Leica M10 Monochrom - Hands on in Manhattan

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Comments • 80

  • Matt Granger
    Matt Granger  2 months ago +18

    Are you one of the 36?! :)

    For full specs and pricing - Check it at Amazon: geni.us/m10m
    Or at BH Photo: bhpho.to/3af3sA4
    See Used Leicas at KEH: geni.us/UsedLeica & use code MATTG for 5% off!

    • Inquisitve m
      Inquisitve m Month ago

      These are worth more than my Honda Accord

    • Yankee Rider
      Yankee Rider Month ago

      Not new, but I’ll be getting one as soon as a used one pops up I can swing!

    • Inquisitve m
      Inquisitve m Month ago

      any Leica Q giveaways? :-)

    • yummdiddy
      yummdiddy 2 months ago

      I am not lol

      SLIMNICS 2 months ago

      edma22 What i love about BnW film is the grain. For me it is the best part, now i am looking for subjects and lighting conditions just to get beautiful grain. What characteristics do you like about BnW film?

  • 86T
    86T 13 hours ago

    Ill stick to my M6, all Leica digital cameras are insanely over priced

  • bearinch
    bearinch 5 days ago

    Thank you Matt for sharing. For all of you monochrome-lovers, here is a true gift, to get some inspiration classics from real masters:

  • Jens A. Braun
    Jens A. Braun 14 days ago

    The 50 Apo - def

  • mackstertube
    mackstertube 15 days ago

    I love black & white photography. There is something about the contrast that is amazing. I am not a photographer but thinking of getting into it as I have done some dive photpgraphy & it was great fun.
    Did a tiny bit at uni for horticulture.

  • angelisone
    angelisone Month ago

    It looks like Leica still didn't get the big bonkers that Nikon came out with Nikon DF.
    Like saying buying a 4K TV that only provides B&W screen with non-stereo sounds.

    Today children, beginners and photocheaters need af, meters, color, still & 4k video with is.
    Built-in cell-phone, built-in TTL 2.4GHz transmitter, 100% rotate screen & 2.5mm PC sync socket would be nice.

  • Ballzarath Scrotius

    What's the song called at 7:00 ? It's badass

  • michael s
    michael s Month ago

    Probably go with the 90mm...NYC,where we always have something to shoot...

  • flickrmark
    flickrmark Month ago

    An M10 Mono + 35 Summilux in Oz will set dentists, lawyers, Eric Clapton & Scarlett Johansson back a cool $21,000....yikes :-o

  • Jürgen Kaßnitz
    Jürgen Kaßnitz Month ago

    an entertaining and informative video and very good looking results, sometimes I would prefer a little bit more contrast, but that´s only my taste
    I would prefer a 35 mm lense with a Leica M Monochrom, no matter which model, to make this my EDC combo.....and I couldn't afford more if anything, the main reason for this decision :-)
    I can never understand why a Leica is so much expensive for what I get, other manufacterers also can make superb cameras and lenses, but their also well made camera models filled with modern technology and way more features aren`t so expensive, so that can`t be the reason, maybe it´s only the Leica myth and the desire of Leica`s customers to be part of a very special circle, which I would call "The Slow Photographers", but you don`t need a Leica "M" to think before taking a picture or to feel yourself like a "real" pro or "the world`s greatest photographer" or to discover the essence of photography, but that`s what it is, a myth (it`s the same with black & white analog photography) - but don`t get me wrong, IMO it`s a superb and interesting concept having "only" a black & white sensor built into a digital camera, for me this could be all I need for my personal digital photography because I`m a black & white fanboy since the 1980s
    a problem which I can see with many videos here on RUclip filmed with modern "hybrid" cameras (that`s what I call a digital camera for photo + video or I call them "egg-laying wool milk sow"): a lot of AF issues with moving subjects :-( for me it seems like they can't keep the sharpness.....or are they all operating or setting errors ? if it`s a problem only with the camera technology and/or the internal software that`s an annoying no-go for me - I don`t own such a camera and I never will, because I`m not interested in making videos and I don`t want to pay for things or features that I absolutely don't need, but I can decide whether individual scenes in a video look good or not so good IMO
    (sorry, English isn`t my main, but I guess you all know what I mean)

  • Arrested Images Photography and Design

    look a little hot Matt.

  • RuyLopezQB6
    RuyLopezQB6 Month ago

    Both Joe Greer and Daniel Arnold shoot the M10. Neither are dentists, doctors or lawyers.

  • Jim Jim
    Jim Jim Month ago

    8,300 👎💸💸💸
    I’ll keep my Fuji pro2 thank you

  • Marc
    Marc Month ago

    What pictures can you do with a M10M that you couldn't do with a less expensive and more versatile GFX50r ? Currently the M10M is 8200€ and a GFX50r 3500€ (all taxes included). With the difference, you can buy a GF 32-64 at 2400€ and a GF 110 at 2800€... Do the match.

  • jat dan
    jat dan Month ago

    I would say Daamm.

  • Madison County Sound Labs

    “” Oh shiiii, wha?!?!?!? “”

  • icecoldoli
    icecoldoli Month ago

    Leica cameras - for when the badge is more important than photography.
    Fuji cameras - when it's all about photography.
    Sony and Canon - when you want to be a photographer but don't have a creative bone in your body.

  • Carlos Rincon
    Carlos Rincon Month ago

    The law of diminishing returns at work...

  • Jody Cortes
    Jody Cortes Month ago

    On the camera what is the 90mm lens equal to compared to a full frame DSLR ?

  • Fluterra
    Fluterra Month ago

    Great video!

  • rpgroome
    rpgroome Month ago

    Wow I can get a 90mm 1.5 for only $13,000! It’ll give me results similar to an 85mm 1.4 lens at only 50 times the price.

  • chris Bull
    chris Bull Month ago

    We can alway dream of one of these😔

  • John Ishii
    John Ishii Month ago

    Ultimate paring hmm M10 with a 50mm Cron APO

  • John Ishii
    John Ishii Month ago

    Hi Matt I went to the Leica M10 mono launch and tried it with a new Leica 90mm 1.5 Lux. I went home and looked at the files and found it no big deal. I already have M10 and 2 Leica SL's. But I can't justify the $9600 price which is the price in Malaysia. So I cancelled the order and got a SL2 instead.

  • El Poutre
    El Poutre Month ago +10

    Funny to see how Matt’s face doesn’t get along with the rest of his body

  • GenVirtu
    GenVirtu Month ago

    Sweet Camera. But I'll stick to my X-Pro2.

  • Bernie Ess
    Bernie Ess Month ago

    What's worth well more than that Leica camera is Stephanie's smile and radiating personality. Oh I forgot and her beauty :-)

  • Jason Vanstone
    Jason Vanstone 2 months ago

    Who’s doing your overlay footage? It sucks 😭 autofocus focus pulls and random zooming/ bad camera movements 🤮

    • Matt Granger
      Matt Granger  2 months ago +1

      Thanks for feedback. We will keep working on it.

  • Eggy Noggy
    Eggy Noggy 2 months ago

    Hes shooting her, shes shooting everything else. this is why i shoot alone....

  • Eggy Noggy
    Eggy Noggy 2 months ago

    Nokia 9 with its 3 debayered lenses specifically for shooting monochrome photography is now a justifiable purchase.

  • I am what I am
    I am what I am 2 months ago

    I will study law at university to buy a leica m10 monochrom

  • timotius
    timotius 2 months ago

    A regular m10 with summilux 50mm f1.4 asph is good enough for me :)

  • James Kirk
    James Kirk 2 months ago +1

    Fujifilm can do the same

  • C.G.C
    C.G.C 2 months ago

    Leica is just a joke, merely a name our days

  • weizenobst müsli
    weizenobst müsli 2 months ago

    It took you three attemps to say "filter" in the right moment :-DD Like your videos very much! Greetings..

  • Joe Lopez
    Joe Lopez 2 months ago

    I love the idea of this camera, but Jesus LoL
    Come on Fujifilm, hook us up with a X-ProM

  • Kuba Gornowicz
    Kuba Gornowicz 2 months ago

    1:00 - technically... you can get a color photo from a monochrom or bw film by using a colour filters (red green and blue or cyan, magenta, yellow and normal) and then making a channel composite in computer :)
    Just checked it with RGB filters with my Ricoh in BW mode - and yes you get a normal colour photo from three bw ones :)

    • Kuba Gornowicz
      Kuba Gornowicz 2 months ago

      ok, I did new ones and add original bw files they goes red / composite / green / blue

    • Kuba Gornowicz
      Kuba Gornowicz 2 months ago

      @Matt Granger Here they are - photos.app.goo.gl/ASTgABPYsqJoe7wT9 - I didn't save bw ones, so composites only. I can do new ones if there will be demand :)

    • Matt Granger
      Matt Granger  2 months ago

      Let’s see the result!

  • Comfort Ibiye Iyalla
    Comfort Ibiye Iyalla 2 months ago

    Can I use this camere to record videos?

  • The life of Jools
    The life of Jools 2 months ago

    Seems a bit crazy to use a manual focus system, that isn't really fit for purpose on shallow depth of field shots. Even with experience, I've heard pro's say that grabbing a shallow dof moment at a wedding is pure luck...and mostly the results are soft. And having to attach an EVF just ruins it...although it highlights the impossibility of shooting without it. Leica irritate me these days... I'm all for manual focus lenses (that's what I started on)...but I don't see the benefit in the bodies... love the glass, but think I'd rather mount the lens to a Canon or some other camera with a bright ovf.
    You're right about the results being less important than the shooting experience....the photo pools in the Flickr Leica groups bear that out :)

  • andy van
    andy van 2 months ago

    the reason your female co-host is having so much trouble is the 90 mm f 1.5, try a wider and slower lens, as with this and the 50 & 75 mm noctilux lenses( f 0.95) the depth of field at those fast apertures is so small as to need the auto focus capability of the S L body to focus reliably!, but good idea to have the add on finder, as this is sensor based image, allows a greater and more accurate sense of focus.

  • gr33ndest1ny
    gr33ndest1ny 2 months ago

    @Ansel Adams

  • Yuma Eekman
    Yuma Eekman 2 months ago

    I sometimes hate these kinds of review, like, HEY! GREAT CAMERA MAN. when it's 10k it better fucking fly.

  • Bear Hawk
    Bear Hawk 2 months ago

    I would like to have one but it is too expensive. I would rather use the money it costs to buy a house and shoot with a D7200 Nikon until I win the lottery.

    • weizenobst müsli
      weizenobst müsli 2 months ago

      M8 plus vintage lens is also a nice entrance to the cult :-DD

  • Marc
    Marc 2 months ago

    The pleasure to shoot with a Leica M is real. But this guy is only an enjoyable toy for people who are looking for something others can't buy (they'd say "can't understand"). Look at the price and the image quality of a SL2 or a Q2 vs a M10 and you'll understand how M prices are set.

  • Dan Patterson
    Dan Patterson 2 months ago

    I'm hoping to see someone use this for landscape photography and post links to full-resolution files.

  • Asa McQueen
    Asa McQueen 2 months ago

    I am a Leica shooter, I've got an M7 and an M10, and 3 lenses, a 28mm, 50mm (yes that one), and a 90mm. I am however neither a doctor, nor a lawyer. No, I work in I.T. Security. I would love to buy one of these cameras, but I doubt it's in the budget this year. Maybe if I can find one Code U (floor model), which is how I found my M10. I personally enjoy shooting with it, but I understand why people don't. I would probably go for the newer model M10M, and the 90 1.5. Though what I want more than both of them is the Leica Thambar.

  • Peter Kelly
    Peter Kelly 2 months ago

    Your sketch reminds me of something else

  • Jaxplode
    Jaxplode 2 months ago

    Did you do some pillows in your trousers?

  • ted tedsen
    ted tedsen 2 months ago

    love the m10 monochrom i even have a black and white tv

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost 2 months ago +1

    The collective noun of Leica is a ‘mugging’ of Leica’s?

  • Binil Zachariah
    Binil Zachariah 2 months ago

    Out of curiosity.... why would anyone choose a monochrome camera when there are similar cameras with color sensors for the same or even lesser cost?

  • dlysele
    dlysele 2 months ago

    Ten fucking thousand... I am a lawyer and I can't justify it.

    • dlysele
      dlysele 2 months ago +1

      @Matt Granger Not that it makes a huge difference... lol

    • Matt Granger
      Matt Granger  2 months ago +1

      Well counselor, it’s $8300 not 10k

  • Kostya Fedot
    Kostya Fedot 2 months ago

    @ 11:00 exposures are overblown.

  • mariogpx
    mariogpx 2 months ago

    Set your m10 p to monochrome mode , I would like to see a comparison, or a fujifilm with across simulation

  • Adam Paul
    Adam Paul 2 months ago

    Good stuff, thx, Adam, Tofino.CA

  • o o
    o o 2 months ago +1

    40 year old man wearing a hat with ears is embarrassing

    • Gene Waddle
      Gene Waddle 2 months ago

      I'm 65 and I wear one. It makes people smile and that's a good thing.

    • Matt Granger
      Matt Granger  2 months ago

      Oh goodness I’m sorry to hear your embarrassed. Call you mum for a chat.

  • runzi zhu
    runzi zhu 2 months ago

    Seriously, I hate the sounds of drawing on the paper

  • George Stone
    George Stone 2 months ago

    Absurd. The definition of an overpriced, under-featured trophy camera.

  • Ravi Bindra
    Ravi Bindra 2 months ago

    M10monochrome with 50 Apo. I will wait for the New M10 that is promised this year ... unless i run out of patience 🤣

  • Dan Higginson
    Dan Higginson 2 months ago +1

    I’m close to that wedge. If only I had the money!

  • HitEmUp.ru
    HitEmUp.ru 2 months ago

    Mr Robot?

  • LokkieF
    LokkieF 2 months ago +4

    These bw images don't look great, just average like any other digital picture set to bw.

  • Silvestro Crino
    Silvestro Crino 2 months ago

    I like how childishly excited you both got shooting these cameras in this video... you really are a young soul for a 50 year old man...

  • putankaat
    putankaat 2 months ago

    Fox... monochrom Leica... Fox? Camera.... Fox hat!.. ISO... my tired brain can’t focus on the content, it just see fox hat. Damn tired brain!

  • KM Wong
    KM Wong 2 months ago

    Oh man! Leica really cornered a market 😁

  • Konstantin Sukhov
    Konstantin Sukhov 2 months ago

    One more thought about it.
    If there is a monochrome Leica M10, and there is a M10-D with no rear screen, and there was an Epson R-D1 with mechanical shutter winder, why the hell they did not combine all of this in one Leica M body?
    This will be really cool "analog feeling" type of camera.

  • Dillan K
    Dillan K 2 months ago

    If I had the cash, I would definitely pick one up. Any of them!

  • crispin8888
    crispin8888 2 months ago +8

    There's something very impressive in your trousers.

    • Jürgen Kaßnitz
      Jürgen Kaßnitz Month ago +1

      I guess we all know what it is, but we're too polite to say it and some of us are personally affected ;-)

  • Alderman Fred C. Davis
    Alderman Fred C. Davis 2 months ago +1

    I have never owned a Leica and cannot afford one, however, I LOVE that Leica exists. I love their aesthetic and mystique. That being typed, I'm sure Leica did their market research and whatnot, however, it's difficult to imagine that they could sell enough of these to pay for the R&D, manufacturing, and other costs. I mean what is the minimum number of units Leica hopes to sell to consider this camera to be a success? Leica is already a niche brand, and now this body is a niche of a niche...……..............to the 'n'th degree.
    As the majors are squeezing the small guy out in almost every industry, I just hope Leica can stick around for another 100+ years, because when I look at a lot of Leica images, I do see the vaunted 'Leica-look'. A lot of their lenses DO indeed have the secret sauce.

  • Herman Tsui
    Herman Tsui 2 months ago

    Great video, thanks ! One question, so I am using m10-p and I seem to take more b&w pics than color pics. However, from my own experience, b&w on my camera is already good. If I never need to print big pics, do you still think it is worth the swap ? Thanks in advance

  • DaviddbDesign Visual Media

    My dream kit: M 10-P; M 10 Monochrome; APO 50 f2; 28 f 2; APO 90 f 2. All for under $40K! (And a used beater for a car)

  • Rabert's World
    Rabert's World 2 months ago +4

    I shoot 99% black and white. Having said this: even if I would be a billionaire and money wouldn't be of any concern, I still would choose my Olympus Pen F with its monochrome 2 mode over the Leica. I don't massivly crop my files and I don't print square meters of fine art, so I don't need those large files - and I actually like the Pen F output better as what I have seen of those Leicas so far. So, I'm not one of the few the Leica is made for. In case I need to be able to say "this picture was done with a Leica", I pic up my Leica R6 and load it with Tri-X.

  • dino brusco
    dino brusco 2 months ago

    Matt great coverage as usual. I wonder if in September we come over there from Italy there would be the opportunity to meet somewhere

  • Боря Дюпон
    Боря Дюпон 2 months ago

    Still too big a slice in my opinion 😅 but I can't help it, I'm just crazy about the M Monochrom. The older and 'cheaper' version, that is. Thanks for your review though, this new one looks so exciting!

  • Maxime
    Maxime 2 months ago

    Only static subjects images, or out-of-focus ones. I'm not surprised.
    Let's just remember that the good-old-guys we all love were not only shooting static subjects back in the days.
    Conclusion is: this camera is ONLY FOR YOU if you are able to focus with it.
    It's not a "slower" process or whatever non-sense people are claiming it is. It would be beyond futility to have a camera you can only use for static subjects.
    Oh, and range focusing does not work with a 40MP camera, it's not film anymore and lenses are far far superiors. So good luck with that also.

  • Andy We
    Andy We 2 months ago

    Hi Matt!
    Thanks for the Video. A 40Mpx Monochrom with the 90 mm Lux is the ideal combo for using the beautiful Leica Table-tripod with the Leica Ball head. Before the advent of Image-stabilisation, Leica has always promoted this little stable genius for helping to stabilise your camera, when you are shooting free hand.
    You simply press the tripod against your chest, or the right shoulder and you can position the camera before your eye. It works like a Shoulder Mount Rig (for instance the "Revo Video Shoulder Support" or the "CAMVATE DSLR Shoulder Mount Rig Dual Handgrip Support Kit") but is much smaler and helps immensly to stabilise the image.
    Greetings Andreas

  • Andy Garcia
    Andy Garcia 2 months ago

    Being poor sucks, Leica cameras are my favorite and I can’t even afford an M3. But one day my friends, for now I’ll live happily with my AE1 and F3. ( great video by the way )

    • B
      B 2 months ago +1

      An M3/M2/M6 is better than any digital Leica ever will be.

  • Vz Beatz
    Vz Beatz 2 months ago


  • sanch Sanchayan
    sanch Sanchayan 2 months ago


  • H S
    H S 2 months ago

    Hello Matt where is it possible to buy the strap she is wearing on the leica?