Madonna - Bitch I'm Madonna (Behind The Scenes) ft. Nicki Minaj

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    Music video by Madonna performing Bitch I'm Madonna. (C) 2015 Boy Toy, Inc. Exclusively licensed to Live Nation Worldwide, Inc. Exclusively licensed to Interscope Records

Comments • 80

  • Gary Cambridge
    Gary Cambridge 12 hours ago

    Why is this the worst song she has ever recorded ?

  • Vaidas Šetkus
    Vaidas Šetkus Day ago


  • 《Player Gabriel》
    《Player Gabriel》 12 days ago +1


  • Napl-shakira&lorenz Giuffred_

    no .:* :(

  • Maria Mar
    Maria Mar Month ago

    No tienes ni media hostia ( consagrada ).

  • Maria Mar
    Maria Mar Month ago

    Muchas gracias.eres más tonta de lo k pensaba.

  • Maria Mar
    Maria Mar Month ago

    Gracias ESTÚPIDA.

  • Maria Mar
    Maria Mar Month ago

    Ese dedo es lo k me pide tu novio.voy a por ti.

  • Maria Mar
    Maria Mar Month ago

    Mucho postureo,mucho mamoneo pero la k estoy teniendo DOS COJONES soy yo.

  • Anna Katerina Nekrylova

    No matter what, the video is cool!

  • 1PandaArmy4777
    1PandaArmy4777 Month ago

    nasty old cobweb cave eehhwwww.

  • kaan kilic
    kaan kilic 2 months ago


  • daan
    daan 3 months ago

    What about the kids? It's innapropiate to do this to kids.

  • estote parati
    estote parati 3 months ago

    Ciccone repent, JESUS IS LORD.

  • Uncinematographable Screenshot Cinema

    feckin awful

  • Luna Rougers
    Luna Rougers 4 months ago

    Did you know that you are one of the people who destroyed the only brain cell that told is what is wrong and what is right?you should not be alive and btw this brain sell would tell the people who smoke not to do that and not to br always on the phone because we would know that it is bad. So thats my thought and this is not a theory this is real life ya'll gotta open up your eyes

  • John Ling
    John Ling 4 months ago

    John ling

  • John Ling
    John Ling 5 months ago

    John ling

  • Jhoselyn
    Jhoselyn 6 months ago

    Madona, honey, you are 61, please grow up, this video is uncomfortable

  • Mr. Mr.
    Mr. Mr. 6 months ago +1

    Hello Rainha I read a report that you are feeling alone in Lisbon, I just came from Brazil and I will be 60 days here and I'm alone, we are wasting time, let's take a kkkkkkkk.

  • pawelrok
    pawelrok 9 months ago

    were is my Madonna...from True Blue,like a Prayer,Bedtimes stories...

  • John Ling
    John Ling 11 months ago

    John ling

  • ONLY in TIME
    ONLY in TIME 11 months ago +1

    Thank god she back

  • Shiro Gacha
    Shiro Gacha Year ago

    Now she is 60 years of

  • John Ling
    John Ling Year ago

    John ling

  • Howdy Partner
    Howdy Partner Year ago

    She's so boring.

  • Yara Silva
    Yara Silva Year ago

    Quem fez clipes como Vogue,Like a Prayer,Secrets,etc,
    estar num clipe de tão mau gosto assim.Triste.

  • Gastón Ezequiel Cramis

    genia idola

  • The Nikol
    The Nikol Year ago

    0:19 yeah bitch jejdieidi wtf?

  • Eour Set
    Eour Set Year ago +1

    *_Ну такое..._*
    *_Есть Русские?_*

  • Benigno Junior
    Benigno Junior Year ago


  • Ethan Vo
    Ethan Vo Year ago +1


  • Big boi fries
    Big boi fries Year ago

    0:19 Jerking Off?

  • Satria Primadana
    Satria Primadana Year ago

    the BTS is better than the original 😂😂

  • Taurus Guy
    Taurus Guy 2 years ago

    I'd still prefer her 80s to early 90s hits

  • my porschecarrera
    my porschecarrera 2 years ago

    Madonna behave like so young

  • Locos y Medios
    Locos y Medios 2 years ago


  • Dilek Sağlamol
    Dilek Sağlamol 2 years ago

    beni kucağında hoplatırken bir an için senden ayrılmak istemedim kalbinin sesini göğsüne yatınca hissettim aşkın sesi bu bir daha bir daha dedim. aşka doymadım elim kilodunun içindeyken heyecanın heran belliydi işte aşkın sesi bana bir daha kay bir daha kay dedim. zamanı sen belirle dudaklarından öpünce...

  • Fede Quaker
    Fede Quaker 2 years ago


  • 3 X In a Row
    3 X In a Row 2 years ago

    Looks even worse without the effects

  • vas s
    vas s 2 years ago

    Nope i don't like this song 😥😥😥

  • Fede Quaker
    Fede Quaker 2 years ago

    Noviembre 2017

  • Wesley Silva
    Wesley Silva 2 years ago

  • Angelinove
    Angelinove 2 years ago

    There is only one Queen and it’s Madonna.

  • TitusPunker
    TitusPunker 2 years ago

    Her more funny video. Really really cool!

  • Poppy Mitchell
    Poppy Mitchell 2 years ago

    I don't wanna her I don't wanna know, please don't say you're sorry!

  • Melissa Martinez
    Melissa Martinez 2 years ago

    У неё недотрах

  • Poliana Peres
    Poliana Peres 2 years ago

    agradeço á você Poliana!!!
    Meu whatsapp é +55 11 9 7669-2252
    Sou brasileira, e você é uma graça !
    Beijos !

  • Eliza’s HeadshotXD
    Eliza’s HeadshotXD 3 years ago

    Bruh your fucking 56 and stop acting like your a teen your not younge

  • airnasa
    airnasa 3 years ago

    My mam thinks it's a 20 year old, I said ITS MADONNA BUT SHE DOESNT BELIEVE ME

  • Yuri Il DJ
    Yuri Il DJ 3 years ago

    che bella

  • kates_thebest
    kates_thebest 3 years ago +1


  • unicornpro soc gamer
    unicornpro soc gamer 3 years ago +1

    wtheck was she doing 0:19

  • MichaelAnge
    MichaelAnge 3 years ago

    Idę umrzeć. Ona jest w wieku mojej babci *facepalm*

  • Claudi Siqueira
    Claudi Siqueira 3 years ago


  • Miley E Loca
    Miley E Loca 3 years ago


  • Miley E Loca
    Miley E Loca 3 years ago


  • Miley E Loca
    Miley E Loca 3 years ago


  • Miley E Loca
    Miley E Loca 3 years ago


  • Miley E Loca
    Miley E Loca 3 years ago

    Yes Queen

  • Miley E Loca
    Miley E Loca 3 years ago


  • Miley E Loca
    Miley E Loca 3 years ago


  • Deer Heart
    Deer Heart 3 years ago

    god its all soo embarrassing, please stop , Kylie as well just retire both of you already

  • Raphael Paiva
    Raphael Paiva 3 years ago

    What stopped channel!
    Where the Madonna's advisory?
    If you want help, I'm a fan and I am willing to help improve sosicias networks my queen Madonna.
    You don't post anything, do not make a decent release!
    Nobody deserves!!!

  • Joro Lona
    Joro Lona 3 years ago

    oh god

  • Daja Mit
    Daja Mit 3 years ago +1

    it was turned up in that room

  • Daja Mit
    Daja Mit 3 years ago +1

    she had a real party

  • Exo- Lay
    Exo- Lay 3 years ago +1

    Her TWERK doe lols

  • iambakir
    iambakir 3 years ago

    bitch please

  • Helen Michael
    Helen Michael 3 years ago

    you go fuck urself
    u have been know in america to show that f sign quite often this defines ur charactor

  • Pedro Dáron
    Pedro Dáron 3 years ago

    As Rainhas (Official) - Madonna
    - Beyonce
    - Lady Gaga
    - Fergie
    - Alessia Cara
    - Melanie Martinez
    - Lana del Rei

  • JuggyRole
    JuggyRole 3 years ago

    at 0:32 , is that Diplo?

    • Dillon Thomas
      Dillon Thomas 3 years ago +1

      Yeah he was a producer on this song and on several songs for her new album.

  • JuggyRole
    JuggyRole 3 years ago

    boy with white and black is Diplo???

  • Samuel Oliveira
    Samuel Oliveira 3 years ago

    Nathlly eu gosto dessa música linda maravilhosa eu amei te amo vocês todos

  • aries ghoul 死
    aries ghoul 死 3 years ago


  • aries ghoul 死
    aries ghoul 死 3 years ago


  • The Greek Pianist
    The Greek Pianist 3 years ago

    She pulled a Miley Cyrus in this video.

  • Banana Quake
    Banana Quake 3 years ago

    "bitch im madonna, FACT"

  • FuriousExcite
    FuriousExcite 3 years ago

    Hey madonna that new school borderline sounds dope you are always my shit xoxoxxxx

  • Kayla
    Kayla 3 years ago

    Exactly a year