Apollo 11 astronauts plant flag on the moon on July 20, 1969

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • On July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin planted the American flag on the surface of the moon. Watch the moment here.
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Comments • 132

  • Asif Laeeque
    Asif Laeeque 10 hours ago +2

    This is fake Footage was film in area51 in USA🇺🇸.. No one land in moon this to prove in the world America is superior 🤣🤣

  • mauriano baruso
    mauriano baruso 2 days ago +1

    If moon landings were real then rich Arab Nations would already be there building buildings and other pointless stuff

  • mauriano baruso
    mauriano baruso 2 days ago

    ALL LIES ..IF It only cost 25 billion dollars to go to the moon and today Bill Gates alone is worth 18 billion.....how is it we can t go back?????

  • tomjones the hillbilly
    tomjones the hillbilly 2 days ago +1

    Fake the flag is moving with no gravity

  • Sanjay Kolhe
    Sanjay Kolhe 2 days ago

    fake moon landing

  • Aingkaran Nadarajah
    Aingkaran Nadarajah 3 days ago

    What a fake drama has been staged by NASA and American government. Worst thing is, it has been taught for kids as History. How f-king crazy.

  • 4g guru g
    4g guru g 4 days ago

    Fake moon landing exposed how can they show live when signal from moon to earth takes hours to reach

    • Vortex Gaming
      Vortex Gaming 3 days ago +1

      Not true.
      In a vacuum radio signals move at c, also known as the speed of light.
      Moon to earth communication would have approx. 2.5 sec. delay.

  • _ Essketit
    _ Essketit 12 days ago

    Did buzz aldren actually punch someone in the face

  • jenitha sofi
    jenitha sofi 13 days ago

    Crazy how these men decided to put on all those clothes oxygen n all the camera n just walk around in a desert here on earth..... I its show how impossible to go to moon is damn

  • Holi Phuc
    Holi Phuc 15 days ago

    Goulabel idiots. You think that’s air your breathing? Why hasn’t any country sent anyone to the moon ever? No on was on the Apollo cause no one would be able to survive. NASA says they lost the technology how they sent a human to the moon. You people think it’s capable are foolish an would believe anything the media tells you. When your young your a liberal when you get older and smarter and your a conservative.

  • FuXed
    FuXed 17 days ago +1

    Today communications has a delay up to 13 seconds, if you watch the "live" moon landing from 1969 they had 1 second delay at most, talk about steps back in technology from then til now. OMG. Everything has been better and faster today, but not space communication, 13 seconds delay today, and are even near the moon. At the moon less than a second. Looks bad for the future, will they aim for 1 hour delay?

  • Big CholoSF
    Big CholoSF 25 days ago +6

    Must of been windy on the moon that day haha

    • Sarah Millson
      Sarah Millson 13 days ago

      and somehow no stars can be seen on the moon ?!?!?! FAKE

  • kurt cobain
    kurt cobain 27 days ago +1

    one of the conspiracy the biggest lie in this century is human up to the moon

  • hemanth Nagidi
    hemanth Nagidi 28 days ago +4

    By seeing waving frame
    I decided I'm good at physics
    Relatively NASA (cast).1🔥🔥🔥😄😄😄😄

  • Panzer Meyer
    Panzer Meyer 29 days ago +2

    The greatest prank ever done...

  • Arfan Eka Diandra
    Arfan Eka Diandra Month ago +3

    Those 17 dislikes are from Moon landing hoax believers.

  • Dusty E
    Dusty E Month ago +1

    Every time I see this I think of how cool it is. And I still look to the moon and know that old glory is up there. U.S.A.

  • MxrkGamezPr0
    MxrkGamezPr0 Month ago +1

    Everyone is saying it’s fake because after the astronauts put the flag in the moon surface it started moving because of simple physics, when you push an object it keeps going unless an opposite force pushes it the other way; there is no opposite force on the moon so thats why the flag continues to move after the astronauts put it into the moon.

    • Aingkaran Nadarajah
      Aingkaran Nadarajah 3 days ago

      Of course it is fake mate. Go and do some proper research u will find the answer.

  • Steve Hirons
    Steve Hirons Month ago

    why did the astronauts always look so glum in every interview they did ? they became the most famous people on earth having done the most impossible thing at the time, that only a handful of people will ever get to do within the next century. a wry smile at least ?

    • Nosa Izevbigie
      Nosa Izevbigie 27 days ago


    • DJKloop
      DJKloop Month ago

      Lauri even professionals show some enthusiasm regardless

    • Lauri
      Lauri Month ago

      Humble professionals.

  • The Rubber Mosquito JenC

    didnt introduce satellite communication for 30 more years

  • Fozz Gate
    Fozz Gate Month ago +10

    That flag is waving real fast at a place with no atmosphere..... man has NEVER been to the moon.

    • Moshe B
      Moshe B Month ago

      @Fozz Gate Exactly. We're both saying the same thing lol. You're saying that it *Can't* be waving, while I'm saying why it *looks* like its waving. Which again, is mentioned in the commentary. If it's in a frame and gets messed up, it stays that way. Hence why it wasn't straight.

    • Fozz Gate
      Fozz Gate Month ago

      @Moshe B No air in space to make it wave.

    • Fozz Gate
      Fozz Gate Month ago +1

      @Moshe B I'm not angry at all, i'm just trying to feed a dose of reality to the human race.

    • Moshe B
      Moshe B Month ago +1

      @Fozz GateFirst off: I'm not arguing, I'm trying to establish a basis of topic. You seem so angry... Second: The last parachute doesn't deploy until back in the Troposphere. I encourage you look into the Moon Landing as it WAS real. You still haven't answered my question as to why you want to deny it so badly.

    • Fozz Gate
      Fozz Gate Month ago +4

      @Moshe B You just can't throw a rock up into the air and have it come down the same way, it will tumble. As for the speed it travels coming back in it will burn up the parachute from the heat that capsule is putting out. You want to keep arguing with someone who was born and raised at a United States Air Force base, bring it on.

  • Caveman X
    Caveman X Month ago +6

    Ahhh hah haaaCHoooooofake.
    Excuse me, I sneezed 🤧

  • Kyle Norcliffe
    Kyle Norcliffe Month ago +2


  • Draj Desh
    Draj Desh Month ago +1

    *Yesterday my mood is off then I go for a joke I ask GOOGLE*
    *ME* _ Google Tell me a JOKE.
    *GOOGLE* _ Sir, we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of *-Fake-* *MOON LANDING* .
    *ME* _ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Shaun Davis
    Shaun Davis Month ago +2

    We never even been to space period!!!

  • pavan Nani
    pavan Nani Month ago +2

    How can a flag fly on the moon

    • pavan Nani
      pavan Nani Month ago

      @Jay Zz but going to moon is mission Apollo 11

    • Jay Zz
      Jay Zz Month ago

      @pavan Nani Apollo 18, 20 is true and secret mission..

    • pavan Nani
      pavan Nani Month ago

      @Jay Zz landing on the moon is fake bro...and its a directing frame..and it was directed in area 51

    • Jay Zz
      Jay Zz Month ago

      @youtube channel What on frame mean??

    • youtube channel
      youtube channel Month ago

      They said it was on a frame

  • deniece donnafield
    deniece donnafield Month ago +1

    Why is it that you can see through the astronaut after he walks away from the flag!
    When a news reporter today speaks to another news reporter in another country it usually takes quite a while for the news reporter receiving to be able to answer back. Technology was amazing back there in 1969. And I can see right through that astronaut. It was just like in the other room so close but yet so far.

    • Aingkaran Nadarajah
      Aingkaran Nadarajah 3 days ago

      Because it was not in the moon. It happened in a studio in the earth.

    • Meowkins
      Meowkins Month ago

      I just watched an episode on PBS about this literally 30 min ago I believe they said the reason it looks ghostly is to maximize the signal to reach earth so in return it's poopy quality .

  • Mandolindley Road Show

    It would have been nice if they placed President Kennedy's flag on the lunar surface.

  • Peggy Sullivan
    Peggy Sullivan Month ago +1

    The narrator talked way too much

  • companymen42
    companymen42 Month ago


  • Victor Wadsworth
    Victor Wadsworth Month ago +1

    My family shared my parents bed as we watched this gathered around the TV in the dark.

  • Reztor
    Reztor Month ago +1

    Wrong flag

  • Susan Cornell
    Susan Cornell Month ago +1

    I was 13,,, our TV was on all through this. During school as well.

    • ifyjoanna
      ifyjoanna Month ago

      Makes sense

    • Susan Cornell
      Susan Cornell Month ago

      @ifyjoanna I went to summer school every year. It wasn't like "you need extra school type thing". It was like day camp. It was awesome :) We did some school work but a lot of arts, field trips, nothing like regular school. Heck my Mom took care of 8 kids alone since Dad left. It was an ideal way to give us things to do during the summer. (not like we had money to go on vacations like a lot of people)

    • Susan Cornell
      Susan Cornell Month ago

      @ifyjoanna LOL They didn't just fly up there and return in one day,,,,,,, lol. We were able to watch what they were doing.

    • ifyjoanna
      ifyjoanna Month ago

      You were in school in the middle of summer on a Sunday?

  • Erich L. Ruehs
    Erich L. Ruehs Month ago +14

    Never one of those people that thought the moon landing was staged, but now that it's on CNN …

  • CharChar
    CharChar Month ago +1

    I was 18 at the time and was quite intrigued and proud. They weren't certain they could get them back. I knew I was watching history taking place. Pretty cool. At that time kids wanted to be an astronaut. Still today, I enjoy watching rockets take off.

    • CharChar
      CharChar 2 days ago

      @Aingkaran Nadarajah Hardly. Obviously you didn't watch this great US event playing out over a 4 day period. You can't fake watching the people's elation of success in mission control. All together there has been 12 Americans walk on the moon. Learn more about the many unmanned missions to the moon. Also, learn to not believe every conspiracy theory that comes along.

    • Aingkaran Nadarajah
      Aingkaran Nadarajah 3 days ago

      You all been cheated by NASA.

  • Shannon 777
    Shannon 777 Month ago +1

    I feel so lucky to know i share my birthday with a special event in history. ......i wasn't born when it happened, but i still feel so blessed. So itonic that my zodiac planet is the moon, and man landed on the moon on this day...

  • AMC2283
    AMC2283 Month ago +8

    what exactly did Neil mean on the 25th anniversary when he said it's up to future generations to remove one of truths protective layers?

    • AMC2283
      AMC2283 Month ago

      @Charlotte Morton the first man to supposedly walk on the moon trying to inspire future generations by literally telling them to go do some mining? That's what you inferred from that?

    • Charlotte Morton
      Charlotte Morton Month ago

      I think he mean remove layers of the moon to see what lies beneath. Ik this was like 3 weeks ago but that's my thought

  • bobby cvSixFour
    bobby cvSixFour Month ago +26

    I remember watching from Northglenn, CO (suburb of Denver) on our Color Curtis Mathis 25" TV - the images were B&W and remember we kept waiting and waiting and waiting for the Astronauts to walk on the Moon. When the Astronauts finally appeared, walked on the Moon and did all running around on the Moon, I walked out our Front Door don't remember the time, definately NIGHT - DARK (looked toward the East, looked at the Moon) and knew there were 2 Men on the Moon and one orbiting. I will never forget that day, Ever!!! I am so proud to be an American and America was #1 in the world on that day. I am so glad that I looked at the Moon that Day, I wish others did the same thing. God Bless America

    • Aingkaran Nadarajah
      Aingkaran Nadarajah 3 days ago

      Even though you're an American, you shouldn't believe fake moon landing. It was a big stage drama and cheating done by NASA.

    • Ben Silva
      Ben Silva 12 days ago

      Great story! How old were you? If you don't mind me asking.

    • Nosa Izevbigie
      Nosa Izevbigie 27 days ago

      Lol ..smh

    • peter lamprou
      peter lamprou Month ago +2

      And the whole world

  • Amin Marguez
    Amin Marguez Month ago +1


  • Michael Caywood
    Michael Caywood Month ago +1

    Some say it’s fake. But I don’t know because I was born the year , 1970.

  • William Miller
    William Miller Month ago +4

    I was 6 years old, so memories are fuzzy. But I remember it because everyone was so excited, and my Dad held me up to the TV :-)

  • Stephen
    Stephen Month ago

    See the stick stupid???? Y.

  • Larry Stevens
    Larry Stevens Month ago

    This segment, under Stanley Kubrick's direction. was broadcast from a sound stage in Burbank California that was normally used for the segments of Rowan and Martin's "Laugh-In" that featured Ruth Buzzy dressed up like an old lady sitting on a park bench. Also, the earth is flat, the Pythagorean Theory is Fake Math, libtard child molesters like to congregate in the basements of pizza restaurants that don't have basements and Donald Trump is a Stable Genius who knows all the best words, and is not, repeat, is not a demented overfed gargoyle who was colluding with the Russians when he begged them to interfere with the 2016 elections. Trump in 2020 and for as long as he wishes to keep his ample posterior rooted in the White House. Then we should elect the "My Pillow" guy on TV as President. MAGA! COVFEFE! HILLARY'S EMAILS! BENGHAZI! KENYAN! blurgleblurgle derp help i'm drowning in my own toxic stupidity.

  • MrAubery
    MrAubery Month ago +5

    Moon rocks are PETRIFIED WOOD only from Earth. Buzz Aldrin's moon rock he gave to a museum was a fake. -Scientific fact, they never went to the moon

    • MrAubery
      MrAubery 17 hours ago +1

      @Piyush Nepal - GOD hasn't left. However, our time zones ONLY go OUTWARD continuously. Even from the equator, going southward. Time zones do NOT go inward, tapering from the equator (their widest point) to any south pole. OUTWARD. You don't have that ball that's in your head.
      On;y morons believe you need a round spinning ball to have internet.

    • Piyush Nepal
      Piyush Nepal Day ago

      @MrAubery Your GOD left chat after creating Universe🤔🤔🤔. Isn't that weird. I wonder why you flat earthers even use internet when its principle is solely based on a fact that earth is round.

    • MrAubery
      MrAubery Month ago

      @ct92404 - You walk into a room full of fat chicks, so that means you're a FAT CHICK. -ball earth logic

    • ct92404
      ct92404 Month ago +1

      @Tyler McCabe It's hillarious how these nutjobs think that the Earth is flat and yet everything else is round. You can buy a $130 telescope and see Jupiter and Saturn with your own eyes and see that they're obviously round planets...and yet Earth is "flat"? I'm thinking at this point that these people are just trolling or they really do have a mental illness. I have NEVER in real life met a Christian who thought the Earth was flat or believed in bs conspiracy theories. These people are just schizophrenic nutjobs.

    • Tyler McCabe
      Tyler McCabe Month ago +1

      MrAubery So you believe in the Geocentric model of our solar system or universe is what you’re saying? Which was proven incorrect YEARS ago. If that was correct then Mars would stray one continuous path across the skyline all year. The planet however moves backwards a few nights, this is called retrograde motion. In order for this to happen with the Earth at the center the planet would have to have loops in their orbit, which would never work. This was a clear sign that the geocentric model was incorrect.

  • Brandon Bennetzen
    Brandon Bennetzen Month ago +25

    So far 5 dislikes were punched in the face by Astronaut Buzz Aldrin!

  • Bwètafia Allday
    Bwètafia Allday Month ago +6

    I know for a fact that they are under water somewhere on earth not on the moon

    • YangTheInsane
      YangTheInsane Month ago

      Bwètafia Allday he’s simply asking for your evidence. Nothing wrong there 🤷‍♀️

    • Bwètafia Allday
      Bwètafia Allday Month ago +1

      DEO 👌

    • Bwètafia Allday
      Bwètafia Allday Month ago

      Jordan Martirossian You just go with what they said without question anything but now that I find this video problematic all of a sudden you need some proof? FOH!!

    • hellion75
      hellion75 Month ago +1

      Keep drinking that Barbancourt, dude

    • Jordan Martirossian
      Jordan Martirossian Month ago +5

      Bwètafia Allday Proof & citation needed.

  • ceroandone
    ceroandone Month ago +4

    When are we going to explore Antarctica?

    • Shaun Davis
      Shaun Davis Month ago +1

      We already did, they do not want anyone to discover the glass shield

    • youtube channel
      youtube channel Month ago +1

      @matthew sarmiento r/foundthemobileuser

    • Rafael Nelvam
      Rafael Nelvam Month ago +1

      @matthew sarmiento Oh, I see, so even in 2019, when we have Flat Earth conventions, Anti Vaxxers and all kinds of conspiracy theories, it's still OUR responsibility to check if the person making an ignorant comment is being serious or making a bad joke. Sorry man, those innocent days are gone

    • matthew sarmiento
      matthew sarmiento Month ago +1


    • Rafael Nelvam
      Rafael Nelvam Month ago

      you seriously think there wasn't any mission to go there?

  • DoubleAJB
    DoubleAJB Month ago +14

    This is amazing and truly a triumphant moment in human history, but I can't help chuckling watching Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's repeated attempts to get the flag to stay in the ground.

    • DEO
      DEO Month ago +1

      Yes, it is amazing that so many people were deceived. Do a pixel by pixel comparison of first frame with last frame.
      Shadows of rocks and spacecraft don't move. This proves without a doubt that this video was filmed in a studio with artificial light.

  • Ricky Clark
    Ricky Clark Month ago +13


    • Ricky Clark
      Ricky Clark Month ago +1

      @DEO good point out

    • Ricky Clark
      Ricky Clark Month ago

      @SteverRob HEY!!!

    • SteverRob
      SteverRob Month ago +3

      O Ricky you so blind you so blind you blow my mind Hey Ricky
      Hey Ricky!

    • Konrad U
      Konrad U Month ago +1

      Really ???

    • Kay Muldoon
      Kay Muldoon Month ago +3

      Don’t feed the trolls. They thrive on attention. Lol 😂

  • Sandy Lipscomb
    Sandy Lipscomb Month ago +5

    IS THIS TRUE??????

    • Tyler McCabe
      Tyler McCabe Month ago +1

      chris brown Not true, this is called “being in orbit”. Maybe it is difficult to see, but in this case the gravitational force on the moon is NOT perpendicular to the velocity. What happens in this case? Well, part of the gravitational force is in the same direction as the velocity, the moon will increase in speed. Also, since part of the force is a sideways force, the moon will change direction. This is what happens with most orbits. The moon moves closer to the Earth and speeds up as it does so. As the moon moves away from the Earth, the opposite happens. This is part of the reason behind the Super Moon that was popular a while ago.

    • chris brown
      chris brown Month ago

      And why moon go further on the earth ? Moon had been catched by gravitationnal field of the earth, so boths should be more and more close...

    • Tyler McCabe
      Tyler McCabe Month ago

      Pay Recompense Everything in the universe that has mass has gravity. Considering that these bodies are MASSIVE, they have to have gravity. It is the balance between the centripetal and centrifugal forces that keep the Moon in orbit around the Earth. Meaning each body has gravity. The moon may not have much, but it’s still has gravity to keep them on ground. The moon dust however that was kicked up actually clung to the astronauts space suits. It smelled of gunpowder and easily congested astronauts after dealing with it.

    • Joe Inferno
      Joe Inferno Month ago

      How come it was broadcast in black and white when some of us had colour tv back then.

    • chris brown
      chris brown Month ago +1

      Gravity is space time modification.

  • Jaywithedrip
    Jaywithedrip Month ago +3

    What’s this