.

Автор Ollie Cornish ( назад)
or you could just leave them in the ocean

Автор Ravi Bhardwaj ( назад)
just make more videos for me love

Автор Jason Ditangco ( назад)
Leave these sharks alone!!!!!!!!!!! It's NOT possible, clearly.

Автор Binus Bisnis ( назад)
cruel humans! whats wrong with you?

Автор Hayley Rudd ( назад)
I have a great tank suggestion. The ocean.

Автор Bobbyjonesyrrr ( назад)
Killing a vulnerable species for aquarium ticket sales shouldve been your title. For a lefty click bait outlet Vox you sure failed on this one.

Автор GRUNT ( назад)
Animals dont belong in tanks or cages clearly.

Автор canadian_s ( назад)
I was like "woah yeah why?" But then I remembered I'm obsessed with sharks and know that they can't be in captivity any longer than a month

Автор wendy mathiot ( назад)
animals shouldn't be kept in captivity unless they are injured and then released again

Автор Joseph Terry ( назад)
How about, instead of paying to see Sharks in these 'water prison's' (where clearly White Sharks cannot survive), donate to help save them from extinction. One day, the only place you'll be about to see a White Shark will be in a museum!

Автор liam west ( назад)
the answer is wild animals don't belong in cages

Автор psammiad ( назад)
Keeping large wild animals like this is just cruel. There's no possible scientific reason for it, it's purely for the profit of aquarium businesses.

Автор Imogen Tuttle ( назад)
Just leave the sharks alone you don't need to be the first person who can get a great white in the aquarium for a decent amount of time

Автор idk ( назад)
can't people just use their brain and open their eyes if a sharks are clearly NOT made for tanks (like every other sea animal) then why are people still trying to keep them in a tank so other people can pay millions to see them

Автор Xalybion ChaotiX ( назад)
Leave them Sharks alone f*ckers.

Автор Turkish Russian ( назад)
Vox has 2 000 000 Subs!

Автор xclimatexcoldxx ( назад)
It simply seems like that don't like turning too much. Also, I don't understand why not just put a white shark on display once a week or something and just release it and catch a new one every week. I'm sure 12 hours of it's time wont kill it. Then again, no one cares about what anyone thinks if it cost money. Everything is about money.

Автор OwnYourDance ( назад)
I'm not the biggest animal lover but this just makes me sad.

Автор Your Dad ( назад)
They see it as a "success" to keep a great white alive for 6 months?! In the wild they can live 60-70 years. This is disgusting.

Автор shadow 12 ( назад)
Dammn this lady is hot just like her voice always wonderd how she looked

Автор Aaron Nauer ( назад)
leave them in the ocean ffs!

Автор Ed Eranged ( назад)
What's that beast of a fish at 4:52?

Автор havoc gaming ( назад)
They got rid of them because they watched jaws

Автор KennyTheGoth23 ( назад)
Why did they keep trying to catch them and bring them to the aquariums if they knew the sharks would die? I get the appeal of having a great white, but still. Even when captured, the dudes died after a few short months. It seems more like murder than a few accidents to me.

Автор Melissa Miliam ( назад)
This makes me so sad. They're just not meant for captivity, yet people continuously try to do it because they see it as a challenge. They should be allowed to roam the ocean freely.

Автор eva ea ( назад)
Just don't keep sharks in captivity, period.

Автор The Truth B ( назад)
I hate vox

Автор the legend27 ( назад)
i think the tennessee aquarium has one but i'm not sure

Автор Angel Mancillas ( назад)
I'm from Monterey !!

Автор BlackHawkDiamondSwan ( назад)
How about just don't have any animals in cages and aquariums?? Sadistic humans!

Автор Rosy Rodriguez ( назад)

Автор isabella josephine ( назад)
please leave wild animals in the wild they don't deserve this

Автор nightsage217 ( назад)
The marine ecologists have lots of study to do then. Good luck.

Автор Cookies ( назад)
This made me really sad.

Автор Seasons Aj ( назад)
I saw the one in Monterey Bay Aquarium :)

Автор Merret22 ( назад)
Great video, thanks!

Автор David CJ ( назад)
4:50 "the sharks didn't quiet fit there....we can't seem to stop trying tho..." Then they put yet another shark in a tank and dies in 3 days. That sums it up, we suck.

Автор MonoKnight ( назад)
Stop killing sharks for your stupid aquarium

Автор Rory Marsh ( назад)
gabe horn

Автор Michelle Pamela ( назад)
why don't we just, you know? let them live in their natural habitat without caughing them and put them in a cage that will significantly lower their life span?

Автор kamicjunker ( назад)
why don't you just leave the sharks in their natural habitat lol

Автор Jess Brooks ( назад)
It makes me want to cry when the sharks died after such a short amount of time

Автор Miguel Maturino ( назад)
Why not raise a baby great white?

Автор Dylan Gilbertson ( назад)
the shark has been menacing and terrifying for over a decade.

Автор Stan K ( назад)
Okay so pretty much what I got from this video is that Great white sharks are not used to boarders since they swim such great distances in the open water. They bump against the walls getting massive gashes on their body's and could potentially suffer psychological problems.

Автор Lucie Steiegrt ( назад)
And the only thing that guy Said about is that it took much ressources and not that they killed animals.. i hate Humans

Автор Ian Johnson ( назад)
I used to live in okinawa. the tank the white was in, has around 10 adult manta rays, 3 whale sharks, and a ton of other fish

Автор Xxxsorrow ( назад)
Or just leave them and other animals in their natural habitat where they belong (unless they're in captivity for rehabilitation or such and they plan to release them afterwards).

Автор Sk.Hafiz Mohammad ( назад)
f*ck people why even try to cage sharks

Автор gbvoul ( назад)
I saw a Great White at the Monterey Aquarium in 2009. didn't last long though

Автор faith kutsoma ( назад)
I JUST HATE how humans want to profit off everything...LEAVE THE SHARKS ALONE!!!!!!!

Автор Nate Alvarado ( назад)
What about the great pink shark?Do they have those?

Автор GamerPlays ( назад)
Every animal (excuding cats, dogs, etc) should be left in the wild. You want to see them? Watch a video or go on a safari.

Автор Breanna Aguilar ( назад)
This is why animals should be free and not held captive

Автор Hannah Deane ( назад)
why do you need a shark? leave it be

Автор Taylor Kennedy ( назад)
sharks are my favorite animal, especially the great white, theyre so interesting and misunderstood. this video pained me to watch

why don't we put great whites in tanks the same size of whale shark tanks?

Автор Kathrynne ( назад)
How about this: don't. Leave them in nature. You'd think after so many failures they would have given up sooner.

Автор Righteous1 ( назад)
Let's say the truth here, stress kills the sharks mentally.

Автор Damon Hoffman ( назад)
How do sharks migrate? Some birds have small pieces of metal in their skulls that help them tap into the earths magnetic field; I doubt this is the same thing with sharks but if they have a instinct telling them to go east and there's no more tank to go east, no wonder they're practically beating themselves to death on the walls

Автор Steven Allotey ( назад)
Animals should not be on display in aquariums or zoos they should be left to live free in the wild.

Автор Color X ( назад)
its simple why they run into walls... they are asleep and running into a wall every 5 minutes while asleep could rlly f*ck with your head and they possibly could be dying from lack of sleep...

Автор Blanca Villatoro ( назад)
because it's a freaking great white shark

Автор AstroAT / KPOP TRASH ( назад)
They are being used as test monkeys :(

Автор Parth Singh ( назад)
Ahem. Shark Tank... what about that?

Автор Don Sanch ( назад)

Автор A Voice Crying Out ( назад)
"More able to feed their natural diet" Just toss some dogs and cats in their.
"Billy, we're going to the local aquarium, while we're there, a nice man is going to take Fido to a better place."

Автор Sandro Paparakis ( назад)
i think these people need to realise that if the animal keeps dying in the tank or they have to steal babies (that get harmed) to keep them alive then they should find a different way to entertain the public/educate the public on sharks

Автор theabstrakt84 ( назад)

Автор Treena Turtle ( назад)
Lmfao everyone in this comment section who's saying you it's depressing that zoos/aquariums exist probably think it would be cool to see a great white in an aquarium tbh

Автор Percy Da Parakeet ! ( назад)
The reason why my local aquarium doesn't have a Great White is because it kept eating the other creatures

Автор Cheilith ( назад)
Why do they keep dying?

Автор HKM _ ( назад)
What a waste of money. Keep animals in the wild

Автор The British Pilot ( назад)
How about we just leave all these creatures where they belong? Why do we need to put these creatures in captivity? What is wrong with humans?

Автор Vilde Bakken ( назад)
Moral: Boicot all aquariums!

Автор Sarah Flowers ( назад)
This is heartbreaking. Those resources could have been directed toward shark conservation. Great Whites are endangered and an essential part of the food web. Why spend all that money just to kill them due to lack of ability to safely contain them? They very clearly are not meant to be contained.

Автор Benjamin Brown ( назад)

Автор Diamond & Knightmare Boys ( назад)
what!!!!!! they need the ocean so they can adapt to eat new things

Автор TheIllaDopest ( назад)
i wonder if in a 100 years, the robots will ask the same about us....when we are dyin locked in their people zoo

I remember seeing the last Monterey bay aquarium shark. We live only about thirty minutes away. It was pretty cool to go and see, but I think its good to keep them in the wild when they belong.

Автор edgy tony ( назад)
why did the great white die after 3 days

Автор Kassie Stepanova ( назад)
If a creature clearly can't live in captivity then maybe STOP trying.

Автор SidneyXda ( назад)
5:16 sad ... looks like deep blues pup

Автор SidneyXda ( назад)
Aquarium attendances jumped 30% while the baby great white shark was on display.... there you go people, like everything in this world it all comes down to money. They wanted to cash in. Bastards.

Автор Rasmus Mattsson ( назад)
Well this is bullshit... There's an aquarium in Sweden that's got one for years... GG Vox...

Автор Wesley allen ( назад)
Great Whites are like the lions of the ocean. Too great to be in captivity

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