If Rappers Were News Reporters

  • Published on Jul 2, 2019
  • I’d be way more willing to receive world news if Eminem was delivering it, Drake was giving me the weather, Cardi B was spilling the entertainment tea and Migos gave me traffic updates. Imagine a world in which rappers were news reporters. I’m kind of down.
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  • Lilly Singh
    Lilly Singh  6 months ago +12030

    Damn it’s been a minute fam!! Thank you so much for watching. As always I appreciate your time and energy so so much. Had a lot of fun creating this one! Which rapper was your favourite?!

  • Amycastro
    Amycastro Hour ago

    The therd

  • Dana Dae
    Dana Dae 13 hours ago

    Ya'll wanna hate when he tweets political stuff but go quiet when youtube videos come out like this

  • Dana Dae
    Dana Dae 13 hours ago

    0:20 CNN be like

  • Karen Braham
    Karen Braham 14 hours ago

    I'm practically watching over all the Lily lol . Is bad because I'm not tired and the is one of the top one . Drake drake we're live lol😂😂

  • AyoNation
    AyoNation 17 hours ago

    ruclip.com/video/P_suQFFKEKk/video.html i love here !!!

  • Jennifer Coenraad
    Jennifer Coenraad 3 days ago

    Why isn't this the news for on tv... :( it better be soon! XD

  • Cristiano Loureiro
    Cristiano Loureiro 3 days ago

    Available on itunes!

  • Larissa Donets
    Larissa Donets 3 days ago

    Ayyyy Kpop BTS❤❤

  • itz shadow k
    itz shadow k 4 days ago

    *Eminem has left the chat*

  • Lamponen Army
    Lamponen Army 4 days ago


  • Lamponen Army
    Lamponen Army 4 days ago

    okay if this was my news reporter i will watch the news every second WTF

  • Jayshay smith
    Jayshay smith 4 days ago

    Lilly Singh You killed it 🔥🔥⚠️ lit should come with a warning.

  • Vivian Okoro
    Vivian Okoro 4 days ago

    I'm bobbing my head along to this 😭😭🤣

  • Vivian Okoro
    Vivian Okoro 4 days ago

    This needs to strend

  • Johnathan Thomas-Hill

    Girl got talent.

  • Tee Darnice
    Tee Darnice 5 days ago

    Yoooooo!! I came back and I'm even MORE IMPRESSED! 💪👏

  • titans shall return
    titans shall return 5 days ago

    If this was news on tv then mobiles would be forgotten
    I can imagine a young kids this days saying "shush, I am watching the news"

  • Shelby Kiew
    Shelby Kiew 7 days ago

    Lilly’s rap videos are so underrated

  • penny gentaro
    penny gentaro 7 days ago +1

    Yayyy I'm so happy u mentioned blackpink and bts my fav K-pop bands I am no kpop fan but for bp and bts my heart is always open!!
    Any blink and army😙😄
    U made my day girl (;

  • Tinashe Machona
    Tinashe Machona 8 days ago

    On repeat, This Dragon sppitssss 💥FIRE

  • Kayla Kesh
    Kayla Kesh 8 days ago

    Lilly I just love how talented u re

  • Sisipho Angela
    Sisipho Angela 10 days ago

    U should do more like this

    BEANOS 11 days ago

    Bean approved

  • beauty by Golden
    beauty by Golden 11 days ago +1

    Who else is news reporter

  • Katrina Kassidy
    Katrina Kassidy 11 days ago

    OOH gurl ur better at being drake than HIM!!! OMG

  • Dzenan J
    Dzenan J 11 days ago

    Which Eminem song is it that she is singing, is it a real song?

  • Lil Kid Kay
    Lil Kid Kay 13 days ago

    The first one was definitely Eminem

  • Leslie Agreste
    Leslie Agreste 13 days ago

    I started tearing up for some reason

  • lovecute202
    lovecute202 14 days ago +1

    Me when you mention BLACKPINK: 😊
    But Blackpink is all one word XD: 😬

  • ezra spencer
    ezra spencer 15 days ago

    She's dope

  • Chinyere Clement Blogs

    You can become a good rapper real life. And make a fortune at of it.

  • Darius Woods
    Darius Woods 15 days ago

    The cardi B one was pause.PS I'm a bith

    CODEMAN WHITE 15 days ago

    20 writers and still awful

  • Lakshya Dhoundiyal
    Lakshya Dhoundiyal 17 days ago

    Best way to start a video

  • 9988luu
    9988luu 17 days ago

    soon good

  • Ashley Foading
    Ashley Foading 18 days ago +3

    She so cool dressed like drake

  • Zoe 787
    Zoe 787 18 days ago

    I would buy the first one so fast!!

  • O Saba
    O Saba 18 days ago

    This is everything!!

  • Miss Johnson
    Miss Johnson 18 days ago

    U look like 1 of da megos but i dont no there names

  • Leticia Fabio
    Leticia Fabio 19 days ago

    I have stopped listening to Nicki After listening to her

  • EvanscoMuzic
    EvanscoMuzic 19 days ago

    If you thought that was Eminem.

  • Flame DuBose
    Flame DuBose 19 days ago

    R u doin more raps if you are let me know have a lot of raps you can help

  • No Rules For A Hot Mess

    2020 Still 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • thandoluhle sithole
    thandoluhle sithole 20 days ago


  • Bisharo Noor
    Bisharo Noor 20 days ago

    2:11 is fireeeeee

  • lanbee j zenith
    lanbee j zenith 20 days ago

    But she is not rapper?

  • Shabina
    Shabina 24 days ago

    Ight she should be a rapper omg my mind is officially blownnn

  • CozyKitten
    CozyKitten 24 days ago +2

    What i'm gonna say is so random but wtf but did anyone else try to say A BA DEE A BA DAY but struggled!?

  • Zelda Handel
    Zelda Handel 24 days ago +1

    Ok who else just loves it when she started talking about LGBTQ+ rights?

  • Thandeka Buthelezi
    Thandeka Buthelezi 24 days ago

    Damn, that was good.

  • A- Girls
    A- Girls 24 days ago +2

    I didn’t hear a word she said and yet I love it

  • Franshine Peñalosa
    Franshine Peñalosa 25 days ago

    4:04 Man this was hard as a fan of both shows😂Too sad GOT already ended

  • Franshine Peñalosa
    Franshine Peñalosa 25 days ago

    Wow 4:04 got me. Sooo gooddd

  • Georgia Bond
    Georgia Bond 25 days ago +1

    I love this video so so much. LOVE LILY SINGH!

  • Izzie Stanton
    Izzie Stanton 25 days ago

    My favorite part was the quick pride part

  • jord4550 jord4550
    jord4550 jord4550 25 days ago +1

    Can you actually make this available on iTunes tho? Sooo good!

  • Emma Scholtz
    Emma Scholtz 25 days ago

    I loved Drake! 😂

  • Crafted Rolution
    Crafted Rolution 26 days ago


  • Katie Neal
    Katie Neal 26 days ago

    Where my fellow Eminem fans at!