Making Ends Meet: Money Talks | Galdem Sugar Ep 3

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
  • Five fierce females who are up-and-coming in the UK grime scene come together to produce a podcast. This episode focuses on money and the struggles of making ends meet.
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Comments • 56

  • Taljeet Mudhar
    Taljeet Mudhar 4 months ago

    I think Cassie is the best one

  • Taljeet Mudhar
    Taljeet Mudhar 6 months ago

    How laaka man should be and how laaka woman should be.. were under represente ted! 😂 that’s my skill innit!! I’ma R-iss!

  • Taljeet Mudhar
    Taljeet Mudhar 6 months ago

    trash, garbage rubbish, dirt, grime, just different words for the same substance! You can’t dress it up no matter what you do. It is what it is!!

  • bumzilla 85
    bumzilla 85 7 months ago

    I’ve had 3 of those girls anal

    PATOWARY TV 7 months ago

    Please can you help me info

  • Chrissy Loves
    Chrissy Loves 7 months ago +3

    Can they pack it in and get a 9-5 please 🙄

  • Give Tea
    Give Tea 7 months ago

    The intro kiss me

  • Give Tea
    Give Tea 7 months ago

    Please help me

  • Give Tea
    Give Tea 7 months ago +1

    Wait is this a sketch

  • Give Tea
    Give Tea 7 months ago

    It’s so staged

  • Give Tea
    Give Tea 7 months ago

    Is this girl white

  • Give Tea
    Give Tea 7 months ago +2

    I think I have eye,ear,Brian cancer after watching this

  • Give Tea
    Give Tea 7 months ago +1

    This is so cringe

  • Pepe TheFrog
    Pepe TheFrog 7 months ago +9

    UK pensioners are now forced to fund this ‘culture’, INNIT

  • Annick Nasarallah
    Annick Nasarallah 7 months ago +16

    My brain will never forgive me for clicking on this...

  • Jay John
    Jay John 7 months ago +2

    13:30 - A team of people and they couldn't book a venue for a video shoot? Amateurs.

  • Darren Gordon-Hill
    Darren Gordon-Hill 7 months ago +5

    17:25 *Underrepresenteted* -_-

  • Darren Gordon-Hill
    Darren Gordon-Hill 7 months ago +8

    "I'm a woman"
    So much for "equality".
    And sure, male artists are never robbed, beaten or killed.

  • S A R A x
    S A R A x 7 months ago +1

    Gyaldem ***

  • Joe Rose
    Joe Rose 7 months ago +23

    You’re doing too much BBC 3, it’s like a trash love and hip hop😭😭

  • Dime
    Dime 7 months ago +8

    Get a job.

  • N U
    N U 7 months ago +3

    Whoever gave hating comments are the one with no jobs and on benefits

  • Zoey Xander XoXo
    Zoey Xander XoXo 7 months ago +1

    I think people stop working with you cause the find out through due diligence that you are a copy of me. Lol maybe if you shouted me out instead of copying me I could respect your ass.

  • Empress A
    Empress A 7 months ago +31

    Galdem Sugar??? Do they know what that means??? It’s patois which translate to a MAN bragging he is the sweetest thing around. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️. Carry on

    • Michuu
      Michuu 6 months ago +3

      Hallucinogen2000 Beanie man a de gyaldem sugar! Zim zimaah!

    • Hallucinogen2000
      Hallucinogen2000 7 months ago +6

      Yes! I that was Beenie man’s favorite thing to say back in the day! Lol

    • Empress A
      Empress A 7 months ago +2

      Charlene Johnson You’re right, point taken 👍🏼

    • Charlene Johnson
      Charlene Johnson 7 months ago +1

      I get what U mean and that is valid. But I think the context here may be abit different as in Gyal dem sugar as in the girls in this show are sugar...but then again we would have to ask the producers or whoever titled the show exactly what they mean by Gyal dem sugar??? But yes you are correct.

    • Delanie Forbes
      Delanie Forbes 7 months ago


  • bob bobb
    bob bobb 7 months ago +2

    lmao what is this garbage bbc 3? nobody out here wants to hear from these girls. Get them down the jobcentre ASAP

  • J K
    J K 7 months ago +9

    nothing makes me more flaccid than a chick who raps

  • UrJinxed
    UrJinxed 7 months ago +13

    So cringey

  • Hassan Mahone
    Hassan Mahone 7 months ago +4

    If this is Blue You’re An OG *BBC Three*
    👇You Can Be A OG Of Mine Today💯❤️

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis 7 months ago +5

    Keep The Faith Ladies.

  • Conin General
    Conin General 7 months ago +20

    Considering the BBC have recently announced over 75s now have to pay for tv fees, I'd like to know why our TV fees as a whole goes into producing all this absoutle rubbish? Why do we the tax payers pay for an online service that produces the most cringe worthy disgusting shows? Our money shouldn't be going into producing a cheap and truly awful Buzzfeed knock off. Just wow.

    • tvandbeermakehomergo
      tvandbeermakehomergo 7 months ago +3

      The BBC Should be forced to play on a level field as other brodcasters. Scrap the licence fee and make them fund themselves.

    • Luna
      Luna 7 months ago +7

      Very true. They recently exploited the working class in their ''homeless'' docs and produce left wing content (there's a video they produced calling the English flag racist and English a ''dead language''). I'm pretty sure we the hard working tax payer don't want our money going into a service that mocks our nation and produces truly dreadful stuff... we need to bin the BBC as a whole.

  • Alan Harries
    Alan Harries 7 months ago +23

    Over 75s will pay the license fee to see this lol.

  • PaiN ExoTiC
    PaiN ExoTiC 7 months ago +1


  • L0gan.—___————— Init

    Init first

  • Cameron Lowery
    Cameron Lowery 7 months ago


  • openallyourdoors
    openallyourdoors 7 months ago +19

    Wow Billie Eilish snapped on the thumbnail 👌🏻🌚✨

  • Mylife Mollybrazier
    Mylife Mollybrazier 7 months ago +2

    The type of girls I look up to as a young female MC myself

  • Jasmine H
    Jasmine H 7 months ago +1

    nice beaTS

  • Martin Shkreli
    Martin Shkreli 7 months ago +15

    basically future girls that will live in the projects with no baby daddys 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Darren Gordon-Hill
      Darren Gordon-Hill 7 months ago +2

      One at least already is.
      One's a "stud/butch" so no chance there

  • NEWJAM2004 NEWJAM2004
    NEWJAM2004 NEWJAM2004 7 months ago

    What’s wrong with ARMYS these days

  • NEWJAM2004 NEWJAM2004
    NEWJAM2004 NEWJAM2004 7 months ago +2

    Omg yaaaasss go NAMJOOM

  • Francis Deri
    Francis Deri 7 months ago

    Money talks sound fire

  • Zen EU
    Zen EU 7 months ago