On Contact: The Failing Education System with Nikhil Goyal

  • Опубликовано: 8 апр 2017
  • On this week's episode of On Contact, Chris Hedges discusses how to salvage the American education system with Nikhil Goyal, author of "Schools on Trial: How Freedom and Creativity Can Fix Our Educational Malpractice". RT Correspondent Anya Parampil explores the regimentation of education spurred by the No Child Left Behind Act.
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Комментарии • 170

  • Rage Lisabeth
    Rage Lisabeth 4 дня назад

    Let him talk for goodness sake...It's like he feels even more pressure to rush to get a complete thought out bc he keeps getting cut off...goshdarnit.

    SATAN SOLDIER Месяц назад


  • TobyPlayz
    TobyPlayz Месяц назад

    This guy, what a brat, it is that education and hard work that put you to Oxford.

  • Johnny Alejandro Almonte
    Johnny Alejandro Almonte Месяц назад

    in Murika Everythang is a profit ova people SCAM

  • Kenny Ashman
    Kenny Ashman 2 месяца назад

    No mention of John Taylor Gatto? WTF?

  • Patricia MacLeod
    Patricia MacLeod 3 месяца назад

    MIC needs passive canon fodder. And the consolidation of the media means mind control is easy. The US population are units to be milked for profit in school, prison, hospital, any which way. We don't promote programs for a decent society since 25% of the entire USA budget goes to the military. (Why is destabilizing the rest of the world our core goal? Why does ISRAEL have a military installation in Alaska?) USA trashes its own population and pollutes its own land.

  • Fanie van Jaarsveld
    Fanie van Jaarsveld 3 месяца назад

    OH man: No SUBTITLES ?????

  • Santos Tesla
    Santos Tesla 5 месяцев назад

    Read: John Taylor gatto book's "the underground History of American Education" , "weapons of mass instructions" .

  • Ronnie & Minh
    Ronnie & Minh 5 месяцев назад

    It is sad to witness how greed and ego have infested and corrupted just about everything.

  • sundiii99OWS
    sundiii99OWS 6 месяцев назад

    Americans, please search for CIA and FBI at Third World Traveler! America killed millions worldwide!

  • Carl Moore
    Carl Moore 7 месяцев назад

    real good honest report.

  • Frank S
    Frank S 8 месяцев назад +2

    I don't see any difference between the regimentation in public schools and that in the typical workplace. Basically, we've created an entire civilization of robots.

  • Bernard Popp
    Bernard Popp 9 месяцев назад

    Citizens will be job or prison prepped ...
    Privatized education & prison means all is going toward corporate oligarchic control. On top is the bankster control of money & infrastructure. Don't look for reform until the Fed is eliminated, and the economy given back to the working public. Small business is their enemy...yet has been the backbone of a viable, sustainable, capitalist economy, where the individual is energized to create & drive uniquely in the world of commerce.
    Start bartering in micro communities, and make dollars the servant, not the master, of social & business interactions.
    Its grassroots alternative & boycott, freedom from a debt-based existence, or just endless masked over slavery.

  • Fifthcaptain
    Fifthcaptain 9 месяцев назад

    This has been the Singapore's school system since forever. Thats why most of the population become obedient sheep, only daring to rebel on the inside, suppressing alot of negative emotions, and becoming really passive-aggressive.

  • Tom Minogue Hastings
    Tom Minogue Hastings 10 месяцев назад

    chris looks better with glasses.... and school sux

  • James Chuaycham ป้อม ศักดิ์ชัย

    Excellent interview.
    We all know we badly need education reform that will work for 99%.
    It is the same worldwide designed to control and use money as the goal of education not freedom and individual development based on interests and passion. I am from Thailand and education there is so outdated and really bad & militarized & wasteful & boring for most students.
    It doesn't teach freedom & creativity & sustainable development for students. Too many useless tests that are not hands-on and practical to each local region. Alternative education should be student-centric and customized , designed by parents, educators, business, and students.

  • Andrew Godly
    Andrew Godly Год назад

    Neo-liberal's view:
    1. It costs money, and those "poor" rich people "need" tax breaks
    2. Creativity, free-thought, questions may cause a revolution of oh beloved capitalism
    3. It doesn't reinforce the "success" fantasy and instead actually has students learn
    4. They don't like change or public institutions

  • renge99O9
    renge99O9 Год назад

    Listen to what this kid says at 19:17 , and he is right, but where it all fails is that this is NOT the job of public schools, it's the job of PARENTS, and that is where the public school system fails, when the PARENTS believe that schools should be responsible for doing their job. This guy has the facts completely backward saying there is no accountability from charter schools. Private schools have outperformed public schools drastically for as long as records have been kept, part of that is BECAUSE they are strict and demand good behavior and accountability from children. If they don't then parents take their money elsewhere, there is no clearer level of accountability. Public schools take your money no matter if you use them or not, there is little accountability as to how that money is spent, and unions ensure that under performing and even incompetent employees know they are safe. As for capitalism, this country runs on tax money, that tax money comes from companies which actually MAKE and DO things, and PAY people. How have these people become so damn retarded? I'm guessing public education.

    • Thomas Hancock
      Thomas Hancock 7 месяцев назад

      None of that is correct. Private schools can accept who they want. You are apparently wealthy enough to opt out of the public school system. A parent who has to work two jobs just to keep a roof over their heads is going to have problems. You are speaking from a very privileged place and have disgusting views of your fellow human beings. Probably a libertarian.

  • not2tees
    not2tees Год назад

    This is why I'm thinking of having no more piano recitals for my piano students -- they just assume it's like school, and that the whole education process is essentially meaningless, excepting for doing well for the others who in this case would be the recital audiences.

  • Jack Ring
    Jack Ring Год назад

    Clear evidence that teachers sabotaged an attempt to measure schools, not students.

  • marty mart
    marty mart Год назад

    I worked in many of the major institutions including public ed.... trust me they need to burn them down and start over from a 21st century perspective.... these institutions operate on 19th and 20th century laws.. . who is in charge.... those with money ,, they do not want positive change. the students are in charge.... they learn how the school system works. many do not get homework or books to take home to study

  • marty mart
    marty mart Год назад

    now what does this tell you when a high school student knows more about dysfunctional teaching than the superintendent , principals, teachers, National Education Association, Unions... and especially those ivy league freaks

  • ExCal
    ExCal Год назад

    thats why i went to an online law school and have a JD with ZERO college debt. The answer is online cheaper competition but unfortunately they are blamed. If you think online schools don't work then how did i pass the bar when brick and mortar law schools have many students that fail it.

  • D' Essay
    D' Essay Год назад

    US teachers should be doing what their counterparts are doing in Argentina. But they can't because they are divided by resource allocation. More resources in the suburbs and less resources to urban schools of color and class. Urban teachers would strike and suburban teachers are not likely to follow. To abolish it the conservatives want to privatize it and create a two class system of buyers and sellers and education is a commodity people can or cannot afford. The progressives, liberals and democrats are unable to transcend themselves and break free of the class structure of education. Education is administered by the state on the basis of economic inequality. Therefore, what needs to abolished is economic inequality not public education.

  • John Hennry
    John Hennry Год назад

    Our country is finished , it's just a matter of time , unless we get off our ass and change the current structural system , and revolt .

  • John Hennry
    John Hennry Год назад

    I attest to the squashing of creativity .

  • OccupyYourMind
    OccupyYourMind Год назад

    It's also interesting how history is taught with a "spin" to it. We're told the Irish starved during the potato famine because they couldn't eat their potatoes. In fact, the British shipped their crops out of Ireland, so they weren't allowed to eat the alternatives.
    We're told some Africans starve in the desert because Africa doesn't have enough resources. But imperialists took over Africa, colonized it, and refused to allow its people to grow and gather food the way they'd traditionally done, so they began to starve.
    WWII, we're taught was caused by the Treaty of Versailles. Nothing about the Great Depression and the economic inequality that leads to social unrest, allowing the Hitlers of the world to make great promises to starving people who are desperately seeking rescue. And there's so much regulation over teachers. One needs to get a license or certificate, fingerprints, etc. I think a lot of teachers are afraid to go against the grain by teaching what they know. Similarly, students are tightly regulated by standardized tests that force them to just memorize what someone else wants them to "know," so that they're kept from thinking independently.

  • Tony Klein
    Tony Klein Год назад

    You should have won the Emmy

  • Dan
    Dan Год назад

    It seemed obvious to me from an early age what "education" is really all about in this Country, The Three C's: Classism, Capitalism, and Control.

  • earthie48 Johnson
    earthie48 Johnson Год назад

    Let's get real here! The very reason the American Education System is being deleted, is because the Illegals have MILLIONS of American Born Children, and the Whites Births can't compare to the Illegals American Born Children!!!! On top of this, our Government and the 20% of Americans are IMPORTING VISA CARD EDUCATED FOREIGNER'S to take over Skilled & Professional jobs, that the Educated Americans USE TO HAVE! Our American Government, with the CONTROLLING 10%, no longer have any USE FOR AMERICAN WORKER'S, because they can get them MUCH, MUCH CHEAPER by IMPORTING EDUCATED FOREIGNER'S! What is silly about all of this, RACIST WHITE AMERICANS want to blame the ILLEGALS, GAYS & BLACKS for LOOSING their JOBS, when it was the very individuals's they VOTED & PLACED into office, that SCREWED THEM! For Gay.s Abortion's. Illegals & People of Color have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the LOST of their WAY OF LIFE! Yet too many of these Racist DUMMIES ... hold on to this belief! Until these STUCK ON STUPID RACIST'S WAKE UP, THEIR LIVES ARE ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE, IF POSSIBLE!!! Sorry you DUMB AZZES, your PRIVILEGE IS OVER! Now its all about HOW CHEAP can we get a FOREIGNER or an ILLEGAL TO REPLACE the AMERICAN WORKER'S!

  • Donna J Hawkins Walsh
    Donna J Hawkins Walsh Год назад +1

    When you set up all these community schools who is going to run them? The same money holders, the dumbing down of America will continue under more control. They always find a way:(

  • Donna J Hawkins Walsh
    Donna J Hawkins Walsh Год назад


    FIGHTFANNERD9 Год назад

    RT don't ignore racial differences

  • BMC
    BMC Год назад +1

    Yes!!!! This is it...at last. Someone talking about this critical issues. Thank you Chris.

  • Greenbean950
    Greenbean950 Год назад

    Get rid of forced schooling and let people choose for themselves - freedom.

  • exx66
    exx66 Год назад +1

    9:35 I always *informed* the teacher i was going to the bathroom. I never *asked*.

  • Matthew Fodell
    Matthew Fodell Год назад +2

    To be fair, I don't think the education system in America is failing, per se. The neoliberal education system is expressly designed to indoctrinate most people with a specific set of values and beliefs (including a cultural narrative that justifies everything from a two-party plutocracy to mass surveillance to CIA torture), to make them compliant, obedient, unquestioning consumers who are prepared for the monotony of tedious low-wage jobs, and it is clearly succeeding. Most Americans don't know anything about the political spectrum outside of "liberal" and "conservative," even when their own government is neoconservative. Most Americans don't question why there are virtually no labor unions here, why we're bombing more than 7 countries and occupying military bases on every continent. They have never considered that a better system might exist that would improve their lives economically and the state of our "democracy."
    That said, their little brainwashing project is having catastrophic consequences for the social development of this country and the world. A LEGITIMATE, liberatory education system would be basically the opposite. Instead of indoctrination and teaching kids to accept the dictates of authorities, it would be based on teaching students critical thinking and to constantly question authority.

    • Renee Carter
      Renee Carter Год назад

      Matthew Fodell Z You are oh so right, but we know that would jeopardize the status quo.

  • james beihl
    james beihl Год назад

    I mean Nassau Suffolk overall is super affluent.

  • james beihl
    james beihl Год назад

    Syosset is JAPPY for sure. Oh muy GAWD!

  • Ad year3
    Ad year3 Год назад +1

    Vivid background for a comparison of two failed educational systems, Finland and the United States, which was done by Michael Moore. The United States with standardization and regimentation remains a failure while open learning and critical thinking introduced in Finland has been a great success. Do not have to agree with everything one promotes, and do find Moore's recent political posturing both odd and unproductive. All countries have significant challenges and problems, but NOT ONE of the numerous excellent and accomplished concepts in Michael Moore's film "Where To Invade Next?" are even being discussed on the national stage by either of America's Democratic or Republican parties. A great quote I've heard is not to ask children what they want to be when they grow up, but instead what problem do they want to solve when they grow up.

    • Renee Carter
      Renee Carter Год назад +1

      Ad year3 check out the Sane Progressive on you tube. She's awesome. She has an interview with Gail Malone, an activist on the ground in Syria.

    • Ad year3
      Ad year3 Год назад

      Thanks for the feedback, didn't know that. Yeah, we turned those countries into a living hell.

    • Renee Carter
      Renee Carter Год назад

      Ad year3 Syria has universal education and healthcare. Libya also had the same before we dismantled that country.

  • buttmcbutt
    buttmcbutt Год назад

    Jesus he sold out to RT

  • Jeff Heller
    Jeff Heller Год назад

    failing education system -- duh!

  • Rizwan moidunni
    Rizwan moidunni Год назад

    american indian? or native american??

  • Karl Knight
    Karl Knight Год назад

    Bowels and Gintis wrote about this decades ago. Glad it's still being discussed.

  • Gary Itano
    Gary Itano Год назад

    Looking forward to updates that stress the fact that "We the People," for all practical purposes, means "We the .01% of the People" and the only times that has changed (e.g., Child labor protections, Unions, Social Security, etc.,) is when the few autodidacts, who slipped through the drone training, annoyingly put up temporary (who works a 40 hour week, anymore?) detours from their "total domination" tenets.
    Fortunately, with the Internet, more people, at all levels of education and workfare, are beginning to see the false paradigms of manipulation. The public are beginning to collectively reinforce their findings toward the common conclusion that the 1% really fear large gobs of the 99% who organize to push for meaningful and positive changes.
    Things will change, dramatically, once people organize to hit the powerful in their pocketbooks, e.g., by boycotting sponsors of media that do not fairly report the size of demonstrations. Once march organizers learn to routinely pre-instruct marchers with phone numbers and emails, etc., of who to contact to complain, etc., that will be all she wrote. That will be the beginning of the end to any repeats of 400,000 NYC Earth Day marchers who the 0.1% successfully managed to keep out of the public's view, while whenever hands full of Right Wing appear, they fill the media reports. No coincidence in any of it.

  • Candy Coat
    Candy Coat Год назад

    Trump gave the govt back to the people right , day one he made it very dramatically clear , So, we should hold him to it , hes got some firing to do if he wants to work for us , go listen to his anageration(spl chk ) speach , we cant let that go to waist

  • Candy Coat
    Candy Coat Год назад

    lets do a pole ..how many Trump voters are satisfied ,,,how many are disappointed how many are mad as hell

  • Candy Coat
    Candy Coat Год назад

    political revolution or bend over

  • OccupyYourMind
    OccupyYourMind Год назад +1

    To teach children (even to substitute teach!) one needs to pay a fee (it can be $100 in some states) to apply for the job, to get certified (go back to college, take more classes, pay 1000s of dollars,) then get a Master's degree (give more money to the university system.) Aspiring teachers are also required to get their fingerprints taken (as though they're criminals,) and they're kept in a data base. If one is arrested at an antiwar protest, that teacher can lose his/her job immediately thanks to the database.
    What's the point in spending 6-7 years of university level study (much of it gratuitous,) then jumping through all these hoops, so that you can get a job that pays about the same as a construction worker with no education at all then to worry that your fingerprints in that database might cause you to lose your job one day?
    As a result, some schools are experiencing shortages and can't find enough teachers to teach the kids, so the kids are not getting the education they deserve. As usual, they claim that all these regulations, restrictions and surveillance over the teachers will cause kids to get a better education, and keep us all "safe," but it prevents some good teachers from choosing to teach.
    The obvious goal isn't for kids to become well educated but to become well indoctrinated, as Hedges points out.
    Meanwhile the real problems that prevent kids from learning--parents working so much they don't have time to spend with their kids, stimulants and colorants in the foods, addiction to TV and other devices that's replacing outdoor activity and socialization--are just too complex. Let's keep the teachers under surveillance so we can blame them when our kids fail.

  • Jamie Rueffer
    Jamie Rueffer Год назад +13

    Great interview, but you wondered why the kids are dropping out at such an alarming rate and why they're depressed. Kids are very intuitive and they know they have no hope of achieving anything more than a menial job no matter how well they do in school so they just give up on education.

    • Ttheblindseer
      Ttheblindseer 21 день назад

      That and the social environment is by design incredibly toxic. That’s why I dropped out after sophomore year, finished HS via correspondence and did my first two years in junior college simultaneously. I did 50%+ more work just to have a modicum of personal and academic freedom and ended up saving myself and my parents tens of thousands in the process (I did transfer to university as a junior as my friends were graduating high school and now I have a job that requires a high school education and pays much more than anything my BS could get me).

    • Jamie Rueffer
      Jamie Rueffer Год назад

      renge99O9 i went to school over 3 years ago. i don't remember all the stuff i learned, you know when you don't use it..., also i live in Canada, my one professor i ran in to him about a year after and he said you just have bad luck, that's how things work up here

    • renge99O9
      renge99O9 Год назад

      There's a website named O*Net, type in the search box at the topthe job you are looking for and it will pull up reams of information, all the way at bottom of that information is job openings searchable by zip code. Check it out.

    • renge99O9
      renge99O9 Год назад

      Jamie Rueffer- Most colleges have some sort of office for networking and job search assistance, as do all states. Hit up big box stores too like lowes, sams, costco. A lot of admin jobs I see list computer skills as corollary, meaning that people have them even though that's not the main focus of the job. Get your foot in the door basically anywhere and keep looking up from there. You can do it man.

  • Live Free
    Live Free Год назад

    Jews did this.

  • Rommel V
    Rommel V Год назад +1

    Dont Asians and Whites go to the same schools as everyone else? Then why do they score higher?

    • Mike V
      Mike V Год назад

      Rommel V They don't and that is the point being made in the video.

  • S Brown
    S Brown Год назад

    2:02 Anya Parampil = Serious jouranlist / subtly hilarious troll.

  • juli grlee
    juli grlee Год назад +1

    Students are not only dropping out, they are being pushed out by dictatorial policies and people within the schools. Schools intend to teach "stuff" but they have no skill or understand no reason to teach students to LOVE that 'stuff'. Without the love of learning (reading, thinking, creating), students all face desperation and despair. The out of date oligarchic industrialistic policies fail children badly.

  • LastStitch
    LastStitch Год назад

    Bush Jr should be Taken Out

  • D' Essay
    D' Essay Год назад +2

    Very good report and a brilliant young man, Mr. Goyal. The shocking thing I would imagine for the American working class is the reality that America is a class society. The working class has been so thoroughly indoctrinated to believe class societies was a European problem. America has income variations and social stratification not class rule, dominance and therefore, class struggle. It appears all that will be changing as conditions are producing a class struggle right in front of their eyes. American working people even went so far as to collaborate with the demise of their own political organizations and turn it into an enemy of the working class making the CEO the ally of the working class. Class is the central thesis of any social analysis because it social class exists not because someone like me likes the idea. Where am I in this class constellation? Right now the consciousness level of most Americans on class and class struggle in America is on a scale from 1 to 10, a 4. As a political consciousness it is a fat 0. Meaning the working class has made their lives a political matter. They take no political stand on anything. As a revolutionary consciousness it is higher than 4, possibly 6 or 7. This is because workers see an understand capitalism too simplistically as all dichotomy, black and white, good and bad, rich and poor and over react often with no aim.
    No, this time consciousness will have to become a universal consciousness that terminates the conditions that make it a social class itself.

  • D' Essay
    D' Essay Год назад

    You can expect suburban homeowners will be paying higher property taxes. Districts will be losing their funding when students and parents choose to attend a private or Christian school as the new rules will move that funding to a private school when a student registers. Christian schools already tax exempt will benefit. Charter schools are for-profit schools, these stand to receive federal tax dollars budgeted for public education. They will regulate the quality of their student population as a means of control and selection based on subjective criteria. This entails others will be excluded and education in the public schools decay. The Department of Education will get cut and municipalities will raise taxes just to keep their district schools operating on the same standards as when the funding was in place. It will be important to realize that the middle class stands to lose as much as the working poor and poor.

  • jrfi orn
    jrfi orn Год назад

    Whenever I hear the world class, I reach for my pistol...

  • LiteratiCircle
    LiteratiCircle Год назад

    thx; a real insight on the pub ed culture. LAUSD paid 128 million on a periodic assessment test; it was 29 questions with a 3-5 sentence paragraph essay.. a wholly corrupt design, meant to make many rich. NCLB continues to rob and pillage the US treasury. Sad.

  • Arrygon
    Arrygon Год назад

    two idiots

  • Frank Day
    Frank Day Год назад

    I reckon that the reason the American Indian students dropped out is because they were the first to see through the bullshit.

  • Brian
    Brian Год назад +1

    a conversation between two anarchists...

  • Commercial Art Services Art Work
    Commercial Art Services Art Work Год назад +2

    Refreshing to listen to a kid who is actually knowledgeable and not repeating ideological talking points like you see on these propaganda news networks we have int his country.

  • Julio Sanchez
    Julio Sanchez Год назад +3

    To understand what happened in America's educational system you have to read these books: The Leipzig Connection; The Siecus Circle; The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.

  • Josh Pattison
    Josh Pattison Год назад +1

    Chris, Jesus. Let the guy finish an idea before you interrupt!

  • CJ in PA
    CJ in PA Год назад +6

    As I see on Facebook with people who had opportunities, they always, on my feed, feel they got those opportunities from working hard. I'm sure that's true for some. I see them scoff at the fight for 15 acting like they just needed to work harder and they'd have a better job. That somehow the opportunities that were afforded to them were afforded to everyone. How much money you make decides how motivated and smart you are. Watching the children that had parents with money get shuffled into the academics program and the students with lower income families pushed to votech or business. I realized at a young age how much class mattered. I realized later how hard it was to change your class position. Even after having a successful business I still didn't have the 'thing' needed to change classes. It does weigh on your mental health. I never had children because I knew that they would also never make it to 'the promised' land that I had tried so hard to do.

    • NoPartyAffiliation
      NoPartyAffiliation Год назад +2

      Great comment, I wonder if you know of any good books on the subject of class and upward mobility?

  • FeO Acero
    FeO Acero Год назад +8

    13:04 1/4 of American children are in poverty?
    More than 3/4 of capitalist children are in poverty!
    *It's Capitalism...!!!*

    • Ah Sah Wee
      Ah Sah Wee Год назад +1

      With voters like you, thinking that with fun everyday, you can compete with the rest of the world, I am surprised US is still floating around!

    • FeO Acero
      FeO Acero Год назад +4

      America will be ruled by dumb animals soon... starting with Trump.

  • wallac11
    wallac11 Год назад

    The school system in Ontario, Canada promotes inquiry based learning and critical questioning.

  • Eddie Brahhh
    Eddie Brahhh Год назад +5

    Anything that gets close to government rusts.

  • Young Eagle
    Young Eagle Год назад +32

    "Don't let schooling interfere with your education." Mark Twain

  • craig robb
    craig robb Год назад +2

    in canada we have made major reforms in learning. i'm at the end of the genX and the way we were taught was to read a text book, and regurgitate that information at the end of the week. i was a terrible student and teachers didn't like it when i asked a lot of questions. by the end of my years in secondary school, i just wanted to understand how to get to the answers, i found learning the theory of math and science is a lot better than learning formulas. if you understand the theory behind things, it not only lets you be self taught, it also sparks imagination

  • eye615 x
    eye615 x Год назад +1

    fuck i feel the same way this geeky guy feels shit he rite on the money..............

  • Wiztard
    Wiztard Год назад

    Has nothing to do with genetics of poor people. Must be the system!!! /s

  • iloveyoumadhuri
    iloveyoumadhuri Год назад

    At 28:21, do you know why our students do not question authority even when teachers train them not to?
    It is because too many of them are in their own little silos seeking comfort while never having been put through injustice before.

  • Jeff Lee
    Jeff Lee Год назад +2

    I am rather well educated. I have more state issued med licenses than I can think of and I have several other licenses in addition to the med licenses. I looked at a friend of mines daughters ((she's 12)) homework and the first thought that came to mind was "wtf is this bullshit?".

    • Jeff Lee
      Jeff Lee Год назад

      yea I was educated in the 80s and early 90s. and I saw my friends daughters homework. and I don't even remember her homework in the same manner that you wouldn't remember the words of a babbling psyche patient. all of her daughters are very smart but no kidding their homework looks like something written in a psyche institution. it would appear as though things will improve here in the states very soon. and I hope the same for you as well because this world has become one messed up place

    • technatezin
      technatezin Год назад +2

      The golden age of the US education system (if you could call it that) was around the ten year period of 1980 to 1990 which was around the same time when I was in school. I'm Canadian, but the educational standards was pretty much the same back then. That's because it was the period in which the cold war between the US and the then soviet union was at its height and the Reagan administration was determined to outspend their opponents and win the cold war through employing high tech. on the battlefield which of course meant you need to have very high standards for students studying STEM subjects in highschool. Those days are gone and now it's back to the primary mission for highschool which is the indoctrination of students to adapt to a regimented unskilled workforce similar to what the US had in the period of the 1950's.

  • Alien
    Alien Год назад +2

    Children can learn more when having fun, opposed to regimental studies.

  • Leading Edge Creator
    Leading Edge Creator Год назад +15

    is childrens learnin?

  • General G. S. Patton
    General G. S. Patton Год назад +1

    School choice is a moral and financial imperative.

  • harveybirdmannequin
    harveybirdmannequin Год назад +30

    The capitalist goal for Murican "education" is to privatize everything. No more public education because the Libertardians told us that government is big, bad, and evil. No public schools or "free" education/stuff. Only private schools.
    Why are you filling those kids' heads with nonsense like civics or social studies. All they need to know is how to worship capitalism and how to do their job. Anything more is extra and that's money coming out of the job creators' pockets. Private education is efficient. Children will only be taught how to be good capitalist worshipers and nothing more. If they want more, THEY HAVE TO PAY.

    • ray black
      ray black Год назад

      one more thing, amerikan kids need to Love it. participation is not enough. they have to love it or leave it. just like russia, north korea, vietnam, red china ..., actually they already have left it, that is, in their mind. the silent majority is silent because they're afraid to speak what is in their mind. the f.b.i. is watching you.

    • not2tees
      not2tees Год назад

      Worship the demon!!! Get better marks for worshipping harder and thicker and better and best and to die for.

    • Khaartoum Supermarket
      Khaartoum Supermarket Год назад

      ??? God you must have been LUCKY to have TEACHERS like CHRIS HEDGES! Wow! I wish! AMAZING HUMAN BEING and STUNNING PROGRAM! ; ) K

    • Blair Schirmerx
      Blair Schirmerx Год назад

      What a ghastly intro by Chris.

      It's exactly what my education was like.

    • OccupyYourMind
      OccupyYourMind Год назад +3

      HarveyBird, Well said. Only the rich can study the arts and humanities so they can use their imagination and critical thinking skills to control the population.

  • jerran sperarman
    jerran sperarman Год назад +1

    good show

  • GuitarZombie
    GuitarZombie Год назад +8

    Take God out, and you are headed the wrong direction

    • Mateen
      Mateen Год назад +2

      You are absolutely correct. Without understanding why you are ultimately learning, you are detaching everything from sense. We are learning about mathematics and geometry because this is our Creator's creation and we are learning to excel in a field with this in mind as well, that it is for the purpose of helping us come closer to our Creator.

    • spoonikle
      spoonikle Год назад +1

      GuitarZombie uncalled for and rude comment that will only show the poorest side of your character.
      You can't fight ignorance with more ignorance. :/
      Faith is a part of any belief, even the faith in what your eyes see or what your government/teachers tell you.
      For those without time, resources or skills to perform unbiased research and critical thinking, faith is all they have to keep the world in some context, be it faith in a higher power or faith in science, faith is pasta aliens - ext.

    • Wiztard
      Wiztard Год назад +8

      Which God? Please, let us know which of the fairy tales with 0 proof you believe is correct.

    • Len Black
      Len Black Год назад +4

      Gods don't belong in the public schools.

    • Jeremy Chase
      Jeremy Chase Год назад +1

      GuitarZombie Says ISIS.

  • Tehlur Fry
    Tehlur Fry Год назад +6

    You dont understand. Children are partial humans that need to earn their humanity.... sarcasm obviously.

    • RDR
      RDR Год назад

      Tehlur Fry that only happens after they are born. While in utero, they have so many rights, they get to take away the rights of another human being without that other human being's consent

  • Larry 306
    Larry 306 Год назад +2

    Kids are being programmed by "Nintendo" games or while you are watching those horrible reality shows on TV, which are not real by the way. What about the TV and movie violence? It is the worst I have ever seen. Because of the movies and TV, promiscuity is normal and modesty is nonexistent? There is nothing left to the imagination. Remember, young minds without supervision are the future copycats and you know what means. They actually need someone to tell them difference between right and wrong... As the years, months and days go by in this computer world the odds of something I just described happening to you is rapidly increasing. So if you think you were careful before, brother you haven't seen anything yet....All because of money...The Bastards out there will do anything to steal or sell you something. Nothing else matters....They don't care about anything else...

    • Justin Williamson
      Justin Williamson Год назад

      keep lying to yourself about our education you old moron

    • James Chuaycham ป้อม ศักดิ์ชัย
      James Chuaycham ป้อม ศักดิ์ชัย Год назад

      I didn't give games, TV movies, shows (except a few), watching commercials etc. to my 2 kids. Hollywood movie contents are one of the worst(useless, programmed, violence, promoting sex) that spread worldwide. Most Americans are clued to TV for sports and other useless content; therefore, they fail to notice , question or learn other things going on in the world.

  • Abel Danger
    Abel Danger Год назад

    Good presentation "Schools on Trial: How Freedom and Creativity Can Fix Our Educational Malpractice"

  • Joseph Inhiding
    Joseph Inhiding Год назад +7

    Extremely interesting arguments. Things are obviously broken. One of the things that I think the author/guest fails to address is WHY did they end up broken. Let me give you an example or two.
    No guards at school. Violence and gang like groups develop in schools. Now you need guards, weapons and contraband checks.
    Students are disruptive in class. They inhibit other students who wish to learn from benefiting from their time in school. The wild little animals need to be taught some discipline and so become regimented.
    Much of this stems from the idea that education is a right and not a privilege. Other parts of the problem are the breakup of the family. Another part is forcing students to study subjects they have absolutely no interest in. In any case, it's very difficult to build a school system that is all things to all students.

    • Vice Admiral Strawberry
      Vice Admiral Strawberry Год назад

      One reason a child is disruptive not just because the material isn't engaging but because lesson itself isn't engaging. When a student has energy and they're forced to sit silently it can have these effects or even put them to sleep. School should capitalize on a child's energy with cooperative group work and discussions, debates, games. You give the extroverts their time to speak and you give introverts an opportunity and encouragement to speak afterwards when its time for be quiet the students might be less incline to be disruptive. That much seems like common sense to me.
      Also you need positive reinforcement not just punishment, when a kid gets in-school suspension and they miss class material and it becomes harder for them to keep up in class.
      Lastly, a child with a broken family, if they aren't being encouraged at home all the more need for them to be encouraged in school. If you treat a student as a lost cause then they'll act like a lost cause.

    • day tripper
      day tripper Год назад

      to many kids. ratio to teachers needs to 10 to one max. especially with kids of wildly different social economic background s.
      any way we now have a nexus of two groups meaning to cash in on education : P S Staff union well paid and for profit Corp. both looking to max their earnings. and the less paid on kids the better for both. before charter the competing side were both entity of govt. this is capitalism were it's bad

    • Here_We_Go_Again3
      Here_We_Go_Again3 Год назад +2

      *The child's home environment is the crucial factor.*
      Children having children does not result in a child
      having a stable environment. Most of the time; even
      if the father is known; he takes no responsibility for
      the child(ren).

  • Deep Thought
    Deep Thought Год назад +2

    I learned along time ago what Conservatives think of Education for the Working classes.

    It is doubtless desirable that the poor should be generally
    instructed in reading, if it were only for the best of purposes - that they may
    read the Scriptures. As to writing and arithmetic, it may be apprehended that
    such a degree of knowledge would produce in them a disrelish for the laborious
    occupations of life. (quoted in Williams 1961:135)
    And when the Parochial Schools Bill of 1807 was debated in
    the Commons, Tory MP Davies Giddy warned the House that:
    However specious in theory the project might be of giving
    education to the labouring classes of the poor, it would, in effect, be found
    to be prejudicial to their morals and happiness; it would teach them to despise
    their lot in life, instead of making them good servants in agriculture and
    other laborious employments to which their rank in society had destined them;
    instead of teaching them the virtue of subordination, it would render them
    factious and refractory.

    • spoonikle
      spoonikle Год назад

      Deep Thought - excellent... too bad most are not educated enough to fully comprehend this flowery language in order to draw their own conclusions.
      Spark notes version for the sheep perhaps? *ironic sad laughter as the world falls apart...

  • Jessica Kearns
    Jessica Kearns Год назад +3

    we must understand that like audrey lorde has stated we cannot use masters tools to dismantle masters house. when we look to the law and the state to solve our problem we have already failed at reform. the state will not be the solution because it is was creates and perpetuates the problem

  • Jessica Kearns
    Jessica Kearns Год назад +9

    and the school to prison pipeline with the truancy laws which are disproportionately enforced on low income black schools. my son missed five days of school I got a letter from our county attorneys office threatening court action in an effort to "help my family succeed" at this time he goes to a lower income predominately black school. when he went to a upper middle income white school he never got any truancy letters. and my son is 7.

    • Renee Carter
      Renee Carter Год назад +1

      Jessica Kearns This is so true and not mentioned in this interview.

  • Chantal Exposé
    Chantal Exposé Год назад +3

    👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍..!!

    • 2nguyen2
      2nguyen2 Год назад

      You may kiss me all over. 💎🔌

    • Chantal Exposé
      Chantal Exposé Год назад

      That little boy will *never* think outside the box.. 💋

    • Chantal Exposé
      Chantal Exposé Год назад

      Aww, it's ok Peter, ignorance is bliss.. Clodhoppers like that don't bother me..!! 💋

    • Peter Hadenough
      Peter Hadenough Год назад +1

      Since she has a PhD she most likely was! Chantal liked the interview & showed it. I think it's great myself. Ever heard of "a pic is worth 1000 words"? From what I know, she has an incredibly high IQ, think it'll match yours, genius?

    • 2nguyen2
      2nguyen2 Год назад

      I guess you were very populair with your teachers.

  • RedCapitalist
    RedCapitalist Год назад +27

    Another unicorn fantasy developer. Won't happen - the State needs sheep and maximum control over the peasants

    • proteusx
      proteusx Год назад +2

      Americans have a right to be dumb; come what may.

    • Tony Zamboni
      Tony Zamboni Год назад

      who said MLs were socialist
      socialism can only be brought about by anti-authoritarian means. a lot of people can't imagine that so they say that revolution must be authoritarian. I'm an anarcho-communist myself. read the bread book

    • Pura Vida dew
      Pura Vida dew Год назад

      I think all you guys are right off the wall and out of it. every single thing that I talked about is what needs to be done if you don't want a bunch of trolls wandering the streets. I can't believe the stupidity of your comments.

    • Jeff Lee
      Jeff Lee Год назад +5

      redcapitalist you are 100% correct

  • roger Brownfield
    roger Brownfield Год назад +3

    schools are very permissive now where students are allowed to throw behavioral fits. Corporations set "standards" and accountablity is only for teachers. Students are prepared to be neurotic corporate tools only capable of working in a cubical farm. We brought corporate management theory into our schools even though it's a total failure in every sector. Let's measure our leadership that drove this train wreck and hold them accountable to some real standards and our expectations.

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker Год назад +15

    doesnt help that they treat teachers like garbage. All the best either go into other fields, go private, or leave the country like me

    • John Hennry
      John Hennry Год назад

      Candy Coat hear hear.

    • Here_We_Go_Again3
      Here_We_Go_Again3 Год назад

      Candy Coat,
      *Home schooling is the answer for many.*
      One can not only home school; but many
      Catholic and Baptist schools have programs
      for home-schooled children; whereby they
      can have the same education as the students
      at the school and the home-schooled students
      can attend some activities (sports being the
      most popular)

    • Candy Coat
      Candy Coat Год назад

      thats meesed up considering how ignorant the politicians are leading the fields ,education, environment ,justice, military ,intelligence they all are spoiled rich psychotic sociopaths that were given all the power to destroy us ,i for one did not give them authority over me all my rights reserved its time to stand for our kids future we cant take much more

    • OccupyYourMind
      OccupyYourMind Год назад

      Have you noticed how hard it is to become a teacher in some states? Licensing, certifications, fingerprinting. One needs $1000s of dollars just to apply. And the atmosphere in some schools is prison-like.