Trolling - The Base of Traps, Part 3: The Mine Base (Trolling in Experimental)

  • Опубликовано: 9 окт 2017
  • This was originally made for me to do something, but after so many players tried to kill me and get trapped, I decided to record another Base Of Traps that was done in Experimental. There are so many funny moments and attempts from other players. I normally don't play Experimental, but I wanted to do this.
    Music from Epidemic Sound (
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  • Corrupt X
    Corrupt X  Год назад +33

    I re-uploaded because I accidentally made it unlisted again (after editing the thumbnail a bit), probably hurting traffic and later notifications. I'm a gosh darn idiot.

    • Lifty
      Lifty 7 месяцев назад

      Corrupt X hi do you remember me Im LuftyYT from

    • Maire O'Kane
      Maire O'Kane 7 месяцев назад

      Corrupt X me fan but let be alive

    • Silvina tabano
      Silvina tabano 10 месяцев назад +1

      corupt x superpro

    • Silvina tabano
      Silvina tabano 11 месяцев назад

      corupt x elpro

    • Miranda Wolf
      Miranda Wolf Год назад

      Corrupt X it’s fine :3

  • Clement Desgorce
    Clement Desgorce 8 дней назад

    Are you able to do this, use it experimentally !?
    -Small tips: Install yourself in one of the 4 corners of the map, then do not hesitate to use several account or friends so that they can help you, choose all different items and go builders !!!!
    In general for me, map players end up in the past, by my base and admire my work by attacking compliment and join my team! ✨

  • Aidan Were always
    Aidan Were always 22 дня назад

    Ever notice that that guy named "Michael" wasn't on the leader board. Time was: 2:38 :/

  • Owen Farmer
    Owen Farmer 3 месяца назад huhuhu huhuh

  • Daniel
    Daniel 5 месяцев назад

    "you son of a glitch" Imma use that phrase now

  • sevim karabulut
    sevim karabulut 6 месяцев назад

    How old are you?

  • Afrim Akona
    Afrim Akona 6 месяцев назад

    666 likes, well then, wow, NO ONE LIKE

  • Three Peater
    Three Peater 6 месяцев назад

    I’m in this video. I’m Alpha XD

  • Kacper Smiarowski
    Kacper Smiarowski 7 месяцев назад

    Just some advice : some patterns of mines are more effective than others.

  • DD31 ,-,
    DD31 ,-, 7 месяцев назад

    *when Corrupt X made a God base and so good at 1v1 wow amazing xD tell Sergio

  • катя ренчукова
    катя ренчукова 7 месяцев назад

    gg =]

  • Zabdiel Kelsey Changat
    Zabdiel Kelsey Changat 7 месяцев назад

    2:29 holy fuck look in the bottom left, i just realized that was me (im not lying)

  • Zainab Bun
    Zainab Bun 8 месяцев назад

    hi you all

  • Green Pokemon
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    ENES GULHAN 9 месяцев назад


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  • Skull Hunter
    Skull Hunter 11 месяцев назад

    hi Corrupt X i'm for you in i am the Leader

  • Hiruma Yoichie
    Hiruma Yoichie Год назад

    The players outside are like
    "Challenge Accepted"

  • Edi Edi
    Edi Edi Год назад

    you trap your self XD

  • Hồng Trí Phan
    Hồng Trí Phan Год назад

    3:53 died like me :P

  • AudiGamer [King Of Thieves]
    AudiGamer [King Of Thieves] Год назад

    3:51 WTF WTF WTF

  • MvP_Cruzty_ Craft
    MvP_Cruzty_ Craft Год назад

    How to play moomooio sandbox. Pls give me the link

  • Cookie God
    Cookie God Год назад

    Once in moomoo i was in an experimental server and i saw a guy and he said i can break this
    It was a MINE you cant break them lol
    Then about 2hours later... Yup he was stillllll there not suprised

  • Ggfhyhggcv
    Ggfhyhggcv Год назад

    the name?

  • Dena Bensen
    Dena Bensen Год назад

    2:45 how does Michael know that?!?!!

  • мунси :3
    мунси :3 Год назад

    World record?! ^-^

  • Nader Bc
    Nader Bc Год назад


  • Alex Szczepaniak
    Alex Szczepaniak Год назад

    I saw you say "Smartass." But you didn't type it o::::

  • K!llerWolf GMN T-T
    K!llerWolf GMN T-T Год назад

    At 3:52?,I was thinking you said 'You son of a B*itch' (Sorry about swaring)

  • sanjeev sanjay
    sanjeev sanjay Год назад

    remember me Pi61 ?

  • азат Lucky
    азат Lucky Год назад

  • Cookie God
    Cookie God Год назад

    When i play moomoo experimental there are atleast 10+ ppl telling me that u can break mines i face palm so hard that when i did i destroyed a galaxy

  • Kill Assist XX
    Kill Assist XX Год назад

    you should say 'You son of b*tch!"

  • Hey352
    Hey352 Год назад


    *Hint: Thumbnail*

    • Hey352
      Hey352 Год назад

      Corrupt X
      It was funny how u put a heart tho

    • Corrupt X
      Corrupt X  Год назад

      I didn't even notice.. xD

  • DesignatedBomber
    DesignatedBomber Год назад

    use boost hat with shadow wings too easily escape the walls

  • Zander McCabe
    Zander McCabe Год назад

    What screen recording do u use?

  • 79341
    79341 Год назад

    Corrupt were you on silicon Vally earlier . On 10-14-17

    • Key Word
      Key Word 11 месяцев назад

      Corrupt X, just wanna ask one thing. Have you seen player, named Adolf Hitler?

    • Corrupt X
      Corrupt X  Год назад

      I don't play Silicon Valley.

  • Seth Chopra
    Seth Chopra Год назад

    I Am such a fan corrupt x my name is Salty Seth loooool

  • Maximilian Tabernig
    Maximilian Tabernig Год назад

    How can you play on this server ??? pls give my a answer

  • K K
    K K Год назад

    I am my dear loser

  • Wai Han Choy
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  • Wai Han Choy
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  • Io Games Live Stream Channel
    Io Games Live Stream Channel Год назад

    In what servers do you play?

  • ida jaafar
    ida jaafar Год назад +1

    you need to put a spike around the spawn pad

  • Quiz Freak z
    Quiz Freak z Год назад +1

    Great vid and music. What is the name of the song. I play it on ozogames though cause of the fullscreen feature

  • Ferdous Parveen
    Ferdous Parveen Год назад

    Corrupt X if u ever play
    If anyone asks u for help, answer them
    AND spamkillin is not allowed
    I HATE U

    • Corn
      Corn Год назад

      corrupt love u back :D

  • sausage cheese
    sausage cheese Год назад

    *E G G U E G G S U L I D L S U C C*

  • Hey352
    Hey352 Год назад


    This never happened.

  • Jst005
    Jst005 Год назад

    can you try the 0 bullet speed triplet in maze it good

  • SilentGamer
    SilentGamer Год назад

    I've never seen Corrupt X get killed so easily.Im disapointed

  • anthony sung
    anthony sung Год назад

    What servers do you usually join?

  • Bucking Fastard
    Bucking Fastard Год назад

    I really cant believe you're still doing this... still the worst thing ever on youtube!

  • Snazzy Krazzy
    Snazzy Krazzy Год назад +2

    3:51 OMG, that's the best thing I've ever seen xD

  • Ritchie van Rheenen
    Ritchie van Rheenen Год назад

    Corrupt X i was playing with you today and im sorry i accidently pressed the rong button and closed my internet page my nickname was: RitchieTLW maybe we could play another time

  • Alex Phan
    Alex Phan Год назад +2

    wow it must take a long time to make amazing videos like this

  • Shadow Master
    Shadow Master Год назад

    2:35 He stilldied there.
    your kill wish was still granted. no?

  • That Parappa The rapper meme
    That Parappa The rapper meme Год назад

    tack shooted.

  • raquel fernandez
    raquel fernandez Год назад

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  • Officer Friendly
    Officer Friendly Год назад

    Ya shoulda put TRAP music in the background
    Nobody loves me

  • Officer Friendly
    Officer Friendly Год назад

    *seagulls from finding nemo* MINE MINE MINE

  • Wikslud
    Wikslud Год назад +12

    GG Bro :D

  • Ass Banger
    Ass Banger Год назад

    You are my favourite io.Games youtuber ! :)

  • XYZ Gaming
    XYZ Gaming Год назад

    . Hi

  • Poopbutt
    Poopbutt Год назад

    Some guy in said he was Corrupt X/you wanted to team with me so I decided to troll him by stealing all his kills, after that he got really mad and tried to kill me but then he lost all his gold xD
    IGN: Aplitz

  • Shyguymask
    Shyguymask Год назад

    1:26 Goddamn Yasuo feeding in as well.

  • Ricardo Olivier
    Ricardo Olivier Год назад

    I would like to see Bounty Hunter in action again...

  • NCS Fan
    NCS Fan Год назад

    I'm super fan

  • ono
    ono Год назад


    • Noob_Lord_01
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  • ono
    ono Год назад

    With the name as lattes

  • ono
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  • ono
    ono Год назад

    axe boost and shadow wings

  • ono
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    im the guy name With strange name

  • ono
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    omg im in video

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    Wolf_Games Xx Zero cola xX Год назад

    ok trolling :-)

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    Viz0r Год назад

    Long time no see

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    Harmonee Год назад

    attack of the twt pro clan

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  • 考刀
    考刀 Год назад

    3:42 is my teams ...xD ! i have not play 2 week XD ! my name is 'Zero_Gaming'

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  • Adrian Badin
    Adrian Badin Год назад

    nice vid

  • DerWer000
    DerWer000 Год назад

    hey Corrupt X i am interested in the hat and accessories combination.
    can you make a new video about spike helmet and blood wings? i think its OP with shield.

    • DerWer000
      DerWer000 Год назад

      actually i think when people atk you they'll hurt and you'll heal a bit to lower damage taken and if + shield, thats OP cus its VERY hard to kill you (maybe they die first becuz of spike helmet)

  • T.A.R. G.E.T
    T.A.R. G.E.T Год назад +4

    I’m soo sorry I’m LiL PumP

  • YY W
    YY W Год назад

    Wut? What servererererrer

  • Dirceu Marcondes Oliveira
    Dirceu Marcondes Oliveira Год назад

    2453 vims i 93 like

  • Kevin Frantz
    Kevin Frantz Год назад

    Corrupt, you're such a narb because you accidentally made it unlisted. Only narbs do that.

    • Kevin Frantz
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    • Ass Banger
      Ass Banger Год назад


    • Corrupt X
      Corrupt X  Год назад

      Eat my Potato, narb.

  • X Dragon23
    X Dragon23 Год назад

    You almost say "you son of a b**** XD

    • X Dragon23
      X Dragon23 Год назад

      Oh okay I understand :3 keep up the good work

    • Corrupt X
      Corrupt X  Год назад

      I did that on purpose.

  • Hulimpud
    Hulimpud Год назад

    nice idea

  • Contomy
    Contomy Год назад

    *Omg im "Zero" :0 im in the videoo!!! I appear in minute **3:24** yaay pls give me like xd im not joking! Mom get camera.. Im famous!!! 11 :v*

    • Contomy
      Contomy Год назад

      Just im happy ok? :'v

    • Demolisher Infinite
      Demolisher Infinite Год назад

      That's great and all, but......

      *WHY SO MUCH BOLD??!!*

  • Sean InsertLastName
    Sean InsertLastName Год назад

    wait are you playing in sandbox?

  • Sean InsertLastName
    Sean InsertLastName Год назад

    Nice vid! Keep up the great work!

  • cupcake kitten
    cupcake kitten Год назад

    This could be a social experiment with a bit of tweaking

  • sofi gamer
    sofi gamer Год назад

    FUK YOU REAL NO FAKE YOU FAKE 😠😠😠😠😠😢😢😢😢😢😢😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😑😑😧.😱😱😱😲😲😲😤😤😤😤😤😑😑😑😑😑

    • I.SuperTank. Online
      I.SuperTank. Online Год назад

      i must said...corrupt x will said this.

      I love you back.

    • Kevin Frantz
      Kevin Frantz Год назад

      Much emoji spam, such cringe, wow.

    • Corn
      Corn Год назад

      Ok sorry LOL

    • ossa s
      ossa s Год назад


    • Corn
      Corn Год назад

      I speak English very fine and I am NOT a kid.

  • GamingNoob
    GamingNoob Год назад

    Am in school

  • EyItzTimmy
    EyItzTimmy Год назад

    i killed someone inside 4 layers of mines and 10 turrets in there, 50 spikes, and him. I didnt have enof to buy emp hat. somehow i didnt die

  • XvvKirbyyolqvX
    XvvKirbyyolqvX Год назад

    Looks like u had a lot of resources to make this video

    • XvvKirbyyolqvX
      XvvKirbyyolqvX Год назад

      pssst pun intended no yes mine get it psst out

    • Corrupt X
      Corrupt X  Год назад

      Not really. I mean, not as much interesting happened. Only this for a 7-minute video.

  • Sir Devil
    Sir Devil Год назад +1

    “dude wanna 1V1 out of this shi”

  • NeoVolt
    NeoVolt Год назад +9

    So, Corrupt X,
    Me and my friend were fooling around on, trying to come up with the worst build possible.
    We went with LMG, max armor, and when my friend went with no recoil, we noticed something.
    When you stood still with that upgrade, your bullets would go in a straight line.
    I quickly came up with a build idea, it was a turret build, I had fun with it, got like 9 kills before someone throwed a gas grenade into my little turret box, R.I.P killstreak.
    Anyways, here's the build, it's more of a for fun build than anything else.
    LMG, max armor, no recoil, build, and range.
    Try to get like 10 kills with it or something, idk

    • Alden Flor
      Alden Flor 5 месяцев назад

      i remember i threw a gas grenade in the box lel

    • Kvothe The Arcane
      Kvothe The Arcane Год назад

      Oh the irony..... XD

    • Demolisher Infinite
      Demolisher Infinite Год назад

      But instead you guys came up with an excellent idea! That's pretty good.

    • NeoVolt
      NeoVolt Год назад

      Demolisher of Worlds not really, we were just trying to make the worst build possible. :P

    • Demolisher Infinite
      Demolisher Infinite Год назад

      You and your friend are geniuses.

  • Pharma Syst
    Pharma Syst Год назад

    I want to try that, super fun. gg

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    Nice video!