Cincinnati vs. UCLA: Lonzo Ball drops 18 for Bruins

Star UCLA guard Lonzo Ball scored 18 points and went 4-7 from 3-point range as the Bruins advanced to the Sweet 16 with a win over Cincinnati.

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Автор EugB23 ( назад)
This guy is so overrated, I don't get what all the hype is about...Big time choker last night.....

Автор EugB23 ( назад)
D'Aron Fox is better.....

Автор dronetalk 316 ( назад)
Ball who ?? de'aaron fox !! go big blue !!!

Автор jerry basurto ( назад)

Автор jerry basurto ( назад)

Автор jerry basurto ( назад)

Автор jerry basurto ( назад)

Автор mrtony80 ( назад)
Why does he wear his shorts so short, though?

Автор Percival Pino ( назад)
Lonzo will suffer with a lot of bad luck to his basketball carier due to his dad's arrogance god will taught him a lesson..... I hope not

Автор Yondell Anthony ( назад)
lonzo looks like the old Drake lol

Автор evooms ( назад)
Lonzo Ball> Ben Simmons

Автор Sens4Lyfe6 ( назад)
the future

Автор TheGOATS#23 #GreatestSG#GreatestSF ( назад)
Lonzo will be a superstar In the NBA

Автор Johnny Talks Sports ( назад)
This guy reminds me of C.J. McCollum in a way, just the way you see him pass the ball and not take these selfish shots

Автор iHATEi ( назад)
Lavar Ball > MIchael Jordan
back in there heyday.

Автор Yb Eassy ( назад)
He Just So Smooth...

Автор Dj Hooper ( назад)
Lavar Ball would beat a prime Jordan..

Автор Merlin Calo ( назад)
Looks like Ball took over in the 2nd half. I am looking forward to the UCLA vs Kentucky rematch.

Автор PronunciationLesson ( назад)
Rondo 2.0. Needs a better jumper and grow some muscles. He is a future all star

Автор EnnJayy ( назад)
he plays like Magic.

Автор Ray Mark Torres ( назад)
J.Kidd! This kid is special!

Автор Cooley02 ( назад)

Автор E S ( назад)
Lonzo Ball is a beast, I hope he have a great rookie season unlike the last draft class

Автор themarkl0813 ( назад)
This is Jason Kidd in the new era. Timely shot and simple dribble moves with next gen athleticism. One area J Kidd has on him is clearly his strength.

Автор HeartOfTheLionOfJudah Black&Aware ( назад)
lonzo ball and the ball brothers are the future of basketball he's the best bc not only can he score pass and defend he makes everyone around better players

Автор Otis Whitton ( назад)
When guys realise Lavar is the best thing for them, meaning they are the most talked about college family ever, when today's college players never ever get talked about unless Ben Simmons, Andrew Wiggins etc. Free publicity and they will cash in very soon

Автор Terence Buie ( назад)
Hes got to be number one pick hes good for basketball and plays the game the way it should be played good luck my brother

Автор supaflyjordan ( назад)
i think his shot looks sweet i mean it goes in almost every time LOL

Автор Danny Valenzuela ( назад)
Better player then NBA players lol

Автор Carlson Ho ( назад)
See Ball Run

Автор Raul Diaz ( назад)
ball >>>>> fultz

Автор Genger Mike ( назад)
this guy is really good I must say.

Автор Dark Black ( назад)
Josh Jackson would lock Ball down.

Автор GoDxism ( назад)
I still can't get over his jumper. It looks so weird. But I don't care as long as he makes the shots.

Автор Cash Carti ( назад)
Thought he was playing and sandals 😂😂 woulda been savage asf

Автор Gus Art ( назад)
What does Lonzo need to do so u guys can become believers? This kid is the real truth.

Автор Mist'er Johnson ( назад)
that dude is a beast

Автор OG trapmaster ( назад)
He won't make it in the NBA non of them will I'm saying they'll get drafted but they won't succeed they have to much hype

Автор M Th ( назад)
Lonzo Ball carried this team last night. If he doesn't they lose. I'm concerned about Alford and Leaf, they didn't play well in both games. UCLA has to go play in Tennessee against Kentucky which is essentially a Kentucky home game. I had been saying since the brackets came out, Duke NC, and Louisville didn't deserves those high seeds. Looks like I was right, all the ACC schools have been eliminated but NC and Arkansas had them beat and blew the game. UCLA should have been the number 2 seed in the west. Reason being, they were number 3 in the AP polls when they lost to Arizona in the PAC-12 tourney. They already beat Kentucky who is a 2 seed and have more losses, Duke had 8 losses and got a 2 seed, Louisville had 7 losses and got a 2 seed. You see where I'm going with this. So in order for UCLA to advance they have to play Kentucky in a home go for them again. Hopefully, UCLA will put it all together and play a complete game because last night they were average at best.

Автор Jay Jay ( назад)
He doesn't force he's very smooth high Iq player

Автор Jake Boyer ( назад)
UCLA is a dangerous team that as a UNC fan scares me for sure, but I think everyone is overly gaga about them (especially the pubdits) winning it all. Yes they have the Number 1 offense, but they are 252nd in PPG defense, 81st in FG defense, and 260th in 3 point defense. If they win they will be by far the worst defensive team to do it the shot clock era by a huge margin.
Gonzaga is the most well rounded team. Not only are they top 3 in all major defensive categories, they are 2nd in FG offense. I think witn Nova out they are the favorites.

Автор Tru ville ( назад)
stop the hate! this boy makes the game looks simple wow

Автор Hassan Simpkins ( назад)
He's the best playmaker in college but I worry about that hitch in his release, wish Fultz could've played in the tourney.

Автор I.U. ( назад)
The ceiling is the roof.

Автор Dre Wynyard ( назад)
If he could beat Steph curry I think he will be needing more than 18 points?

Автор Ryan Q ( назад)
Poor Cincinnati coach looked like he was gonna cry 😂

Автор Jethro Reacher ( назад)
He is a severe talent, he needs to learn to run the pick and roll and defend it. I still think his jumper, though deadly and limitless range, will have problems at the next level because of its motion to the trigger position, but more importantly because of how he falls back rather than jump straight up. Ultimately I feel he will over come these things because he is a worker but there will be a learning curve.

Автор Dot ( назад)
Once Lonzo gets drafted to the Lakers...he'll have to get used to losing for a while, I don't think he can carry L.A. to win games like RW can. He's an outstanding played and Luke Walton is a great coach, but they need to get a couple of steals along with Lonzo come the NBA Draft. Anyways, good luck to you Lonzo and your future NBA Career, hopefully you can make the Lakers a great team again. If he doesn't gi to the Lakers, then I can see him fitting w/ the Clippers, Spurs or Warriors. Anyways, good luck Lonzo and here's to a good NBA Career...Go spurs go

Автор Kyo ( назад)
anyone know where I can watch the matches? I'm european

Автор IGNORANT is BLISS ( назад)
To me , it wouldn't make sense him going to the lakers ,

Автор jameslee1607 ( назад)
welcome to Boston 🍀🍀🍀

Автор Dean D ( назад)

Автор TheMovieJunkiez ( назад)
Future Celtic.

Автор Sled Eddy ( назад)
ball is a great player no matter how you put it. his dad just believes in his son

Автор yung zen ( назад)
Ball has amazing vision and feel for the game. he's truly gifted. even if you hate him for whatever reason that is, you cannot deny that his talent level is very high and he will probably do very well in the league with the right pieces around him.

Автор Jayjust Stylin ( назад)
he nasty

Автор Callum Brown ( назад)
Ball V Curry will be more hype than Floyd V Conor!

Автор jerry basurto ( назад)

Автор Lam Than ( назад)
First of all i wanna say this to the father of this kid
Your son is good but to the point you said better than steph curry you better take that back bc your son is no where near curry's level sorry to say you talking all that mess yes every dad has to be proud of their son but to compare your son to someone else that has talent like curry no where close to being better than him

Автор Genaro Sanchez ( назад)
young 🐐

Автор farley toussaint ( назад)
His vision outstanding

Автор Sam Gold ( назад)
Not going to happen but imagine Zo on the pelicans

Автор Khoran Allah-Bey ( назад)
The absolute truth.

Автор 2Coo 2kJunky ( назад)
As far as I'm concerned Lonzo already better than Steph Curry

Автор Patrick ( назад)
Big Baller Brand and Lavar Ball runs Chino Hills....and now he's running' LA and soon Big Baller Brand is gonna rule the world..... Big Baller Brand (BBB) is taking over and changing the fashion and bizness game forever! Ball Boys are about the billions.....will have to change BBB to the Billionaire Ball Boys!!!!!!!!
Jordan is an employee...Lebron is an employee...Big Ballers are BOSSES!!!!!!!!!

Автор Flare Aqua ( назад)
Daily reminder...

Duke blew a 7-2 seed

Автор A Bathing Ape ( назад)
Anyone think Lonzos shot is lowkey clean?

Автор Raww Dawgg ( назад)
Lonzo showed the bearcats his pinktop...... #FuckNigga

Автор John Lewis ( назад)
He shoots the 3 off the dribble like Curry, but passes like Jason Kidd. He just needs to work on his FT shooting.

Автор luchi loso ( назад)
Ball and Isiah Thomas is gonna be the best back court for the Celtics in the east for years to come

Автор Romano onamoR ( назад)
His stat line is monstruous. 18 points 7 rebounds 9 assists 2 steals 7/10 FG 4/7 3PT 1TO

Автор mark chen ( назад)
good game

Автор JD MAC ( назад)
Dad is hype.
Son is real.

Автор Genetic Makaveli ( назад)
alonzo ball is better than curry bigger stronger more physical

Автор Bigluker345 ( назад)
Future Pistons player lol

Автор Dylan ( назад)
heso Melo Gelo Yellow that's my favorite color

Автор gazzpalio ( назад)
Mammia mia... Jason Kidd 2.0...

Автор Brandon Davis ( назад)
Dude just like another Ben Simmons .. everybody forgot about him?

Автор xBvma xKidx ( назад)
he not going to the Lakers I kinda see him as a 76ers or Miami heat like if you agree

Автор Terry ( назад)
Future Laker, after we get him we trade DLO

Автор Capserspage New Music ( назад)

Автор KingTravis ( назад)
this guy is cold, I love how his dad talks about his sons.

Автор Crak head ( назад)
Go fund me @ 420 blaze it foo

Автор AwayV2 ( назад)
Lonzo > Markell
Let's get back to praising winning basketball

Автор RadioMike ( назад)
With the first pick in the draft the USA All-Star team selects... Lavar Ball from his couch in Cal. *Cheers*

Автор Nicholas Johnson ( назад)
It's scary how easy he's making it look😫😖

Автор liter kiter ( назад)
this kid is gonna be a stud

Автор Mike Aceto ( назад)
hope Ucla and Kansas get to FInal 4 so we get Josh Jackson vs Lonzo Ball that would be great to see which one rises up on that stage

Автор Mrzim GooglePlus ( назад)
This guy is great. I don't follow basketball that much but he's doin it in spite of having three white guys in a lineup. Amazing.

Автор BeatJackersBox ( назад)
honestly highlights can make anyone look good, you have to watch him live to appreciate how he takes over games singlehandedly. Best college player without a doubt,he ran everything out there, bball maestro.

Автор Aryeh Balsam ( назад)
Better than MJ and Curry GOAT

Автор Julius cesar ( назад)
well, that looked real easy

Автор The Beast 2121 ( назад)
I am obsessed

Автор Jorge Echeagaray ( назад)
Idc what you say he's better than Fultz

Автор TheHaloRed ( назад)
On a night when D'Lo Russell started at shooting guard and dropped 40 vs the Cavs....

Автор Dominic Demond ( назад)

Автор Noe Sanchez ( назад)
He's killing it! Whoooo ucla champs

Автор Cristian Nunez ( назад)
Good job on getting leaf going in the second half, that was the game changer

Автор Ck Gore ( назад)
future national champs

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