Selenium automation using Excel VBA - Selenium-VBA

  • Опубликовано: 25 ноя 2014
  • Selenium-VBA provides a wrapper to bind selenium 1 and Selenium 2 with VBA in excel. That means, you can automate webdrivers using excel macros. It provide support over firefox, chrome, internet explorer and PhantomJS.
    And the best part is it's addon that provides script in macro format when you record it using Selenium IDE.
    Key benefits include:.
    1. Automation of repetitive tasks on web browser.
    2. Filling web forms with data in Excel.
    3. Extract data from a websites .
    4. Extended support to selenium framework within QTP
    5. To compare rendering of web pages for regression.
    6. Performance measurement in terms of page loading time as well as the server response time.

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  • Thiago Alan
    Thiago Alan 2 года назад +1

    Very good explanation in this video
    Thanks a lot guy!!

    • xtremeexcel
      xtremeexcel  2 года назад

      Thank you for the feedback! Stay connected.. :-)

  • David Luu
    David Luu 8 месяцев назад +1

    FYI, there is also an alternative to Selenium VBA, for those that might have issues with it:

    • xtremeexcel
      xtremeexcel  8 месяцев назад

      Thank you for sharing.. :-)

  • rishabhraj shetty
    rishabhraj shetty Год назад

    Everytime I try to open chrome using selenium vba, I get a popup saying 'Disable Developer extension' and the my code stops working, how can I fix this?

    • Srinivas T
      Srinivas T 2 месяца назад

      replace the chromedriver with the latest version to fix this ( it will be available under "selenium wrapper" folder under Drive C or D )

  • james pruett
    james pruett Год назад

    how can i log into a site manually and then scrape? Is that possible? Thanks for posting!

    RAVI ROSHAN Год назад +1

    i dont have selenium in my excel library, how to add?

    • Sandy Happy
      Sandy Happy Месяц назад

      Did you get it in your excel..? i am also not getting...!!!

  • Amit Bodhwani
    Amit Bodhwani Год назад

    Hi, could you please tell me how to add SeleniumWrapper type library in references.
    I am using Microsoft Excel 2010 and I could not see this library present in References.
    I tried a lot searching for the solution on google but didn't got success till now.
    Any little help will be appreciated.

  • Siem Eikelenboom
    Siem Eikelenboom 2 года назад

    Last week, for some reason (maybe after a Chrome upgrade or a Windows Defender cleanup), the Selenium Wrapper stopped working. It started a Chrome window, but did not display any content.
    We solved this in five steps
    1. download SeleniumBasic- from
    2. run the exe
    3. download chromedriver.exe from
    4. copy chromedriver.exe from the zip file to C:\Program Files\SeleniumBasic
    5. remove the Block from the exe file through the properties (not sure if that was necessary)
    Current version of Google Chrome: 54.0.2840.71 m
    We had some problems with Windows Defender detecting chromedriver.exe as an infected file. We disabled Defender during the installation, in the hope Defender was wrong about that.

    • xtremeexcel
      xtremeexcel  2 года назад

      @Siem: SeleniumWrapper is no longer supported and has been replaced by

  • Lakshmi Ramakrishnan
    Lakshmi Ramakrishnan 2 года назад

    Hi Gr8 work
    Could you please help me with the url for your selenium videos? I'm a beginner having thirst to learn selenium.... but good at vba excel macros & UFT ...............

  • Anubhav Sinha
    Anubhav Sinha 3 года назад

    Great post mate !!! Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

  • cljd
    cljd 3 года назад

    Hi have you tried using a function as a test case? for example you created a search function? because i'm getting an error it says browser not started.. but in my Public Sub, i started webdriver there
    Function search()
    *** codes here
    End Function

  • Gilson Miranda
    Gilson Miranda 3 года назад

    I´m using windows 8 and office 2013, also the selenium basic, but I keep getting the Run-Time Error 429 ( Do you know what´s causin' it? Thanks!
    Sub test()
    Dim driver As New selenium.WebDriver
    driver.Start "chrome", ""
    driver.Get "/"
    End Sub

  • Nazmus Sakib
    Nazmus Sakib 3 года назад

    +xtremeExcel How do we close the browser using the code? Is there anyway I can do this with browser running behind?

  • Jeff Miller
    Jeff Miller 4 года назад

    Thanks for your video. nice work.
    I have a question. how can I get some data from a website into excel sheet.
    I am trying to get an option values from a online shop to a excel sheet so that I can work on it.
    could you please give me a direction?
    many thanks

    • xtremeexcel
      xtremeexcel  4 года назад

      +Jeff miller Thank you for writing to us. You can read google documentation to learn more. You can also write us at to avail our services.
      Extreme Excel Group