Sarah Geronimo Sings Jessie J "Masterpiece" Live REACTION

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
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Comments • 284

  • Piapa Cruz
    Piapa Cruz Month ago

    You should try Steven his acting movies😍

  • lala moves
    lala moves Month ago

    Powerfully performance

  • Your Savior
    Your Savior 2 months ago

    My lodi ate sarah geronimo yoooohooooo.Ikaw na tlga ate sarah geronimo

  • al hary hanani
    al hary hanani 3 months ago

    Baby steven, try this one. "i believe i can fly" by sarah, and witness how our Sarah is such a Masterpiece of God 😊😊😊😊

  • Czarck Narvante
    Czarck Narvante 4 months ago

    Pls do react Sarah Geronimo shake like beyonce and rihana

  • josel catubing
    josel catubing 4 months ago

    I like you too Steven!

  • Caloy Kolokoy
    Caloy Kolokoy 4 months ago

    Try to check it and you’ll see how professional she is. It’s a real definition of the show must go on.

  • Florelyn Cainoy
    Florelyn Cainoy 4 months ago

    Hi Steven pls check this

  • Florelyn Cainoy
    Florelyn Cainoy 5 months ago hey Steven pls check this video😊thanks

  • Maribel Yaka
    Maribel Yaka 5 months ago

    Now I'm addicted to you haha

  • jash30 yee
    jash30 yee 5 months ago

    Sarah g formation on asap

  • pablo olbap
    pablo olbap 5 months ago

    react her song the great unknown pls....

  • francis cornito
    francis cornito 6 months ago

    Please React to Sarah Geronimo's cover of End of Time/Last Dance! :
    and Queen of the Night Operatic version:

  • Camille Macdo
    Camille Macdo 7 months ago

    Please react to Rachelle ann Go and Sarah geronimo together again

  • Hannah Diwata
    Hannah Diwata 7 months ago

    She changed the lyrics “ God’s still working on my masterpiece “ 😍😍

  • Jaden Alcantara
    Jaden Alcantara 7 months ago

    thats my idol.she is good to be u sarah

  • ritchel salada
    ritchel salada 7 months ago

    Kindly react Sarah g buwan concert n cavite

  • herlein espiritu
    herlein espiritu 7 months ago


  • Albanie Alhassa
    Albanie Alhassa 7 months ago

    Sarah Geronimo sax

  • MymAe Banjao
    MymAe Banjao 7 months ago

    Thanks Steve

  • emjay tvk Dilatore
    emjay tvk Dilatore 8 months ago

    But her idol the most Regine Velasquez in philippines then michael jackson

  • emjay tvk Dilatore
    emjay tvk Dilatore 8 months ago

    No she also. Sing opera steven and she only 30 going 31 and still single but she have bf

  • cayzel ann leonin
    cayzel ann leonin 8 months ago react to her "who's laughing now" performance

    CRYSTAL TV 8 months ago

    Waaah I like that cute cat at your back ....I love you too...

  • Paul Forbes
    Paul Forbes 8 months ago

    Sarah gs whos laughing now pleaseeee

  • Ashjhed Andaya
    Ashjhed Andaya 8 months ago

    Pls... Mr.steven can u react try by sarah g...pls.....

  • wentoy toni
    wentoy toni 8 months ago

    new subscriber😁 hey dude thank you for reacting sarah g.😁😁😁

  • Emyrose Ilog
    Emyrose Ilog 8 months ago

    Please do react to her CHEAP THRILLS thanks she is really a complete performer with humble heart , I love your cat 👍

  • Zack Ong
    Zack Ong 8 months ago

    Queen of the Night with Opera

  • Eric Pormilda
    Eric Pormilda 8 months ago

    Hey, Steven. Wants to see a different Sarah Geronimo again? Please try Let's Get It Started with Bamboo. Please! Please! Please!

  • Althea Pangilamen
    Althea Pangilamen 8 months ago

    SG Superb Genre

  • ako si marlon
    ako si marlon 8 months ago

    Name it, and Sarah G will do it..
    She's a genre KILLER as you've said on your reaction videos

    • ako si marlon
      ako si marlon 8 months ago

      Wooohh Glad that you noticed my comment 😊😊😊

  • Luigie Gascon
    Luigie Gascon 8 months ago

    Jump in jump in by destinys child covered by SG please

  • Clark Kent Lorenzo
    Clark Kent Lorenzo 8 months ago +1

    I totally agree Steven.She 's really genre killer. If I was there i would definitely give her a standing O. My opinion why we don't usually give a standing on a great singing or talent is because a lot of us can sing (excluding me 😂)with high range, can belt etc, so we feel like oh it's normal.hehe.correct me if wrong ✌

  • Worldclass Music
    Worldclass Music 8 months ago +1

    She is the only singer in the Philippines who could ever do all kinds of music genre.

  • Morikatsars AVG
    Morikatsars AVG 8 months ago +1

    To answer your question, YES, there's is nothing she didnt try in terms of genre. Name it, she has tried everything at least once. First of all, if you, steven, noticed by now, filipino singers are so fond of covering songs mostly from US. About 95% of the songs you reacted to are cover songs. In that case Sarah, of course can try diff genres because that's the practice here in the Philippines - to cover foreign or US songs. I think tHe question is - does she always succeeds in TRYING diff genres? Does she excel in TRYING diff genres? The answer is: No. She can TRY R&B but her voice and techniques are not R&B - her riffs and runs are sloppy. Her voice is not agile enough. She can TRy to sing rock, but her voice is not that Rock. It's too sweet and too divaish. Her voice lacks sa huskiness, raspiness and ruggedness of a rock voice. Of course she can act it out Rock. But the voice just doesnt really match. SARAH's voice excels best in mellow songs that are predominantly ALTO. Something like Karen Carpenters songs. That's where she is best.

  • Kenyon Lopez
    Kenyon Lopez 8 months ago +1

    There's nothing she can't sing. I knew from the very moment I saw her on her first tv singing contest, she will make it big time.

  • ENo YuE
    ENo YuE 8 months ago

    Hi😃 Please react to 'Forestella - Bohemian Rhapsody' (cover)🙏 Forestella is crossover group.

  • Hunters Hunter
    Hunters Hunter 8 months ago

    Please react to KATRINA VELARDE WITH 28 VOICES

  • trodz g
    trodz g 8 months ago

    Please do reaction to kz tandingan and jaya's feeling good colab.. check it out at cornerstone artists lab channel.. thanks

  • mdt sc
    mdt sc 8 months ago

    You should watch her Salute birthday performance few years ago and her latest prod singing and dancing to Confident.

  • Christian Paulo Canlubo

    Hi, Steven. I hope you could react to Sarah G doing some reggae in this performance 10 years ago

  • Hunters Hunter
    Hunters Hunter 8 months ago

    Please react to Sheena Belarmino as SARAH GERONIMO in YOUR FACE SOUNDS FAMILIAR KIDS singing

  • Precious Jewel Yiu
    Precious Jewel Yiu 8 months ago

    I love you Coach Sarah!😍💖👑

  • jash30 yee
    jash30 yee 8 months ago

    Her Flawless please and formation

  • Natasha
    Natasha 8 months ago

    Please react to A.S.K (ac, sheena, krystal) performing little mix power on ggv please. They're 15, 12 and 11 year olds

  • Kurt Bautista
    Kurt Bautista 8 months ago +2

    Hello Steven 🥰 Visit Sarah Geronimo Vevo ☺️🥰 it's where you get HD videos without copyright ☺️👑
    Please react to her CONFIDENT cover by Demi 🥰☺️👑

  • Pop Art
    Pop Art 8 months ago +1

    confident by Sarah G on AsapNatinto pls..

  • Pop Art
    Pop Art 8 months ago +1

    confident by Sarah G on AsapNatinto pls..

  • queen sars
    queen sars 8 months ago

    Check out her latest performance at asap last march 24, 2019. This is the link
    Thank u in adbance

  • Jhen Joven
    Jhen Joven 8 months ago +1

    Try to react her STAY performance on ASAP😊

  • Sioden Hu
    Sioden Hu 8 months ago +1

    Hi Steven! Thanks for loving Sarah G! I hope you can also react to her “Confident” performance. Here’s the link of the video.

  • Hartsz Castillo
    Hartsz Castillo 8 months ago

    try to react on her part 1 the other sode concert

  • Jim Molina
    Jim Molina 8 months ago

    let it Go from FROZEN.. PLS..

  • Hartsz Castillo
    Hartsz Castillo 8 months ago +2

    react to sarah g full concert of "the other side"

  • Arnie L Demerin
    Arnie L Demerin 8 months ago +1

    react to Sarah G confident by demi. thanks

  • Bella Valencia
    Bella Valencia 8 months ago +1

    HI Steven. . Please do react her latest exposure in asap (confident by demi lovato)
    I'll make sure u will wowed her performance 😊😊 thank u!

  • Natasha
    Natasha 8 months ago

    Please react to A.S.K perform little mix power on ggv please.. you'll love them. They're 15, 12 and 11 year olds

  • inday romero
    inday romero 8 months ago +1

    please react sarah g end of time thank you

  • jingle belle
    jingle belle 8 months ago +1

    Confident cover by Sarah G in ASAP pls