Penn & Teller Fool Us - Richard Turner


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  • Phy
    Phy 4 days ago

    When Richard talks about working the table are folds of difficulty compared to card magic -- that always annoys any magician I know. I just ask them, "So... Can you do any of that?"

  • Escanor The Lion Sin Of Pride

    Too bad he can't see how much he won

  • Caffers
    Caffers 2 months ago

    5:11 tellers face. Bearing in mind hes a slight of hand specialist too, shows just how good Turner really is.

  • Lord_Barbarozza NORWAY
    Lord_Barbarozza NORWAY 2 months ago

    Beautiful when a Christian card mechanic fools two atheistic magicians, not with a trick, but Turner performs the magic himself.
    And he blind just to give it the touch of God's hand.

    • Lord_Barbarozza NORWAY
      Lord_Barbarozza NORWAY 12 hours ago

      @hightest 666 For someone with 666 in their username. Don't you know Penn and Teller has openly rejected God, hence the beauty of Turner being the greatest card mechanic as a Christian.

    • hightest 666
      hightest 666 14 hours ago

      What a ridiculous comment

  • Vitaliy
    Vitaliy 4 months ago

    I have all his dvds

  • sixstringman
    sixstringman 4 months ago +7

    He knew Teller called for the trophy during the middle of it lol. My right ear reads lips.

  • 300tank
    300tank 5 months ago +7

    Even though he is not 100% blind he never looks down and all skill, what an amazing man with no match he is the best

    • Nivyan
      Nivyan 2 months ago

      He is 100% blind. He was born with full vision, lost part of it ~7-8, and turned completely blind about 10-15 years before this show was recorded. Watch 'Dealt' - a documentary about him.

    • DuZZfuzion
      DuZZfuzion 5 months ago +1

      300tank yeh it’s dope cause I’m pretty sure he can’t see anything in the real world but he has a special condition that makes him have crazy and colorful images in his head that he can manipulate also a man taught him how to look people in the eye and face without actually seeing them pretty cool stuff

  • Yik Long Tay
    Yik Long Tay 9 months ago +1

    It actually frustrates me that I can perfectly keep track of all his card manipulations except for that crux where he did the wash. Jeez that was amazing.

  • Flat Foot
    Flat Foot 10 months ago

    A little misleading. He's not completely blind.

    • Michael J. Piazza
      Michael J. Piazza 3 months ago

      He has literally zero eyesight. His eyes are as blind as blind can be

    • Ed Krassenstein
      Ed Krassenstein 6 months ago

      Yes he is. Watch the documemtary

  • Captain Tittus
    Captain Tittus 10 months ago +4

    pause @5:28 pen and teller didn't notice he was calling them kings if you look he put them back in order for them and put the king of hearts by it self on the left and the card teller picked the 7 of hearts on the right in opposite colors none the less remind you this dude is blind

  • Алексей Ильин

    да переведите на русский !!!!!!

    • gelios1970
      gelios1970 Month ago

      тут есть несколько видео Ричард Тернер - слепой ) или почти слепой

    • aleksdiz9
      aleksdiz9 5 months ago

      ни хера не понял ну круто

    • Spanch X
      Spanch X 10 months ago

    • SwordmanUA
      SwordmanUA Year ago

      @Александр Булхов 4сезон 1эпизод(серия)

    • Александр Булхов
      Александр Булхов Year ago

      Алексей Ильин ! Какой сезон хоть ?

  • Rob McGhie
    Rob McGhie Year ago

    How can he practice card tricks if he doesn't know whether he has shuffled them right or not.

    • randomisedjacob
      randomisedjacob Month ago

      He has an amazing sense of touch and tho his deck is not a trick deck it is perfectly printed, sanded, filed, creased and what have you in the exact way he needs in order to know which card is which, this is a case of 'its even more amazing and seemingly more impossible once you know how it's done' Just pure skill

    • Brian Magicman
      Brian Magicman Year ago

      The answer is in your question - practice

  • Christopher Hallkvist

    His 2nd is beautiful, but mother of jesus is his pull through bad.

  • Testa
    Testa Year ago +1

    So, if he is blind how can he know which any of the cards are at any point?

    • RushNReady
      RushNReady 10 months ago

      @Niels Vandevelde if you cant see what i am talking about then there no point me trying to explain it to you i see it straight away and no i am not wrong, thats what he was doing there he only then shuffles it once after the wash and then goes back to faning them out the way he does. he can tell how thick they are the slight differences in the cards ect so he knew where the kings were ill give him that he has great skills i was sjust explaining how he did the first bit

    • Niels Vandevelde
      Niels Vandevelde 10 months ago

      @RushNReady They washed up all the cards before he did the trick with the kings, so no

    • Zak Zebrowski
      Zak Zebrowski 10 months ago

      Another technique he uses is touch, for certain decks... which is why he has a life time supply because he worked with the card company to minimize the differences.

    • RushNReady
      RushNReady 10 months ago

      He starts with a deck so they all in order... And when he shuffles he doesn't actually shuffle then as when he cuts them he pulls them all back out I noticed that straight away..

    • Selica
      Selica Year ago +1

      Hours of practice. Look up this video and he tells some interesting stories about being scouted by the Mafia and other rich people. Mafias Most Wanted Card Magician - Richard Turner

  • Galaxy Star
    Galaxy Star Year ago +10

    Coooool....blind man wearing a watch 😁😂....just kidding 😥😥sorry I

    • ImJustDead
      ImJustDead Year ago

      Some watch can 'say' the time as well. So its justifiable.

    • muzikology 101
      muzikology 101 Year ago

      Galaxy Star didn’t need an apology

  • Pawan p
    Pawan p Year ago +19

    2:28 procrastination and laziness!time to cure it.

  • Jessie Scholes
    Jessie Scholes Year ago +1


  • Marius Riley
    Marius Riley Year ago +37

    Richard Turner’s skills make what he does really look like magic. He has no equals as far as I know.

    • Chap Hammersmith
      Chap Hammersmith 2 months ago

      mike martin and it’s not as though people don’t know how he does it, they do know, just can’t emulate it.

    • mike martin
      mike martin 4 months ago

      Marius Riley correct. Most of his moves are exclusive, meaning he’s the only one that can do them.