Songwriter creates song from scratch at Apple store in just six hours

  • Published on Aug 8, 2019
  • This is the amazing moment two San Diego musicians created an entire song FROM SCRATCH at an Apple store.
    Multi-talented Cael Dadian wrote, recorded, produced, and mixed the song using Logic Pro software on an instore iMac in only SIX HOURS as customers shopped.
    Dadian used all stock sounds and plug-ins to craft the catchy song and had had help from fellow musician Drewmat, who is also seen in the video, recorded at Apple's Fashion Valley, San Diego store on July 18.
    Nor is he put off his stride by some curious customers while singing.
    Dadian told Newsflare: "My friend Drewmat and I went into our local Apple store with a microphone, audio interface, headphones, and some iPhones that we used as cameras.
    "Since most Apple store iMacs have Logic Pro (recording software) built in, we used it to build a full instrumental from scratch, wrote out the lyrics, and recorded vocals all in one visit (which took about six hours). We limited ourselves to only using stock Logic sounds, plug-ins, and only the computer's default settings and features."
    Dadian subsequently decided to name the song, appropriately enough, "Apples and Oranges."
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Comments • 14

  • Jim 671467
    Jim 671467 2 months ago +1

    Not sure about this.
    The guy may be talented I don’t know.
    And I don’t think it’s such a big deal to write a song in 6 hrs after all he has the computer to help him.
    To me music has lost its way to much technology to many untalented frauds making a lot of money.
    To much voice filters to deceive the public
    To much miming (
    Check Britney Spears on RUclip miming ) 👍👍

    • Sinaeb
      Sinaeb 2 months ago

      I will now present to you your salvation, rhythm games musics.

    KATHLEEN MACDONALD 2 months ago +1

    beautiful song and voice.

  • areamusicale
    areamusicale 2 months ago +1

    I'm viewer Nº666

  • Evelyn Darko
    Evelyn Darko 2 months ago +1

    This is very very nice. Thank you for showing us all.

  • moonchxld
    moonchxld 2 months ago

    the way he's just so natural doing it... that's incredible

  • john smith
    john smith 2 months ago


  • Crystal Marquis
    Crystal Marquis 2 months ago

    I’m digging it!!

  • Quidam Lambda
    Quidam Lambda 2 months ago +2

    How is that a performance ?
    There are tens of thousands of musicians who create songs in less than 6 hours.

  • isaack_hunt
    isaack_hunt 2 months ago +1

    too mushy!

  • gaming plays
    gaming plays 2 months ago +1