FaZe Jarvis & EX Girlfriend VS FaZe Kay & Girlfriend (Fortnite 1v1 Challenge)

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • FaZe Jarvis & EX Girlfriend VS FaZe Kay & Girlfriend $10,000 Fortnite 1v1 Challenge! FaZe Sway & Girlfriend Vs FaZe Jarvis & Dream Girl Next Time?!
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Comments • 864

  • FaZe Kay
    FaZe Kay  Month ago +185


  • Michael Gaming
    Michael Gaming 4 days ago

    Lol were in love Jarvis dont expose

  • Blueninja 2244
    Blueninja 2244 27 days ago

    Realy kay

  • Eesa Muhammed
    Eesa Muhammed Month ago


  • Ali-Sher Iqbal
    Ali-Sher Iqbal Month ago

    12:40 rejected

  • Mateo Escribano
    Mateo Escribano Month ago

    Bro Kay all u do is spam ur such a bot like actually bro can't even speak correctly

  • Jay Tay
    Jay Tay Month ago

    It should be called faze kau vs faze jarves

  • Fortnite ClipZZZ
    Fortnite ClipZZZ Month ago

    At 8:39 he looked like a animitronic

  • Kevin Galeas
    Kevin Galeas Month ago

    Frazier some trash

  • Prince Aguiluz
    Prince Aguiluz Month ago

    I think carrington still likes jarvis

  • Derek Floers
    Derek Floers Month ago

    He drop from high ground

  • Lightning
    Lightning Month ago

    Charlotte was evil in the backgonfd whls laughing

  • Baby_Supremee YT
    Baby_Supremee YT Month ago

    Why do yall always cheat in these vids Like WTF

  • Daxter
    Daxter Month ago

    kaylens girlfriend vs Jarvis girlfriend

  • Noah Van de Velde
    Noah Van de Velde Month ago +1

    Can you be a littel bit original with your videos you have dit dis video more dan 10 times

  • Rahimdakilla23 Yt
    Rahimdakilla23 Yt Month ago

    What happened to Sommer ray

  • Joshy Whitehouse
    Joshy Whitehouse Month ago +1


  • Reverse H2o
    Reverse H2o Month ago

    Like how karinton went to handshake Charlotte and Charlotte aired her

  • Victor Morris
    Victor Morris Month ago +1

    0:46 Charlotte is trash

  • Deveron Williams
    Deveron Williams Month ago +1

    ill 1v1 u friday

  • Lox
    Lox Month ago

    2:30 the heavy sniper may or may not be in the game anymore...

  • Jyeant green Guava
    Jyeant green Guava Month ago


  • Olympz
    Olympz Month ago

    A combat shotgun isnt fair against a pump

  • CoolDudePTD Gamer
    CoolDudePTD Gamer Month ago

    It was Frazier who was playing for charolate

  • *DaZxle *
    *DaZxle * Month ago +1

    10:27 unknown words

    FRL ERIK Month ago

    9:58 why was there a delay of him reacting he looked at the camera then reacted

  • Sweathars
    Sweathars Month ago +1

    Y’all look so happy playing fortnite

  • OG Anas
    OG Anas Month ago

    Frazier stop chiting pls

  • Isaiah Wi
    Isaiah Wi Month ago

    Hi how are you kay I think that I can beat Jarvis in a 1v1 I think I did not say I can but I only play on Friday Saturday and Sunday my epic is isaiahwilcox28 hop you can see my messing have a good day Kay an Jarvis

  • Sgn Sparxlz
    Sgn Sparxlz Month ago

    Jarvis and carrington didn’t even date

  • JACK5
    JACK5 Month ago +1

    This is how many times they've done this
    👍9999 ps. Ain't gonna get likes so I did this

  • Treezy
    Treezy Month ago +1

    9:59 😂😂

  • Ben Quinn
    Ben Quinn Month ago


  • Ben Quinn
    Ben Quinn Month ago

    That was not his girlfriend

  • Bum gang 67
    Bum gang 67 Month ago

    I hate how you play for the girls when it’s not the boys turn

  • Angelo Pjetraj
    Angelo Pjetraj Month ago

    That 1v1 was so unfair because Kay had so much better guns

  • DramaticZ HD
    DramaticZ HD Month ago +1

    Can i play with you faze kay and jarvis. Also can u gift me the battle pass with would be pleased because I'm not that rich unlike you

  • Andreas Larsen
    Andreas Larsen Month ago +1

    Kay oweys lose why 50.000d©

  • Wissam Hayel
    Wissam Hayel Month ago

    Your love have a fish face

  • VG_Kyle
    VG_Kyle Month ago

    How did he get the black hole back bling

  • Astro BlaZarBeam
    Astro BlaZarBeam Month ago

    We’re not dumb we see Kay playing instead of Charlotte

  • Silm _
    Silm _ Month ago

    Jarvis and karinton should get back together

  • aka Senhizer
    aka Senhizer Month ago +1

    We need a LEGIT 1V1 BETWEEN charlote and karungton

  • Susan Wilcock
    Susan Wilcock Month ago

    im gifting my next 50 subscribers season 11 battle pass and Skin of your choice out the item shop RUclip NAME TicsBW

  • vtnc e
    vtnc e Month ago


  • 2wavy_god
    2wavy_god Month ago

    1v1 me faze kay if u say no u to scared to 1v1 me my ps4 name ladiesboylive2

  • Kian Ryan
    Kian Ryan Month ago

    I've b a fan of Frazier for ages

  • RS Zyro
    RS Zyro Month ago +1


  • Samantha moran
    Samantha moran Month ago +1

    I only like the video because of the flick shot

  • Ugandan Chungus
    Ugandan Chungus Month ago

    11:56 the spongebob laugh tho

  • Jayven Baker
    Jayven Baker Month ago

    wtf he always does these videos

  • 32 Ian
    32 Ian Month ago +13

    Who is better at Fortnite
    Like: Dog
    Comment: Charlotte

  • Hélio Alex
    Hélio Alex Month ago

    Kay you trash at Fortnite lets do a 1v1 lil bot

  • Vuzion Fineasse
    Vuzion Fineasse Month ago

    Jarvis go with sommer ray dont it ? Y he doing videos with his ex🤨

  • Chace Gwillym
    Chace Gwillym Month ago


  • Ali Love
    Ali Love Month ago

    Reverse collegei

  • Ali Love
    Ali Love Month ago

    They keep milking this vid

  • Ex_ TOXIC
    Ex_ TOXIC Month ago

    Is it just me or is there 1,000,000 of this video

  • Annesley and Ezra
    Annesley and Ezra Month ago

    Why was Frazier playing for his girlfriend????

    PRIMITA YT Month ago

    Kay: Jarvis are you liededing to me ?