"Burritozilla" killed in under 2 Minutes!

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    Figured I'd do the whole "back to your roots" thing and tackle the first ever food challenge/stunt I've ever done. Sometime in June of 2010 I took this on, beat it, and the rest is history
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Comments • 80

  • Mikiyeal Zero
    Mikiyeal Zero 6 hours ago

    That burrito is bigger than the arm of majority of the women of your race so basically you ate the weight equivalent to a coked-up Asian runway model in 2 minutes🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  • ましゅみかん
    ましゅみかん 6 hours ago


  • twenty9fireflies
    twenty9fireflies 11 hours ago

    I'm so glad he's updated his recording style, can't stand the camera man talking and giggling the whole time

  • Blakez cruz
    Blakez cruz 16 hours ago

    eating like son guko haha

  • king GG
    king GG 18 hours ago

    is corona time

  • Ali Sina
    Ali Sina 21 hour ago

    You are like a cow

  • aVeryLazy Rock
    aVeryLazy Rock 22 hours ago

    A Helioptile literally weighs more than that 🌯

  • Joshua Rolle
    Joshua Rolle 23 hours ago

    It’s either it’s editing or you’re a real master or is just click bait

  • BaltoraX
    BaltoraX Day ago

    Matt Stonie
    10,9 M abonnés
    yes, half a million

  • Surrealrager
    Surrealrager Day ago

    by far one of the best, easiest to come back to and watch again

  • oyuncu çocuk
    oyuncu çocuk Day ago


  • gluone
    gluone Day ago

    His toilet be like
    Bruh sound effect #2

  • Nathan Mkd
    Nathan Mkd Day ago

    Imagine her poop

  • Georgie Narekat
    Georgie Narekat Day ago +1

    How is he skinny when he it’s like an elephant

  • Isabella.sanches.raphael Isa

    Imagina o corbucci eats fazendo esse desafio!

  • Kai Owen
    Kai Owen 2 days ago +1

    Is anyone watching this when Matt has 10.7 million subs

  • عَےـلوشّےـ -


    GREENRULES 3 days ago

    4 years and 9.5 million more subcribers

  • BatmanTwerkTeam
    BatmanTwerkTeam 3 days ago

    I’m convinced every competitive earlier reincarnated from a life of a starving person.

  • mer dje
    mer dje 3 days ago

    Its 10 million now

  • Dayne Niel Gabriel CF

    Pambansang kolokoy brought me here

  • Soul mate
    Soul mate 3 days ago


  • Blu Brin
    Blu Brin 3 days ago

    His mouth is a portal

  • Smriti Singh
    Smriti Singh 4 days ago

    You are from which country

  • anime gøth bøi
    anime gøth bøi 4 days ago

    Watching this in 2020 anyone else (╥﹏╥)

  • Johnny Luo
    Johnny Luo 4 days ago

    All I saw was "killed" in the title and I looked at the thumbnail and thought he was breaking some poor animal's neck

  • Black Blue
    Black Blue 4 days ago

    Collab with @tanboy kun!!

    DAYRON GAMER 4 days ago

    you're a fucking fat bait ball

    DAYRON GAMER 4 days ago

    you look like an asshole

  • XD Ogreslayer
    XD Ogreslayer 4 days ago

    Anybody here when he has 10 mil?

  • Rijiyah Watkins
    Rijiyah Watkins 4 days ago

    What in the entire fuck?!?!

  • Jimmy B
    Jimmy B 5 days ago

    Prob gives good head

  • jdm_king 05 5
    jdm_king 05 5 5 days ago

    Was he even chewing??

  • Chester Schwall
    Chester Schwall 5 days ago

    He went from 15 minutes to only 2 wow just wow

    KYNG KEEN 5 days ago +2

    When does he chew?

      KYNG KEEN 5 days ago

      I'm so lonely

      KYNG KEEN 5 days ago

      I don't know ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

      KYNG KEEN 5 days ago

      Bro why are you commenting on your own video

      KYNG KEEN 5 days ago +1


  • Courtney Clark
    Courtney Clark 5 days ago

    You are fucking amazing. ..

  • madaltitude
    madaltitude 5 days ago +1

    I just have been wondering, after all the crap he's been eating, mcdonalds whole menu, happy meal, giant filet o fish, other weird candies etc..) how the hell does he stay thin?

    • tru
      tru 3 days ago +1

      Monthly uploads and abnormal metabolism

  • 큐돌려
    큐돌려 5 days ago +1

    대단하다 진짜 유 얼 어썸

  • Josh Gotti
    Josh Gotti 5 days ago

    I wish i could eat that much in a day even....

  • Mr tomato
    Mr tomato 5 days ago

    Imagine matt become zombie

  • Karman Singh
    Karman Singh 5 days ago +1

    You can make world records

  • Aleks Pupov
    Aleks Pupov 5 days ago


  • Philippe
    Philippe 6 days ago

    WTF he eats like Luffy and Goku

  • Bts Army
    Bts Army 6 days ago

    Does this man chew or something, what goes on in his stomach

  • Азия Риддер

    Глистоногий японец

  • Tyrone Smith
    Tyrone Smith 6 days ago

    As he bites, he swallows!

  • Ziyad
    Ziyad 7 days ago

    It is 11M strong now

  • Ranko
    Ranko 7 days ago +1

    .... Extrodinaryy??

  • exiit
    exiit 7 days ago

    hes is like : 500k Subs lets go
    me watching this in 2020 subs: 10 million

  • Bad Quality Rat Leader

    God, if he ever has a gf or a wife she will have the best puss puss eating

  • Sam dan
    Sam dan 8 days ago

    Alanfoodchallenge il te graille avec le burritozilla

  • Katherine Palance
    Katherine Palance 8 days ago

    and im here thinking I’m cool for eating an average sized burrito in 5 minutes💀

  • Halpa
    Halpa 8 days ago

    he is a black hole
    he suck every food in a sec

  • Cosmo
    Cosmo 8 days ago

    Toilet is the real mvp

  • Cosmo
    Cosmo 8 days ago

    Where is it going?

  • Gifted Hands
    Gifted Hands 9 days ago

    Does he swallow

  • niko 1
    niko 1 9 days ago

    Now u had almost 11 million subs

  • Vihamiini
    Vihamiini 9 days ago

    500k subs and now almost 11 mil subs... Keep it up !

  • Jesse Bertone
    Jesse Bertone 10 days ago

    His toilet was diagnosed with PTSD

  • Eddie Martin
    Eddie Martin 10 days ago

    Goku who?? Lmao

  • Le tRaYaRdEuR dU 06
    Le tRaYaRdEuR dU 06 10 days ago


  • Robert w
    Robert w 10 days ago

    Watchin thos he humble about having 500k subs he has 11 mil now god is good

  • Tiyberious
    Tiyberious 11 days ago

    1:35 when you get punched in the throat

  • Koning Willem Alexander


  • Koning Willem Alexander


  • Koning Willem Alexander


  • Koning Willem Alexander


  • Native Bence
    Native Bence 11 days ago

    I got a jaw

  • ITSOVER 9000
    ITSOVER 9000 11 days ago

    Waiter : I will be back with your drink sir please give me a minute.
    Matt: 3:39

  • Patrik Dóber
    Patrik Dóber 12 days ago

    Your next challenge is
    150 macarone challange

  • war66 mattam
    war66 mattam 13 days ago +9

    The burrito established a world record for the shortest life span.

  • André Bujold
    André Bujold 13 days ago

    do you piuke after eating challenge?

  • łtzSąňddąr Płaýz

    I swear the comments are the most funniest

    ERZİNCANLİ CT 13 days ago

    If you would like below your videos, would you add Turkish subtitles ... I don't understand your language, I am Turkish. armful of love Greetings from Turkey

  • Soraya King
    Soraya King 13 days ago

    That is your talent???

  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith 13 days ago

    I thought the thumbnail is matt kissing a cat on the cheek lol

  • suzanne south
    suzanne south 14 days ago

    Morgan: It's an juicy tortilla!! hes in love with the juicy tortilla

  • Шахзодбек Аъзамов

    Omg , even Pirani would be 😮 shocked

  • mariam gugulashvili
    mariam gugulashvili 15 days ago


  • Marulah
    Marulah 15 days ago +1

    Please sub to marulah