Sesame Street: Elmo the Musical: Karate

The Ooze has been destroying all of the town’s shapes. Can Karate Elmo save the day?

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Длительность: 7:20
Комментарии: 93

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Автор Trevor Bonnell ( назад)
Vetting b

Автор Trevor Bonnell ( назад)

Автор Pixinerd ( назад)
I love it elmo

Автор Ava Fisher ( назад)
my little brother loves elmo

Автор Walters gaming66 ( назад)

Автор Kaylin Slavador ( назад)

Автор Dave Dawkins ( назад)
Lots of those little mf'kers still grew up to vote for The Idiot Trump.

Автор Val Deeiel ( назад)
i love this vid

Автор mstruth313 ( назад)
My kid loves this episode so much

Автор Rebecca Rae Nebeker ( назад)
nice erhu... for a japanese art...

Автор Shelondon Bowens ( назад)
I like this

Автор Maximus Nguyen ( назад)
I zs

Автор Harry Jerry ( назад)
thank you sensei. i have learned much from your teachings

Автор Baby BuzTube ( назад)

Автор The Notorious Beast ( назад)
Elmo yea

Автор Ethan Whitaker ( назад)
When elmo said mr ooze has to stop breaking our shapes i heard something else xD

Автор Ryguy Games ( назад)
simons cat ya
hes cute and you

Автор Ryguy Games ( назад)
elmo i love you
im elsa

Автор Sesame Street Learn Colors KIDS ( назад)

Автор Malik Taha ( назад)
Ready y

Автор Angelina Guerrero ( назад)
Specter's Karate Chops

Автор Luis Suarez ( назад)
s good night and white zzz
p)/=. @ Ss@bdx..j+e i

Автор sandra segovia ( назад)

Автор WestonStapp ( назад)
You should add the Masked March collection

Автор şeyma cüce ( назад)
actually the last shapes name is "baklava karesi" please use true form

Автор Reese Foster ( назад)
That sucks i hate it thats for babies

Автор Black Onyx ( назад)
why was this cut from kung fu panda

Автор skaterr 03123 ( назад)
i came here from the elmo's song

Автор Steven Scott ( назад)
Talk about "Chop Chop!" That is what has been done to Elmo the Musical! SO many parts have been chopped out, sometimes it doesn't make sense! I can't enjoy it any more! I can't enjoy it here, because it isn't Closed-Captioned, and I rely HEAVILY on them.

Автор Myles Moss ( назад)

Автор Magda Giordano ( назад)
that was wonderful

Автор IzzieCookiestar ( назад)
I preferred Nick Jonas singing about different shapes tho.

Автор OrangePork 01 ( назад)
I'm a Japanese. Why people can't understand different between Japan culture or Chinese culture ??

Автор OrangePork 01 ( назад)
Karate is Japanese sport. Music like Chinese.

Автор Western Pa Anglers ( назад)
my son loves it ...fish on

Автор Boog 'n Shoog ( назад)
Great song, Elmo! Nice job learning Karate!

Автор Doritos ( назад)
Excuse me dream works called they want the plot for kung fu panda back

Автор Objectshow fan ( назад)
lol im 20 and do jiu jitsu, this doesnt looklike karate! i know what jiu jitsu and karate is, its mostly the same... ever heared of "shutto" "mai geri" or "mai tobi geri"? no? then you dont even have a white belt! so please dont pretend youre a master cause REAL karate is more then just throw up your feet or chopping!

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