Silver Price Update - September 6, 2019 + Is Silver Going to Crash?

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
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Comments • 152

  • Shi
    Shi 6 days ago

    Crash to what it’s already under 20 dollars it’s not that far off the ground

  • James Hibbert
    James Hibbert 15 days ago

    Thanks, Chris .... But are we not just forming a 4th wave correction before the final crash ?

  • Retirement Crisis
    Retirement Crisis 21 day ago

    Silver always crashes.

  • SouthTxRoughneck
    SouthTxRoughneck 22 days ago

    Where can I buy silver

  • Silber SHARK313
    Silber SHARK313 Month ago

    Silver is the money

  • Vlad
    Vlad Month ago

    Good morning,
    Will the silver price go down if the market goes down?
    I mean market going down like to 18000
    How would that play out for silver price?

  • Mark Nordgård
    Mark Nordgård Month ago

    Gold and silver crashing the last 2-3 weeks and will crash next week too ,gold belove 1400 $ and silver belove 15 $ and this summers gold silver rally are gone :(

  • Joseph Ellul
    Joseph Ellul Month ago

    People who buy silver should take it home as a metal. DO NOT BUY PAPER SILVER. Silver does not rust. If you want you can rub it against your skin and it will make you better .

  • garry stevens
    garry stevens Month ago +1

    Won't crash yet, should bounce at 16$ and head to 21/23$ then we will see the real crash

  • bigrobnz
    bigrobnz Month ago

    That reduction in cost works if you are using US dollars.....I notice here in NZ silver is almost the same price and hasn"t moved down at all....

  • no name
    no name Month ago

    Ratio is not too crazy....
    The high went to 79 to 1 and now it is 82 but a few months ago it was 93

  • Richard DeVaughn
    Richard DeVaughn Month ago +1

    More buying opportunities

  • 001 002
    001 002 Month ago

    i really hope silver crashes/SALE PRICE lol ill be backing a pick up at the coin shop lol

  • pi namaste
    pi namaste Month ago

    Ohh maaann I hope so. I hope they smash both of them to fn zero. I will load up further.

  • Stewart Reid
    Stewart Reid Month ago

    Gold & Silver will go through the roof not before long. The Western Economies are about to crash after The USA Elections. The stock markets is now being propped up. People should sell their Stocks & Bonds and now & buy Precious metals. When the crash accelerates, if you don't buy soon, you all have missed the bus, because, people will try to buy when the signs are more evident but these Metals will be vreatly oversubscribed by then!

  • jefesalsero
    jefesalsero Month ago

    I hope it dips significantly. That just makes it easier to keep on stackin'!😁

  • Nathan Reed
    Nathan Reed Month ago +1

    The banksters are making their move on silver. They will drive it down then buy it all up low.

  • steve j
    steve j Month ago

    Jp Morgan never has a loss. Nobody cares

  • leomarkaable1
    leomarkaable1 Month ago

    Silver will never go back to 2011 levels; it is simple wishful thinking to predict much higher than 20.00 ( if that). Silver is becoming more and more an industrial metal and thus is under the control of the international banks who will not allow silver to force cost of goods sold to escalate. The so-called gurus who went on about silver being the most valuable metal of all because of electronics ( they have an argument ) and thus the price will go very high are precisely wrong. Because of its value silver will stay controlled.

  • sherri
    sherri Month ago +4

    1 billion oz silver consumed annually. 800 million oz silver produced. Will silver crash? Go figure. Buybuybuy. The debt clock has silver at over 600.

  • Steve Girouard
    Steve Girouard Month ago +6

    The paper market may crash but not the physical. When will people wake up to measure your wealth in ounces not paper !! Get your head out of paper being true Wealth. Gold and Silver have been real wealth for 5000 years Silver 6000

    • Janghir khan
      Janghir khan Month ago

      Do u give gold nuggets to buy your groceries

  • christo hatfield
    christo hatfield Month ago +1

    It’s my fault. I bought a hundred silver rounds. Every time I buy silver the price drops like a rock. I have never made any money buying silver, but I keep buying it.

    • astralpx
      astralpx Month ago

      Lol. Its hard but buy when it makes big srops. Never FOMO.

  • Robert Stovall
    Robert Stovall Month ago +4

    Thank God for pullbacks! Opportunity is welcome at my house.

  • Jonmon7467
    Jonmon7467 Month ago

    I hope it crashes... I pray it crashes. I’ll be buying all I can.

  • Gregory Santana
    Gregory Santana Month ago

    Christopher, your comment there is nothing at 100% assurance is spot on and wait for the right moment for best probability.

  • Rory The Red
    Rory The Red Month ago +4

    Is silver going to crash? It never took off! But I don't care because I haven't bought enough yet.

  • stephen marchment
    stephen marchment Month ago

    Good video. Very well done. Nice technical analysis.

  • Juan Borrell
    Juan Borrell Month ago

    Silver is going to crash? J. P. Morgan already has put silver in crash mode.

  • richard c
    richard c Month ago +1

    Thanks, great information

  • LIX 59
    LIX 59 Month ago +1

    The last $3.00 of price rise to the mid 19's was fundamentally caused by announcement China/US future trade meetings that will or will not work out. When Trump uttered there is a new trade meeting for Oct , it caused this quick fall to the present price.

  • Non Conformist THE TRUTHSEEKER!

    25 an ounce is my buying in limit. I have nothing to loose I know what's coming everyone around me knows to .

  • Terry Capp
    Terry Capp Month ago

    .....Ezekiel 7:19...........Zephaniah 1:14-18......, 1 Timothy 6:9,10.......2 Timothy 3:1-5.......Matthew 16:26....

  • Jay Dubau
    Jay Dubau Month ago

    The recent pullback was highly anticipated. Everyone and their mom was either shorting or buying put options on Wed for silver. The question now is will 16 or $17 support hold
    and if so when will it break the $21 resistance and really fly

  • Ride TheCurve
    Ride TheCurve Month ago +3

    Sir, could you possibly make your charts larger in the screen. I am having to use a magnifying glass to see the price axis. Thank You!

  • highdesertutah
    highdesertutah Month ago +11

    I really hope gold and silver get knocked down one more time before the election so I can load up one more time.😀

  • Gary Thompson
    Gary Thompson Month ago +3

    From what I hear this is healthy for silver. Time to buy. It's going ballastic.

  • Jim Jim
    Jim Jim Month ago +1

    The only thing you need to understand about the metals, especially silver. It’s all manipulated in the futures market, where they buy massive amounts of paper to smash the price down!
    This is been going on for years, and banks have been fined for it, only to just continue on manipulating the price over and over again - with the governments approval. Otherwise the price would be much much higher! Just look what they did the bitcoin once it went into the futures market.
    Why is it done, to keep you believing in the dollar.

  • Peasants Revolt
    Peasants Revolt Month ago +5

    Buy buy buy silver is going to 🚀 when the $ crash comes in the near future

  • reinoud wiers
    reinoud wiers Month ago

    In Germany prices of Physical silver barely declined in the last days.

  • Patong Phuket
    Patong Phuket Month ago

    Thats to much to bee only a corection,thats why I think gold silver will crash down more because of the power of manipulasjon we seen for many years and when everybody talking about bull marked for PM it will allways go back too bear marked

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black Month ago

    10$ silver coming

    • James Hibbert
      James Hibbert 15 days ago

      Could well be - could still be in the bear market - hence the miners not moving, and we're close to the end of the 4th wave correction - 5th wave could be the crash

    • M Morin
      M Morin Month ago

      Really ??

  • aucourant
    aucourant Month ago +2

    I don't think either gold or silver will crash. There is still so much turmoil in the world, plus China, Russia, Germany, and India are all stacking gold (which silver shadows). Also, remember, JP Morgan is still manipulating the silver market, so ultimately its value is still higher than it seems from the market alone.

  • serasane
    serasane Month ago +1

    Yes silver is going to negative $10. Same as interest rates soon. So they will give you money when you buy silver,or gold. And yes there is going to be a healthy correction in stock market soon,healthier than October 24 ,1929.

  • Brad Moberly
    Brad Moberly Month ago +1

    Nothing ever goes up in a str8 line.

  • Mark Wiseman
    Mark Wiseman Month ago +5

    This is simply a very normal, profit-taking sell-off point. People who bought at $20 and have been "holding the bag" for the last 6 years are "making a round trip" and getting off right where they started out at. (Which will soon be their loss.) Don't make the mistake of seeing the world through USA-colored glasses - gold has gone to ALL TIME HIGHS in about 75 different currencies around the world. It is only going to keep on going higher. People of the world are buying physical bullion - not the worthless paper B.S. Wouldn't it have been better to be accumulating silver over the last couple of years, when it was down around $14, $15, & $16? $20 is just a lemon next to the pie. Buy it while you can still get physical. Very soon, the Comex will default on a call for physical delivery. When that happens, the paper markets and physical market will decouple, and the prices of gold and silver bullion will no longer be determined by the price of the paper derivatives. (Which is totally backwards to begin with.) Then, moonshot!!! It will be epic. At that point, you can just forget your Technical Analysis and charts - we'll be in a whole new dimension. This latest upward spike in the price is NOTHING compared to what will come in the future. 30% of the world's debt is already at negative yields. The FED and the U.S. Govt. have only 1 play left: QE to infinity. The world is about to change...

  • D N
    D N Month ago

    There is a very real possibility the fed won’t lower rates this September. If so, it will be bearish for gold and silver. Powell said the last rate cut was a one time insurance and last week said the economy was good.

  • Redrum Twins
    Redrum Twins Month ago

    Was this a technical correction or the China news for Silver ?

  • OcOmega Shadow
    OcOmega Shadow Month ago +1

    Wow really awesome video ever!!!
    I just subscribe to your channel!!!

    IMA SKIER Month ago +1

    Way to volatile, definitely manipulated

  • drain the swamp 2.0
    drain the swamp 2.0 Month ago +5

    silver should be 150.00 an ounce right now. I could see it moving to 50.00

    • jabba da hutt
      jabba da hutt Month ago

      Too much silver ore in northern Nevada, 50 twice , once in 1980 then 2011, not going to get to 50 again any time soon

  • Roy Sandoval
    Roy Sandoval Month ago

    $430.00 monthly high or low cost leverage really works for me, when buying silver 4 me...

  • Anthony Manion
    Anthony Manion Month ago

    Retail prices seem to be holding the highs, looking online that is.

  • Brad Lorton
    Brad Lorton Month ago +1

    it's okay I bought it at 14. it's just a correction with the silver shortage coming here soon it will go back up way way up

  • Daniel Bull Runner Lamb

    A dollar more won't break you or make you.

  • Daniel Bull Runner Lamb

    I am buying more good news to me.

  • oldsjunkie1
    oldsjunkie1 Month ago

    Nice call on that pullback. Bought the dip.

  • Seva Manukyan
    Seva Manukyan Month ago +3

    👍 pullback to $17, then wave 5 to $21-22

    • James Hibbert
      James Hibbert 15 days ago

      What if we're still in the bear market, and it's a three wave correction - could still crash

    • Kevin Teal
      Kevin Teal Month ago

      Totally agree. Silver rose so fast that it was obviously going to pull back. $20 was a previous resistance level.

  • Ryan Rivera
    Ryan Rivera Month ago

    yes new lows ahead

  • Peter Burke
    Peter Burke Month ago

    Tuesday american time I called the correction I predicted back to 5 to 8 percent above recent spike it's halfway there.I believe the big boys wanted physical and the only way to get it is if people sell.would prefure silver to be stable and not be all over the place like a mad woman's shit.was 68 cents per gram jumped to 88 now 82 you will pay more from the from Australia.

  • Ty Maurer
    Ty Maurer Month ago

    I hope so i need to grow my stack