BMW's Crazy Surprise - Concept Autonomous Cars & Motorbike!

  • Published on Jul 22, 2019
  • Thanks, BMW for sponsoring today's video! Check out to see BMW's latest cars.
    BMW invited us to check out how they are handling autonomous driving at their headquarters in Munich, Germany also their latest concept vision concept vehicles during their NEXTGEN Event!
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Comments • 3 461

  • Dai
    Dai 4 days ago

    I just can't wait to get my car ddos'ed by a random kid in a parking lot

  • Andreas Lassak
    Andreas Lassak 5 days ago

    Lambo with bmw face

  • matthew balciar
    matthew balciar 7 days ago

    oh boy those are ugly

  • marco brunelli
    marco brunelli 7 days ago

    11:03 è apparso un galecazzo selvatico

  • 406 nova
    406 nova 10 days ago +2

    at what point does the car have to make the harsh choice to take you out or take out someone else??? why nobody ever talks about that I'd like to know.

  • Tiger Shark
    Tiger Shark 10 days ago

    B M VV

  • Evan Gaudet
    Evan Gaudet 10 days ago

    Did he say a 62 Mile range?

  • Grim Spyder
    Grim Spyder 11 days ago

    GREAT Video!!! Love Cars and Tech, What could be better?
    Sex, cars , and tech!!!!!!!
    At the same time!!

  • Patrick Orwa
    Patrick Orwa 12 days ago

    10:35 for the bike

  • TolstoyInSpace
    TolstoyInSpace 12 days ago

    My stupid ass thought the title said that the bike was autonomous

  • Faris Tan
    Faris Tan 12 days ago

    they are trying to make a train out of a car. and without rails .... boring...Linus! overclock it!!

  • vengence reicher
    vengence reicher 12 days ago

    Don't lie they paid million or millions for this :D be a good citizen and pay tax

  • Lintassimilator
    Lintassimilator 14 days ago

    But do they have blinkers?

  • Lieb Chol
    Lieb Chol 14 days ago

    Me: *Clicks cause thumbnail of cool looking electric motorcycle*
    Linus: *Only spends last 20 seconds showing bike and doesn't really give details*
    Me: >:|

    But seriously the AI for driver-less cars is super interesting. Really cool to see how far its already come. Looks very promising.

  • xorkatoss
    xorkatoss 14 days ago

    finally something new! can't wait for more of these videos!

  • Prynoth
    Prynoth 14 days ago

    62 mile range are you kidding me?

  • ZK G
    ZK G 14 days ago

    Brother please no socks and sandals it just doesn’t go ...... and orange socks please

  • diGritz1
    diGritz1 15 days ago +3

    BMW Design Engineer/Parent: Tell me, what is so special about that mouse that it cost 1/2 a month's rent?
    Child: It's special cause it has RGB lighting.
    DE/P: And that does what exactly?
    Child: It increases the performance like 10 fold.... Wow you really don't know anything.
    DE/Parent: So lighting effects make it go faster..... Interesting.

  • Popiter01
    Popiter01 15 days ago


  • ReliktDaemon 924
    ReliktDaemon 924 15 days ago

    @2:50 imagine a wired car lol

  • Mrmusikman 82
    Mrmusikman 82 16 days ago

    I have some amazing inventions/ideas that I believe would be beneficial to protect roadways, self driving vehicles, passengers, surroundings, and pedestrians. Also implementing ways to control speed while ridding in self driving vehicles.

    FLOGO ZGEIK 16 days ago

    Welcome to germany 😃

  • Asianese
    Asianese 16 days ago

    That dude's sweaty back at 6:00 tho

  • Parthav Shah
    Parthav Shah 17 days ago

    Put some shoes on linus

  • I O
    I O 17 days ago

    Ah shit, socks and sandals dude??? Come on, you have enough money and confidence to NOT be doing that.

  • hyp3ract1v • XB1X
    hyp3ract1v • XB1X 17 days ago

    He really does wear sandals . Sporty ones though ;)

  • Abocrafter
    Abocrafter 18 days ago

    Love those inside views on the processing of the data by the car

  • hexlgaming
    hexlgaming 18 days ago

    That bike looks insanely good though... 😍👌🏼

  • James Dartnell
    James Dartnell 18 days ago

    Sheer Driving Pleasure :D

  • Venka Demyanchuk
    Venka Demyanchuk 18 days ago

    Linus you get sponsored by bmw and wear dad sandals

  • Ian Pardee
    Ian Pardee 18 days ago +1

    3:37 the back of the car reminds me of a W Motors Lykan Hypersport and the Fenyr Supersport.

  • Tyler_McCoy _Fishing
    Tyler_McCoy _Fishing 18 days ago

    Linus: I think I'm gonna wear sandals to a futuristic BMW vision meet

  • Jeroen Witteveen
    Jeroen Witteveen 18 days ago

    It was very sponsored indeed..

  • Admiral Sequoia
    Admiral Sequoia 19 days ago

    Hmm... lidar. Aren't lidar units still over $100,000 making it well out of the range of consumer vehicles?

  • Argon
    Argon 19 days ago

    The only problem with electronic sidemirrors is that when your car ran out of power then your car will then be illegal.

  • Manuel Cant
    Manuel Cant 19 days ago

    Son morto dal ridere alla vista di andrea galeazzi in posa

  • Maimela Maponya
    Maimela Maponya 19 days ago

    every time I hear about how the removed mirrors from the car because of aerodynamics but don't make the car fast(accelerate)!! this makes me wonder do we really need aerodynamics in 75kw vehicle?

  • Travis - Minneapolis
    Travis - Minneapolis 19 days ago

    1:42 60 mile range?

  • Shannon Smith
    Shannon Smith 20 days ago

    Ugh. BMW.....

  • Z3R0 CHANC3
    Z3R0 CHANC3 20 days ago +14

    Self driving BMW's: Because it's the only way they could get the turn signals to actually work!

  • Lorenzo Strozzi
    Lorenzo Strozzi 20 days ago

    Andrea Galeazzi sullo sfondo a 11:03

  • Steven Paw
    Steven Paw 21 day ago

    So the bike is on the thumbnail and in the title but it only gets mentioned on a really small sidenote? You can do better Linus...

  • Saperek 1877
    Saperek 1877 21 day ago

    Nice boots xd

  • Wladimir Betcher
    Wladimir Betcher 21 day ago


  • Abdullah Ahmed
    Abdullah Ahmed 21 day ago

    is Paris Hilton still a thing LOL

  • Chris Thompson
    Chris Thompson 21 day ago

    Linus love your computer kinda things but i think you're loosing it a bit. i dont care about motorcycles. dude, get back to comp stuff. jays two cents is beating you.come on bro. sort it

  • Jelmer Dam
    Jelmer Dam 22 days ago

    The sweaty dude at 6:00

  • M. Ethan Pelizzo
    M. Ethan Pelizzo 22 days ago

    ma andrea galeazzi? 11:12

  • C63 S AMG
    C63 S AMG 22 days ago +1

    4:27 because in a 7 Series, the back is really the place to be. all the luxury comforts.

  • dilly dilly
    dilly dilly 22 days ago

    2:33 where's your car after an EMP... Nowhere!

  • 4 diamondz
    4 diamondz 22 days ago

    IDC how advance cars get, the human brain will still be able to process information faster for a competent driver... I would still predict further down the future how much more competent car s will be next to people and soon no one will know how to drive and society will just be stupid

  • kjetiloo
    kjetiloo 22 days ago

    BMW grills are becoming worse by the minute

  • Goran Gecin
    Goran Gecin 22 days ago +27

    8:10 "someone pulled into the left lane and didn't signal"
    Traditional BMW driver.

  • Thlkng
    Thlkng 22 days ago

    Again sandals.......

  • Addi Korn
    Addi Korn 23 days ago

    can bmw sponsor you shoes

  • taaa anderson
    taaa anderson 23 days ago

    Hey, Linus whay are those you wearing 😂😂😂😂

  • Mark Gomes
    Mark Gomes 23 days ago

    Good bye chauffeur !!!

  • Nick holiday
    Nick holiday 23 days ago

    Bro love ur videos so much

  • AC Mild
    AC Mild 23 days ago

    Came to see the 2 wheeler on the thumbnail, got dissapointed by the boring cars.

  • SneakyBobinson
    SneakyBobinson 23 days ago

    So... Will it be the Ultimate Not driving and more like riding in Machine now?

  • Green Gaming
    Green Gaming 23 days ago +4

    By 2030 your car is going to start talking about the time someone pulled your pants down in high school

  • Sonny Parker
    Sonny Parker 23 days ago

    If your car can't even tell that yellow means accelerate you know it's not ready yet.

  • Ulises Martinez
    Ulises Martinez 23 days ago

    i wonder if linus has ever out a leg around a motorcycle before this lol

  • Jerry Yawning
    Jerry Yawning 23 days ago

    FUCK THAT! Technology is all good and dandy but I don't wanna live in a society where you won't be allowed to drive your own car (that is the path BMW, Mercedes etc. chose). The pleasure of driving shouldn't be limited by technology.

  • Jerry Yawning
    Jerry Yawning 23 days ago

    UTTER SHIT. Who on earth could afford to replace all the damaged parts aftern an incident?!?! This is just BMW showing off.

  • erwinruff01
    erwinruff01 23 days ago

    The video starts way too loud

  • Devesh Kolla
    Devesh Kolla 23 days ago

    Seriously Mr.Linus are you wearing socks and sandals even in Munich?

  • Rain Celestine
    Rain Celestine 24 days ago


  • CD Capturing
    CD Capturing 24 days ago

    Socks and sandals are a typical American dress code 😄 funny to see that not only my dad wears it that way

  • Alvaro Pires
    Alvaro Pires 24 days ago

    daaamn.. would have loved to see that bike move or hear its engine at least

  • Dol Mon
    Dol Mon 24 days ago

    Shoutout for the green sticker

  • Frostie-Flake
    Frostie-Flake 24 days ago +1

    “Predictive Driving” is not cognitive driving that human beings are capable of doing including “moral based decision making” which has been problematic and resulted in a death!

  • woswas denni
    woswas denni 24 days ago +1

    intent based AI wont work for a very long time. movement data is only a fraction of the equation. experienced drivers do much more even they are not aware of it.
    for example you take into account who is that car. humans primarly try to identify everything they see. so what who is the type of driver.
    so for instance, the young guy with the to fast car, the soccer mom in her prius, and so on.
    or the distinction between a pedestrian monday 11am and one on saturnday 3am in the bar district.
    that info together what he has already done predict his intention.
    and its spot on.

  • Let's not Do this
    Let's not Do this 24 days ago

    yeah, but what if it snows? do the sensors have an auto thaw system? what if its raining and water collect on the cameras for the mirrors?

  • Carsen -W-
    Carsen -W- 24 days ago