The $1399 Sony 24mm F1.4 G Master Lens. A Stunner!

  • Published on Sep 20, 2018
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Comments • 139

  • himanshu agnihotri
    himanshu agnihotri 23 days ago

    In my Christmas 🎄 wish list ..

  • Ahmed Hindawi
    Ahmed Hindawi 3 months ago

    The minimum focus distance is 0.24 meters, not 0.24 inches!

  • lynda jones
    lynda jones 5 months ago

    i myself dont love a blurry background when it feels washy its always doing it when was it decided that there should always be the blur because i find it to be quite cliche

  • Lily Brahim
    Lily Brahim 7 months ago

    how about makeup tutorials? is it okay?

  • Fitz Michael
    Fitz Michael 8 months ago +2

    This lens is awesome I sold my my loxia 35 and 21

  • tj
    tj 9 months ago +6

    back up with your face. how nihilistic are you? get over yourself and back off.

  • ThePixelitomedia
    ThePixelitomedia 10 months ago

    I just ordered the stunner.. Pain in the moneybag .. but well... its a awesome objective

    • barondorado
      barondorado 7 months ago

      Is the Sigma 24mm 1.4 any good ?

  • Yavor Kapitanov
    Yavor Kapitanov 10 months ago +1

    It’s not manual aperture dial, it’s electronic and useless

  • Chayapat Chakajnarodom

    Compare with Sigma 24mm f1.4
    What better ?

    • Fitz Michael
      Fitz Michael 8 months ago

      It's better than my Zeiss 21

    • Yavor Kapitanov
      Yavor Kapitanov 10 months ago

      Chayapat Chakajnarodom I have the 24mm, but probably the GM is better of course, but is there going to be any difference at the end? Probably not.

  • BoxxyFan
    BoxxyFan Year ago +1

    Extremely misleading. Canon and Nikon do NOT have a 24mm f/1.4 lens for their mirrorless FF system.

    • BoxxyFan
      BoxxyFan 4 months ago


    • arunashamal
      arunashamal 4 months ago

      @BoxxyFan The ball.... you dropped it!

    • BoxxyFan
      BoxxyFan 11 months ago

      @okay pro tip: e-mount is mirrorless, not DSLR like Sonys old a-mount.

    • okay
      okay 11 months ago +1

      BoxxyFan he’s clearly talking about their DSLR systems... he mentions several direct comparisons to the canon 24 L Mark ii ... you’re reaching. Also considering DSLR primes have been smaller than Sony’s primes (see 50mm 1.4, 35mm 1.4 and all of sigmas lineup for example) your point is completely void..

  • Guillaume Ch
    Guillaume Ch Year ago +1

    this lens cost 1600Euro in europe fckkk

    • CaptainAwasome
      CaptainAwasome 8 months ago

      It costs closer to 1700 euro in my country.

    • Ka Rim
      Ka Rim 10 months ago

      @Mr Tech I actually want this as my main lens! I currently have an A7r ii with the 55mm and a 16-35 f4. Since I mainly shoot in the dark, I really need a fast lens. My thoughts were, that with the crop mode on the A7R ii, you can have 55mm and ~85mm (cropped) with the Zeiss lens and 24mm and 35mm (cropped) with this sweet lens.
      I am currently trying to sell my zoom, because I dont ever saw myself using 16mm, actually, I had it first on a crop camera which gave me 24mm as standard. Add crop and you get the 35mm that I am so craving right now ^^ 55mm is still too narrow for my everyday life but when I tested this lens in a local camera store, I knew this was the one within 10 seconds. Literally, i have never been convinced so quickly in my entire life :D Just peeked through the viewfinder, didn't even take a photo. It's lighter than the zoom, a little smaller and especially creates the nicest image i ever saw... sold! Lukily you can buy it for 1650 dollars equivalent in Switzerland, so at least some savings....

    • Mr Tech
      Mr Tech 11 months ago

      @Ka Rim Do people want a really fast 24mm lens? I can't see myself using such a lens or needing it. It's not exactly "mainstream" by any means. All Sony do is encourage people to use adapter lenses ;-)

    • Ka Rim
      Ka Rim 11 months ago

      Agree!! 1400$ is 1200€, so disgusting...

    • Mr Tech
      Mr Tech 11 months ago

      Welcome to overpriced mirrorless lenses ;-) Everyone raves about this lens but it's not as optically perfect as some suggest

  • iComplainer
    iComplainer Year ago +8

    Doooood your intro is 92% longer than it needs to be. Christ
    And subsequent brreeoorrp sfx are too loud. Tone it down?

  • Jules-Frederic Nerestant

    A comparison with the Batis 25mm would have been more useful to me...

  • Muhammad Dinar
    Muhammad Dinar Year ago +1

    No cheaper.

  • FancyShoesVlogs
    FancyShoesVlogs Year ago +3

    I just bought this lens. Love it! Cant wait to see what else sony brings out.

  • Him Z
    Him Z Year ago +3


    • BoxxyFan
      BoxxyFan Year ago

      @Ben What competition? Canon and Nikon do NOT have a 24mm f/1.4 lens for their mirrorless FF systems.

    • Ben
      Ben Year ago

      Cheaper than the competition

  • bekanav
    bekanav Year ago

    0.24 inch minimum focus distance? LoL, apparently you don't know much about macro photography with DSLR. BTW, number of aperture blades doesn't have so much to do with the bokeh, if bokeh is bad no number of blades will not help.
    "Sagittal flare suppressed" means lens is coma free.

  • SuperDigitalMe
    SuperDigitalMe Year ago +3

    Cheaper?? Its 1800 euro here! 1 thing is for sure, photography as a hobby is getting more and more something for the riches

    • Duy Hưng Nguyễn
      Duy Hưng Nguyễn Year ago +3

      Cheaper than Canon and Nikon equivalence :/ besides, this lens is for pro-sumers and professionals, there are plenty of alternative options to choose from, you don't need the best camera or best lenses in the world to be a good photographer, photography is about telling stories and capturing the right monent

  • kucing kontot
    kucing kontot Year ago +3

    cheaper? my country that price can buy 2 zeiss 55mm 1.8 new...can buy 24mm sigma 1.4 + sony fe 85mm 1.8...

    • FancyShoesVlogs
      FancyShoesVlogs Year ago

      Zeiss is not what he is comparing, he is comparing to sony or nikon.

    • Kyle Stewart
      Kyle Stewart Year ago +1

      well that isn't anything new. Obviously when you watch reviewers based in North America, you should expect them to speak in terms of dollars.

  • Fred Khuram
    Fred Khuram Year ago +2

    How does this compare with batis 25mm?

  • V PR
    V PR Year ago +2

    for vloging i think the batis 18 2.8 is better.

  • Diego Diaz
    Diego Diaz Year ago

    So would rival the Sigma 105 f 1/4 art lens due out now ?

  • shallpion
    shallpion Year ago +1

    sell ur batis 25 asap

  • Ramin M
    Ramin M Year ago +1

    Compared to the Sigma 24mm F1.4 Art lens, you are paying $550 more for the gain of a smaller and lighter lens (by 220gr) which also provides the aperture declicking option. Tough sale for all those who are on budget.

    • V PR
      V PR Year ago

      Imagine samyang 24 2.8 (500$ total).

  • Xinhu Feng
    Xinhu Feng Year ago +1

    You did an amazing video ! By the way ,I love your accent and your speed which makes me an English learner to practice my listening through your video ! 👍

  • Adrian Denila
    Adrian Denila Year ago +5

    how is $1399 cheap?? if you live here in the philippnes, with our low paycheck im sure you will say thats a very expensive prime lens.

    • BoxxyFan
      BoxxyFan Year ago

      @Ramin M What Canon and Nikon equivalent lenses? Canon and Nikon do NOT have a 24mm f/1.4 lens for their mirrorless systems.

    • Ramin M
      Ramin M Year ago +2

      It's only relatively cheap that is, it is cheaper than the Canon and Nikon equivalent lenses.

    • Fly Motives
      Fly Motives Year ago +1

      Shit I live in america and thats expensive lol you can literally get a full frame with a 50mm and another lens for that price but glass does out live camera bodies so....... but yeah it is pricey. Really nice lens though. especially for street, landscape and astrophotography

  • Gerald Williams
    Gerald Williams Year ago +2

    I have one pre ordered ,for my A7RIII, A7III, and A6500. Cheers

  • spektrumB
    spektrumB Year ago +15

    I wish Sony can make a 35mm f1.4 with this size and weight.

  • Πετρος Ρουσσος

    Wow i can hear that focusing motor loud and clear!

  • Jason James
    Jason James Year ago +1

    Image quality Vs the voigtlander Ultron 21mm F1.8? A lot cheaper but obviously no AF, a bit faster...

    • Jason James
      Jason James Year ago

      @Steve Huff thanks so much! Got the voigt and love it. Plenty of pop!

    • Steve Huff
      Steve Huff  Year ago +1

      Different. The Sony is a clinical lens, sharp corner to corner. The 21 1.8 has much more character.

  • John Terje Pedersen
    John Terje Pedersen Year ago +2

    Sony 24 mm 1,4 vs ZEISS Batis 25mm 2,0 Any thoughts ?

    • Guillaume Ch
      Guillaume Ch Year ago


    • Steve Huff
      Steve Huff  Year ago +4

      Zeiss is f/2, Sony is 1.4. Sony will render a cooler more clinical image. Zeiss warmer.

  • Rakshith Api
    Rakshith Api Year ago

    Loved the intro....😍
    Huge fan Steve✌️

  • Jashan Sohal
    Jashan Sohal Year ago +1

    Hello there Jonny Sins

  • Nando & Blonde Moby Dick

    Buy a Tele Vue telescope for Astrophotography much better

  • chris s
    chris s Year ago +3

    i thought i heard manny ortiz say yesterday that the Sigma is still sharper.

  • James La Fargue
    James La Fargue Year ago

    great review, can't wait to pick this lens up

  • H V
    H V Year ago +1

    Any news about Sony A 7 lll S .

  • 1008asad
    1008asad Year ago +1

    Hi Sir Sorry for my question which is out of context. Please suggest me fuji X100f or Fuji Xe3. Money no prob. Please help me with this.

    • 1008asad
      1008asad Year ago

      @pinoyattrouble wow man our taste is quite similar Lol. On sony i have 55 1.8 and 35 2.8. Hows your experience with x100f shall i go for it?

    • pinoyattrouble
      pinoyattrouble Year ago

      Same here actually. What are you using on your Sony? I have Fuji X100F and Tele. On Sony just have A7RIII with 55f1.8.

    • 1008asad
      1008asad Year ago

      @pinoyattrouble Thanks for the Response Bro. No currently im using a7riii with sony lenses. Planing to have one Fuji just cause of ken, I think i should go for x100F.

    • pinoyattrouble
      pinoyattrouble Year ago +1

      1008asad do you have any existing fujifilm lenses? For me it came down to if I needed to change focal lengths especially to anything greater than 50mm. Then go X-E3. But if you want the least amount of gear to lug around, then go X100F. You can get a wide and Tele converter but that's it. If you're okay with that, then you got a nice light package in X100F. I wonder how far we are to new iterations of both tho.

  • Michael Lima
    Michael Lima Year ago +1

    Thanks for the review! Looking forward to the follow up review. One small criticism: not a fan of your transition sound effect. I find it rather distracting.

    • Steve Huff
      Steve Huff  Year ago

      Thanks for the opinion. I don't like it either after watching it ; )

  • Johannes R. H.
    Johannes R. H. Year ago

    I thought Sony Sensors are stabilized...

    • Steve Huff
      Steve Huff  Year ago

      They are but the effect is not that great IMO. They are the worst for video stabilizing of any camera with 5 Axis. Not sure why.

    • Tuyen Hoang
      Tuyen Hoang Year ago +1

      Sony stabilizer in body is only 3 axis. The lens will add 2 more axis.

    • Richard's World Traveler
      Richard's World Traveler Year ago +2

      Some of them. You can add stabilized lenses to them for more stabilization.

  • AKlaas van Dalen
    AKlaas van Dalen Year ago

    Did you test with in-camera-corrections?

  • Jonathan Stewart
    Jonathan Stewart Year ago +1

    The images I've seen from this lens have a sort of Leica feel to them, wouldn't you agree?

    • Purecast 9
      Purecast 9 Year ago

      Beautifully sharp and contrasted.

  • Dominic Schunke
    Dominic Schunke Year ago +6

    Sony is stepping up the game once more with this amazing lens. ...It's relatively good in price... small... great optics... fast af!!! Thank you Sony! It was the right choice I made switching from Canon to Sony.

  • shotput8
    shotput8 Year ago +9

    I believe you mean 0.24 meters minimum focus distance not 0.24 inch.

    • Michael Emery
      Michael Emery Year ago

      Ramin M you’ve set a really low bar for what’s harsh. Ironically, you are now criticising me for suggesting that careless misinformation, reinforced in writing, might make us question the validity of the review.

    • Ramin M
      Ramin M Year ago

      Michael Emery: No need to be harsh and rude about a mistake he made; enough to just remind him about it.

    • Alex
      Alex Year ago

      that's really fucking close ahahah

    • Michael Emery
      Michael Emery Year ago +2

      Not only did he emphasise 0.24 inches in his commentary, it’s also in his slide. Any photographer worth their salt would have definitely paused and checked their facts on such clearly outrageous claim (which is obviously a mistake). Does he really understand what any of the other stuff means?

    • Echo
      Echo Year ago +2

      yeah, it's around 10 inches for minimum focusing distance.

  • jw woon
    jw woon Year ago +1

    batis 25mm or this?

    • Felan Carlo Garcia
      Felan Carlo Garcia Year ago

      1.4 for just an extra 100$ vs the batis 25 f2? This is no brainer, go with the 24mm GM!

    • Kevin
      Kevin Year ago

      Batis is great, too. It's quite hard to tell at the moment. Maybe you can get this later, compare them and then decide which one to keep.

    • Foto4Max
      Foto4Max Year ago


    • jw woon
      jw woon Year ago

      Kevin Zhao already went for Batis a month ago

    • Kevin
      Kevin Year ago +1

      I'll go this, if the price of the batis does not drop significantly.

  • Alik Griffin
    Alik Griffin Year ago

    So the XA, are those the ultra high refractive polymers? Sony doesn't say, they just say extreme aspherical. It's probably the polymer since it's looking way lighter and smaller. BTW nice new intro!

  • Sean Carter
    Sean Carter Year ago +2

    Thoughts on this vs the 25mm F2 Batis?

  • dudefromkansas
    dudefromkansas Year ago

    I liked your first look but HATE the video game sound effects.

  • Patrick Whalen
    Patrick Whalen Year ago +1

    So why is 35 mm so big?

    • Kevin
      Kevin Year ago +3

      35, 50, 85, three dslr lens copies made in a hurry.

  • leicanoct
    leicanoct Year ago +3

    How does it compare to the Leica 24mm 1.4?

    • Chirag Parikh
      Chirag Parikh Year ago

      cool question, awaiting reply, waiting in anticipation. thanks

  • Kyle Stewart
    Kyle Stewart Year ago +3

    Also, it focuses as close as 0.24 meters, not inches haha

  • Kyle Stewart
    Kyle Stewart Year ago

    I just got my Batis 25 f/2. This lens is super interesting though. I might return the Batis and pick this thing up

  • Bao Nguyen
    Bao Nguyen Year ago

    Love the intro. Might pick this lens up as a walk around lens. The 55mm zeiss isn't to bad but kept wanting something wider

  • Wojtek Krolikowski

    This lens is my next one 🔥🔥

  • Azeem Merchant
    Azeem Merchant Year ago +3

    How does it perform compared to Batis 25mm f2???
    According to ur initial impressions

  • Eundo Park
    Eundo Park Year ago

    This lens makes me actually wanna add a sony body to my kit

  • Jess Demant Aggeboe

    Awesome video, thanks!

  • Peter Zalabai
    Peter Zalabai Year ago +2

    6:02 - is that Ken Rockwell? :) I can see on his page he was there as well. I rind it really amazing that Sony invites him to their events. He's kind of a legend (the Chuck Norris of Photography) and he was always known as a Nikon guy, but Nikon never really invited him and he was there at A7III release as well. This makes me just love Sony even more as it really shows me how much they are connected to the community :)

  • Laurent L
    Laurent L Year ago +6

    Now I need Sony to do exactly the same with a 35mm 1.4 G (small, light and weather sealed) and I will switch right away !

  • Mike Whiles
    Mike Whiles Year ago

    Such huge ugly zoom lenses show up the lie at the heart of 'compact mirrorless FF cameras - terrible balance and Handling. Much better with primes.