• Published on May 31, 2019
  • For 24 Hours I lived just on vending machines in Tokyo. This 24 hour challenge was a super interesting way to discover vending machine foods like hot dogs, burgers, and fried chicken, but also to discover different vending machine businesses like clothing store vending machines and entertainment oriented vending machines. Enjoy this crazy challenge in Tokyo, Japan!
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  • LivingBobby
    LivingBobby  5 months ago +1528

    What should we live on next for 24 hours!?!

  • Cherry Cotton
    Cherry Cotton 22 hours ago

    I went to Qatar to Malaysia to china to Japan I got jet lag

  • Le Monke
    Le Monke 2 days ago

    Damn I literally die for French fries so I’m going to Japan

  • PawTheAdventurer
    PawTheAdventurer 2 days ago

    Bro what isn't there people that go through 24 without even eating lol
    Go 72 only eating extra salty chips
    Thinking about it there's been weeks where my diet consisted of worse than vending machine food lol

  • Nikson Joy
    Nikson Joy 2 days ago

    Shout out to the crying kid

  • Angel Ortega
    Angel Ortega 4 days ago

    Hears song...
    Gomenasai, my name is Ken-sama.

  • TastyTarco
    TastyTarco 4 days ago

    Heard that those are shit... but u find it ok so tthats good

  • Mon Core
    Mon Core 4 days ago

    Yakult son

  • Hazy Bunny
    Hazy Bunny 5 days ago

    Japan may be the vending machine capital. But actually Singapore vending machine has a much wider variety of food. You can buy various noodle dishes, rice dishes, snacks, pizza, seafood, ice cream, sandwiches, salads & etc. 😁

  • Carl Singson
    Carl Singson 5 days ago +1

    the yogurt was blueberry flavored yakult

  • MINTYY _xx
    MINTYY _xx 5 days ago

    Love your yt videos ❤️keep doing what you love best!

  • Aden Garf
    Aden Garf 6 days ago +3

    Can we just appreciate that the woman at disk union printed out directions to a t-shirt vending machine?

  • rohith reddy
    rohith reddy 7 days ago

    he was drinking a probiotic drink lol😂

  • Elephant Seal
    Elephant Seal 7 days ago

    I think the hotdog was sweet cause it had a small bit of relish

  • KiD
    KiD 8 days ago

    When u asked for a clothes vending machine that lady must be thinking.......
    "This foreigner hella weird"

    BLEEMA BIM 8 days ago

    Cintai usus mu minum yakult tiap hariiiiiii

  • SkaiXMask
    SkaiXMask 8 days ago

    So. Your entertainment was a small wallet?

  • latca
    latca 8 days ago

    If you think about it an arcade game is sort of like an entertainment vending machine.

  • G0
    G0 9 days ago

    3:11 He is essentially putting a 100 dollar bill in a vending machine lol

    • So S
      So S 8 days ago +1

      G0 For hotdogs hahaha

  • Nils Engelhardt
    Nils Engelhardt 9 days ago

    You look homeless with that beard xD

  • J Shaw
    J Shaw 9 days ago

    You were pleased with the presentaion off the hotdogs..ummm hmmm right right yh well pffff umm if you say so..i guess i wouldnt like to see a badly presented hotdog according to you 😂😂😂 only joking mate

  • KhrisFit
    KhrisFit 9 days ago

    Where is that restaurant vending machine located?

  • Artilicious
    Artilicious 9 days ago

    Here you have..
    The beginning of his addiction for hot vending machine food

  • Antonio
    Antonio 9 days ago

    You make me want to mow my neighbors lawn after I pack the grand master’s wagon with rotten pumpkin squares

  • The Boy
    The Boy 9 days ago

    You drink only yogurt for breakfast and nothing to eat? I guess you ate breakfast at hotel.

  • s3phy
    s3phy 10 days ago

    Dude you barely scraped the surface of how crazy vending machines can get in Japan.
    You missed the udon vending machine for example.
    In Akihabara where you were at the end, there are vending machines for "adult goods" that you wouldn't believe.

  • Jared Gaming PH
    Jared Gaming PH 12 days ago

    Go to Philippines!!!!

  • Rufus Wilson
    Rufus Wilson 13 days ago +1

    Hey Bobby from watching another RUclipr Ericsurf6 that green season on the octopus balls is seaweed flakes

  • Nathan Chiang
    Nathan Chiang 13 days ago

    3:15 you inserted a 10000 yen bank note but the machine only accepts 1000 yen bank note

  • Zo DA
    Zo DA 14 days ago

    I really love all of your video. Please come to visit Cambodia and enjoy alot of amazing experience that you never met before.

  • Joule Skateboarding
    Joule Skateboarding 14 days ago

    There are burgers in prison visitation vending machine

  • Raymond Solis Jr.
    Raymond Solis Jr. 15 days ago +1

    Japanese women are so beautiful

  • Phoenix VanBerkel
    Phoenix VanBerkel 15 days ago

    What the hell is yo gurt it is yog urt

  • The Lyrical Marshall
    The Lyrical Marshall 18 days ago

    I love how he disassembles the burgers just to show us

  • Bryce Mitchell
    Bryce Mitchell 18 days ago

    Anybody else notice how the guy with yellow stripes at 6:00 to 6:04 disappeared

  • lil pengu
    lil pengu 19 days ago

    We have tgem yakult vitamin drinks in the uk

  • Kimberley Montreal
    Kimberley Montreal 19 days ago

    I love japan!! The food is amazing

  • David Sealon
    David Sealon 20 days ago


  • Michel c89000YT
    Michel c89000YT 22 days ago +1

    Nice 👍😃🔵🔴⬜⬛

    • Michel c89000YT
      Michel c89000YT 22 days ago +1

      New subscriber 😁🌼🌸🌼 from México 🇲🇽💙
      I like your channel very much 🎈 Lets support each other 😁

  • Noemí Cabo
    Noemí Cabo 22 days ago

    Carlos Alcántara who?

  • Icyyy
    Icyyy 22 days ago

    japan > USA

  • LookMan
    LookMan 22 days ago

    wtf his voice is same like MOVLOGS

  • Jm Segurigan
    Jm Segurigan 23 days ago

    Nice vid but why no ads? 😅

  • xGibey
    xGibey 23 days ago +1

    you probably take gnary shits

  • Bettye's Cooking Channel

    The dinner food from the vending looks pretty good.

  • Ali Hassan
    Ali Hassan 24 days ago

    *M A D A T E R E S A J U S T I N B E E B A*

  • Awesome - O
    Awesome - O 24 days ago

    And then they beat up Bobby,took his camera but left the remaining snacks that tasted like crap

  • pangeran berkuda putih

    Come to indonesia and do living in warteg for 24 hours

  • Not Good Gamer
    Not Good Gamer 25 days ago


  • Mohamad Tamimi
    Mohamad Tamimi 25 days ago

    Man ur beard 🔥🔥

  • highview seeker
    highview seeker 25 days ago

    i would be addicted to the mystery machine

  • Obama stucks
    Obama stucks 26 days ago +1

    11:35 the advertisement on the wall is a really good movie on Netflix.

  • Daisuke Sugihara
    Daisuke Sugihara 27 days ago

    That yogurt... you weren’t supposed to peel off the thing just so you know

  • Der Kaiser42o
    Der Kaiser42o 27 days ago

    It's like Yop yogurt drinks

  • Crab A Shot
    Crab A Shot 28 days ago

    Been here since 40k subs

  • Ariya Yaya
    Ariya Yaya 28 days ago

    White ppl eat anything

  • Leo_Cerberus
    Leo_Cerberus 29 days ago

    These videos are the shit and they make me hungry asf LOL

  • bravo 22
    bravo 22 Month ago

    Ur hot dogs are made from offal

  • Jake Mason
    Jake Mason Month ago

    Yakult is a small yogurt drink made in Japan to sooth high cholesterol

  • Bxop :V
    Bxop :V Month ago

    When u find a second can of soda and drink it
    Guess i'll die