RHOBH: One Final Accusation (Season 7, Episode 16) | Bravo

  • Опубликовано: 22 мар 2017
  • As if the Hong Kong dinner wasn't dramatic enough, Lisa Rinna decides to throw out one last accusation.
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    New ladies join the glamorous group of women as "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" returns for a seventh season. Returning housewives Erika Girardi, Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, and Eileen Davidson welcome new housewife Dorit Kemsley and friend Eden Sassoon. The wife of a wealthy English businessman and talent manager, Dorit Kemsley manages her husband's company while looking after her two young kids. Eden Sassoon, the daughter of legendary stylist Vidal Sassoon, is eager to develop her own business enterprises while carrying on her late father's legacy. The new ladies become entangled in dramatic conflicts with the recurring housewives in a season full of outrageous accusations, lavish trips and endless excitement.
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    RHOBH: One Final Accusation (Season 7, Episode 16) | Bravo
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Комментарии • 394

  • Dolzadolza
    Dolzadolza 6 дней назад

    Rinna sure makes good television

  • Lori miss
    Lori miss 25 дней назад

    It's LA. Her best friend is Boy George- a well known heroine addict. It wouldn't be that out of place for someone to be doing coke. She may not realize it but it's everywhere. Kyles lovely niece, Paris Hilton, for one is always dropping it out of her purse! It's funny how Kyle acts like it's an unbelievable accusation. So incredulous . Gimme a break

  • john santos
    john santos Месяц назад

    Its a valid question though lol

  • lakegillin
    lakegillin Месяц назад

    I live for Rinnas face after she asked the question lol

  • lakegillin
    lakegillin Месяц назад

    I wish dorit would have been like yeah I was and what?

  • Alex
    Alex 2 месяца назад

    They absolutely were haha

  • Elijah DeVivo
    Elijah DeVivo 3 месяца назад

    It’s not really sinking low. A whole group leaves to “powder their noses” in the bathroom and you’re the only one left??? 🤔🤔 what white powder were they using?

  • MistyBlue102
    MistyBlue102 3 месяца назад

    Lisa Rinna is a desperate old hag who will do anything for attention...........ask Harry Hamlin......lol!!

  • dandygirl6
    dandygirl6 3 месяца назад

    obvi doin blow lol

  • Angela Rarara
    Angela Rarara 3 месяца назад

    Which glass go well with coke?

  • Natalie Jones
    Natalie Jones 4 месяца назад

    As if she was ever gonna say yes to that question 😂😂🤣

  • Peach Glow Reyah
    Peach Glow Reyah 5 месяцев назад

    they are all a bunch of hypocrites

  • Margaret Beaufort
    Margaret Beaufort 6 месяцев назад

    Most underrated comment is definitely Erika's "maybe they hated you".

  • Juan Trevizo
    Juan Trevizo 7 месяцев назад

    Andy loves coke so.

  • Renan Sanchez
    Renan Sanchez 7 месяцев назад

    Rinna gave dorit the dose of her own medicine!

  • Linda Combs
    Linda Combs 7 месяцев назад

    Rinna is absolutely blowed away on some drug in this scene. I know what someone high on Xanaxes looks like and acts like she fits the profile. I have had several close family members that had a Benz addiction. Dorit is right. I think Rinna needs to becareful accusing some one about drug use when she apparently high. Pot calling the kettle black.

  • Monica Kelly
    Monica Kelly 8 месяцев назад

    But Dorit DOES do Coke.

  • Elle Belle
    Elle Belle 8 месяцев назад

    Roses are red,
    violets will bloom,
    were people doing coke
    in your bathroom?
    Also, it's just cocaine. Half of LA does it.

  • Emilio Nunez
    Emilio Nunez 9 месяцев назад

    Love Rinna so much!

  • Mike
    Mike 9 месяцев назад

    Now a year later, and considering Dorit's bazaar behavior, looks like it wasn't such a far fetched question after all.

  • starwar
    starwar 10 месяцев назад

    wow low life Lisa R.....she js the one who takes drugs everywhere

  • Brian Ted
    Brian Ted 10 месяцев назад

    kudos to kyle, defernding dorit but could not do that for her blood sister

  • Little Brit
    Little Brit 10 месяцев назад

    Dorit you very convincing there, uuumm question. Someone say that to me across the table in front of my friends it would be ugly, you don't look like it a lie you like to Lisa like why to talk.

  • C. Rizzo
    C. Rizzo 10 месяцев назад

    Phahahaha Eileen reaction lol and Erika's face is saying "did you sniff some coke Dorit or nah"

  • Ronnie Roo
    Ronnie Roo 10 месяцев назад

    Karma is coming for Lisa Rinna, she throws grenades into peoples lives then walks away laughing. VILE.

  • koez koez
    koez koez 10 месяцев назад

    Please give them all some gak

  • ryan0787
    ryan0787 10 месяцев назад +2

    Kyle tries so hard to act surprised

  • SpeedRacer1125
    SpeedRacer1125 11 месяцев назад

    “Maybe they hated you.” LMFAO, Erika Jayne!!!

  • c cc
    c cc 11 месяцев назад

    I see what Lisa is doing...she asked her if she did coke just to get under her skin. Dorito was accusing Lisa of popping pills so now she is getting pay back lmfao

  • Luis A. Gonzalez
    Luis A. Gonzalez 11 месяцев назад

    Lisa Rinna is such a bobblehead bitch. She was just mad is hell they didnt invite her to do lines. Lol

  • Jenn
    Jenn 11 месяцев назад

    Lisa really triiiiied it with that one.
    She’s making sure she gets on next season !

  • ???? ????
    ???? ???? 11 месяцев назад +2

    I watch this video everyday to see kyle’s reaction

  • josharyono
    josharyono 11 месяцев назад

    -Screen Actors Guild Award 2018 for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.
    -Lisa Rinna for Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

  • Hngz V
    Hngz V 11 месяцев назад

    Lmaoooo Rinna just drops bombs and leaves looool

  • Jonathan Thomas
    Jonathan Thomas 11 месяцев назад

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha LOVE IT!!!! 😍👀👀👀👀👀

  • Lando Land
    Lando Land 11 месяцев назад

    Lisa Rinno is a discount Brandi

  • Janine Phillips
    Janine Phillips 11 месяцев назад

    Kyle takes it truth

  • Carlos Gomez
    Carlos Gomez Год назад

    1:31 erika glad dorit's getting a taste of her own medicine

  • Luis A. Gonzalez
    Luis A. Gonzalez Год назад

    This was so great.....They were most definitely doing coke. Rinna just mad they didn't invite her to do a couple lines. She probably heard them like giggling and snorting in the distance. You just don't come out and say some shit like that. That's why Lisa Vanderpump was like " Ohhhh come on " classic old money do not talk about the drugs.

  • Iona world
    Iona world Год назад

    Of course they did coke.look at dorrits response face. Common on

  • Angel Diannah
    Angel Diannah Год назад

    It sounds logical 🤷🏾‍♀️ I’m with Rinna.

  • Kev L
    Kev L Год назад

    Of course they were!

  • Cat Jenk
    Cat Jenk Год назад

    They well went off for a quick sniff 😂

  • Mari-Ann Nerum
    Mari-Ann Nerum Год назад

    Jesus, grown up women acting like teenage girls.

    elHEARTBREAKER Год назад

    I don't have an issue with the accusation itself, but I do with the lame reasoning Rinna had to make it. I'd appreciate it a lot more if she said, "Dorit, you accused me of being a pill-popper so I will accuse you of being a sniffer"

  • Shayne_Muir
    Shayne_Muir Год назад

    Lisa Rinna has turned into Brandi that this moment pretty sure she though the same accusation out once

  • Kay Jay
    Kay Jay Год назад

    It was a little suspect. Rinna has a point

  • Jessica M
    Jessica M Год назад

    Lmao Lisa knows what's up. As if these women are above that. Especially the Richards girls. Lol

  • Adeen87
    Adeen87 Год назад

    Lisa R killed me at this moment that question came from nowhere it was sooooo damn funny!!!!

  • fun one
    fun one Год назад

    I always said Lisa R. was a trouble maker and use to get jumped online for it. I still stand by the fact Lisa H. is a trouble maker.

  • Qween Killer
    Qween Killer Год назад

    what can dorit say? rinna your bag of pills dont cut it here

  • pics
    pics Год назад

    Kim isn't there so Lisa R needs her next target for finger pointing, she is an attention seeker, bravo need to get rid

  • pics
    pics Год назад

    Here we go, again Lisa R says anything for the camaras

  • Daniel Jackson
    Daniel Jackson Год назад

    1 word.............. DEFINITELY.

  • Jai Williams
    Jai Williams Год назад

    Rinna is telling the truth ! Dats the lingo for a touch up lol

  • Greeneyed Gemini
    Greeneyed Gemini Год назад

    Lisa Rinna is like eating food at a restaurant and getting food poisening! What a low life i don't think her mother ever taught her any table educate or social discipline.throw her into a garbage can please!


  • Stafford Stafford
    Stafford Stafford Год назад

    LVP is a demon that got banished out of England in 1706

  • Pepper Wolf
    Pepper Wolf Год назад

    Since the show started Kyle has always made 😮 shocking faces, and they ALWAYS show her in the previews to make it look more dramatic. She must know that she'll get more camera time by doing that.

  • Gus Aguilar
    Gus Aguilar Год назад

    lisa knew she had to do something before leaving for qvc.
    shes smart, yet desparate

  • MsJenn1985
    MsJenn1985 Год назад

    She so was doing drugs in the bathroom xx

  • Grigor Ketenchian
    Grigor Ketenchian Год назад

    LOL at Rinnas face at 1:03

  • Jermey G
    Jermey G Год назад

    I watch this everytime I feel down. It makes me laugh so hard

  • Alchamistoh
    Alchamistoh Год назад +1

    rinna is so annoying bring kim back.

  • fagbag
    fagbag Год назад

    omg look at kyle and lvp at 0:10 they just wanna go home lol

  • Mike Hurn
    Mike Hurn Год назад

    Busted ! She asked coz it's true lol

  • Gunnhild Edwards
    Gunnhild Edwards Год назад

    Can't she ask a question? What is wrong with it.

  • Benjamin Roman
    Benjamin Roman Год назад +5

    1:03 Just askin' expression. Pure gold.

  • K Marine
    K Marine Год назад

    Observation.... Dorit wanted Lisa to STFU! Also, someone said this is the "normal" in Hollywood, trying to justify that using cocaine is an accepted and expected behavior. Well, it's not!

  • Shirley Webb
    Shirley Webb Год назад

    embezzlement proof tiffany jones and treasure musty jones and rhonda channel jones and lisa robertson sparks truth takayuki michelle welton and nicki bugsby....seriouslyy chinatown bitch you will never rule over me !!!! shut your fucking mouth jealous hoee

  • stephanie gonzalez
    stephanie gonzalez Год назад

    I'm with Lisa on this one

  • Miss.Phoenixx
    Miss.Phoenixx Год назад

    They are ALL doing something..let's be real. Bunch of rich bored Beverly hills bitches..mmhmm😂👌

  • EatPlums
    EatPlums Год назад +1

    I believe Dorit.

  • Steven Non ya
    Steven Non ya Год назад +1

    Lisa Rina is a nut job she is crazy she needs pills

  • Jesse Jbozz Stone
    Jesse Jbozz Stone Год назад


  • Mattamo King
    Mattamo King Год назад +1

    Bitch you don't just suggest that the entire table would leave WHILE FILMING.. to go to the bathroom to do durgs.. she losing it. Lisa rina I couldn't stand you from the season I first saw you. you seem crazy as fuck

  • Mattamo King
    Mattamo King Год назад +1

    Lisa rinna I more then hate you

  • drnkendramaqueen
    drnkendramaqueen Год назад

    Say what you want about Rinna but she's earned her pay this season. And, another thing, she was offering a receipt of turnabout since Dorit pretty much asked the same question about Rinna to Eden a few episodes prior.

  • Athanasios Papakostas
    Athanasios Papakostas Год назад +1

    Lisa R. is trying to hurt Everybodys reputation. BUT don't talk about her husband.... Otherwise. She is just annoying and Aileen her little sidekick is always defending her. Im tired of both of them.

  • Nicole Rose
    Nicole Rose Год назад

    Where did she get being left at the table for a few minutes=them doing coke??

  • Juan Trevizo
    Juan Trevizo Год назад

    Says the women with a ziploc bag of pills 😂😂😂

  • maya nelson
    maya nelson Год назад

    Dorit's nonchalant behavior is hilarious. "Idkkkkk lisa!"

  • Melissa Wildman Hanks
    Melissa Wildman Hanks Год назад

    Lisa Rinna you haven't said anything good about anybody! You seem to be a nice gal...but, your comments are always diminishing. you should be in Wikipedia as the definition of hypocrisy!
    and to Pickey or whatever your name is: who are you to say anything about another woman's husband!!
    That he hasn't been at home for six month?
    Lisa R is schizophrenic?
    you are a law suit waiting to happen. ....

  • Debbie Peters
    Debbie Peters Год назад

    Rinna you are such an asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jantz Washington
    Jantz Washington Год назад

    😂😂Lisa slays me

  • deedeesmom
    deedeesmom Год назад

    Bwaaaa call her out , lol and for Vanderpump to put her 2 cents in was too funny, yeah your the queen of low blows!!!

  • J Bone
    J Bone Год назад

    rinna looks like dog shit

  • Olivia Rhodes
    Olivia Rhodes Год назад

    Lisa's probs right tbh ..

  • 090310naz
    090310naz Год назад

    Ugh I swear Kylie if so freaking annoying. Always trying to have a go at Lisa Rinna. She's threatened by Lisa because she is getting more and more irrelevant as the season goes on. Her opinion is not wanted.

  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson Год назад

    1:02 Rinna's face right here gets me every time

  • Sue Horrocks
    Sue Horrocks Год назад +1

    I'm a British woman who has had a complete dislike for that stupid over acting woman who thinks she's the best thing ever to come out of Britain 🇬🇧 Lisa Vander....whatever? She is so false

  • Courtnee Wilson
    Courtnee Wilson Год назад

    This episode gave me life...!!! Lisa R... Is what reality tv is made of I love Lisa and Erika J...

  • Alejandro Daniel
    Alejandro Daniel Год назад

    Lisa Rinna is my Queen 😂❤

  • CALife
    CALife Год назад +1

    Eileen's fake laugh 0:54

  • TwentyThree
    TwentyThree Год назад

    This episode was actually amazing lol!

  • ThisIsEvan717
    ThisIsEvan717 Год назад +1

    Rinna fakes drama and that's worse than no drama. You aren't interesting enough so you make up shit so you can get more air time.

  • Mollie CK
    Mollie CK Год назад

    Kyle and Lisa would be such a bomb couple JUST SAYIN'

  • Knowitall Forsure
    Knowitall Forsure Год назад +4


  • Alec
    Alec Год назад

    Flashbacks to the iconic line "At least I wasn't doing crystal meth in the bathroom all night long, bitch" lol

  • Jason Chandra
    Jason Chandra Год назад

    I can't stop rewatching this

  • Annette Jones
    Annette Jones Год назад

    God I HATE rinna!