Bill Gates on Education and Good Teachers

Bill Gates from TED Talks

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Автор Guillermo Lopez ( назад)
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Автор WOW Kids Club ( назад)
Nice video! Thanks for sharing!👏

Автор Rio Yamamoto ( назад)
why is he talking about education? i thought he was a tech guy. i wanted to hear about his company and how he managed to succeed.

Автор liên hà ( назад)

Автор Mary Elizabeth ( назад)

Автор Mary Elizabeth ( назад)
I have to 100% disagree with you! I was not given a good formal education, but a horrible experience in school! I believe actually that other countries are ahead of the United States of America! In other countries, foreign languages are taught more so, and there students are much more intelligent than our students!

Автор Namlee Jo ( назад)
Educations people listen to you parents ok

Автор Namlee Jo ( назад)

Автор Namlee Jo ( назад)

Автор Namlee Jo ( назад)
Time go fast yep

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Автор Namlee Jo ( назад)
The best

Автор Namlee Jo ( назад)
Education bill Gates

Автор Trivium Quadrivium ( назад)
Bill Gates talked for 12 minutes and said nothing...The American Education system is not education. It's social engineering, it's control, it's making sure little Johnny and Annie can't think independently or critically analyze information. Common Core has turned learning into a guessing game. Why are corporations investing so much in education? I'll tell you one thing, it's not to make the world a better place.

Автор cibriosis ( назад)
Bill Gates i actually a smart and nice man..just some people like the status quo..he really does try do change things..but most people have a tunnel vision about some people due to certain factors like wealth

Автор Lindsey Chapman ( назад)
Why is it that in this country being wealthy allows you to pretend to be an expert in education? Give me a break... he has been at this for over a decade, what results does he have to show for himself? These reformers are killing our schools--it's not the teachers.

Автор Kara Minor ( назад)
And then there are some GREAT teachers that get stuck with terrible principals. Is it going to make a teacher great when the principal isn't? Perhaps, a big part of the issue is looking at how we hire school's leaders (principals, county leaders, etc.)

Автор Comicbookstoreguy177 (945 лет назад)
The problem is that he is assuming all kids are intelligent and motivated to do well in academia and this simply is not the case. Teachers, no matter how good, can't change motivation and genetics. This BS about, you can't get any better after three years, is laughable. You get better every year. Wait, how is it this guy knows so little about the education field? Oh ya he's not IN the education field!

Автор No Way ( назад)
culling the Herd

Автор Lauren Pettersen ( назад)
Why are businessmen and politicians comfortable telling people what they are doing wrong when they themselves have no experience in that profession. Boards of education, secretaries of education, these people very rarely have any experience ever teaching in a classroom. When is education going to represented by the people who actually have experience in education?

Автор mark loler ( назад)
teachers and schools have very little to do with education, its all about the culture, almost all kids preform the same in the early elementary school levels, but then as they get more and more influenced by their respective cultural soroundings their desires change, u cant tell me india has better funded schools then the US, yet they way over preform

Автор Cameron Schwarz ( назад)
Umm, I'm pretty sure the real problem is the fact that school teachers are paid pittance. The best performing countries pay their teachers way more than the US.

Автор mrphysh ( назад)
Employment with the Post Office requires a passing score on the civil service exam.  Entrance into medical school requires a passing score on the Medcap test.  Entrance into a law program requires passing the LSAT test.  There is no such exam for teachers.  Within higher level academics, the throwaways end up in public education.  Whoever heard of an individual not being qualified to teach 7th grade science?  There should be an entrance exam and the criteria could be simple; if you do not have an average IQ you cannot work in public education.  The culture within public education is completely rotten and this is one of the main reasons.

Автор There is institutional racism in the NBA ( назад)
From what I understand, it's not that hard to be a teacher. And looking back, I can see now that in general my worst teachers were not very bright, whereas the best ones were pretty bright people.

There's no doubt that if you had a good teacher it was more likely because you were lucky that s/he happened to be bright and to enjoy their profession.

If it weren't so easy for people to become teachers, I think that it would be a different story. I think that if teachers were paid way more, say 50% more than what they're actually paid, there would be more competition within the profession. So naturally, the best ones would get jobs and the bad ones would be weeded out.

I think Bill Gates' idea is a good one. However, I would see that as step 2 or 3 in ameliorating our situation with respect to education. I think another good idea would be for there to be more investment in doing research to determine what are the best ways to teach.

Автор Vikki Shim ( назад)
Take a video of a lesson from the "Great" teachers and students can learn... Then why employ so many not so great teachers.  Just put the kids in a room with a dvd player and the video of a lesson from the Great teacher, problem solved.  REALLY??? hahahahahaha

Автор mrphysh ( назад)
They should teach organic chemistry first...."carbon likes to form four equal bonds" ... This should be standard material for all fourth graders.  The standard curriculum for chemistry is not evil, but a  waste of time and the students know it.   Organic structure is not that hard.  "But you have to have the background in atomic structure first."  That is baloney.  "But organic chemistry is too hard."  That is also baloney.  This is big, but someone needs to take this on.  You guys are good.  And you may have the influence. I have started this project, but know I do not have the skill or influence....Think about it...

Автор Bill is Satan ( назад)
This man such a greedy, soulless, sociopathic fraud--this talk is 100% motivated by making another 75 billion by Microsoft's partnership with Pearson (announced in February) to sell Windows 8 tablets to each child that "teach" the Common Core $tate $tandards he paid for.  This corporatist narrative of education in crisis narrative is a fraud and it is educational and legislative malpractice to follow his suggestions.  When you control for poverty, our education system is the best in the world on these dumb tests he is talking about.  The problem is that we have the second highest child poverty.  So yes, the quartile of teachers in the wealthiest schools are going to have the best scores year after year, which is not accounted for in Bill's outrageously skewed statistics.  Corporatists politicians and false philanthropist-profiteers like Gates want to have bleed our teachers until they can no longer hoard another ton of money for themselves.

Автор reachforacreech ( назад)
why dont you talk about the real problem with education bill.that it was designed to dumb down the lower classes to not be involved with politics ,competing with business,to be apathetic mindless workers.

Автор teresa hernandez ( назад)
While I appreciate Gates' initial premise regarding the overall improvement of the public education system, I am sick and TIRED of the conversation happening at the expense of teachers and the teaching profession. Teachers are one of the most scapegoated professionals in today's society. What about parental responsibility?! Once upon a time, parents and teachers were a partnership that worked together to ensure that children were held accountable and demonstrated consistent progress through their academic careers. I want to make this very clear:TEACHERS ARE NOT PARENTS!!! PARENTS ARE PARENTS!!! If you want teachers to focus on improving and developing their profession, stop asking them to babysit so that CAN focus on their pedagogy. Secondly, who the hell said it was okay to ask teachers to work their asses off for NO money?! If you were to do the research, you would find that teachers with Masters degrees make the smallest amount of money that nearly any other kind of professional with a Masters degree related to its field. We need to be taking a lesson from Finland. They value teaching, they invest in it, and, as a result they get the results that America covets. A capitalist society like the United States of America does NOT have a right to ask for something for next to nothing. For these reasons, I take issue with Bill Gates in this talk. STOP scapegoating teachers and assuming that the failure of education exclusively lies in their hands, unless you want to start paying teachers to go from door to door to take away all of their students Xboxes and Playstations to make sure that they responsibly do their part in their own educational development.

Автор Rosa Koire ( назад)
TOTAL SURVEILLANCE IN EVERY CLASSROOM. This is what Cyber Wizard Bill Gates is proposing.  Aside from the huge financial boost Microsoft gains from spreading software across the globe, Gates is an agent for the surveillance war being waged on every human being on the planet.  The audience applauds the suggestion that all teachers and students will be viewed and monitored the entire time that they are in a classroom, and that this information will be used and retained forever.  THIS IS UN AGENDA 21/SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.
We are the RESISTANCE.
Awareness is the first step in the Resistance
Post Sustainability Institute

Автор Xieerqi ( назад)
I think he makes very valid point: if a teacher as a worker isn't producing good students, then what value he or she has for the company(school or university) ? That's the idea behind teacher evaluation - educators must have incentive to work well. I've seen enough educators who come to class, spend all the time on BS, and leave; they don't have a reason to make students better.

Автор Bing Shen ( назад)
Bill, you are a good businessman, but not a teacher. That's why you didn't hit the main point of being a teacher. Being a teacher under frequent scrutiny is no easy task. You should teach at least for a year, and then come here blah blah blah

Автор Lane Halterman ( назад)
Unfortunately Bill is making broad statements that aren't always true. Teacher evaluation is so much more complicated than was presented here.

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