Cam Newton's shoulder is a concern 'until we see otherwise' - Whitlock | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

  • Published on Sep 11, 2019
  • Jason Whitlock, Marcellus Wiley and Mark Schlereth talk about Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and whether there is reason for concern over his surgically repaired shoulder.
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    Cam Newton's shoulder is a concern 'until we see otherwise' - Whitlock | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF
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Comments • 39

  • Speak For Yourself
    Speak For Yourself  Month ago +2

    Should the Panthers be concerned about Cam Newton?

    • boomstick900
      boomstick900 Month ago

      @If it's in the Word Then it's in the word You need to get other men's hair styles out of your head

    • If it's in the Word Then it's in the word
      If it's in the Word Then it's in the word Month ago

      He needs to get those TREE BRANCHES out of his head

    • R A
      R A Month ago

      In short yes

    • boomstick900
      boomstick900 Month ago

      Insofar as him being a football player who might get injured playing football, yes.

  • ConservativeAnthem
    ConservativeAnthem Month ago

    Marcellus Wiley's commentary is rubber vomit.

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher Month ago


  • If it's in the Word Then it's in the word

    Cut them tree branches out of his hair

  • Kevin Porter
    Kevin Porter Month ago

    Cam was still rehabbing in training and mini camps without a ball...he’s not fully ready or strong enough! The new motion was an attempt to cover up the lack of Shoulder Strength ! He took 4 sacks because he ain’t wanna get hit and then slam against the ground, IMHO

  • Vbat 421
    Vbat 421 Month ago

    Wiley is a much unbias analyst. Whitlock is horrid. I tried to watch him and majority of his points are bias and override by Wiley or the guests. He is not good-so bias. Bias: blinders and narrow minded for all subjects

  • Abu Ammar Al Maliki
    Abu Ammar Al Maliki Month ago +2

    Norv Turners offense is based on short passing.

  • NanaBisa1
    NanaBisa1 Month ago +3

    The concern should be how its been open season on Cam Newton with no calls on late hits

    • Aaron Bowie
      Aaron Bowie Month ago

      Its embarrassing

    • Chris Williams
      Chris Williams Month ago

      Since 2016, the league has let these defenders have open season on Cam.

  • yamamancha
    yamamancha Month ago +2

    Of course there's reason for concern. Cam's throwing mechanics have never been ideal, and they promote shoulder fatigue.
    In the event of an injury, Cam's throwing mechanics makes it difficult to rehab/recovery.

    • tedmich
      tedmich Month ago

      @yamamancha reason and logic?? That reminds me, what are you not supposed to do with pearls?

    • yamamancha
      yamamancha Month ago +1

      @FRESH He still has a posterior release point that forces his hips and core to pull the torso and shoulders forward, which places enormous stress on the shoulder.
      No big deal for the average person, but for a QB throwing thousands of balls a year, not only does damage build up over time, it also makes recovery nearly impossible.
      Cam would be unstoppable if he hadn't come up throwing off his back foot. His inability or unwillingness to step into throws is going to shorten his career.

    • FRESH
      FRESH Month ago

      He changed his throwing mechanics

    • Tylar Durten
      Tylar Durten Month ago

      yamamancha then why are you not out applying your expertise instead of on RUclip

    • yamamancha
      yamamancha Month ago +1

      @Tylar Durten biomechanics and sports science

  • SKULFRAKproDukshunz

    What's up with those do do dreads

  • Will Rich
    Will Rich Month ago +6

    Cam needs dudes that can get him YAC McCaffery can’t be the only one

  • Drithe Bors
    Drithe Bors Month ago +15

    Thank you, Marcellus, for some common sense. They hold Cam to the flame because they hate him.

    • ConservativeAnthem
      ConservativeAnthem Month ago

      Cammie dah Tranny is the next big phenom...

    • boomstick900
      boomstick900 Month ago

      @ron don Bro, he completed 4 passes that were more than 10 yards, plus two that were right at 10 yards, and missed on three, one of which hit Olsen in the hands. Did you watch the game last Sunday?

    • ron don
      ron don Month ago +2

      Bro did you watch the game last sunday? He literally couldnt complete a pass that was deeper than 10 yards. Christian was the only reason they even had a chance.

    • rotoninja
      rotoninja Month ago +2

      I think the only people that hate him are the females reporters at ESPN.

    • Memphicide
      Memphicide Month ago

      yup, I have loved him ever since he mocked the female reporter

  • Bailey Charlton
    Bailey Charlton Month ago +4

    Yo I haven't watched any of this terrible show (imo) for a long time how long has whitlock had hair

    • Willie Prescott III
      Willie Prescott III Month ago +1

      This show is great you're an idiot.

    • tedmich
      tedmich Month ago

      Prime Time and Urlacher got hair too, all it takes is $ and insecurity.

    • Lon Woolf
      Lon Woolf Month ago +1

      Lol almost a year now but this the best sport show you gone get..they keep it real for the most part

    • Bailey Charlton
      Bailey Charlton Month ago

      @brian mojica because it came across my recommendations and I saw whitlock had hair so I clicked to view it to leave my comment