Gold & Silver Price Update - December 13, 2017 + Federal Reserve (FED) Boosts Gold

  • Published on Dec 14, 2017
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Comments • 28

  • Silver Bean Counter

    Much appreciate the charting. Great info. 👍

  • Moon Light
    Moon Light Year ago

    Perfecct. Am absolutely in sync with your views. Thanks for the views and analysis. Keep continuing the good work.

  • Dr. 8
    Dr. 8 Year ago +1

    Buy the rumor sell the news, the price hike was priced into the market before the hike, once the hike came traders took profits. Buy the rumor sell the news.

  • savvageorge
    savvageorge Year ago

    Great video. If gold was money and interest is the price of money then it would make perfect sense to see gold rise. I don't fully understand why gold is doing this under a fiat system but I guess the data speaks for itself.

  • Paul Wiffen
    Paul Wiffen Year ago

    Everyone turning bullish on silver after yesterday is getting a slap in the face from the market manipulators today. Same old shit

  • King Danny
    King Danny Year ago

    Gold and silver with other commodity at 100 years low, most undervalued assets. bitcoin not a global currency yet, in fact, back to 1995, few tech guys already tried early stages of digital currency, then comes 97 financial crash and 2000 crash. don't be a pig, bitcoin yet to replace dollar and other global currencies. not yet, its the technology behind bitcoin, AI, blockchain which will promote human society. the bitcoin future will drain liquidity from bitcoin.

  • ConsideringPhlebas

    I'm sure gold is going to bounce in the short term from here, but longer term the weekly picture doesn't look too hot, imo:

  • TheFinnmacool
    TheFinnmacool Year ago

    Don't worry everyone the hit is back on.

  • Brent
    Brent Year ago

    metals are on sale compared to cryptos

  • Abdulrahman Ibrahim

    Thank you God bless you &I your family

  • hunkey monkey
    hunkey monkey Year ago +1

    Mux was flying today, Mckewen will make you all rich.
    Mux will deliver if gold goes higher.

  • Oren Elbaz
    Oren Elbaz Year ago +1

    Allow me to serve as the Devil's advocate for a minute: the fact that gold rallies and dollar tanks on the day of a rate hike announcement isn't necessarily indicative of the overall trend, because of the "buy the rumor, sell the fact" mentality. People buy the dollar and short gold in the days prior to a rate hike, because they expect others to do so as well and they want to make a quick buck riding the trend. Once the fact is in and the rate hike is announced, they unwind their bets, sell the dollar and cover their shorts on gold, and so you get a sharp counter-trend movement.
    That is not to say that I disagree with Christopher's big picture analysis, but one swallow does not a summer make...

  • Kyle Janisse
    Kyle Janisse Year ago

    great video as per usual Chris! In your premium subscription do you give specific gold mining stock pics?

    • iGold Advisor
      iGold Advisor  Year ago

      Yes indeed we have that option, a response was sent to you via email. If not received, please check junk mail or I will re-send.

    • Kyle Janisse
      Kyle Janisse Year ago

      Can I pay via credit card? I don’t have a PayPal account nor do I want one

    • iGold Advisor
      iGold Advisor  Year ago

      Yes we do, along with all fundamental research and technical analysis.

  • Barry Mcbrush
    Barry Mcbrush Year ago +1

    Gold went up today because Janet Yellen stated that the Fed will raise interest rates .25 point as planned this December 2017. But, they are not anticipating to be as hawkish in 2018 with the honorable mention of possibly implementing additional "Quantitative Easing".
    With the new Fed Chair coming in 2018. We should expect business as usual with "maybe we will, maybe we won't" "na na na na na" "we're on the inside and you're not" policy. This just may be a bounce congruent with dovish news. Then continue lower TO $1200. IMO I hope I'm wrong and this holds the bottom weekly trend line upwards.

  • Darrell Emery
    Darrell Emery Year ago +1

    HI HO Silver Away........

  • kings17court
    kings17court Year ago +2

    Goodness I wish I was just getting into this precious metal thing at this stage, instead of when I did.
    I'll have to wait to get excited about today. I remember a big day for one of the recent Fed interest rate announcements, only to continue the decline afterwards. Hopefully this time it's different.

  • chrisiden
    chrisiden Year ago +5

    the best interest to invest with ur subscribers is to get their feet wet in Bitcoin... dont miss the boat... its sailing now....

    • Rob Miller
      Rob Miller Year ago

      Giant drugmaker TEVA lays off 25% workers this bext morning as their $35B debt load broke under the rate increase.
      Bloomberg TV expects much more of this as a trend.

    • ConsideringPhlebas
      ConsideringPhlebas Year ago +1

      Ethereum is a better buy than Bitcoin right now.

    • TR P
      TR P Year ago +1

      BitCon shills everywhere; #1 sign the Bubble is about to pop

    • Jeff Green
      Jeff Green Year ago +1

      Bitcoin was down today, even with the dollar being down. That's the warning sign of a coming crash in Bitcoin. It's time to take your profits on the cryptos and buy silver.

    • Summer Time!
      Summer Time! Year ago +2

      I think you're going to see larger gains with litecoin.

  • Gray Fox
    Gray Fox Year ago +1

    As always, good information

  • Luminary Wins
    Luminary Wins Year ago

    Great information. Thank you.