RHOA: Cynthia Bailey Gives a Sneak Peek at the the RHOA Season 9 Reunion (Season 9) | Bravo

  • Опубликовано: 16 мар 2017
  • The RHOA fashionista has one major concern about the upcoming sit-down. Watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sundays at 8/7c, Only on Bravo. #RHOA
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    In Season 10 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia is free, fabulous, and embracing all life has to offer, from engaging in new business opportunities to taking a dip in the dating pool. Eager to move forward, Shereé is focusing on healing old relationship wounds and preparing for an empty nest with her daughter heading off to college. Meanwhile, Kenya, who focuses on growing her beauty empire, is over the moon after a whirlwind romance led to marrying the man of her dreams. Fully vindicated after last season's shocking allegations, it's business as usual for Kandi, who is juggling managing the popular Old Lady Gang restaurant and planning the highly-anticipated Xscape reunion. Excited for a new start, Porsha is looking for love and embracing a new vegan lifestyle. Fresh off performing in her one-woman comedy show and back in the housewives universe, NeNe returns more determined than ever to build her empire and support her family. And in her first time rejoining the group since Season 5, Kim is back on the scene and ready to shake things up. This season business may be booming for the ladies, but it's the friendships that are on the line when the old are threatened by the new and loyalties are put into question.
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    RHOA: Cynthia Bailey Gives a Sneak Peek at the the RHOA Season 9 Reunion (Season 9) | Bravo
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Комментарии • 53

  • Marquis Stukes
    Marquis Stukes Месяц назад

    This shows how she doesn’t give a fuck about them other then dealing with the show I want some reality in this reality show hunni

  • Adrienne Harrison
    Adrienne Harrison Год назад

    I love Cynthia. God she's absolutely beautiful, one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen! So classy and down to earth, Porsha needs to take notes!

  • Carla Jordon
    Carla Jordon Год назад

    Cynthia class by yourself classic classy lady

  • Harry A
    Harry A Год назад

    i adore her laughter and sense of humor. "Receipts" ;-)

  • MsBridget
    MsBridget Год назад

    I really like Cynthia, she brings normalcy to the show.and she brings the fashion! I hope the rumors aren't true that Cynthia will be let go to be able to bring Nene back.

  • Crystal Boddie
    Crystal Boddie Год назад

    Cynthia talks about everybody business except herown.

  • quiana boyette
    quiana boyette Год назад

    phaedra wrote up a fake document i sweae 😂😂😂😂

  • Dante Gaines
    Dante Gaines Год назад

    Funny how every interview I see her do she throws shade at PORSHA lol and then PORSHA interviews and said she wished the best for Cynthia going thru her divorce ... #porshawins lol CYNTHIA does not like PORSHA and she really doesn't have a reason to at this point she just being a follower

  • geminiminded
    geminiminded Год назад +8

    She is a beautiful woman. You will never be able to take that from her.

  • coco red
    coco red Год назад


  • stylecollective
    stylecollective Год назад +16

    LOL Cynthia basically said, " to hell with y'all, I got shopping to do and hair to pick out. " lol

    • Chrissynysc
      Chrissynysc Год назад

      stylecollective "hair to pick out" 😂😂

  • Tina Howard
    Tina Howard Год назад

    did they tell her she off the show

    • stylecollective
      stylecollective Год назад +2

      Unless a cast member outright quits, historically contract negotiations don't even start until after the final reunion episodes have aired.

  • Jenifer Hines
    Jenifer Hines Год назад

    who makes those brow

  • Change2be1
    Change2be1 Год назад +5

    I notice Cynthia has a lot to say about the ladies situation but she should have been saying something when nasty Peter made her look stupid on national tv and now she is trying to get him back.

  • Tia Jackson
    Tia Jackson Год назад +20

    Cynthia is the most level headed person on the show

  • MsGwen💋
    MsGwen💋 Год назад +2

    Stfu you flip flopper. Cynthia's so damn fake and jealous of Porsha it's embarrassing to watch. Take her azz off the show.

    • MsGwen💋
      MsGwen💋 Год назад

      DaJour Brooks
      Cynthia who's slow as hell in many other ways

    • MsGwen💋
      MsGwen💋 Год назад +1

      I stand by what I said. Cynthia doesn't go one episode with saying something derogatory about Porsha in her confessionals, but never say it to her face. Cynthia looks younger to someone I guess she should with all of the injections she's had. To those of you who keeps calling her dumb, she's got several businesses, how dumb is she? Kandi's just as dumb as you claim Porsha of being. Sip that tea.
      Btw, what 50 yr old woman secure in their own skin get a botched boobs job? She's trying to keep up with the younger ladies when she needs to stay in her lane. Stop reconstructing her face, she one step away from being Kim Zolciak look alike.

    • DaJour Brooks
      DaJour Brooks Год назад +2

      ladygg who would be jealous a anyone who thought the Underground Railroad was an actual train ride

    • Chim Cham
      Chim Cham Год назад +4

      ladygg Cynthia is not fake, she's just a people pleaser which can come across as fake and flip-flop-ish. And Cynthia...jealous of Porsha!? HAHAHAHAHA...HAHAHAHA...HAHAHA...HAHA...HAAAAAA! What does Porsha have for ANYONE, let alone Cynthia, to be jealous of her? 👀🤔

    • Angel28luv
      Angel28luv Год назад +7

      Why would she be jealous? Cynthia technically could be Porshas's mother. She is like 15 years older and looks just as good. Better to me because she looks natural and unique.

  • Harry A
    Harry A Год назад +8

    i love cynthia's laugh

  • chillbrutha82
    chillbrutha82 Год назад +16

    "Who said that?!?" #SHADE!

  • IrocEm Rockett
    IrocEm Rockett Год назад +5

    Cynthia even though I don't like your ass, I still think you're too beautiful to be wearing synthetic ass wigs. Girl please! Not a good look!

  • N Yt
    N Yt Год назад +9

    Looking forward to see the reactions after the "flashbacks"... "Who said that?" hahaha, omg

  • Jae Dee
    Jae Dee Год назад +4

    and Cynthia u lying

  • Jae Dee
    Jae Dee Год назад +10

    and Cynthia u lying u hate owning up to shit like hmmmmm putting your hands in peoples face, being a dick to phaedra ,

  • Asyy Af
    Asyy Af Год назад +37

    how is she 50

  • Pamela Carpenter
    Pamela Carpenter Год назад +1

    itsa dam shame how long shreree has put on about this house , that no onw has seen,, ever sense the first started , this house gettin shape , and still nuffin wad the fck sheree u doing , and wer u gettin ur funds ...

  • Peanut Butter
    Peanut Butter Год назад +44

    She was right about Bravo giving us receipts/flashbacks. They so petty and pathetic I swear 😂💯

  • BetterThanEmril
    BetterThanEmril Год назад +115

    I know what's exactly gonna happen. Kandi will go off on Phaedra and porsha. Kenya and Sheree will continue to clash over houses, Cynthia will talk about her divorce, Kandi is gonna start crying again, and porsha will mispronounciate stuff like always.

    • Lorrie D.
      Lorrie D. Год назад


    • N Yt
      N Yt Год назад +8

      What about Phaedra? She will sit and hold her feelings in until it looks like she's going to explode. I used to feel so, so sorry for her when Kenya and Apollo used to talk and "fight" during the reunion(s) and Phaedra had tears in her eyes but it's changed now. I really disliked what she said about Kandi and Shamea. I wish she would say more and more nice things. Feels like she rarely speaks and when she does it's only shady, negative or selfish stuff.

    • BetterThanEmril
      BetterThanEmril Год назад

      +Diego​ Phaedra can read yeah,but ever since Apollo allegedly lied on kenya and she's been caught red handed with stuff her comebacks aren't as good as they used to be because every shade she throws is either a lie, deflection, or its just not valid anymore lol IMO

    • Diego
      Diego Год назад +1

      Don't forget some amazing and hilarious reads from Phaedra...while Kandi will be crying and screaming Phaedra will be cool and collected reading her.

    • BetterThanEmril
      BetterThanEmril Год назад +1

      +ryan jones​​​​​ shut the fuck up and quit searching. Huge Difference between a typo and actually saying the word out loud wrong, but that's all people like yourself have time to worry about I guess, by the way its actually a word and you can use it in a sentence and if you want receipts look it up, so it doesn't matter what you say anyway because I'm actually not wrong anyway lol NEXT.

  • hello goodbye
    hello goodbye Год назад +35

    Cynthia always looks the best at reunion

  • khyreemama
    khyreemama Год назад +77

    Cynthia I understand... your over the drama. You are showing up to slay and collect a check. Ijs...I caught the tea